Build A Brand That Sticks With Your WordPress Website

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Whether you want to build your own personal brand, or you need to maintain an outstanding brand for your business, a WordPress website is one the easiest ways to create and expand your brand. Why? Because WordPress websites make it easy to talk to your customers. But WordPress websites can also … [Continue reading]

The 20 Step SEO Action Plan For A New WordPress Website

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If you’re building a new WordPress website, here’s a 20-step SEO action plan which will ensure that you build a successful website in the least amount of time with the least amount of effort. Step One—Choose A Goal The best advice I have for starting any project is to explicitly state your goal … [Continue reading]

9 Most Overused Words in Blogging


I have wanted to write this post for a long time now. I think the idea first struck me about six months ago, but I needed to do some proper research in order to make it accurate. Where by proper research, I mean reading a lot of blogs and paying close attention to the words and phrases that are in … [Continue reading]

We Have A Winner: Online Advertising Versus Free Traffic

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What’s the best source of traffic to make money online? Is it advertising-driven traffic? Or is it so-called free traffic—organic search traffic? The answer is clear: use free traffic to build a business model with a clear profit margin and then use online advertising to get every last possible … [Continue reading]