18 Link Building Techniques

What’s the best Link Building Techniques for your website?  Who knows?  It comes down to personal preference as much as any other factor, so pick out the one that you think you are best at and stick with it.  In the long run, it will be more beneficial for you to master one method of backlinking tactics before moving onto the next.

Pick out a few of these link building techniques, find one you like the most, and become an expert at it.  This list will still be here when you’re ready to master another one 😛

Ben’s Link Building Techniques

1. Article Marketing

Despite the Panda update, article marketing has and always will be an one of the effective link building techniques to use.  The only reason people ever fail with article marketing (for SEO) is that they write for the article directories and search engines.  If you write killer content for people, other webmasters will find it and publish it on their sites giving you much stronger backlinks.  Here are a few of the top article directories:

www.ezinearticles.com – PR 6

www.articlecity.com – PR 6

www.articledashboard.com – PR 5

www.ideamarketers.com – PR 5

www.goarticles.com – PR 3

2. Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is another great way to build links to your site.  You can get high PR backlinks with blog commenting and also build your reputation in your niche at the same time.  Here’s a free program for finding blog pages to comment on:


Another great resource for finding blog pages with more SEO value is www.dropmylink.com.

You can build a list of dofollow blogs to comment on and also network with others in your niche at the same time.

3. Forum Posting

Forum posting is on of those Link Building Techniques better suited to indexing links.  If you add a link in your signature on a popular forum and make a post it will get the page you’re sig links to indexed VERY quickly.  You can find a popular forum in just about any niche here: http://www.big-boards.com/

Another example is to visit the Warrior forum and ad a link in your signature there. This is a great place to learn as well as get a backlink.

4. Web 2.0 Blogs

Web 2.0 blogs can be a good place to post content linking back to your site.  A lot of SEOs opt to use free blogs as hubs for riskier links.  In other words, they will traffic mass amounts of links through their web 2.0 properties which then in turn link to their money site.  This way they don’t risk getting sandboxed or doing a wild “Google Dance” because there aren’t tons of links being built directly to their main website.  Some call this a link wheel. Here are the most popular platforms for free blogs:






5. Press Releases

Press releases can get your site a lot of exposure very quickly.  Unlike article marketing, they need to be somewhat timely and based on a recent event.  If you take the time to learn the ins and outs of press releases you can always be prepared to create an effective PR whenever something news worthy captures your attention.  Here are some sites that will distribute your press release for free:

www.prlog.org – PR 6

www.Webnewswire.com – PR 5

www.clickpress.com – PR 5

www.1888pressrelease.com – PR 5

www.pressmethod.com – PR 4

www.prurgent.com – PR 4

www.freepressrelease.com – PR 3

6. Profile Backlinks

Rather than neglect to include profile links, I decided to add it but warn against them.  Profile links are junk backlinks and not really worth the time.  Some marketers still report success with them, but they are usually competing for very uncompetitive search terms.  Also, if you’ve ever wondered why they became so popular, think about it from a service provider’s perspective.  Unlike articles or even blog comments, no real content is needed.  They are very easy to blast out or collect and sell as packets.

7. Website Directories

There’s all sorts of commotion in the SEO world about whether or not listing your website in directories is still effective.  To take a moderate approach on the subject: listing in some is helpful, but avoid software or services that place your site in hundreds of directories.  Here are a few of the most popular directories to list your site in:

www.dmoz.org- PR 8

www.dir.yahoo.com – PR 8

www.vlib.org – PR 8

www.botw.org – PR 7

www.zeal.com – PR 6

www.HotVsNot.com – PR 6

www.rdirectory.net – PR 5

www.directoryworld.net – PR 5

8. Blog Carnivals

A blog carnival is a collection of blog posts on a specific subject collected and combined from many different blogs.  They can be a good way to get links and consistent traffic to your website.  You can visit www.blogcarnival.com to get started with blog carnivals.

9. Video Marketing

Video marketing is more effective as a means of promotion and traffic than for backlinks.  Here are the most popular video sharing websites.

www.Youtube.com – PR 9

www.vimeo.com – PR 9

dailymotion.com – PR 7

www.metacafe.com – PR 7

The best way to garner further SEO benefits from video is to embed the video on your site as well and encourage other people to embed the video and link back.  This way people will post your video and you will get links.  Also, it’s a good time to mention that you should brand all of your videos so if someone uses it and doesn’t link back you still have obvious ownership and traffic potential from the video.

10. Document Directories

Document directories are another source that doesn’t produce very effective backlinks but can be great for consistent traffic.  You will only get “nofollow” links from the following directories, but people will read and download your docs leading them back to your site.

www.scribd.com – PR 8

www.docstoc.com – PR 8

www.slideshare.net – PR 8

www.docshare.com – PR 5

Those are the most popular directories, and some of your documents will even show up in the SERPs due to the authority these sites hold.

11. Software Directories

If you have any software to give away or even an article to turn into a pad file, you can take advantage of software directories and the backlinks they provide:

www.brothersoft.com – PR 8

www.download.com – PR 8

www.sourceforge.net – PR 8

www.softpedia.com – PR 7

www.winsite.com – PR 6

www.softwarevault.com – PR 5

12. Yahoo! Answers

You won’t get to make links right away with Yahoo Answers since level 1 participants don’t get hyperlinks.  However, once you get to level 2 through answering questions, getting selected as the best answer, and just logging in, you will have opportunity to post links to your site.  These are “nofollow” links, but I like to think they might pass some level of trust or SEO value since it takes a commitment to be able to post them in the first place.  Once again, regardless of the SEO value, Yahoo Answers is a good traffic source for two reasons.  It will send you internal traffic and it also ranks very well in the SERPs so you could easily end up with a best answer sitting on page one of the SERPs.

13. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a great way to get loads of targeted traffic and powerful one-way backlinks.  The links you get will be in a space only edited by the webmaster which makes a difference, and they will also be dofollow with anchor text.  It’s best to study the current posts and community on a blog before posting.  Make sure you take the time to craft a well-written, unique, and relevant piece of content to post that highlights your own talents as a blogger/writer.

Here are two sites that are very helpful for finding blogs in your niche to write for:

www.myblogguest.com (See the free blogging book)


14. RSS/Blog Submission

RSS/blog submission is a decent source of backlinks, but is limited in it’s use.  Submitting your blog once to many of these directories is a good idea, but there is little point in resubmitting or spamming submissions.  Here are some directories you can submit to:

www.bloglines.com – PR 9

www.plazoo.com – PR 6

www.icerocket.com – PR 6

www.blogcatalog.com – PR 6

www.bloghop.com – PR 6

www.portal.eatonweb.com – PR 6

www.blogged.com – PR 6

www.bloggapedia.com – PR 6

15. Google Knol

A lot of bloggers and marketers are entirely unaware of Google knol.  Basically, you can use it like another web 2.0 site for posting content and linking back to your website:

http://knol.google.com/k – PR 7

16. Social Bookmarks

Social bookmarks won’t get your site ranking at the top of the SERPs alone, but they are a good way to notify the search engines of new content and get a quick splash of visitors to a webpage.  You can use free tools like OnlyWire or Pixelpipe to automate your social bookmarking tasks.

17. Social Media Link Building Techniques

Google has stated that they are looking at social signals now when ranking webpages and has also introduced its own Google Plus button.  Getting your content tweeted by someone with a lot of Twitter followers or a lot of people in general could actually increase the ranking of your webpage in the search engine results.  Make sure to share links on Twitter and Facebook to get more visitors to your site and build backlinks. Using Social media buttons on your website is one of those must have link building techniques.

18. CSS Galleries

This lucky last of the link building techniques is rarely talked about, but for good reason.  It’s a bit difficult to use since most of us just have premade template for our sites or use common themes for our WP blogs.  If you have designed your site’s CSS or if it is custom, you should definitely consider adding your website to one of these sites for some more free backlinks.

www.cssdrive.com – PR 9

www.cssbeauty.com – PR 6

www.unmatchedstyle.com – PR 6

www.webcreme.com – PR 6


One thing all of the above link building techniques have in common is that they can be done for free.  This means you don’t have to nail it on your first try.  Your first press release might flop, but you will gain new insight through the experience that you can apply to subsequent submissions and it hasn’t cost you anything.  All it takes is a little initiative and some virtual elbow grease 😉

(NOTE: I have added the PR of the homepage for sites as a simple metric for understanding the overall authority of the website.  I do not mean to confuse the idea that you will get PR for a new article on Ezine, for example, because the homepage has a PR of 6)

Have you got any Link Building Techniques to add to this list?


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    Oh its a great thing for me because these link building steps are great useful to me, because i want to build the back links for my website. thnx

  2. vishvast says

    Hello Ben
    I thing, for Social Bookmark its not too tough to make a link building because I ve tried it and the result was not so good. And for Google Thanks before for your good tips.will help me a lot
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    Hey Ben,
    Nice post and Yes, building links is very crucial factor in blogging I think commenting on other blog and by guest posting is the best way to make links with other blog. Thanks for sharing This useful tips.
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    Hello Ben, I thing, for Social Bookmark it\’s not too tough to make a link building because I\’ve tried it and the result was not so good. And for Google knol been discontinued from May, 2012Thanks before for your good tips.
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    Sometime when you visited any webpage by clicking a link and you find a lot of useful resources that make you happy, i feel like this, i read this article entirely, dear you describe a massive collection to link building techniques, sharing this with community a wonderful thing, that’s why i appreciate you. thanks
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    wow, this posting is complete guide for me to learn about link building. Link building is essential for SEO to get high SERP in major search engine. Good qualities of backlink is required for us to get good SEO result. thanks ben for great posting
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    Excellent list of link-building resources. Nice work putting that together, and thanks!This technique is very useful to optimize a blog very quickly.

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    These are excellent techniques listed. I thing my favorite one is commentluv blogs. It’s so clear cut. Leave a valuable and useful comment, and your rewarded with luv. Ben, sice this was written about a year ago, which of these do you think holds the most weight now? Which doesn’t do anything anymore?
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    Blog commenting is the best way link building technique for getting better in links the only drawback is when the links got removed they are removed in bundles from the blog

  10. Alex says

    so far the best results have been following the comments on blogs and press releases but different link structure between article directories, web 2.0 and social bookmarking lead to incredible results in serp
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  11. Jerry says

    Since now, i find article marketing and media the most efficient techniques. I didn’t work with press release and i don’t know if i will.
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  12. Josh McCreery says

    Link building is really a long and sometimes disappointing task. With the current changes on Google, quality link building is the key! Is article marketing still an effective link building strategy? I heard Google has punished some of the article directory sites.

  13. Michael says

    I wouldn’t rely on article marketing (as Google has deranked almost all AM sites and the links aren’t valuable anymore) and would completely avoid profile links (too risly post Penguin). Video marketing becomes more and more important (as Google owns YouTube).

  14. Ben says

    Excellent post. I use many of these techniques myself. I’m currently doing manual blog commenting on high pr sites, and will be starting an article submission campaign soon too.

    I’ve tried the link wheel stuff in the past, but never had much success with it. Is this because I’m not posting many links to my Web 2.0 properties do you think?

    I also use video marketing, but in a way by creating a load of Google accounts, uploading loads of videos to Youtube on each, then linking back to my money site.

    I’ll have to give Google Knol a try too.
    Ben recently posted..Day 6 – Feeling Better

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    Most of mensioned tehniques i already use, but some of them need more time, for example the video marketing and ROI is falling :). Thanks for sharing the blog carnival stuff, and rss submision sites – i didn’t use them by this moment. I hope you share some twitter, G+ and facebook link building stuff.
    Dimitar recently posted..6 начина да получим реални резултати за класиране в Google (Деперсонализация)

  16. Link Building says

    News and Media is also a good way of link building. News generates backlinks whether distributed through online or offline sources. Only one thing is to remember that news is dated so quick distribution is essential for this technique.

  17. Salman says

    Killer link building techniques … I follow most of the techniques shared here leaving quite a few which I plan to implement soon in my linkbuilding program.

  18. paul n says

    that is one extensive list… I am now looking into the other directories as I was only aware of dmoz

  19. Daniel McBane says

    The blog carnival website seems to have stopped working a few days ago. Is anyone else having this issue or is it just a problem with my local isp?

  20. Nick says

    Thank you for the great post. Any tips on link building are welcome!

    I really like your tips on sending letters to other webmasters for a link. I don’t even read link request emails that are too long. I initially see that the request is too long and don’t even read it! You are right, keep things short. No one seems really to have the time to read every single link request email that comes our way. If the request though is short, it has a much better chance to be taken seriously.

    Thank you again for your post. We look forward to more…!

    • says

      Hello Prakash,
      I don’t think Yahoo Answers do provide you backlinks as its attribute is “nofollow”. So, how can you use it for link building process. I think Yahoo Answers are good when you are using it for marketing purpose as there is a high probability of appearing your answer at the top SERP results. I may not be 100% true but whatever I have learnt till now, strongly helps me to say so. If I am wrong then please accept my apologizes.
      Thank you.

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    It was really nice to study your post. I collect some good points here. I would like to be appreciative you with the hard work you have made in skill this is great article.

  22. Dr. Christa Herzog says

    Thank you for the tips. these techniques are really useful blog commenting. This is a great list of sites. I could spend all weekend here just checking them all out. Thanks!

  23. Thomas L Goss says

    Thanks a ton for the eminently practical post, as I’m just trying to get my poetry and book into human eyeballs and minds. I’ve employed some of these methods of course, but not much happening yet. But it’s only been 6 weeks. I’ll have to read more of your articles, as I’m committed to getting some regular web traffic to my sites! 😉

    • says

      Hi Thomas, I visited your website.. Nice to know a poet :)
      Have you used Facebook and Twitter for your promotion? It would be great if you created a Fan page and gave them something free to like that page. Make this page a default page. You can get a fanpage designed on fiverr or on odesk.
      I think these coupled with some bookmarking, directory submissions will start the process.
      I think your website is a static one. is it? I mean not a blog right?

      Also, I think you need a better design for the website.
      Latha recently posted..Duplicate Content versus Syndicated Content – Myths Busted

  24. Sam Hans says

    Article marketing. blog commenting and social bookmarking are the three major different types of link that gives best and the fast result for any blogger but one should regularly update the the blog with fresh content.
    Sam Hans recently posted..Cat Flu Complete Guide

  25. says

    WOW Ben, I thought I surfed the internet. Sad thing is, I’ve maybe found 30% of these entities you’ve listed myself, thanks for the leg work and the great article. Heading over to your blog right after I stop writing this comment! Great Job!

  26. Scott says

    Thanks for the great lists! I’ll just mention that because Youtube’s now owned by Google, you can be sure your Youtube videos you post will get better link juice attention than ever before…

    That’s my project for the New Year–go video! Get double duty from my content & attract a new audience by narrating my best posts, or the first 2-3 minutes of each, on video.

  27. says

    Huge list here to keep people busy. I would just like to know whether you have seen the effectiveness of article marketing decrease over the last few months, or whether you are still seing some good results using it?

    This doesn’t just go to you, but to anyone else who is reading/commenting!

    Also, I’d personally avoid profile links. They’re either no good, or will soon be no good!

    Mike recently posted..Twitter competition for January – Win a £10 Amazon Voucher

  28. tom says

    You suggest ‘Article Marketing’ I thought the Google Panda update hit this hard as it was seen as been spamy link farms?

  29. Dennis Marshall says

    I just found my goals for 2012.. Wow.. What an amazing list of to-dos that logically work even in 2012.

    I see in one of the comments you talk about using WordPress.com and other free blogs to bring attention to your site. I recently had my wp.com account suspended. Do they usually reopen accounts after a certain amount of time or should I just go ahead and start another one?

    I have to use WP.com because as I’m sure you know, they have authority and rank fast in Google..

    Thanks for the great post..
    Dennis Marshall recently posted..Internet Marketers and Bloggers: 14 Best Themes For Making Money Online In 2012 And Beyond

    • mitz says

      Well I have had an account suspended too.. Not sure why as it was great content but they did..Then they re-opened it and then a year later they suspended it again.. Oh well. I miss my free blog but I have others.. Blogger.com is my next choice. Nice authority there too.. I have a PR4 blog there so that works for me.

      • Dennis Marshall says

        Wow. PR4 on a blogger site… You just gave me a whole new direction… I may still use Wp.com but not put too much focus on it..

        Question.. On the blogger site.. This is what i’m thinking of doing.. Little 500 – 700 word articles that give the basics. I then put them on blogger, ezine and other directories.. Do you suggest I switch up the writing a bit Each time I post an article?

        and a link wheel would be something like “blogger > ezine > my site > blogger” right? Of course I’ll add a few in the middle.

        Thanks Mitz and I didn’t know this was your site.. Nice site
        Dennis Marshall recently posted..27 Powerful Quotes Every Blogger And Entrepreneur Should Live By

        • mitz says

          This is my blogger site Pc Tips. Just one I have had for about 5 years. As you can see I write small articles on there, mostly original, and have links going to all sorts of places. I also use my other sites for links and ezine and so on… It is not a link wheel as such because it is not mass produced or rotten content.

          I definitely recommend that you change the articles a little bit for each time you are posting. It is really not hard to do to rewrite something or add a few more points, or even add a new introduction. When you have written a blog post on your main site, this is the perfect time to go out and write smaller articles while the subject is still in your mind. People whinge and say this is a waste of time, but I do this all the time, and make more than enough money for my work.

          You can also get some small articles written very cheaply on elance.com. I do this for our side promotion.

  30. Jim says

    Great post. I guess what I really take from this article is that use everything. Don’t stick to just one method and hope that gets you there. We use article marketing, blog posting, yahoo answers comments, heavily into social media via twitter as well as dipping a toe in Facebook & Google +. We also employing a team of SEO peeps to help us out too. The other methods you list are now on the to do list. Great source of valuable information Ben :)
    Jim recently posted..Christmas & New Year Sale On Now

  31. Dominic says

    Hey Ben,
    Great post… I found that video marketing and article marketing together does a phenomenal job of keeping my pages ranked well in Google. In the past year, I have noticed a tremendous increase in referrals from my videos. They have brought double the traffic and clicks than ezinearticles. And the number one video referral is from YouTube. Each month they kill everything else. Thanks again for this article
    Dominic recently posted..How to Make Out

  32. Karin says

    I have to say this is one of the most concise and helpful of all the ‘How to linkbuild’ articles I’ve seen. Blog carnival is, strangely, one that I’ve never really thought about before. Thanks for the tips!

  33. says

    This list pretty much summed up all the back links building techniques. From my very little experience as I am new at SEO, I will say Directory Submission, Social Bookmarking, Article Marketing and Blog comenting are the most effective. I think different techniques workf or different people depends on the one you spend most of your time and you are good at.
    Wonu recently posted..Chevrolet SPARK HATCHBACK

    • Ben Jackson says

      It’s all in your approach and your technique. The problem is that blanket statements like that are too general. While I only consider blog commenting as one supplement and never the core to a link building campaign, I personally have seen direct results that I can vouch for.

      How you do it is extremely important. I think the best way for me to explain is to characterize what I consider to be the IDEAL blog comment link:

      -PageRank on page
      -exact match or partial match anchor text
      -less than 100 total links on page
      -keyword in page title tag
      -keyword in domain name

      Try to get as many of those qualities you can and also vary your anchor text or only build a few exact match comments a month.
      Ben Jackson recently posted..FREE RSS Submitter – RSS Launch

  34. says

    It my first for visit this website and its funny I was into this posts! Why? well, I am linking building for a website and I can’t see improvement. And finding this post has revive me, it did gave me other ideas on my tasks. Just a question, how many points would I need to become Level 2 at yahoo answers? And do that really work? It’s nofollow right? Thanks..

    • Ben Jackson says

      Thanks RIck, glad my post helped you get focused again! Mitz has already answered your question, but to expand upon YA links…

      I believe that nofollow links don’t influence search rankings, but there is a chance that they do and I think a link from a well moderated site would hold at least a little bit of authority and help if this is true.

      Regardless, YA links can send very targeted traffic AND YA pages rank in the search engines all the time. There’s nothing better than links than rank in the search engines too. They make for much better links = they’re assets.
      Ben Jackson recently posted..FREE RSS Submitter – RSS Launch

    • mitz says

      Yes Squidoo works but you need to back link and promote your lenses to keep it published. They work fantastic!!! So does blogger.. I like to make those two and put my rss feeds on there.

        • jan says

          Hi Latha
          A while ago a lot of people were putting up junk lenses, 3 very short articles and then lots of stuff to buy. The articles may have been original but they were not substantial or of any great quality so you may have been caught in the clean up that they had. I was doing Tiffany Dow’s 52 on Squidoo challenge and when I saw some of the lenses going up I couldn’t be bothered as people were making 3 or 4 of these a day (not by Tiffany’s recommendation by the way). Squidoo are very happy for people to write affiliate lenses but they still need to be of a good quality content. I had one of mine unpublished so I know how it feels! But I have also had 3 affiliate lenses sitting there for a year now, and they have actually got pageranks of 1-2 with pretty much no effort on my part except for the original work so it’s worth persevering.
          jan recently posted..I quit sugar: a simple 8-week program

        • jan says

          Hi Latha
          In answer to your second question I have lenses on perfume, ereaders, nutritional products and an ebook that can really help with a particular health problem that I used to have. I write about the products, why they are the best, how to use them, tips, other resources etc, so the lenses are not just about buying the product but also offering some interesting and useful information even if people don’t buy the product. I get a URL with the keywords that I want to go for and use keywords in the mini-articles. I usually write well over 2,500 words and make 6 or more mini-articles.

          When you go into your dashboard if you see a green tick it means that Squidoo thinks it’s a good lense and they promote it within Squidoo and submit it to the search engines. If it’s a good lense you get the tick as soon as you publish the lense. A red cross means that you need to do some work and you can check the Lense Progress bar on the front of your lense when you log in to find out how to improve it. You can download Tiffany Dow’s 52 on Squidoo at http://www.tiffanydow.com/ for free. Unfortunately the supporting videos are no longer available but there is still some great information there – it’s how I cut my teeth on Internet Marketing!
          jan recently posted..Kindle Fire, the newest color Kindle reader

  35. says

    You definitely need patience, link building takes time. I remember when I first started a storefront website; no one would return emails for link building. Now that we have a 4 ranking, we get emails with requests all the time. Funny how that happens! It’s important to link with those on same topics. We do get some strange requests that have nothing to do with the website.
    Jeriea Smith recently posted..how to Challange Your negative core belief by experiment

  36. alex says

    i had no idea about the CSS Galleries and Google Knol.. i’m gonna do a bigger research on those 2.. thanks alot for sharing this, u have no idea how much is this helping..


  37. Scott says

    Hey Ben great advice. Thanks for taking the time to list the PR for all those backlink sources. With regard to “Link Wheels” I still don’t quite understand how the main site reaps the reward of the links that point at the anchor layer. Does it just make the backlink from the anchor more powerful?

    • Ben Jackson says

      Hey Scott,

      (Warning: long-winded response :P)

      I’ve been straying away from link wheels and tactics that try to obviously game the search engines in an effort to be more white hat. I know there is a comment somewhere in here where I talk a bit about building link wheels, I don’t want to seem like I’m flip-flopping here, but it’s not something I would really recommend anymore.

      The only way I would recommend a link wheel or anything like it is if you were going to build a series of free blogs and consistently add content and links to them. If you grandfathered in a few sites that approached your niche in a different way and each was treated like a real website and not a link wheel throwaway property then I could see that being a reasonable strategy. The interlinking could be randomly and simply done where relevant or needed.

      The strength of this is that each blog would give you an opportunity to write in a different way and possibly attract different segments of your demographic and even drive traffic from internal sources depending on the platforms you use.

      The reason why tiered linking is more effective -> the “augmented set” explains that search engines follow link profiles 2 links forward and 2 links back, nowadays I’m sure Google can handle many more, but the idea is the same. This would mean that the links leading to a link leading to your site would influence the strength and relevance of the link leading to your site.

      (White paper that influenced Google and talks about the augmented set: http://www.cs.cornell.edu/home/kleinber/www98-arc.pdf)
      Ben Jackson recently posted..40 RSS Feed Directories List & More Resources

  38. Juphet Mislang says

    Honestly I’m kinda lost on my link building today. I really don’t know where to start. Well, maybe because I’m new to SEO. The 18 link building you’ve said will help me to get back on track. I’ll try my very best to follow your tips and I wish I would improved and have effective link building. Thanks Ben!
    Juphet Mislang recently posted..SEO Company Revisits You Tube Search Stories Video Creator

  39. James Catter says

    hey ben, comprehensive link building techniques that you discussed in your post, but one thing i want to know is what backlinks are more powerful ? Especially after panada update.. Cheers

    • Ben Jackson says

      Hmm that’s a hard question to answer James. First I’d recommend diversity in the types of links you get as well as the anchor text you use, but I’m going to say guest posts are likely the best links you can build. (Obviously I’m a big fan of guest blogging :P)


      The links can lead to any page you want, you can use any anchor text, they’re dofollow, they often pass PR, they can appear within the content (better than after in a comment), they send targeted traffic, help you brand yourself and site, get shared and increase social signals + help build your social following.
      Ben Jackson recently posted..1,000+ Easy Backlinks: FREE, Simple, & Effective

  40. Mubiru says

    Thank for a very indepth look at link building. I’m in the middle of a link building campaign for my site and this helps alot.

  41. says

    Very in depth linkbuilding article here Ben. Thanks a lot. You really went over such a large amount of different ways to get links back to our sites. I have heard of some of the article directory sites listed but some are new to me.
    Rob recently posted..P90x Back In Action

  42. Missy says

    Along with Ben (and Mitz) I too prefer and enjoy guest blogging over all the methods mentioned above although it does require a bit more time and effort. In fact, I love it so much and have become quite skilled at it, that I run a guest posting service and have several clients.

    Guest posting is one of the best methods for link building and or driving traffic. You pretty much covered all the bases, Ben – nice to see them all lined up in one concise post. Good job.

    Missy recently posted..Grab A FREE Copy of The BIG FAT List of Guest Blogging Opportunities (66 Total Mentioned)

    • Ben Jackson says

      Thanks Missy, that sounds like a great business model. Not everyone wants to pay $3/article for content that is well… made for the directories 😛

      I went to check out your ebook – the download link redirected me to another ebook :(

      I’ve got an ebook out on guest blogging right now you might be interested in, I’ll link to it here…
      (I’ve got affiliate resources available too if you’re interested.)
      Ben Jackson recently posted..Guest Blogging Master

  43. phillH says

    Good solid info here. Thanks. It looks like there is no magic easy way to get backlinks, just a long hard slog…Must be why some people get ranked and others don’t.
    phillH recently posted..Hamster mites

  44. Jean says

    For now, blog commenting is my preferred method but I soon plan to branch out into social media marketing, article marketing and forum posting as well. I just want to approach it the right way, that’s why I’m waiting before I jump in. I did give article marketing a brief try a while back though.

    Jean recently posted..How to stay safe while driving on wet roads

  45. Bruker says

    Your notepad trick was really very good, before reading this blog i always use to think that search engines read all the content like images and good web designing but i was wrong. thanks to you ben for this valuable post.
    Bruker recently posted..Brownfields

  46. Mark Tesa says

    This is such a wonderful post and I must give you credit for putting all this together. Many link building techniques are the ones that ensure that we get a lot of traffic back to our sites. I like blog commenting since it gives you a chance to read other peoples posts so that they can also read yours. All the information here is very helpful and I am sure everyone who has read this is happy they came across such a post.

  47. says

    This blog post is a really valuable resource; it’s not the same rehashed, stale information I usually come across. My main question, as I read all this useful information, is: “What do you think is a realistic daily goal for link building that will produce some traction within, say, a month or two?”

    • Ben says

      You know Joel, I don’t think about it in daily terms nor am I organized enough to. If you don’t mind me being a bit abstract, I think that every site has it’s place in the SERPs (and on the internet in general) you just have to settle into that position.

      To be more specific: What links do your competitors have? How much are they varying their anchor text? Copy them to fit in and then show Google that you are better by building more quality links and providing a better user experience.

      To be even more specific: I primarily do guest blogging, link baiting, broken link building, and a bit of blog commenting and forum posting for the social aspect. I’m not sure how many links I get per day, but I can say for sure that I build a handful of quality links every week.
      Ben recently posted..3 Steps to Analyze and Copy Your Competitor’s Backlinks

  48. Aaron says

    Very effective lists for link building, I don’t use all of them but will try to use all as Google likes variations in backlinks. It also enhance natural link building.
    Aaron recently posted..Goa Carnival 2012

  49. Wayne Lambert says

    Great extensive list Ben. Good job! :)

    I have had good success with blog commenting, social bookmarking and creating mashed RSS feeds with Yahoo! Pipes is 3 methods that I have used to good effect to build links and get a good stream of traffic to my blog.

    I’ve yet to delve into the world of guest posting although I have seven or eight guest bloggers registered to my site.
    Wayne Lambert recently posted..Best Internet Marketing Tools

  50. Duy says

    Thanks Ben for sharing your knowledge on link building :)

    I myself find out that not every webmaster will use the same techniques. Some will prefer guest blogging and using press release sites. Whereas other will rely solely on article marketing and blog commenting for example.

    But no matter what method is used, it’s the ultimate goal of ranking on the 1st page of Google that drives them. Just be consistent with your effort and finally the result will come.

    Nice post, btw buddy.

    Duy recently posted..M-Audio Studiophile AV 40 Powered Speaker System Review updated Wed Sep 7 2011 7:52 pm CDT

  51. Toby Foote says

    Is the Yahoo directory submission really worth $299 per year?

    Toby Foote, Program Director
    Classroom Antics Summer Computer Tech Camps

  52. Reihann says

    very nice post indeed on link building strategies, if one apply a proper formula and go with these then he/she can surely get enough traffic from various sources, and also get a good page rank in search engines.

  53. Arvind says

    Thank you for listing these cool websites for highly effective backlinks. Thanks for sharing your knowledge BEN.

  54. Murray says

    Just added a few new document sharing websites to my list, had DocStoc and SlideShare, didn’t know about the other so this will be great for syndication.

  55. Azhar says

    I normally focus on

    article writing
    blog commenting
    forum posting
    These three techniques are very useful for organic traffic.I always take in mind the relevancy.

  56. Steve says


    Great list. The real genius of this is when you follow all of these and create a natural looking profile in the eyes of Google. DO too many of one (form a limited number of sources) and it begins to stink like day old fish left out in the sun in the eyes of the Big G.

    Thanks for some solid links and ideas
    Steve recently posted..45 Tips to Make MORE Money with Affiliate Marketing

    • Ben says

      Yeah diversity is certainly key to a solid link profile. Having 50% of your links from directories would undoubtedly look bad. The only link I don’t think you can have too much of would be an in-content link from a section only editable by a webmaster. Editorial links like this I think are best and can’t be spammed (besides w/ blog networks).
      Ben recently posted..3 Steps to Analyze and Copy Your Competitor’s Backlinks

  57. SEO Manchester says

    Man! You are just awesome really! First time I have seen so elaborated explanation over building links. Many sites I have seen giving tips over link building but they repeat the same tip twice and thrice in different way in their points.

    Many of the sites and ways that you have mentioned, I didn’t even knew about like software directories, css galleries, blog carnivals, guest blogging as to how they could be used.
    Heartiest thanks, seriously!

  58. SEO Manchester says


    Man! You are just awesome really! First time I have seen so elaborated explanation over building links. Many sites I have seen giving tips over link building but they repeat the same tip twice and thrice in different way in their points.
    Many of the sites and ways that you have mentioned, I didn’t even knew about like software directories, css galleries, blog carnivals, guest blogging as to how they could be used.
    Heartiest thanks, seriously!

  59. John says

    You forgot backlinks of competition that you can find through yahoo site explorer or majesticseo. This is a great list. Will definately bookmark this page for future use.

      • John says

        @Ben, yes many times this is true. But sometimes you will find backlinks with high pr that are related to your site or keywords. This is a great high pr backlink to your site and google loves these kind of links. And you can do this for all the top 10 competitors not just for sites that or on place 1 in google. I checked out your post and i actually do the same. Great tip for newbies. Check out his post. Great blog Ben, keep it up! I am starting my seo project and i thought maybe you could have a look at my site and recommend what i can change or do. That would be great. I am now adding more content. Mail me if you have the time.I would really appreciate it. thank you

          • dan says

            Wow that’s a hell of a list well done. With the competitors backlinks I tried SEO Spy glass but found I would have had to pay to get the full information. I recently found linkdiagnosis.com which is free and you can easily export and then filter in Excel by PR and follow / nofollow which I am finding useful. I haven’t really spent much time on there to know if the results are as comprehensive as SEO Spy Glass. If you do use it, note it only returns the first backlink from a domain (I assume from the highest ranking page) so the overall number of backlinks will be significantly lower than other tools but that still gives a pretty good idea of the SEO value I think (number of TLDs as opposed to number of raw backlinks).
            dan recently posted..My top 3 SEO strategies and how I implement them

  60. Christie says

    Hello Ben,
    This is just a awesome writing…I just want to add that 3-way site wide link building can also be effective to boost up the traffic. Thanks for sharing your great work….Keep it up.

  61. document assembly says

    That said, since buying links is frowned upon, link exchange no longer provides enough juice for ranking, directories are no longer valued the same, forums are over spammed, what linking technique still has value?

    • Ben says

      I would advise to look at the big picture and think about every promotional aspect of your site. For instance, there are many decent and active forums in every niche and posting in them to add value and drive targeted traffic is worthwhile even if it doesn’t give you direct SEO results. You can leverage this reputation for links later.
      Ben recently posted..3 Steps to Analyze and Copy Your Competitor’s Backlinks

  62. kevin says

    You’ve done a great job explaining how to build links. It’s a little bit hard to figure out what methods work better than others. It’s a very time consuming process, so the techniques you recommend helps streamline the process. Thanks!

    • Ben says

      Sure, I would say my top 5 favorite techniques are guest blogging, blog commenting, article marketing, forum posting, and social bookmarking.

      I expect to get direct traffic from every link I build. I’ve found a solid approach to any of these techniques is to focus on how to get more traffic from them rather than how to make them more optimized.
      Ben recently posted..3 Steps to Analyze and Copy Your Competitor’s Backlinks

  63. Johm says

    amazing illustration about link building but i always like article submission and blog commenting.

  64. Paul says

    Good article Ben!
    As for the backlink profiles after the panda update I heard various testimonies that confirm the limited usefulness of this technique

    In any case the best technique is to have different sources for backlink

    • Ben says

      Thanks glad you liked it Paul. I would speculate that profile links are basically obsolete these days, but in the least you can use them to hide your more powerful backlinks in your link profile. A more diverse set of IPs linking to your site is always helpful as well.
      Ben recently posted..Niche Finder Review

  65. Jean says

    I’ve never been big on Article Marketing in the traditional sense of people submitting the article to the well know Article Directories and building links that way. I think in 2011 Its way more affective to use your article towards guest blog posting an gaining a backlink that way. I just have a strong feeling that Google is aware of these Directories and will discredit their link value. Offcourse if other webmasters republish your post thats a whole nother story!


    • Ben says

      I agree, article directory links themselves have never been that powerful and are less so with the Panda update. I’ve always focused on article marketing for syndication, but I think in 2011 guest blogging is a more effective alternative for many reasons.
      Ben recently posted..Niche Finder Review

        • mitz says

          This is true Jean

          I also think guest blogging is here to stay but there are still valid forms of article marketing too.. A little bit of everything puts your everywhere. :)

          • Jean says

            Yeah you are 100% right, its all about diversification, its something I learned the hard way when a page 1 ranking fell to rock bottom because I relied on only one technique of getting there.


  66. Adam says

    This is so helpful. I am a real estate agent who is just not sure how to get my business out there, but i’m trying some of your techniques. I provide real, valuable content so my hope is to build relationships with potential clients. These techniques will help me meet my goal. Thanks!
    Adam recently posted..Is it Time to Sell for Empty Nesters?

    • Ben says

      Hey Adam,
      I think a lot of the techniques should prove very useful for you. In particular, I think you’ll find great value in getting involved in relevant discussions in your niche through blogs and forums and linking back to the content on your site. IMO having that great content on your site is your greatest link asset.
      Ben recently posted..Niche Finder Review

  67. Kevin says

    This is an extensive list of tips! Thank you! I’ve used many of these ideas, but notice that blog commenting works best for me. I also use article marketing. I’ve looked into guest blogging and have found that several sites will ask you to blog for them, but they don’t provide a link other than in your profile. That’s disappointing considering you are helping provide the content. I’ll try the ones you suggest.

  68. Vernon says

    Lots of individual doing this for some reasons . This technique is will not be easily lost because of it helps to promote a site and it also increases traffic. This list of link building resources are very informative and it really helps a lot.
    Vernon recently posted..Dekaron Review

  69. TimW says

    Hi Ben, awesome write up. There are a couple here I have thought of but never got around to. It is like you said, ‘get good at something and stick with it’. Hadn’t heard of the guest blog sites before, so thanks for that.

    Is your list numbered sequentially?
    TimW recently posted..Kodak Playsport vs Flip

  70. e newsletters says

    Hy, this is really useful and informatics list for link building. Forum posting, Social Bookmarking and In other hand Blog Committing is really very good for link building. learn some of effective techniques about link building. Thank you for nice post.

  71. jan says

    Hi Ben
    That’s a great list thanks, there are a couple on there that I haven’t seen before as well! I spent a couple of hours on your site which is awesome and downloaded the OnlyWire Account Creator – have had OnlyWire on my computer for a couple of months but had put it in the “too hard” basket so have actually signed up to a lot of the sites using your tool.
    Thanks for the great information.
    jan recently posted..Kindle 4 and the Kindle 4 release date

  72. jan says

    Hi Ben
    That’s a great list! There are a couple of things in there that I haven’t heard of before as well. I spent a couple of hours on your site yesterday – awesome and downloaded your OnlyWire Account Creator – after having OnlyWire on my computer for about 2 months I finally started to do some of the joining up (previously had put it in the “too hard” basket) and that really helped!
    I tried to comment yesterday using KeywordLuv but my comment disappeared so not trying to do that today – I don’t really know how to use KeywordLuv although I use CommentLuv which is a great tool. Thanks for the great information.
    jan recently posted..No time to diet – planning your diet

  73. Malcom says

    Some basic tips on building links there, well a newbie will definitely benefit from this posit which explain link building in plain English. In all the techniques that you have explained above, commenting is simplest of all and one should use it also in building community around your blog niche. I have used it three four years back and it works great. Also if you get to put Guest Posts on Blogs i am sure will be most credible way.

    • Arjun Rai says

      Hi Jamal, do you think websites which having page rank of 1 or 2 not good for link building?
      and are No follow links are useless or it can improve linkbuilding?
      Arjun Rai recently posted..XRF tester

  74. Wills Peter says

    Great work Ben.
    I agree with your most of the points.
    basically social media is doing great job in link building techniques.
    mostly i prefer that one.

  75. jan from jan's weight loss blog says

    Hi Ben
    I’ve never used KeywordLuv so hope I have done it correctly. That’s a very comprehensive list with even a couple that I have never heard of before (but still consider myself a newbie at less than one year at blogging and still with much to learn). Your site is awesome as well and I spent a couple of hours looking at everything. I signed up for OnlyWire some time ago and have on my “to do” list to sign up to all of the sites, so it was very exciting to find your OnlyWire Account Creator which I have downloaded and will finally get that off myt to do list. Many thanks for the great info.
    jan from jan’s weight loss blog recently posted..No time to diet – planning your diet

  76. welles2011 says

    great work, i totally agree with the fact that all link building techniques are very important to follow. one has to explore new and innovative ways for link building.thanks for the informative article.

  77. Internet Marketing Company says

    great and informative article, i agree with the fact that all ways you have mentioned in your article for link building are very important and you have to explore new techniques of link building. there are no limits … infact sky is the limit.
    great work… keep it up

  78. Benjamin Hübner says

    I would add Presenttaion sites like SlideShare for example! They are similar to Document sharing sites, but can drive a lot of additiona traffic!

    Also a good idea are Podcast sites. But thanks for all these tips!
    Benjamin Hübner recently posted..Easy Wp SEO Plugin Review?

    • Ben says

      Hey Benjamin,
      I’ve got slideshare in there under the document directories, but you’re right there are a few presentation sites that are good too. I’ve found in the past that myplick.com ranks pretty well in the search engines on its own and even tracks the rankings of your presentations in the SERPs for you.

      And podcasts…crap! Let me add that as a note down here:

      There’s a site called podbean.com -> if you post articles on there is will create an audio RSS for you that you can submit to podcast directories (my favorite is blubrry.com).
      Ben recently posted..Niche Finder Review

    • Ben says

      Hey Benjamin,
      I’ve got slideshare listed under the document directories, but you’re right there are some good presentation sites as well. http://www.mypicks.com in particular gets ranked decently in Google and they even track your rankings in the SERPs for you.

      And podcasts…crap! Forgot about those too, so let me add a bit extra down here:

      A quick and easy way to put together an audio RSS for podcast directories is to use http://www.podbean.com. You can upload articles and audio there and it will automatically create an audio RSS feed for you to submit to the podcast directories. I also like to use http://www.blubrry.com to host podcasts.
      Ben recently posted..Niche Finder Review

  79. Michel Blaze says

    social nework blogging is a growing field these days ,but the traditional blog commenting works a lot too
    google knol has to be given limited time as one of my friend spent lotys of time on it n hardly it effected his page rank

  80. residential security systems says

    these techniques are really useful blog commenting is the most fsmous one but these days social networking bookmarks is also agrowing field

  81. Custom Essay Writing Service says

    Reading your article I have discovered answers for number of questions that have been troubling me for long time now. Its not easy to find professional publications on the web as many such publications are made by people with no knowledge of the topic. Your publication is excellent and definitively worth reading. I’ll sure be back to check for updates in few days.

    • Ben says

      Yes, I have had good results with blog comments as well, but only manual comments on high PR & relevant pages. I’ve dabbled with SB and auto-approve lists, not so effective from my experience.
      Ben recently posted..Niche Finder Review


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