10 Must See Tips for New WordPress Webmasters

I wish I had found these tips for WordPress webmasters when I first started out, but I didn’t. Unfortunately nothing existed and I had to learn the hard way. Do not be sad for me though, as I know everything deeply and have made every mistake possible along the way.

Now for you I have these tips so you are not left wondering why your website is not making money or pushed to give up on your venture prematurely. Small and often obvious mistakes can cause a lot of stress for the inexperienced webmaster.

Of course many of you will know some of these tips but hopefully not all.

#1. Manifest what you want!

Negative thoughts neither helped anyone! Think about your goals and what you want to achieve and go on and do it! Put a picture of your goal on the wall in front of you and look at it every day. Believe in yourself and only takes steps will take you closer to your goal.

#2. Learn how to choose a keyword

This is actually part of search engine optimization but I think it is the most important aspect of the whole business. Without the right keyword, you can do as much search engine optimization as you like, but it will not get you anywhere.

How do I know this? I know because I have made mistakes like this before. This can even apply to a local business website. Often these small business websites are optimized for their business name and not what people are searching for in relation to the product sold.

#3. Understand that a website can have thousands of keywords

This is something that people do not mention enough. You might go for an overall keyword for your website but each and every page and post also has its own set of keywords. New WordPress webmasters presume that they have to target their main keyword on all their posts on a website, but this is not true.

On this website for example, I am targeting “WordPress website builder” as my main keyword. All of my posts relate to building websites or using WordPress. Therefore they are all targeted towards my main keyword but it is not always that obvious. I do write posts with the main keywords in them, but the focus is always on related keywords as the post titles. I do not like to go off topic.

#4. WordPress Webmasters – Question your niche

Many people do the keyword research and come across a keyword that they assume is going to be great because of the search volume. There are other factors to be considered. For example the keyword might have many people searching for it because it is similar to a brand name. Another reason can be that the search is simply too broad.

Choosing the wrong niche for your first website may cause you to fail at blogging. This in turn may cause you to give up blogging altogether, therefore it is very important that you choose a good niche to start with.

Here are some questions WordPress Webmasters can ask:

  1. Why are people searching for your keyword?
  2. Does your keyword solve a problem or educate?
  3. Are people searching for this keyword likely to buy?
  4. Is your keyword clear-cut, or can it mean something else?

#4. Learn what you need and move on

People often set out to learn one little task and end up learning everything there is to know about it. For example you might want to know how to build an anchor text link, but you end up studying how to write HTML code. Stop yourself from going any further and just learn what you need. You do not need to know things in depth as starting a website from scratch is not a difficult process when you can use WordPress.

Get the information you need fast and get out. Do not make things more difficult than they really are and simply stick to the task at hand.

#5. Don’t wait to be perfect

If I had waited to become perfect at writing articles, creating videos, or even search engine optimization, I probably would not be where I am today. You do not need to be perfect to be successful, you need to take action to be successful. You can fail along the way that if you do not give it a go you will never learn.

My first Youtube video took me about 5 hours to make and it really didn’t get any better within those five hours. This video is still on my you tube channel today and I often go and look at it and laugh. People have criticized the for the way I sound, what I say, and anything else they can think of. Luckily I did not let this stop me and my videos only got better with experience. Well kind of. I still say “umm” for every second word and have to cut out swearing, but they are doing the job that I intended.

#6. Install WordPress on a Server

No this does not mean the free WordPress at WordPress.com or a free blog at blogger.com, it means you go out and buy website hosting and install WordPress on that. If you do not want to invest $100 in your business then you must not want to start a business.. In fact it is a lot cheaper than that and this is for an entire year. If you cannot afford this then you should just stick to your day job! (Do not cry now, it has to be said)

As you know I use Hostgator Hosting and for anyone needing hosting I have a discount coupon code for you: MITZSave25 This Hostgator coupon code will give you 25% off.. And if you are really having trouble installing WordPress I will help you by giving you free WordPress installation.

#7. Decide on a WordPress theme

WordPress is great as you can chop and change your theme at the press of a button; however this is not always great. Some people change their WordPress themes like they change their undies and this is a massive time waster. This is the same as learning how to write HTML when it is not necessary. Stop playing with things that do not contribute to your goal.

Constantly tweaking and customizing your WordPress theme is not getting the job done. This is why I like to choose the best WordPress theme for me, learn how to customize it thoroughly, then use it on as many blogs as I want. I do also recommend using a premium WordPress theme as there are many benefits such as ongoing support and a network of people using the same theme.

#8. Learn search engine optimization

You can build a website, make it look fantastic and add great content, but you will need search engine optimization to be really successful. I know you are all probably sick of me talking about this subject. You cannot just hope that the search engines realize what your content is about and by performing search engine optimization, this will let them know exactly what is on your website. If you browse through the posts on this website you will find many articles about SEO tips that I have written from my own experiences.

 #9. Never paste content from MS Word

Many new Webmasters make this awful mistake. They simply copy and article straight from a Microsoft word document and paste it directly into the WordPress post editor. This not only adds weird code into your HTML section, but it can cause crazy errors and problems. Look around and you will see a small button on the post menu that looks like a MS Word icon. When you press on this a box will appear for you to paste your MS word text into to clean it up first.

 #10. Place images wisely

Some themes do not allow you to post an image at the top of the post, while others will. This can cause problems when WordPress is trying to grab an excerpt but sees an image first. Also if your image has a caption, WordPress might grab the caption and put that in your excerpt.

You need to also take care that you do not place an image where an add or something else is meant to be. For example I have an Adsense ad set to be added to every post, under the post title, on the left with text wrapped. If I also place an image there this will slow my page loading time down because to things want to go into the one spot.

#11. Copying code into WordPress

Just say you have copied some html code from a website, you should not then simply paste this into the WordPress post HTML section. The actual code needs to be cleaned much like the MS Word text did. You can do this by pasting the HTML code into a Windows notepad file and then copy it from there to paste into your WordPress post. When you think that wierd things are happening to your code and it does not look like it should, try cleaning it first.

#12. Less is Better

KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid! new WordPress Webmasters often try to have everything and do everything that experienced Webmasters do. Knowing about less, but knowing what you know thoroughly, will see success for you quicker. Knowing a little bit about everything is not a good strategy.

When it comes to Internet marketing varies so much of everything. There are so many ways to monetize your website, there are so many different types of websites to make, and there are so many different designs to use.

Why not start with a website like the recent WordPress website case study I recently posted about?




  1. Noel Addison says

    Following the KISS principle is very important! It is advantageous both on the part of the web master and the website user. Keeping your design simple makes it easier for you edit and alter things in your website while on your visitor’s part it is easier for them to use and navigate your website.
    Noel Addison recently posted..Selling Ice Cubes to Eskimos

  2. Mary says

    Never paste content from MS Word is one of the most common mistakes of others. Based from my experience, some problems of directly copying contents from MS Word are the font size, font style and spacing. These are just 3 common problems I used to experienced before that’s why I make sure that everything is saved in a notepad.
    Mary recently posted..How To Slow Down Wrinkles And Keep Your Skin Younger

    • mitz says

      Hi Mary
      Yes this is such a simple thing that is hardly ever mentioned as people presume everyone knows. :)

      • Mary says

        haha yeah! I’m actually seeing some unrecognized text or irregularities of appearances on some posts of other bloggers but they don’t even mind it at all. Indeed a great point that we must always remember!
        Mary recently posted..Daily Anti-Aging Skin Care

  3. Mark says

    These tips would be invaluable for a beginner and I wish I’d had them when I started my WordPess site. By following them a beginner can avoid a lot of wasted time and effort. It would also be a good idea for the more experienced webmaster to refer to them now and again as well to make sure they are on track. I do this with my own notes, but I’ll be referring to these tips as well now. Thanks a lot.

  4. Tomek says

    Hey, Mitz!

    I’m a newbie blogger and these tips are really helpful for me. I appreciate you took the time to share tips with those that are just starting their online journey. Thanks, Tomek
    Tomek recently posted..Whey Protein Is All The Rage

  5. Gracelyn says

    I am a newbbee in blogging, And your tips are great and it is so detailed that for someone like me would really understand. Thanks for your shared knowledge.
    Gracelyn recently posted..Ways To Boost Fertility

  6. Nawaz says

    It is good not wait to be perfect in niche. One should start work at any level of perfection. As time passes, one will be too mature in niche.
    Nawaz recently posted..Modern Jewelry

  7. Rammesh says

    Great tips MItz, I agree with you and with many comments above that keywords selection plays very important roles to succeed in web business. I love Google webmaster tool features where you can monitor our target keywords position on Google SERPs and can do necessary optimization. Thanks for sharing useful info Mitz.
    Rammesh recently posted..Why You Must Know The SEO Secret to Make More Money

    • mitz says

      Hi Rammesh
      Yes I love visiting Google webmaster tools too. You can find valuable information there! :)

  8. Jean says

    Good points. It is very important to choose the right keyword. One tip I can suggest to new users is to go for a long-tail keyword if your chosen niche is a highly competitive one. This will give you better odds of ranking higher in SEO. If your niche is a unique one without too much popularity, short-tail keywords are alright.

    Jean recently posted..The risks of driving on worn tires

  9. Ifham khan says

    In my opinion choosing the right keyword with low competition and doing proper seo makes a wordpress blog perfect

  10. Saka says

    Hi Mitz, thanks for the advices! I choose my keywords : simple blogging tips and give me better results. Yes we mus realized that a website/blog may have thousand keywords, choosing the easy one for your blog is better.

  11. Rick says

    I’ve been working online for three years now and I think that choosing the right niche with the right keywords is where most of my failures have come from. In some niches, visitors just don’t buy things.. they are just looking. And, once you find a niche where visitors do buy things, choosing the right keywords that will generate you enough traffic is important.

    Thanks for these 12 great tips…I’ll be back!

    • mitz says

      Ah you are the only one that noticed I had 12 tips and not 10! I was waiting for people to tell me I could not count! :)

      • Rick says

        Yes, I had seen that you had an error in your title. Oh well, I’m glad you had twelve tips instead of ten because they were all good tips…And, I also told you I would be back…many times! Thanks!

  12. Richard Brown says

    #9 is really going to be a time saver for me. A few month back, I sat down for over 5 hours trying to figure out why my site was showing hyphens and quotation marks as weird characters on some browsers. I was never able to figure it out, but after reading #9 I think I know what I need to start doing! Thanks for that!
    Richard Brown recently posted..Financial Planning Tools You Can Choose From

  13. Richard says

    I believe the newer MS Word has a button to send to a blog. But if someone is on windows, I think livewriter is a way better option than MS Word and it’s free. On a Mac, there’s not as many options for free blogging software, but one can cut and past from textedit without weird html code showing up.
    Richard recently posted..Make Money When Visitors Leave Your Site

    • mitz says

      I guess its a different situation for Mac users. Thanks for adding that Richard. I am not too sure about WLWriter though. I think it is a security risk. May have been fixed though???

  14. Toby says

    KeepItSimpleStupid. This is the only thing I remember from my “Economics in Energetics” :)) Thanks for reminding :))

    • mitz says

      Yes i know..i get guest bloggers on other sites doing the same thing…I go to edit their post and realize I have to strip the code out and start again…Really annoying and a big time waster.. Thankfully bloggers on this site know what they are doing… Anyway we all have to live and learn.

      • Mark says

        I am sure you know this already, but you can accelerate the process exponentially by copying it from MS word and pasting it to MSNotepad and then copying it from there to your blog.

        It strips all of the markup in one step…;)


        • mitz says

          Yes that’s how I do it but I guess its worse for me when there are step by step images in between..then the text has to be pasted into the right area..

  15. Mark Testa says

    Some of the tips apply even to people from other profession like #5 not waiting to be perfect. The learning process is one of trials and errors from which we learn so if we hesitate and step back without trying, we may never learn the fact. It was interesting to have read about what all tips webmaster should keep in mind.

  16. Ricardus says

    Learn how to choose the keywords is very essential. Google robots now rank via your seo description. If your description and the overall data in your site have the keywords that you want Google to be able to analyze more than 50 times, chances are your site will lean towards that niche that you blog and tweak

  17. Berna says

    I’m so interested in Internet Marketing but as new in this business I find it kinda difficult. Thanks for sharing this tips. II hope It will work out for me. Looking forward to read from you soon.
    Berna recently posted..Trouble Getting Pregnant

  18. ron says

    I always find something very informational from your post, like this one.. As said before Mitz, I’m just starting to learn stuff with web design or web master and seo.. where i find SEO as a hustle before, but thinking about it and considering what you’ve advised to me before, SEO really does help myself development if i read quality post related to my career just like most of your post. And just want to let you know that I’m almost done with my client’s male escort service site which i used wordpress as the CSM and as what you suggested. I guess I’m doing better and better with wordpress, however my clients wants me to jump into joomla, which I’m okay with just for the sake of learning more things and not just sticking to one. However i find joomla a bit more complicated and it does took more time customizing it compared to wordpress, where its really so handy for me hardcoding the css,header.php, index.php, page.php and everything that needs to be tweaked to have the site look elegant and function. Thanks again for your advised mits, more power to you and good bless. I’m thinking about considering the KISS strategy, i just hope my client is cool with it..lolz!
    ron recently posted..Holla Ladies

  19. Micah says

    You’ve got some great tips here.

    WordPress is an excellent platform, and with a little basic knowledge, it’s really not all that hard to run a successful blog.

    It’s the simple stuff like basic keyword research, on page seo and backlinking that can make it all come together.

    Of course learning to write quality content if probably more important that anything :)
    Micah recently posted..9 Reasons Joining Network Marketing Is Like Getting Abducted By Aliens.

      • Ana says

        I was just about to say that! LOL!

        Mitz, as always your post is excellent. I like the fact that you say it as it is. If you don’t want to invest, then you mustn’t start a business. That is so true.
        Ana recently posted..Thesis Theme

  20. Robert Benwell says

    Hello Mitz,
    Another great post. That”s why I keep on coming back here. I agree with all the things that you’ve discussed. In order to be a Webmaster you must know all these things.In additional,when choosing a Keyword,it should be catchy to the eyes of the readers.You should have the right attitude and your topic should be filed of your interest. Looking forward for more..

  21. Liane Markus says

    All the webmasters out there will surely receive great benefits from the tips that you have given here. with this various tips, webmasters will be able to improve and develop new skills which they can use with their work. In addition, the strategies that were shared will really be effective if they will be able to come up with a perfect decision making.
    Liane Markus recently posted..how to give a blowjob

  22. welles says

    Mitz! i agree with your point regarding Keyword Selection, in fact it is the most important and most crucial step. in this regard, one must have a thorough research for finding the most suitable keyword. revisit your own website only for the purpose of keyword research, visit competitors websites, use keyword analysis tools like Analytics or Spyfu. Interact with customers and find keywords in their comments, suggestions and queries.

  23. Zhyra Bonete says

    I do agree with you that Internet marketing varies so much everything. And I think a good wordpress webmaster is empathetic to the visitors needs. Making sure that the content is related to the keyword or keyword phrase because it is really important.
    Zhyra Bonete recently posted..ייעוץ זוגי

  24. Raj says

    I guess new web-masters spend too much time perfecting their content and website looks. While they are important, it is still ok if the website is not perfect during its initial stages. They ought to be concentrating more on the Content update frequency as much as their design. Also, getting feedback from readers (including friends, family members) can be very useful to spot certain design flaws that web masters are prone to miss.
    Raj recently posted..How To Get Paid To Blog: It Is Easier Than You Think It Might Be

  25. Priya says

    Understanding of SEO is really important if you want to be a good wordpress webmaster, If a webmaster know what points are essential in a site for SEO purpose then he/she can easily make required adjustment which reduces the work load of SEO.
    Priya recently posted..Goa Holiday Packages

    • mitz says

      Hi aanchal
      Yes it is true, keyword selection is important! And your right about choosing the correct keywords to expect good results.

    • Dave says

      For me, this was the best tip on the list. Making sure that each page has a focused list of keywords that fit under the overall keyword theme of the website is the most critical. Map it out in a spreadsheet and make sure that all your keywords make sense and use the Google Adword keyword suggestion tool to find keywords that you may have forgotten!

      • mitz says

        i have some spreadsheets I use. One for each website with many sheets within it for different things…I have a page for keywords, posts that I have done that target keywords, and keywords I need to do, and more….The list goes on…
        I also have the main posts listed with a graph of their rankings…all for each website… This is the most valuable information I have… I even have listed where I guest posted and where the links point to…LOL I am crazy!

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