4 Reasons You Are Not Getting Targeted Google Adsense Ads

If you find that your Google AdSense income is not what you expected, there could be reasons you are not getting targeted Google AdSense ads on your site. If your ads are not targeted to the customers that are visiting your website, they tend to click less, and you tend to get paid less. Obviously we all want to get paid more and the aim of the game is to get targeted Google AdSense ads on your websites.

It all comes down to the right ads for the right people.

I have been through many ups and downs with AdSense and have ironed out many of the problems that faced me. I have had my income drop to the stage where I could be crying, and rise again after some stupid little problem that I most probably caused. I have learned many lessons in my travels with Google AdSense and I do not want you to go through the stress of losing income, when the actual problems are very easy to fix.

4 reasons you are not getting targeted Google Adsense ads

Of course there are many reasons you might not be getting targeted Google AdSense ads, however these are the main problem areas that I have come across. I am even sure that I will come across more in the future, but I am looking forward to this now, as I would rather see the problem for myself and deal with it. At least I know how to get myself out of these situations and bring my income back to what it’s meant to be.

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#1. You have not implemented Google section targeting

I know you are probably heard about this one before. But unfortunately people still neglect to use Google section targeting on their website because they do not really think that it makes much difference. I have implemented Google section targeting on certain blogs and sometimes it is like turning a switch on for the money to pour in. Of course it depends on many factors and it works better the different types of blogs. But if you are neglecting to use Google section targeting then you are missing out on the chance to see what it will do to your website.

#2. You have no Onpage SEO

Onpage SEO is one of the most important factors when it comes to building websites and the problem is that you will probably need to perform this in order for Google section targeting to work. Just think about it this way, you might be targeting the content of your post, but what if the content of your post is not search engine optimized in the first place? How is Google going to tell what adds to put on the page if it is not clear what the page is about?

I use SEOPressor on this website and I also use a combination of SEOpressor and WPSEO from Yoast. People often presume that these two plug-ins do the same thing, but SEOPressor does those little extra things that I cannot do without. Another plug-in that I have recently subscribed to is Brian Clarks Scribe program. I will be making tutorials on this later, when I actually have tested it a bit more. The problem is that SEO is a massive job and I find it better to buy tools to help me rather than employ an SEO expert. (sorry SEO guys)

#3. You have an error with a sitemap you submitted

This one surprised me! I had an error with my site map and I did not realize that Google relied on this so much. It took me a few days to work out the problem, but when I did, my earnings immediately went back to normal. I am just lucky I happen to check the site map myself to see that the URLs were not formed properly. This was because I had relied on a plug-in to submit my site map to Google. This was a completely hidden error that made my AdSense income drop dramatically. There was no such thing as targeted ads as AdSense had no idea themselves as the wrong URLs were in the site map.

 #4. You website topic is all over the place

Having a tight topic and staying on track is really important in this business. Having related content is and sticking to it is great for many things including sales, bounce rate, and even targeted Google AdSense ads. If you have implemented Google section targeting, you still have to make sure that your article is focused on one subject and not going off the track. This all ties in to onpage search engine optimization and your website relevancy. I know I talk a lot about relevant high content, but it is very very important. You might think you are doing search engine optimization, and you might be, but are you optimizing relevant content?

I am a big Adsense fan (and its not the only way I make money online) but some people think that you get paid tiny amounts for the clicks that you get. Unfortunately to me, this just means that you are not doing it right. My highest clicks have been $40, $30 and $20. That is just a click and not even a sale and I do not have drink-driving websites or attorney law websites. I have worked to improve my earnings and hopefully these reasons will help you realize why you are not getting targeted Google AdSense ads on your website and help you to increase your AdSense earnings.


  1. says

    I love the “Google Section” aspect you pointed out, it really has presented better ads related to my content. #2~~~ SEO Presser is the best tool I have purchased, it literally propelled both of my sites up the rankings in a quick-hurry. Thanks for the tip!
    Bryan Ring recently posted..Snow Plowing and Lawn Care Tips

    • mitz says

      Get targeted traffic and everything will go up… If your traffic is rubbish you get bad money.

      • Arjun Rai says

        I agree with you mitz, Its all about traffic. if the traffic is good, money will be automatically good through adsense and if not than dont expect that :-D
        Arjun Rai recently posted..Salvage

  2. Žogi says

    I think that the fourth point describes the situation for almost all of us best. You can try as good as you can but you will end up messing up anyway :))

  3. Haith says

    Have you written a post regarding setting up Google AdSense Mitz? Had it running for a while but it was actually showing competitors ads on our sit!! Soon got wiped off :) How do you specify which categories to display and exclude certain categories?
    Haith recently posted..Christmas & New Year Sale On Now

    • mitz says

      You can go into your Adsense account and filter out competitors ads. Then they will not be used on your sites. I do not worry about competitors on Adsense sites…But if I am that means I must be selling something else and Adsense might be interfering with my sales.

  4. Robert Antwi says

    Ad units description and allowing ads to be targeted via placements will impact greatly

    Understanding what Google has deemed your blog to be keyword significant

    Disallowing ad URLS and as many irrelevant categories as well

    These are just a few things that will result in you generating the highest AdSense payout possible for the traffic anyone is getting to there blog, amongst a load of other things, but hey, that’s a post in itself.
    Robert Antwi recently posted..Why Understanding Learning Styles Will Increase Customers Results

  5. Jenifer says

    I think the most important section of not getting targeted google adword ads is lack of onpage optimization. It is one of the most vital things. Besides that lots of reason may present.

  6. Amanda Gordon says

    I think the most important things on a website is to have proper structure. I have seen this many many times – Google displays adsense ads based on the url or permalink of a page. I had some blogs where I used default permalinks and was getting junk ads (even though it was already spidered/indexed). The moment I changed the permalink structure to category/postname, magically the correct ads started appearing. so I would say having the write permalink and post title goes along way in bringing targeted ads.
    Amanda Gordon recently posted..Backpack Vacuum Cleaners

  7. says

    On-Site SEO is definitely one of the most important things that an optimizer must do before going ahead with the off-page SEO. Thanks for sharing these wonderful insights!

  8. Glen says

    That means to say, we should always keep watch with our Google Webmasters account tool for errors. I am surprised getting errors on sitemaps means a lot to Google.

  9. Gianni says

    Hi there,
    I agree that relevant content is very important to show targeted ads.Thanks for your sharing.

  10. DominicSeah says

    Thanks for the tips Mits. I’ve never used SEOPressor, will look into it and I agree that Onpage SEO is an important factor.

    Do visit my blog at make beats for free

  11. says

    I’ve never heard of ‘Google section targeting’. Is it applicable for all types of blogs? My blog targets a very unique market and was wondering it this would work. My current adsese revenue is very low and I have only been bloging for one and a half months. Thanks for the post :)
    Andrew recently posted..Why the new world order needs Australia

  12. Jason Maher says

    I’ve been browsing online greater than three hours as of late, yet I never discovered any interesting article like yours. It is beautiful worth enough for me. Personally, if all webmasters and bloggers made just right content as you probably did, the internet shall be much more helpful than ever before.
    Jason Maher recently posted..Blepharoplasty or Eyelid Surgery

  13. Anne says

    I try to do all of these, especially on my 2 new sites. I hope I’ll see a difference soon. I’m not very good with the tech side of things, and usually have to wait until I can afford it to pay someone to check individual things out. This takes me ages, of course, since I’m still earning pennies from adsense.

    I live in hope, while I do the hard work. :-) It has to get better, right?
    Anne recently posted..Family Cook Book: Perfect Gift

  14. Fabrizio says

    Wonderful tips Mitz, I’ve not yet had the chance to use SEOpressor, but I will certainly take a look into it. Thanks. I also agree that staying on topic is very important.

  15. Sam says

    Hi mitz, I just want to hear your thoughts about my case on Google Adsense. I have this gaming blog having 1,500+ UVs a day. I am serving adsense but I can see that the ads are not relevant. I’ve tried filtering them to raise my CTR but not working. Also, I can see that the competition is extremely low. Still I am making $200 bucks a month. Do I have to switch from other ad networks?

    • mitz says

      It would be good to see the blog as I could tell you more.. It depends on your keywords too..Have you checked the estimated CPC in the Google keyword tool for your keywords. If I can see the blog I will tell you what I think in detail in regards to SEO etc.

  16. Danny says

    Another great post Mitz. I have always stayed away from Google Adsense because there are so many other ways of monetizing. And I have personally never ever clicked on a google add, I actually don’t really see them anymore. But it’s great to know that it can work so good.

    I know this is a bit of a noob question, but where can I read my own sitemap?
    I always use google webmaster tools to send it. But never read it.
    Danny recently posted..Husqvarna 327P5X Pole pruner 25cc 12 inch bar

    • mitz says

      What ever you decide to persevere with, that is where you will succeed! :) It took me forever to earn a decent income from Adsense but I am very happy about that as now making money with other things seems very easy! The lessons I learned are the same.

  17. says

    This is really interesting. I noticed the other day that the facebook adverts always were on a theme that interested me but the google adsense ones weren;t. To be hibest its probably bettter for me that I don’t get any adverts cos then I won’t be tempted to buy loads of things!
    Harriet recently posted..Nokia Lumia 800

    • mitz says

      the ads on Facebook are targeted at people’s interests and are based on what pages you view on Facebook, and what things you press for the like button. In Google AdSense, The publisher has the choice to show interest-based ads or not. I like to not choose interest-based ads because I like to show ads that are directly related to the blog topic.

  18. ben says

    This is definitely true! I can’t believe how difficult it is to really get adsense on your site without having random, untargeted “spam” ads on my blog.

  19. Albert says

    I always read your adsense tips and I find them useful.
    Well, what I’ve learned myself is that on every “adsense website” Google take a closer look rather than other websites,maybe to ensure an high network quality.
    So every “errors” will make you fall down quickly

  20. Juphet Mislang says

    Nice article Mitz! What you have written are the main reasons right? Well, what I wanted to know are the other reasons. Hopefully you’ll provide me some. I already did no. 1 and 2, I’m going to check the sitemap I submitted to see if its correct. I am also focusing now on creating relevant content. So far I guess I need more research. Good thing is that your site gives me a lot of idea.

  21. says

    I would have to say that section targeting and topic are the main causes, other than that, maybe there aren’t other advertisers so other than getting unrelated ads you might get public service ones…

  22. Azhar says

    The first step for relative adds is onsite optimization of the blog.But these days Google Adsense is disabling the accounts without no reason.

    • mitz says

      Yes you never know when Adsense or any account may be closed..This is why we should never have all our eggs in one basket..

  23. says

    Seriously, getting paid 40 bucks for just one click is really awesome. You have done great on this blog. I have been implementing section targeting and doing keyword research, looks like Adsense revenue gonna improve slowly for me. But anyways, thanks for these advices :)

  24. says

    Very true! I think sticking with your niche and optimize on-page SEO is the best solution. Having many topics will more likely to have different ads on your pages that is not related to subject.

  25. Mark Tesa says

    Not getting targeted Google ad sense advertisements could lead to you getting little or no money. I think you have put the reasons why this happens very clearly. Bloggers who read this and get the idea will really benefit.

  26. Frank says

    Hey Mitz,
    I have never heard of Google section targeting, where do you find that on the Adsense interface? The site map issue is new to me too, I’ll have to look at that. I changed my Adsense ads to inpost on one of my blogs and since them I am not getting any clicks at all. Every article I read says that is the best placement, do you have any idea why I am not getting clicks?
    Frank recently posted..Elance, Get Paid to Write Articles, Develop software and Build Websites

  27. Ahmed says

    Its hard to predict ads performance but one thing that is for sure is that having non-targeted ads will reduce click through rate. perhaps writing about many different topics in a single site will bring about not getting targeted ads.

  28. says

    This is a brilliant article and I’m sure a lot of it will ring true for a lot of bloggers out there.

    I’ve been using Adsense for the best part of eight years on some of my websites and blogs and it’s really interesting for me to think back to what it was like back in the day (I feel old now!). They really have come a long way and the program is so much smarter than it used to be, it can be very targeted – you just need to nudge it in the right direction.

    • mitz says

      I often wonder about the good old days…And I think that Adsense has become highly technical but then I think that maybe it always was and I just never realized the extreme details.

  29. Patrick Neil says

    That was a good tips! I believe that Google Adsense was reflecting depending on your niche, having many topic will only make the ads crumble.

  30. Missy says

    Am never going to catch up on the Adsense tips and tricks. I have one site (not the one linked above) where I know it could do better with Adsense but really (((truly))) don’t have the time to figure it out. Right now anyway.

    However I do keep many of your tips in mind, and know where to come back to when ready to take action.

    Missy recently posted..5 Christmas Gift Ideas for an iPhone Owner

  31. Marla says

    On-page SEO is so important for performing well in the search engines and with AdSense, I hope more people read this post!

  32. jan says

    Hi Mitz
    Nope, never heard about Google Section Targeting so will have a look at that post in a minute!

    I use Google XML Sitmaps which is a free tool – how can you check where your site map is? All I know is that this tool sends a sitemap to Google but I don’t know where to find it on my site (or if I can). I sometimes use them on other sites if they have a lot of information.

    I received a $5 click once which was pretty exciting but the vast majority are a few cents worth and nothing to get too excited about.

    In paragraph 2 did Dragon Naturally Speaking mean to say I have ironed out instead of “and have I and out”, and after #1 you have instead of “you are”, sorry it’s the latent editor in me!

    Finally ordered SEO Pressor – I was going to just buy it but it only gave you the 7 day trial initially, very excited about that tool. Thanks for the heads up and the great information today. :)
    jan recently posted..Kindle Fire, the newest color Kindle reader

  33. Jenifer says

    Thanks for this update. I don’t have any previous idea that if the sitemap contain any error it will also cause problem in your adsense revenue. Thanks for your sharing.

  34. Aanchal says

    Well, I haven’t tried Google adsense for my site but these are surely important tips and will keep in mind… may be I need them in near future.
    Aanchal recently posted..Web Design India

  35. Nipon says

    hey mitz
    is it really true!!
    “My highest clicks have been $40, $30 and $20″
    I have never got more than $1 ;)

  36. John says

    Hey Mitz,

    I think your number 4 is the biggest reason a website owner wouldn’t be getting targeted ads. Without relevant content on your site you will never get the adsense ads you are aiming to get. Thanks for sharing, I’m sure everyone is interested in increasing their adsense earnings.
    John recently posted..Online Guitar Lessons – Reading Guitar Chord Charts

  37. julie says

    thanks for your great advice, i realise i need to find a great, tight topic and make sure i stay on track

  38. Kharim Tomlinson says

    Lovely article Mitz. When I had Google Adsense on my blog I always wondered why my ads weren’t showing related links/ads. But then I got around it and onpage optimization is really necessary to show targeted ads and using the targeting section as well.

    Your #2. You have no Oppage SEO is misspell… I think you meant Onpage instead of Oppage :)
    Kharim Tomlinson recently posted..Advantages And Disadvantages Of Selling Your eBook At A Low Price

    • mitz says

      Ha ha thanks Kharim! Its that Dragon naturally speaking…It does not do well with an Aussie accent! :)

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