20 Often Forgotten Website Traffic Tips

Amongst the thousands of different methods we can use to generate website hits, there are always some often forgotten website traffic tips that should definitely be remembered. I have been thinking about ways to gain website traffic for years now and it has become an automatic routine for me. This post can be used as a simple reminder for both me and you.

This is only scratching the surface as I am sure there will be many more forgotten website traffic tips.

#1.  Be consistent with great content

I know that providing great content on a consistent basis is an extremely hard job but it is extremely necessary in order to succeed.  Killer content is the be all and end all of blogging. You either have it or you don’t. Let’s just say that if you have great content this will generate traffic on autopilot. If you build it, they will come.

#2.  Don’t be agreeable

Be an individual and people will be drawn to you. Do not just be one of the sheep that just says and does things to please people. This is simply boring and its getting old. Even on the internet people can see straight through this act.

#3.  Write killer post titles

Your post titles are very important…Think about it.. What is the first thing that people see? Even when you leave a comment on a blog and include a Commentluv link the blog title is left there to temp a click.

#4.  Set Goals for traffic – Website traffic tips

Commit yourself to traffic generation tasks on a regular basis and stick to it! I have a daily task sheet that helps me stay on track.

#5.  Publish as often as possible

If you publish 2 posts a week and another blog posts 5, who do you think will get more traffic? From my experience it is the blog that publishes more posts. Of course there is the other side of the coin when the posts just flow through too quick. That is no good for anyone. I always try to avoid guest posting on blogs that let their posts run through too fast. This reduces the traffic for each post.

#6.  Make your blog hip and groovy

Make your blog the place to go for all the great information. Work your butt off to get the golden nuggets and share them with your audience. That will get them talking and there is nothing better than “word of mouth”. Choose effective keywords you can use for your content and rack your brains for unique ideas that will give you the WOW factor!

#7.  Start a rumor

I wouldn’t do this one but I notice that some serial attention seekers use this more than they should. Gossip is interesting to the masses and often they like to see for themselves by visiting your blog. What controversial rumor can you come up with?

#8.  Get some big names to comment

Comments on your blog stick around forever. Imagine if you had Darren Rowse or Yaro Starak to comment on your blog. People would return because they think you are popular.

#9.  Make yourself look popular

This one works well. Win contests, guest post, and just get seen. Have you noticed that I am everywhere you go? Well not everywhere but I am in many places? Hmm now you know my secret I will have to kill you..

#10.  Perfect your comments

Many people are wasting their time commenting because they actually say nothing at all. Share your real opinion and create some controversy as this will spark some interest. It is also good to use your own name as you would have a better chance of getting your comment approved. (hint hint)

In the beginning all newbies act like spammers because they do not know how to comment.

#11.  Network outside your circles

Webmasters often stick within their circles, commenting on the same blogs, guest posting in the same areas, and even linking within this network. Expanding to different neighborhoods can bring you new targeted visitors that you probably would not find if you just stayed in your circle. Get out and mingle outside your comfort zone.

#12.  Follow my 5 – 1 rule

Every time you publish a new blog post, promote your blog 5 times. Talk about your post, link back to your post, guest post about your post.. The 5 to 1 rule will be a magic traffic wand.

#13.  Venture offline

Contact your local radio station and share your expertise. Ask the local newspaper if they would like a regular article. If not then send your views into “letters to the editor” or sections like that..

Also offer to give a free class on your chosen subject at the local community hall. You will be amazed at the response you receive.

#14.  Giveaway viral gifts

We all know this one. Create a product and give it away as a viral marketing campaign.. But why not give the viral product away to new webmasters who have nothing to give away? Sure they do not have that many subscribers but it all adds up..

#15.  Use references

If possible link out to other blogs that can enhance your blog post. It is also nice to mention where you get an idea from or who you are quoting. This can get you website visitors, backlinks when the webmaster returns the favor, or even trackbacks.

#16.  Design a 125×125 ad

Hey you can afford $35 a month can’t you? That’s like one affiliate sale! This is how much the average 125×125 ad can cost. Of course the prices vary according to the popularity of the blog, but most people don’t do this.. Ads are not just for affiliates and Adsense.

You can make a groovy ad for your own blog.

#17.  Reply to your comments

This can become almost impossible but it just has to be done. I am swamped with comments on four websites and I really have to weigh up my priorities, however answering comments is a great traffic generation method..Think about it..

I have the replyme plugin installed so when I reply to people they get an email letting them know… This in turn brings them back to possibly comment again. This is a lot like sending an email to your list and getting return traffic..

#18.  SEO on old posts

Performing Search engine optimization on old posts can bring you loads of traffic. Imagine if you left the post there getting old and useless. No one would want to read it. If you update and SEO an old post you can grab more traffic, probably website traffic that was yours to grab anyway. Here is a video on how I do SEO on an old post. WARNING: The video is long and boring.

You can probably save a lot of time by using Keyword Winner for this task.

#19.  Post a mix up of your best posts

Bringing your old posts to the frontline can remind people of the goodies that your blog is hiding. Maybe you have some golden content stashed in your archives that might be shared and linked to..You might think it is old but others might appreciate it.

#20.  Teach the basics

I see a lot of webmasters teaching difficult and hard to understand tutorials. This is great but what a about the basics?

Webmasters that have been around too long in their chosen profession forget the basics and can’t explain them any longer.. It’s like talking to a computer tech who speaks tech language.

There is a big demand for knowledge and it is mostly about getting a basic education.


What do you think about these website traffic tips I have mentioned? Have any of them worked for you?

Please feel free to share your forgotten website traffic tips with us in the comment section below.



  1. hiren says

    hi mitz
    nice tips for optimized website traffic i definitely apply time table which are given by you in tips 4 it really impressive. i hope it will help with me. thanks for sharing this great tips.
    hiren recently posted..http://www.amupmdc.org | ASSO CET Results 2013

  2. David Burgess says

    I also admit that Yahoo Answers and forums are great places to bring traffic but often people forget about these sources. People seek solutions at question and answer sites and if you can present your sites as their solution, you will definitely get laser targeted traffic.

  3. says

    Teach the basics – a great reminder that as WordPress users we often forget not everyone is familiar with something as simple as the difference between posts and pages, how to get rid of that pesky “Uncategorized” category or how to find their RSS feed.

    These basics are the building blocks for greater things. It’s where we all started.
    Cheryl recently posted..How’s Your Strategy Working?

    • Mitz says

      Yes this is true Cheryl!
      We all started there but we also forget about all that simple stuff. There are people out there that need to know all this so we need to take a step back! :)

  4. Mark Morphew says

    Hi Mitz,

    Again some very useful tips above – posting a mix up of your old and best posts is a great way as you said to bring those posts back to the frontline. The point about SEO on old posts is great and I would only say that make sure you don’t change anything like the permalinks or anything of that nature as you may have problems. :-)

    Mark Morphew recently posted..Web Architect

  5. Sudipto says

    Hey Mitz,
    Nice post and I am totally agreed with you that for websites traffic, we must update our blog regularly, replies to every comment in our blog as it helps to make good relations with readers and the most important according to me is that we have to make links with other blog. Thanks for sharing this post.
    Sudipto recently posted..Best Love Stories Of All Time

  6. Lee says

    Hi mitz
    I have read this post a few times now and the biggest thing I have taken from it and am incorporating is being consistent with your blog and keeping it up to date. There is nothing worse than going somewhere and seeing nothing has been done for at least 6 months also in your last comment about how many words you publish. I will try and take that on board as well I am looking at only 1 maybe 2 posts a week so I think more in depth the better.

    Great post thanks lee
    Lee recently posted..Bucket List Ideas for Teenagers

    • mitz says

      Hi Lee
      Consistency and freshness along with amazing content is not easy but is required! As soon as I do not post I can feel the lull… It is awful!!!

      • Syed Danial says

        Ifg you want to increase your traffic you should update your blog on regular basis this way you will have more links in search engine to get traffic. if your one post didn’t rank on first page then your second post may reach to first page and bring you lots of traffic so it is important to update your blog regularly for consistent traffic increase
        Syed Danial recently posted..Top 10 Best Premium WordPress Themes by Magazine3

  7. says

    When you create backlinks, be sure to place links in high PR sites otherwise it will be a totally waste of time.. I would say, 1000 backlinks on low PR siyes equal to 1 backlink from PR 8 or PR9 site…
    Laura recently posted..Web Design Brisbane

  8. Lee says

    Hi mitz
    I love the idea of revamping and bringing your old posts back to life. I think iw will definatly give this one a try as you say make the most of the work you have already done. Your number 4 with the graph to set out you amount of time to set aside for certain subjects I think I will get a white board and use that so I can keep an eye on it and change if necessary.

    Thanks lee
    Lee recently posted..Bucket List Ideas

  9. Richard says

    I have been blogging and blog commenting for around 6 months so prob look quite inexperienced still! I try and write a new post once a month for my blog. I am now though spreading my wings into new fields. All related to the car industry though. I do though answer to any comments on my website. The only thing that I get annoyed with is Spam comments
    Richard recently posted..F1 Review 2012

  10. Shane says

    Nice I had forgotten about a few of these. Thanks for the refresher! It is often easy to forget some of the better practices when you have been working on the same thing for years. Some things get pushed aside and forgotten.
    Shane recently posted..Why keyword negatives are important

  11. Maxkdave says

    This is the most detailed traffic article have ever seen… Fact #8,#14 and #20 will help me and my blog. Thanks alot for this article.

  12. mulaniari says

    great thing making the timetable. that definitely helps me to get more organized daily.
    I used to spend all day just to do one or two things and time just seemed to fly by..with the timetable, I am able to get a better target in getting things done.
    mulaniari recently posted..Virus Autorun Masih Ada Hingga Sekarang

  13. says

    Just looked at your schedule.. wow.. how fast can you write an article? Creating quality content takes hours for me, I still struggle with this..

    • mitz says

      I use to take ages too but with more and more experience it just gets so easy! The funny thing is I was originally just a business person but now I might be a writer???

  14. Nina Corales says

    Consistency in sharing great content is essential in acquiring great number of traffic that converts.
    Nina Corales recently posted..Subdivision

  15. says

    Hi Mitz am new to blogging and I have just started off with my new blog , i stumbled here through comment luv and I really wonder how the alexa graph has spiked up after mid 2012, can you throw some light on that, can epic content and blog commenting really take you to places or theres a hidden golden tip which you might like to share (if any). :)
    Pushkar Kohli recently posted..5 Cannot-Afford-to-Forget Tips for Every New Freelancer

    • mitz says

      I am actually writing a post about this now… How to get your Alexa down…and how it goes up… to keep it down you have to constantly generate real traffic to your blog. I do this through guest posting and article marketing, and syndication.. Mine for this site is around 40,000 now but I will be taking it to under 20,000 very soon.. It has stopped going down because i stopped working on it…Need to keep promoting and linkbuilding.

  16. Stefanie says

    Your task sheet was so awesome I instantly downloaded it! Now I will make my own based on that. Thanks so much! :)

  17. says

    your subject and become an expert about one thing. Of course you could be great at many things but you should only ever offer a few areas of expert advice. This way, people will know where to go for the best advice about a particular topic.

  18. Hendry says

    I strongly agree with number #7

    Starting a rumor. This is one powerful way to make your blog popular, and will bring more traffic, because your blog will be shared by many people.

    But we need to be careful in starting rumors, don’t give the visitors false or bad rumors, it could backfire for us and will reduce the popularity of our blog.

    Thanks Mitz for sharing this inspiring write. 😀
    Hendry recently posted..RSVP International Onion Goggles

  19. Nina Corales says

    Using a striking post title is really helpful in gaining more traffics and readers. Thus, it is essential that you work on this aspect of your content to catch the interest of people.

    • mitz says

      I agree Nina. Post titles are really important!!! Its what people see when they are searching in google. :) You need to catch the fish.

    • Ramkalyan says

      Hi Mitz, thank you so much for sharing these greate traffic generating tips. I now realise that the true cost of running a blog is TIME. The chart on tip #4 is really helpful in getting organized. Excellent work!
      Ramkalyan recently posted..EBNF5S2WSUGU

      • mitz says

        Yes.. When you are building up your business it is important to know that it will take a lot of time..Later when it is established it gets easier!!! That is something to look forward to.. :)

  20. matt c. says

    I love the “dont be agreeable” part. It is really important that you dont just say yes just because most say so or say no because everyone might be mad at you if you will contradict them. Good posts in sites should be of unique content, which should awaken curiosity and interest among readers. If you think your idea can make a difference, though it will be something really controversial because of the many contradicting sides, just go on. One thing’s for sure, people will go to your site, read the article, will comment, post the link to other sites, and make your post a trending in the social sites.

  21. Maja says

    Hi Mitz

    You all tips have deep insight and the best practice for a blog traffic is do SEO of the site and this SEO should be on site as well as off site. Do work by keeping in mind Google panda update and Google penguin update.Site will get potential visitors.
    Maja recently posted..News about Fantastic Sams

  22. Ak Singh says

    Mitz, First of all nice article and great tips.

    I found #7 , #14 and #17 really useful. Being STRAIGHT FORWARD on your Blog is also a must do task.

    What do you think Mitz ?
    Ak Singh recently posted..How to boot computer fast ?

  23. Suresh Gupta says

    Great tips you share here. I agree with all of them. A newbie think this is so easy to have a blog and to maintain it but this isn’t like this, it’s a lot of work behind one blog.

  24. Lee says

    Hi mitzvah some really useful tips here. I especially liked the ones at the end about bringing your oldest a back in to the frame. Sounds obvious when you think about it to make use of what you have already written.

    Great advice thanks lee
    Lee recently posted..Multi Pet Insurance

  25. sudha says

    Great tips Mitz and you have raised a really good point of teaching the basics especially for beginners like me. It does not interest me to read complicated stuff and the simple the better.

  26. says

    Hello Mitz,I loved your site so much nice collection of Traffic-tips – but there is one question I ask myself for months now:How do plain Affiliate Sites with just 3-5 Pages get loads of Traffic for years?Thanks

    • mitz says

      It could be a lot of things… They can buy traffic..They might have affiliates driving traffic..they might have a blog running in the background that you cannot see…etc etc…

  27. Werry Adnan says

    wow, this is great tips Mitz.. It’s very complete tips.

    Honestly, before read your post, my blog traffic heavily depends on SEO. But know i;m very glad from your tips that there are many forgotten tips that can increase website traffic. I’m sure it will be work well. Thanks mitz for your tips. I will implement your tips in to my blog.
    Werry Adnan recently posted..Jual Kaos Bola di Batam

  28. says

    Nothing is more important to me other than writing a killer post. If you write it well, your readers gonna share it on social media and everywhere they can. Therefore you will get the traffic what your blog deserves.

    • mitz says

      You are right there Rowan! I wish I had killer posts all the time though!!!! They are so much hard work!! :)

  29. Krish - Founder says

    This is a kick ass post. I really loved that table you posted in this article. It explains on how a blogger should maintain his timelines and targets.

    Thumbs up for your post ! :)

  30. Suzanne says

    I can’t believe I have been in business 8 years now and I finally “get it” about driving traffic to my website. Thanks for your great tips – food for thought. Your schedule blows me away. How do you do it? There are some days (Tuesdays and Wednesdays) that I cannot work on my marketing because I’m working with clients. So I have to devote time only a few days per week. Your chart is a great idea. Suzanne
    Suzanne recently posted..The Great Work-Cation Experiment –Blending Work and Vacation

  31. says

    Thanks for the great advice Mitz! That schedule of yours is something I will try to emulate, though I think it will take me a bit longer to write guestposts than an hour. Thats crazy fast for 2 guestposts. One day….

    • mitz says

      Yes SEO results take a bit longer to kick in and sometimes you need to just do one article properly, wait to see the results so you know what works.

    • Laura says

      So true, Robert. But instead of asking yourself how much you already know, you’d better analyze how many of those tips you have already implement in your site. 😉 Knowing is not enough. You have to test everything and see which actions deserve bigger efforts
      Laura recently posted..TweetGlide

  32. JZEEK says

    wow i am going to do all this to get more traffic to my blog…Great article and very good helpful information i like it i am a blogger so i can imagine that how much effort did you put in this i am going to share this post with my friends as well thanks buddy keep up the good work…
    JZEEK recently posted..Samsung Galaxy Pocket Duos S5302 is official

    • Mitz says

      Yes I use WordPress. As for a traffic plugin I would say SEO is the key.I use SEO plugins like yoast and keywordwinner. They help me optimize my blog for more traffic.

    • Mitz says

      I have a few of these and I like to publish posts in the background therefore adding fresh content. This really works!

  33. says


    Great post! I’m going to see about implementing #4 ASAP.

    Can you tell me a bit more about CommentLuv vs Disqus? Which is better, pros/cons? Also, do you have a post that explains the DoFollow / NoFollow? My blog is fairly new and I’m still learning all this stuff. Feedback appreciated.

    Ian Said recently posted..Using your Restaurant Blog to Connect

  34. Nawaz says

    Hi Mitz
    Contents have magical power to generate traffic if they are original and have no syntax error. They must be related to a particular niche.

  35. Cheryl Veon says

    Hey there Mitz,I loved your site so much I had to share your website. It inspired me to write this post and share your website! I fully intend to use you as a model. I hope you don’t mind? If you do please let me know.

    http:/CherylVeon.com/balance/ is my new post where I shared your website.

    Thanks again for all the knowledge!
    Cheryl Veon
    Cheryl Veon recently posted..Balance – Are You Getting Sucked In? – Online Business Tip

    • Mitz says

      Yes I think I should say to start a rumor about yourself!! That works well and gets people coming to you to find out the true story. :)

  36. firdosh joy says

    These are really some best tips which are really helpful for the new bloggers. and time table is really awesome .Thanks for the time table.

  37. Greg C. says

    Mitz, seriously…great stuff!!

    Love points #2 – when you ruffle feathers, people love it! Controversy creates emotions. Emotions drive people to comments/publicize. Comments and publicity are good!

    Point #4 is just awesome. That is such a great tip and simple thing to do. I will be incorporating in my routine.

  38. says

    Thanks for this post. Item 4 is just not suited to everyone. I blow it everytime.
    This is my weakness, just do not have enough time in the day……time I thought of Outsourcing.
    I really don’t get IM’s who have lots of sites. Do they really earn an income from all of them?
    Owen recently posted..Inspiring Lawn Care Business Startup

  39. Babette Jansen says

    @mitz, I always have trouble writing long posts. After 200 to 300 words, I am out of inspiration.
    I always have subjects to write about, that’s not the problem. And if I could use some new insights, blogs in other segments always inspire me. Top lists, end of year recaps, things like that.
    Babette Jansen recently posted..Marktaandeel zorgverzekeraars per regio

    • Mitz says

      What I do is write a title, then write 4-5 questions that people might ask that is related to that, then fill in the blanks. The last thing is the intro and conclusion. The 5 questions become the sub headings or H2 tags within the article. If you are finding that you are at a dead end then maybe you are only answering one aspect of the subject.

  40. Justin Mott says

    I’m all about making a check list for the day when it comes to working on your blog. It keeps me motivated and moving forward. I suggest that everyone do this just for the fact of staying consistent.
    I’m actually in the process of up dating some of my older posts to see what type of boost I can give them. Its amazing what you don’t do when you first start posting.

  41. says

    Starting a rumor, could seriously fetch some goof traffic specially in the technology niche. Dtarting rumors about new mobiles of laptops can grt a blog good traffic

  42. katherin says

    Wonderful tips..
    Quality content is must and we should update it regularly.if it is works good then easily we can get more traffic and top ranking position.
    “start a rumor” is something different,i haven’t hear this tip.but it also a good tip to make attention among readers.
    Thanks for sharing.

  43. Rowan says

    Only creating good content isn’t enough these days. You need to take some initiative like mentioned in this post. These strategy gonna work for everyone I think. Thanks for posting these helpful article mitz.

  44. Ryan Cruz says

    I didn’t see any blog commenting in your traffic generation strategy. Are you implementing any blog commenting strategy to gain links, traffic and build relationships?

    I can see that you use the commentluv plugin and it’s a great way to generate relationships and comment on blogs.
    Ryan Cruz recently posted..Commentluv Enabled

    • mitz says

      Hi Ryan
      I do use commentluv to share link love with people who comment here. These traffic tips are really ones that people sometimes don’t think about. Commenting is a well known traffic source but I do not use that much.. I do comment on guest posts I do though.. :)

      • Ryan Cruz says

        Thanks for the response @mitz, and I agree with you that commenting is a well known traffic source.

        The problem lies within how most people use comments (spamming or building relationships). Of course it should be to build relationships.

        I love your “Daily task lists” and I’ve created my own and modified them. Can I mention you and this daily task list in my upcoming post and case study?

        More Power!
        Ryan Cruz recently posted..My Link Building Strategy That Works

  45. john saxena says

    Good job dear, All tips are necessary to get more traffic to your site.Its great tips.thanks to tell about it.

  46. Ciprica says

    I agree with Marty, great tips mitz, keep good work.. Like Raid said ” Teach the basics. Some of the tips, tutorials, and even video are a bit complex and confusing. ” .
    Ciprica recently posted..IRON CONDOR 101

  47. anshul says

    thanks for joining this list.i think these list are sufficient to increase the traffic more on your website.and this is the best way that update your site regularly and post the more and more blogs on your website.but the blog’s article should be attractive and effective.
    nice tips
    anshul recently posted..Online Banking Software

  48. Fred says

    Good stuff! I like that you added “Start a Rumor” because I myself have actually done that before to get traffic to one of my blogs (celebrities). Gained some good traffic but never did it again coz its just not my thing.
    Fred recently posted..Nuubia Chocolat – Development

  49. Link Building Services says

    Posting catchy titles are one of the techniques used to easily catch the attention of readers and possible clients. If they find your title interesting, they will definitely click and go through your site and check what products and services do you offer.
    Link Building Services recently posted..3 Major Updates in the New Google Search Paradigm

  50. Taswir Haider says

    Nice task sheet you have prepared and follow everyday. I am afraid whether I can follow one for my sites but at least I should give a try :)

  51. says

    Thank you for the invaluable points shared here.
    I love this article and friends while using the #7, we should be very careful and if possible be away from it and don’t try to follow it. It is very sensitive issue.

    Good Luck and keep smiling.
    Kameko recently posted..Protect your email

  52. Hillary says

    Great tips, but you need to be careful when starting rumors they could bite ya back. And you never know who you may have to work with in the future.
    Hillary recently posted..Spring Flowers!

  53. Tyler B says

    I can tell we think alike by that schedule you have, I swear I’ve written the exact same notes to myself on my to-do lists. I dig the structure of yours though, did you make it manually or is that a program? I like how you build links – Web 2.0s, PDFs to doc sharing sites, social promotion, Ezine Articles, commenting on dofollow blogs. Dang you’re good – I’m glad to see I have been on the right path since an expert like you is doing similar things. That graphic seriously helps though. Now I know when breakfast is 😀 Do you use Scrapebox to find NoFollow blogs 😉 Do you think that would be gray hat or if you’re just using it to find relevant blogs would people consider that tainted link building? It’s a powerful tool even if you’re just using white hat techniques.

    Great post, your blog is seriously good and you seem to be doing some serious monetizing and affiliate marketing without sacrificing the integrity of the site. How long did it take you to get to a PR3? My personal blog (the one I put in the form^^) got to PR3 but it’s just my personal blog! The site I’ve put a ton of work into for (electronic cigarettes, quit smoking aid) is just chillin at PR0 seemingly forever.

    Anyway, good luck with everything.

    • mitz says

      hi there
      No I do not use any gray hat SEO stuff.. I have tried all sorts of stuff and it is not worth it. I do not like to risk my business…I am not really into too much commenting as I already do enough when I guest posts…replying to comments is the best way to get visits…Not just randomly commenting and hoping people will click your link…

  54. Edd says

    Thanks for sharing these great tips to help improve website traffic. I am applying a lot of these techniques, but you have added some great pointers over here which can enhance the traffic and I can stretch my marketing funds.
    Edd recently posted..Domed-decals-02

  55. Smith says

    No doubt its cud be really an effektive tips for any blog or website. i think we must add our site or blog in diffrent-2 search engines, so se can crawl our site easily.any ways your tips are very precious .well says.

  56. Shyam says

    Whoo very unique ideas from you again. After knowing your blog I bookmarked your blog in my Expert Blogs folder. Because As I said earlier I attracted to your blog.

    Today you’re like a god! That’s ‘coz #4 fact, Most of the bloggers talk about Setting Goals and Archiving them. And I’m too cared about it. But I had no idea about how to set reachable goals. You gave me a good day schedule goals. I like them very much. I know I need to do hard work. But I was lazy without a clear hope clear mind what to do. Thank you for that one.

    Then #5 I have a plan But sometimes I neglect to work on that. Most of the times I wrote 4 posts per week. And I aimed to write all 4 posts in Monday and then remaining days for promoting those.

    Fact #10 these days I’m looking for improving my commenting skills. I feel sometimes I’m caught in spam. So I thought to care more about my commenting rhythm. And I’m learning about how spam technique working, So I can stop my accident wrongs in commenting.

    Fact #14 I’m looking to create an Ebook, But I need to make it professional. So I need to get more time. I planned lot of things required to it. Now the working part is left.

    I found lot of ways from this post. I like them and gonna try those in coming days.

    Thanks in Advance

  57. says

    Hi Mitz –

    I’ve come to realize that every time I have specific questions now, there’s a great post somewhere on your site that I can ask!! :-)

    I continue to work on my SEO when I can, much more than monetization for now as I want the traffic and community first. I keep thinking of the day I started making tunes per your suggestions – January 7th of this year. And I’m now up nearly 200% from where I was then! I’ve gone from an average of about 70-75 visits/day to well over 210-220, and while that’s still small I know – it’s the change that I love. Seeing tangible impact from my efforts!

    So, here are two related questions for you:

    Q1: I’m having a hard time trying to understand the true value of Alexa rankings and Google page rankings. How much do I need to really worry about these things? I’ve gone from 7M on Alexa to about 2M since ~November or so, but I have a good friend with an Alexa rank of ~200K and she’s at roughly the same traffic level that I’m at. I have only 2 PR1 pages and she has at least a page or two at PR3 as well. Do I really need to worry about these rankings? If so, how do we use them for maximum benefit?

    Q2: I’ve seen some very significant traffic bursts come my way via StumbleUpon. I’ve never used this site, but I have a button on my posts to facilitate sharing – and I guess someone must have done so. Do you have any experience or recommendations on how to make this happen more?

    As always, thanks for your insights and this amazing repository of incredibly helpful information!!
    Mark recently posted..Hall and Stairway Trim Work – Low Maintenance Shadow Boxes

    • mitz says

      Hi Mark
      Q1: Alexa…hmmm.. I do not like it myself. I have 22,000 on this site which has around 2,000 visits a day but on one of my other sites I have around 40,000 and get over 10,000 visits a day.. Not a great way to judge a website clearly. As for Google page rank, I like it because it clearly gives a website more power in the eyes of other webmasters. This can bring in more advertising money or other benefits.

      Q2: Yes I have had these traffic splurges and they are great. I find it depends on who shares your content. Are they an active user in SU? It is best to connect with these types of people so your content can get more stumbles. If the wrong people are sharing your stuff then nothing really happens. Look for top users in your niche and hook up with them..

  58. liam says

    very good and informative points here. In my opinion replying to comments is vital. It gives people a sense that you are a genuine person and not just a company machine. It also adds that personal touch that will make people/customers recommend your website/blog.

  59. Rick Castro says

    Awesome! Thanks Mitz. Yahoo answers is also good traffic generator right? And we need 250pts to be able to add links.

    • mitz says

      Yes true..Or you can buy a Yahoo answers account that has already made it to that stage from Fivirr.com.. :)

  60. Isha Singh says

    Well, i am the one who is commenting and guest blogging around a circle and i realized that i have to move forward to promote my blog around the world.

  61. Mark Tesa says

    Wonderful tips. I wish most bloggers who fail could read this. They would really spring up with new ideas and ways to improve their blogs. These little things that are often forgotten are what affect blogs so much.

  62. Karin says

    These are some great tips, I especially like the 5-1 rule. I think it’s a good ratio, and it’s good to keep a rule like that in place to make sure that you pay attention to promoting each post.

    I really like this site, btw.

  63. alex says

    great tips, i’ve added them to my list of tips so i wouldn’t miss any of them next time i start promoting a website..
    i’m starting to love this blog, i’m learning lots of things from it..


  64. klaus says

    Thanks for a great post. good tips.

    I myself have a few Danish niche sites. I use it even schedule you with a breakdown of the time.
    Every Sunday I sit down and plan 2 hours each day and what I should spend the two hours. It has made ​​me once more on my hobby projects.
    klaus recently posted..Forbrugslån – Lån til rejse, computer, tv osv.

  65. says

    All the tips are pretty good and i like all the tips you have shared here. You have given a basic idea which really helpful for me. i saw many videos related with this, but your post is better than that. your second point about avoiding being too agreeable, i like that very much. Thanks a lot for sharing.
    Suresh recently posted..The Pro and Cons of On-Page Optimization.

  66. Mitch Rodriquez says

    The most important value on the tips here for me which I am hit the most is when I set goals. Seldom because of always wanting to see an outcome without setting the proper ways of seeing what is needed to be done often I end up falling.

  67. Justin says

    Hi Mitz,

    Just wanted to say you provided some inspiration for my latest blog post on connecting with bloggers.


  68. Matt says

    20 truthful tips, it makes a change as generally tips are far from the truth on most blogs. I try and post every day on the Waltons blog with interesting content so have a look and let me know if I could improve it. And wow how long was the video. Recent post Even Wayne Rooney owns a shed
    Matt recently posted..Even Wayne Rooney owns a shed

  69. Craig says

    Very interesting read. I was particularly interested in your daily schedule. Something I have tried to implement in the past but failed miserably. The days just seem to disappear sometimes. I’m under some pressure to improve my work blog and I think something like that would really help if I stuck to it.

  70. says

    A very resourceful post. I like your first tip – Be consistent with great content- and your last tips- Teach the basics. To all bloggers, we all know that content is the king. By following your tips, a lot of improvement we can make in our website. Thank you for this useful and interesting post.
    Carrisa Schaffer recently posted..Singing Lesson Nh

  71. Thomas says

    You’ve provided a terrific resource here.. I notice that you present quite a few numbered lists as posts. I’m guessing this is an intentional traffic and/or seo strategy? You mentioned content creation. I’d be interested to know of anyone who’s had good search ranking success by focusing entirely on content creation (not being concerned with backlinking strategy, in other words).
    Thomas recently posted..Traffic To Your Website – Visitors Required

    • mitz says

      Yes I would be interested to see someone survive on content alone too…I always believe that this whole business is a package deal…You can’t just pick one thing and hope it will work because it is a combination of everything that works…Content, SEO, Traffic, etc..

      • Thomas says

        WooThemes would be one example.

        There’s a great article on this at Web Designer Depot from just a week or so ago. http://www.webdesignerdepot.com/2010/09/create-great-websites-without-any-seo/

        I’m hoping it’s not as far-fetched an idea or method as it might seem to those chin-deep in SEO. I focus on providing content, marketing on social networks, and establishing relationships – it seems to be working very well with my blog. I haven’t really done anything SEO-wise, though I AM starting to do the easy things that you’d have to be lazy NOT to do. 😉
        Thomas recently posted..Blog Contest, Our Free WordPress Theme Giveaway!

        • mitz says

          Hi Thomas
          I did the same thing…neglected SEO and I got my website to 4,000 uniques a day but then I started playing with SEO a few years back and never looked back… I will say that you can do it without SEO but if you do not use it you are cutting your own throat as you are holding back the potential of your website.

          The other thing is…have they got accidental SEO? I did…I had great content that had good onpage SEO and people linked to it…BANG…auto SEO…

          I totally agree you can do it but why make $100 when you can make $200? Why sit and hope it will all happen…?
          mitz recently posted..How Did I Increase Adsense Earnings By 500%

  72. Mark Tesa says

    These are wonderful tips you have here. I am a strong believer in good content in any post. If you have good content combined with killer titles as you say then you are bound to get so many visits to your blog. These tips are awesome and I will be sure to share them whenever I can.

  73. Noel Addison says

    About your second point about avoiding being too agreeable, I would have to agree (ironically?). Matching to the beat of a different drummer can set you apart from the crowd and that can be enough to have people looking at what you have to say on other issues.
    Noel Addison recently posted..Selling Ice Cubes to Eskimos

    • mitz says

      LOL Noel
      That comment sounds a bit agreeable! :)
      Anyway I do seriously think everyone is very agreeable and really never rock the boat. There are too many compliments flying around for my liking…Even when someone writes a terrible post…people comment on how great the article is…What?
      I am always watching this as it annoys me…I might be crazy though??

  74. Wayne Lambert says

    Hi Mitz,

    I too got a lot of traffic once I went back over my old posts and re-optimized them and doing some basic on page SEO for them.

    At the time, I also got rid of the All In One SEO plugin and replaced it with the WordPress SEO plugin.
    Wayne Lambert recently posted..Ten Top Headlines That Get Good Traffic

    • mitz says

      Hi Wayne
      I am obsessed with maintaining and optimizing the content I have…It is precious and there is always more traffic to get when they are optimized! :)

  75. Reihann says

    Very useful and interesting post,you have really provided the best forgotten tips that a newbie and even some professionals forgot useful and important parts.

  76. Thomas says

    There are some gems in there, but I think an area to look at is expanding #16.


    I have had great personal success in specific markets using design to generate traffic. Design an ad banner? Absolutely a great idea. But also, expanding a bit but moving into my personal experience, design/modify/create pictures. Pictures can generate huge traffic if promoted and networked appropriately. Also, with the proper site setup and common WordPress plugins, it can be steady, self-sustaining ‘autopilot’ traffic. In my example, I had a very nice wallpaper site, with each individual wallpaper post having directly on the top, ‘WP Greet Box’ plugin. I am not affiliated with them, by the way.

    This plugin allows for a personalized message to be directed to visitors depending on their referral source. So, for example, a Facebook user sees ‘Hi, Facebook person, we’d love for you to Like this page if you like the picture!’ It is clean and professional looking but a hugely effective call-to-action button that works great; ESPECIALLY with StumbleUpon, and ESPECIALLY with pictures.

    Just food for thought. Also – never forget CommentLuv for the ability to network with other blogs in mutually beneficial ways. It is worth its weight in gold.
    Thomas recently posted..Successful Internet Marketing

    • mitz says

      Hi Thomas
      Great tips you have here…You have also remind of a few more traffic ideas I could have mentioned..Maybe I will have to write another post with 20 more! Maybe you could help?? :)

  77. laura says

    Thanks for the tips. Looks like they worked for you…i haven’t read all the comments but I’m pretty sure that’s been said already.
    laura recently posted..Chinaillon

  78. Mamie says

    Thank you for those 20 various website traffic tips. Helpful post and well written. Thanks for the time table Mitz.

  79. Adeline says

    Your video on finding the right keywords to fix old posts is very helpful. I was able to follow it step-by-step. I understand how to choose keywords and how to properly optimize my old and new posts. I’m taking your advice here and fixing up my old posts. Many thanks! Your tutorials and tips are very helpful for newbie bloggers like me.
    Adeline recently posted..6 Ways of Dining Out in Style on a Budget

    • mitz says

      Thanks Adeline
      That’s exactly how I do it so I can get more traffic for each post. It is all detailed work though, :)

  80. Harleena Singh says

    HI Mitz,

    It’s nice to visit your blog for the first time, as I am learning so many new things here! Glad to be a part of your blog, and thanks for reminding us once again about the various website traffic tips, some known some unknown- which again are great ones!

    I specially liked the idea of re-posting your older posts, and the blogging time-table!

    Thanks for sharing :)
    Harleena Singh recently posted..How Freelance Writers can Use Google+

  81. Jamal says

    All tips are research based.According to my experience these are very useful to get the traffic and traffic is actual source of a blog.

    • mitz says

      Hi Sharon
      Yes very true…I have only thought about this one recently as I see many people using it…unforntunately it can also be used as a deceptive device but good always wins in the end..

      Glad Ileane got you here..WOW she is a great person to know! :)

  82. Azam says

    Writing unique and quality contents on your site give a good impression of blogger.Both readers and search engine enlist that site in their good list.Moreover replying comments develop interest in the reader.
    For good and consistent traffic,always try to appreciate good points of you readers.
    Azam recently posted..Kay Jewelers

  83. Rusy says

    Great stuff! This was an extremely helpful post and well written, I am now in hiding (since you now have to kill me :) ) Ileane got me here through Google+ which has proven to be a great tool to have more interaction and visits. I am learning each day that goes my something new, and that makes life fun and exciting! Cheers and have a great day!
    Rusy recently posted..Why I Love Amazon.com

  84. Noemi says

    The time table is a wonderful way to keep yourself on track on your website activity. All twenty takeaways are very ingenious. I wonder where to start :)

  85. Vernon says

    Hi Mitz!

    Good point and idea. This post is very informative, I love reading this post because of the video attachment which made me understand more and more about the content.
    Vernon recently posted..How To T-spin

  86. Dorothy E. Smith says

    I like all points but I would also add one important:

    Get socialized! Comment on blogs relevant to your niche, this will help you to make “online friends” and also gives you natural traffic and SEO boost.

    Dorothy E. Smith recently posted..Making Beats to Create New Songs

  87. Michael says

    Very good advice here that we can all learn from. sticking to a work schedule is a great idea as it makes sure that you get all your tasks done. I like that you get quite a bit of work done before breakfast. The early bird gets the worm.
    Michael recently posted..I Am The Customer

  88. Richard says

    To some extents, I’d disagree with “Publish as often as possible”. If the regular publishing reduces quality, then it is going to put off returning readers. However, publishing on a specified regular basis *is* important, both because it gives you a routine which you are less likely to break, and because readers will know when to expect new content.
    Richard recently posted..Web design company in Leeds

  89. Yajaira says

    I like the way you setup your schedule. Alot of help. You’re posts are alot of help, and I also found some really nice plan to set up a nice schedule. Thank you mitz!
    Yajaira recently posted..autoverzekering berekenen

    • mitz says

      Hi Yajaira
      That is a screenshot of half my schedule but I will be writing a post soon about it all…With a downloadable document for everyone to edit to suit them..

  90. Julia says

    Thank you for sharing these tips! I certainly agree with #17. Responding to comments is a must! It is not only a way to generate traffic, but a way to build relationships with your fans or visitors, creating interactive, educational, meaningful experiences that will make people come back and hear what you have to say again. This reminds me of how when some of the big YouTubers were starting out, they would thank each commentator and each subscriber individually, and when that no longer becomes efficient or possible, they have to come up with better, more creative ways to show people they care. There is a way to do well and be successful without good relationships, but online, what would one be without their readers?
    Julia recently posted..4 Options for Investing Long-Term in Demographic Realities

    • mitz says

      Hi Julia
      Funny you should mention the Youtube channel because I have the same problem…There is no way I can help that amount of people so I try in other ways…Hopefully I will keep up with the comments here.. :)

  91. Jade Lloyd says

    Thanks for the Tips Mitz, I’ll have to try figure out what I can give away to try the viral marketing trick as this might be one I would try. I’m only just starting out so we’ll see how I progress as time goes on.
    The truth is a lot of that advice applies to general interent marketing as well as blogs in my opinion
    Jade Lloyd recently posted..A Website for R50 a month

  92. welles says

    great article mitz, i agree with the fact that titles are very important when we want attract visitors are to our websites. there are different tricks we can use for perfect titles. these may include use of keyword, use of numbers, showing how it is important for the visitor, to the point and compact title and title must show how new and distinct it is.
    thanks for this informative article.

  93. Ana says

    Great tips, Mitz!

    I love your idea for writing down a header and sub-headers and returning to it later. That way it is easy to remember what you wanted to say when you go back to it.

    And setting goals – we have to have a reason to blog and valid information to share, otherwise we are just floundering.
    Ana recently posted..Thesis Theme Giveaway: SEO in a Box?

  94. Tina says

    This is what I am talking about. The tips are really great ideas especially the rumor thing. People do pay attention on gossips.

  95. Jen says

    Great list of reminders. #3 Killer titles is so important! First off your title has to grab the readers’ attention and should summarize what the article is about and secondly it needs to include your keywords.

  96. Devonna says

    Great tips! I’m working on marketing my floral design and cake business but truly didn’t know how much work it was going to be to get traffic to my website! I’m also trying some work from home/online marketing tactics and hoping for the best!

  97. Paul says

    The points that I like best are the number four and number ten
    Set your goals is like laying the foundations
    Many people fail in this without realizing it and they spend several hours without achieving anything concrete
    Regarding the comments is easy to fall into temptation to post comments without any real added value
    The problem is that this behavior can cause considerable damage with a loss of credibility of influencing your audience
    Paul recently posted..By: network

    • mitz says

      I agree with Jean that I do not want to risk buying links…especially with my money earning websites.

      As for writing 2 guest posts in 1 hour…your right, it does take experience. But I do have to mention that I was never a writer. I am a computer freak, website builder, money maker…Writing was a painful thing, but then one day it became easy.
      mitz recently posted..18 Link Building Techniques

      • Jean says

        I hear ya on that Mitz. Myself personally I’ve always been more engineering and an analytical type of person. Writing isn’t my forte but the more I do it, it does seem to get easier, though I am still not fond of writing, hehehe. Admittedly, It can be fun to read the masterpiece afterwords, I think its fair to say that we all often impress ourselves, from time to time.

        Jean recently posted..The importance of running correct tire pressures

  98. Zhyra Bonete says

    Great tips. Because some individual think that having a good website is all they need to get a lot of visitors. They don’t know that getting traffic to your site takes hard work and diligence and is not accomplished overnight. Well, your tips can help to advertise without spending money.
    Zhyra Bonete recently posted..lip plumper

  99. sanjay says

    Wow! This definitely beat my to do SEO list. Kinda hard on my part to write a post under 1hr or 30min, it usually take me 4-5hrs to write one post. Another tip, check your competition before writing a post. Do some search first so you’ll refine your title and gain some organic traffic. As for the comments, you can use Replyme plugin. I saw an increase of conversation on my blog comments using this.
    sanjay recently posted..How to Create a Contact Author Form without a Plugin

  100. jan says

    Yet another awesome post Mitz and fantastic information. I wondered how the reply thing worked as I get that from a couple of sites that I follow (including yours), it’s really great as it really personalizes things. How do you write a post in under 30 minutes though? I am incredibly slow, it can take me hours to do one post. I know that I need to speed up my act I just can’t write that fast – especially if I am researching at the same time. I also have to spend a heck of a lot more time on SEO and stop being distracted! I am really having trouble staying focused at the moment and have a To Do list that I am constantly adding to but never really completing one thing. But above all I need to concentrate on the SEO.
    jan recently posted..Sharing Kindle books

    • mitz says

      Hi Jan
      It used to take me hours to write a post too… I used to struggle for topics and research the information. Now I write from the top of my head. If I have an idea for a title I open “MY IDEAS” word document and write the title in…Then I write some subheadings in while it is fresh in my mind…
      Later when I decide to write a post I look at the ideas and see which topic sparks for me and I run with that…

      I found that ideas were running through my head and I never wrote them down, therefore losing it forever.
      mitz recently posted..10 Excuses you Can Use When you Fail at Blogging

  101. Shilpa says

    In my view, content is king. Because content helps increase in traffic and rankings. This is really very good and informative article. The only thing which I feel one must do is to stick to the basics of SEO which looks really simple as mentioned above . Thanks for share Mitz.

  102. Claudine says

    I love this point, i really appreciate this plugins, i think SEO is one of a thing that we cannot start our blog without that things… I am very thankful that have someone who make that site..
    Claudine recently posted..rio games

  103. Jean says

    Consistency is one my favorites! I love blogs that are consistently delivering great quality content. By the way… how do you manage to stay on your time schedule? I often struggle with fixed schedules, I often overlap and tend to stay on one topic too long if I am finding new things, or thing are going good. I try to have my schedule as flexible as possible which means I am not very organized… but I always keep myself doing ‘something’.

    Jean recently posted..The importance of running correct tire pressures

    • mitz says

      To tell the truth…I might stick to the schedule once a week…!!! For example this week I have been visiting family and have only pulled my laptop out for an hour or two… But I was prepared for it though…And this is why I love blogging… I am free…

      Some weeks I stick to it and get enough work done to last me a month..

      If you can get by with a flexible schedule then you must be already disciplined!
      mitz recently posted..7 Reasons Why your WordPress Website is not Making Money

      • Jean says

        Yeah the freedom is great for sure. I am definitely not perfect by any means, I am more of a ‘momentum’ person. Whenever I get really into it, I seem to flow nicely into the work, but whenever I am off well, I tend not to do much.


  104. Ray says

    A lot of good tips here. I kind of like the #20. Teach the basics. Some of the tips, tutorials, and even video are a bit complex and confusing. Some videos seem to fly through things and it can be difficult to make sense of them. There are a lot of people just getting started and some of them will not understand all the technical details.
    Ray recently posted..To follow or not to follow comment replies

    • mitz says

      Very true Ray!
      I hate it when an article has missed some basic backbone tip that is necessary to help you understand the rest of the article.
      I know I do this sometimes too but I am realizing what people want to know as they are contacting through email. They do not understand some very basic tasks and go forward until they sort them out.
      mitz recently posted..18 Link Building Techniques

      • Thomas says

        Happens a lot for authors when they’re talking about subject matter they’re comfortable with, though. It’s a matter of whether or not you want to break it down for your readers and teach to the lowest level, or provide the content you are comfortable with and expect readers to either keep up or click off. Nothing wrong with either way!

        Heck, as long as I’ve outlined the major steps and the key points I want to highlight to my readers, I’m done. Too much room for creative process and innovation by readers for me to be interested in blueprinting every – single – little – step.
        Thomas recently posted..Blog Contest, Our Free WordPress Theme Giveaway!

        • mitz says

          This is part of my strategy that works… This is why my articles rank well because they either tell the whole story or link to the rest…

          I find the better and fuller the information, the better you rank..I am only interested in what the readers want and Google is interested in the same thing.
          mitz recently posted..Beginners’ Guide To SEO

          • Robert says

            Hi mitz
            how many blog posts do you recommend posting a week because I post on Friday and Tuesday, But now I am trying to post up to 5 500+ word articles a week what would you recommend?

            I find that teaching the basics is definitely the way forward because there are more people wanting to get into blogging than people that are actually blogging right now.
            Robert recently posted..Why Is Blackhat SEO Bad For Your Website

          • mitz says

            I like to post every two days…That gives me time to promote, repair, and maintain. I also write longish posts 1000 to 2000 which ever is needed to convey my information. I have a lot of websites but really only write for two..this one and another. I think 500 words is too short on some niches and I always get better traffic, comments and so on ..on a longer post..

    • Lesmana says

      I m also feel same.
      tutorial, tips are usefull for reader. focus on content and make your reader find your content is usefull and automatically become loyal reader and share on socmed.

      Lesmana recently posted..Pusat Oleh-oleh Kediri


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