2 Top Squeeze Page Generators

Using squeeze page generators can literally squeeze your visitors into your funnels which help us achieve our goals. Generally a squeeze page is a landing page with limited options presented on the page, usually a simple optin form or a simple link. If you are not a “super coder” or technically minded you will need a Squeeze Page Generator to help you create a professional high converting page.

Even if you are a whiz at coding, using squeeze page generators to build your goal pages is a smart thing to do as they will save you hours of valuable time. Most of the time these generators are drag and drop easy and include graphics and boxes that make you look like a pro.

People say that ugly pages convert but I am not sure about that. I have always found that simple pages convert but if they are nice on the eye they can convert even better.

2 Top Squeeze Page Generators

I will mention both free and paid Squeeze Page generators as it really depends on your needs as to how far you go with this. Even if you are a straight blogger and not a complete mini site junkie, you will still need to get familiar with squeeze pages.

I actually started out with free squeeze page generators and they were such a success that I had to go for something bigger and better!

Free Squeeze Page Generators

You are going to love this sales page generator because it is easy and free to use.


Here is a squeeze page I created with this FREE site http://letsbuildwebsites.com/SEO-My-Way/FR/seo-my-way/

In the video below I Show how I made the sales page, uploaded to my server, then later I edited it on my server. It is installed on this website, even though I have WordPress installed at the same time.

I do prefer the easy way out by installing an entire WordPress theme as shown below.

Now for the top squeeze page generator/blogging theme

No I am not going to mention OptimizePress here. It is great but nothing compared to AP2 for squeeze pages, sales pages, affiliate blogging, and more.

Yes it it is not only a top squeeze page generator, but it is also a complete blogging theme. Therefore if you are not into making sales pages or squeeze pages, you can simply use Authority Pro for a blog. I seriously have not seen a sales page generator as professional looking as these ones. There are a few videos on the Authority Pro sales page that can explain things better than I can, however here are a few things that I noticed.

  • AP2 (Authority Pro) has all the graphics and headings and sales buttons you will need, all built-in, ready to go.
  • It even has different templates for different occasions.
  • It includes a SEOPressor like plug-in built-in for search engine optimization.
  • It includes a built-in video site map.

Do you want people to say WOW about your sales page?

  • AP2 includes 24 custom widget positions. See the screenshot below.
  • It also includes 13 custom widgets that will help you place advertising, social media links, ratings, Clickbank text ads, and so on.

  • “AP Launcher” Theme Customization Panel (70 customizable options)
  • It also has Facebook comments that can be integrated, Twitter feeds and so on.
  • Integrates your optin code from the top email marketing guys like Aweber, Mailchimp and 5 others and makes you look like a pro.

You will be absolutely shocked at what you get when you buy Authority pro. You can even use it to build a product reviews site and your affiliate links are placed in the best clicking spots. Everything has been tested for giving you the best conversions. There is no joke that grabbing sales is an art and these people have studied it.

All this seems light years away from a post I did last year about making a sales page with the Socrates WordPress theme. If I compare it the two sales pages we know which one looks more professional. Socrates has the options to build a sales page but never included all the fancy graphics to make it look like a professional job.

Hopefully I have given you some food for thought when you are looking for squeeze page generators or sales pages for your new venture.


    • mitz says

      I am trying the product skin for thesisawesome but I am not having any luck with it yet. When I get more time I will get back to it and see what the problem is. Have you got yours up and running?

  1. Duy says

    Wow Mitz, you surprised me with this post! Your free edited squeeze page looks very professional :D Although I’m not having any intention to equip my site with a squeeze page atm but I bookmarked this post and will come back when I need it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Mark Tesa says

    I have never heard of a top squeeze page generator but this looks like something quite helpful especially if someone is after maximizing on sales. This has been an informative post and the options you have given are great maybe I will try them out soon.

  3. says

    Awesome freebies! This will surely enhance my website template, I’ll just optimize it so it won’t look like jam-packed. Thanks for the link of free squeeze page generator!

  4. Kavya Hari says

    Squeeze page generators that will help you to create a professional high converting page on here. And, its great stuff and its includes a SEOpressor for plug-in built in for SEO on here. I would like to say thanks for sharing your post on here :)
    Kavya Hari recently posted..Amazing News For Webmasters!

  5. Andy says

    strange word for me “squeeze pages”. after reading your post i came to know about this stufff. thanks for sharing these tips.

  6. Danny says

    Wow, AP2 looks pretty great. I think I could really benefit from it.
    I must say I am not a big fan of the pop ups or questions when I try to leave a page. If I click leave, then I don’t need anybody to ask me if I am sure, because I am.
    But it seems to be a very good technique with squeeze pages.
    Danny recently posted..Husqvarna 327P5X Pole pruner 25cc 12 inch bar

  7. says

    Congratulations on a fantastic Article that hits the nail on the head.
    In my experience as an internet marketer, I have found the headline that has honestly and a little intrigue attached to it draws in the most subscriptions.

    Nothing speaks louder than if you personally use the product or service that you are promoting.

    I really enjoy your blog posts

  8. Shiva says

    Authority Pro, now this a new squeeze page generator that I am hearing about, till now I had only heard about OptimizePress, Profits Themes and some others. Well will check out what this new one has to offer, although since I am not quite a person who has product to sell, squeeze pages are not quite for me, but I am sure this is going to be helpful once I get into product creating. By the way thanks for the link to the free squeeze page generator. I will see that too.
    Shiva recently posted..Premium List Magnet Review And Discount Coupon- WordPress List Building Plugin

  9. Rob says

    Hey Mitz,
    Thanks for the free resource! I’ve heard the term “sales funnel” one too many times not to take it seriously. I need several more. I almost opted in to yours (and I’m already a subscriber). :)

    Have a good one.

  10. Robert Benwell says

    Squeeze page generator is very essential when you’re planning to put up business and you need a lists of customers and potential customers because it will give you a highly targeted subscribers. Squeeze page generator can take care of the details of those people who visited your site.
    Robert Benwell recently posted..Robert Benwell updated Tue Jul 19 2011 11:12 am CDT

  11. says

    I had heard about squeeze pages and had a general idea of the overall concept but seeing actual working pages was a real eye opener. The terminology gave me an initial impression of something “salesy”. Now, I am seeing that they are simply good effective marketing techniques.

  12. Tom says

    For me, I don’t use squeeze page generators that much since I find it more crowded. Well, people have their own taste and I’m pretty sure there are lots of them will definitely like this generators especially the free one. Thanks for sharing this, I might use this in the near future. :)

  13. Ira says

    I’ve heard about this squeeze page generators but I haven’t tried it because I didn’t know that there is something available for free.. Interesting post! thanks much

  14. barak says

    As you sayed, you gave us a squeeze Page tasty food.
    I saw alot of squeeze page on facebook pages, forcing the custmor to press the “like” button. it is VERY efficient. i havnt tried it yet on my blog, because i dont have enough traffic yet. once i will have more traffic i will defintly use it to sell my products..
    barak recently posted..Dog loss quotes

    • mitz says

      Yes I agree it is a bit obvious and in your face… I do not make pages like this but this is simply to show how it works. I also hit the close button but you can make your different…

  15. Larissa says

    I’m blogging for half a year now and never heard of squeeze page up until now!!! I’m still, though, not quite sure id it’s really necessary and in what way it may help. Sorry for my ignorance and thank you.
    Larissa recently posted..3 Beauty Tips on Why to Wear MakeUp

    • mitz says

      Yes it would be better Raj..
      This is just an example that I made quickly with the free squeeze page generator. :) I agree you need more words!

  16. Aanchal says

    Squeeze pages are really important specially for incrasing subscription and sales. Paid service always gives you much better options but if you’ve a small budget then you can go with free squeeze page generator.
    Aanchal recently posted..Web Design India

  17. Belmund Higarachi says

    Thanks for sharing the 2 free squeeze pages generators but I’m currently using OptimizePress,it’s more advanced. I paid 97$ for it but it’s totally worth the money.

    But if you don’t have money these resources are gold.
    Belmund Higarachi recently posted..Honda Oil Change Coupon

  18. Mika Castro says

    I found the Instant Squeeze Page Generator very straightforward and easy to use. You start out by choosing a template, using a background image, creating the headline, writing the main content, and finish it off by adding the code.
    Mika Castro recently posted..חנוכה

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