5 Tips for Catching Clicks on Commentluv Links

If you are a blogger, you will know how important commenting on other blogs is and catching clicks on CommentLuv links you leave around the blogosphere. I’d definitely know that commenting on comment Luv enabled blogs does bring new traffic and absolutely does count as a back link for SEO.

Blog commenting for SEO works

Blog commenting for SEO definitely works, but it works on so many different platforms. For example commenting on blogs can count as a back link which will help you for your search engine optimization and rank your blog better in the search engines. It will also help you to attract targeted visitors and build a community on
The CommentLuv Plugin
your website. Having the ability to leave a comment Luv links below your comment on other blogs also attracts direct traffic. Either way, blog commenting is a win-win situation for you.

If you need proof that Commentluv links count as backlinks, simply visit your Google Webmaster tools section for your website and investigate the back links. If you follow the trail back to the website where the back links originate from, you will find that some of these links will be from CommentLuv links. That is simple proof.

Catching clicks on commentLuv links that you leave under your comments is a new skill that we need to develop. Here are some of my tips that I use to get clicks.

#1. Choose your posts to comment on

People presume that commenting or getting backlinks from unrelated sites works…You might get lucky in catching clicks on Commentluv links but do you want to rely on luck or facts? If you target your customer, drop in line in, you have a better chance of catching the fish.. What’s the point of fishing in a place where you are not going to get any bites.

Where to leave your Commentluv links

  1. Work out what websites are best related to your niche.
  2. Find Dofollow Commentluv blogs to comment on.
  3. Find busy blogs with lots of traffic to comment on. Dofollow or Nofollow.

Ok so you have a list of Dofollow blogs for SEO and a list of Nofollow for possible SEO and traffic. I always like to mix it up to make it look like natural link building. They are related to your website topic. That’s a great start to a commenting campaign that can really improve your SEO and traffic to your blog.

#2. Leave the right links

It is great when you get to choose from of list of your latest 10 posts so this will help you leave a targeted link under your comment. I personally do not like being restricted to only leaving one comment Luv link, well not having a choice, because this means you are leaving and untargeted link on a post that you want to comment on. Therefore you must choose your posts wisely when a blog does not offer the 10 latest articles to choose from.

If you do have Commentluv Premium and the blog offers a choice of your last ten posts, you are in a perfect position to add a targeted link to your comment. Why? Well Commentluv premium offers premium users the option of 15 recent posts and not 10. This means you can choose from 10 recent posts and 5 favorites that you choose. This is an amazing option as I have chosen my best sales pages from my blog as the 5 favorite posts.. Is this increasing sales? Hell yeah!!

#3. Test your blog titles

Some titles of blog posts, just simply smack you in the face. Some titles just tempt you to click on them, they taunt and tease and we give in. Think about what makes you click on someone else’s Commetnluv link? I often think about this, and obviously it is a lot to do with the title of the blog post, as this is the only thing that I see at the time. The other thing that might make me click on their Commentluv links is the fact that their actual comment that they have written, is related to the link that they have posted. Also the comment might leave me wondering something, or wanting more information and the link seems to provide the answer.

Here is an example of how I answered our comment. The person mentioned that blogging was hard work etc etc and then I replied with something that will further prove that blogging is hard work. I know this link will get clicked on..

#4. Analyze everything about your Commentluv Links

Ok the first thing that I recommend for tracking your comments and clicks on Commentluv links is to buy Commentluv Premium. It is an absolute bargain and it seriously lets you get rid of seven other plugins when you install it. This is not only great for your  website loading times and it is a great tool to build your community.

See the screenshot below. Commentluv Premium shows me the exact posts, exact titles, and exact websites that are catching clicks on Commentluv Links. How cool is this? This is interesting as I do not comment too much for this blog. I basically comment on blogs that I guest post on.

One really interesting point is that I noticed that people were clicking on my Commentluv links on my own blog. This means that it is better for me to reply to comments on my website and not from the website dashboard, therefore adding my own Commentluv links to my replies.

You can also look in Google Analytics and go to traffic sources, to the referring sites section and see where your traffic is coming from.. This of course does not show details like the Commentluv Premium does but it will give you an idea if your commenting efforts are working or not.

#5. Do more of what  works

The only way to move forward with anything is to find out what works and keep doing this. Do not blindly go into the world commenting and expecting people to rush to your website. Research what works for your niche and learn by this!!

I am learning something new everyday and have those AH HA moments that get me excited about what I am doing.. Find that understanding and you will find success. This includes catching clicks on Commentluv links as you could be reeling in your targeted customers, hook line and sinker.


    • Mitz says

      Yes but commentluv links can be targeted if you choose the right post when leaving the link. Also you cannot deny the traffic it can bring, temping people to click on your great titles.

  1. sumon says

    WordPress plugin to find sites that are do-follow and are relevant Google are using media site to help keep there search results up to date…yes 150 of the best SEOs say Google use 20% of content and page links come from social media website in there serp result pages when visitors type a search term or keyword in to the Google search bar.

  2. says

    The best thing of Comment luv creates link to your blog post on updated Rss Feed @ your specific keyword. so why wud’nt anyone ignores comment luv. but while commenting we should always aware we do commenting in relevant & do follow sites, which can give us more benefits.
    Smith recently posted..Scary Movie 5

  3. Dr. Christa Herzog says

    Hi Mitz. Great blog. Thank you for the guide.Just a quick reminder for everyone though. They have to make sure to leave good comments about the post.It is very helpful and interesting.

  4. Anne says

    This is very useful, Mitz. I do find that a lot of clicks come from comluv. It’s a very clever invention. I’m glad I bought it for my WP blogs. A pity it doesn’t work that well on Blogger. I’d be all over it for them too :-)
    Anne recently posted..Startup Business

  5. says

    This is the exact reason why Commentluv is one of those plugins a blog can’t do without (my opinion). Blog commenting is one of my favorite SEO tasks as it is not only extremely powerful, but fun and educational as well.Great article mitz!
    Tom recently posted..SEO for 2012: How to Use Pinterest

    • mitz says

      I disabled the new commentluv plugin for a minute and a flood of spam came in… I often forget that is taking care of that too!!

  6. Peter says

    Hi Mitz yes you are so right ….getting links is one thing but taking the time to get relevant back links is now my number one priority..you can also gain followers ans back links by signing up with ” I am trust worthy ” FREE to join and let your readers know you are a honest website owner meet like minded people…any way good point.
    Peter recently posted..WordPress and Auto Submitting Software

  7. Juphet Mislang says

    Thanks for Mitz for the advice. Just one quick question, I having trouble with Coomentluv, it says there is an XML error on the declaration. Is this a problem from my blog? Oh, by the way I guess I’m doing the right thing on commenting since I noticed that your website generated traffic to my site. Thanks MItz, I’m really learning a lot from here.

    • mitz says

      When there is an error I usually check the url I have put in… make sure there are no spaces after it…Also I uncheck the commentluv option then recheck it so it looks for the posts again.

  8. Dwane says

    Hi. I want to thank you for your article. I am a new blogger and am considering adding comment love. Im not sure exactly how it works and I agree that it will definitely help with comments from posters and back-links. At the same time I also worry about comment spam as you mentioned in your article. I get a lot of spam as it is and my site is sooo new. I was hoping people would reply to my articles without having to install it but not much happening yet.. Of course my site is new so maybe I’m expecting to much to soon, orrrr I’m just a terrible author lol.

    Thanks again for the information about how comment luv can help
    Dwane recently posted..How To Write A Company Annual Report – With Videos

  9. Kavya Hari says

    Comment Luv is one of the direct place to get more traffic on here.And, this is one of the best directions to attracts the visitors and build a community on here. Thanks a lot for sharing your post on here :)
    Kavya Hari recently posted..Amazing News For Webmasters!

    • Lovely2510 says

      I get a lot of traffic through CommentLuv and I agree that this is one of the best direction to attract traffic. This an awesome post.

  10. Mike says

    I can only say I’ve heard good things about Commentluv. It seems like finally there is something to reward your readers/commenters for the time they spend to read and respond to your posts.

    Really good post though mitz, great walkthrough on the best strategy for CL.

  11. olivia34newton says

    I am getting a lot of good feedbacks about comment luv premium, and I think it’s about time to give it a try.
    olivia34newton recently posted..1300 number

  12. Peter says

    Ha great site…just a quite one here for your reader yes you need to use social media sites to get traffic and back links from site that are relevant to there own site .using commentluv is a great WordPress plugin to find sites that are do-follow and are relevant Google are using media site to help keep there search results up to date…yes 150 of the best SEOs say Google use 20% of content and page links come from social media website in there serp result pages when visitors type a search term or keyword in to the Google search bar..by 2012 Google will use even more of this type of data in there result pages,so its something that needs to be kept in my..Keep up the good work.
    Peter recently posted..How Do I get To The Top of Google

  13. ruku says

    This is absolutely true that leaving comments in commenLuv enabled blog allows us to get backlinks along with targeted traffic. But we must take care to find out the niche related blogs.
    I appreciate your nice example about fishing which is very much appropriate in this regards.
    ruku recently posted..SEO Schweiz

  14. Bruce says

    Without a doubt one of the better features of ComLuv premium is it’s ability to weed out the spam bots. Since installing it I have had just one instance of a spam comment appearing in my moderation panel, a far cry from the dozens a day I used to receive. Being able to uninstall 7 other plugins has really speeded up my site’s load times as well.
    Bruce recently posted..Understanding Lawn Fertilizer – Phosphorus

  15. Maja says

    Comment Luv has provided a new introduction to blogging industry. This plug-in is very essential part of a blog.Because of blog commenting a site get instant ranking. This is the fastest way to get ranking under a keyword.
    Maja recently posted..Good Features of Fantastic Sams

  16. Danny says

    Great tips Mitz,
    The problem that I have with my linking is that I am actually not that interested in the subject of gardening, so I don’t have much value to add there, and I don’t want to spam.
    But posting on blogs with subjects that I am interested in, with a link that is totally unrelated will raise spam flags on those blogs.
    Danny recently posted..Earthwise PS40008 8-inch Electric Pole Chain Saw

    • mitz says

      I agree that posting on related blog is hard when you either have a limited subject or you really do not have a passion for it. And it can look like spam… My serious recommendation for this is to get into websites about your passion and then you will always find a way to do anything.

  17. Azhar says

    Blog comment is awesome for traffic. With the introduction comment Luv Premium the importance of blog comment has increased for traffic.

  18. Jen says

    I’m always interested to see what works for other people with their blog commenting links. I’m not too familiar with CommentLuv so I appreciate your post.

  19. Joseph says

    Your tips #4 is a wise investment for your blog site..it’s my 5th time here you always have a great tips to your readers.Keep on posting!

  20. Samuel says

    Totally agree, the blog commenting especially on blogs with high PR is brilliant thing and commentluv is another great thing! But IMHO it is better to differenciate backlinking – I mean to spread comments on forums, articles, blogs, social book marking and so on.
    Samuel recently posted..Viper 5901 Review

  21. CorinneC says

    Commentluv plug in is the best for me… I have been using this for almost a year now and enjoy this much. Thank you for sharing…
    CorinneC recently posted..free energy

  22. Robert Benwell says

    Hi Mitz,
    I’m your regular visitor here because I learned a lot from your posts. Honestly, I’m your fan. You always write a good content blogs. I agree with Nikki, readers should leave comment that is related to the topic itself. Think before you comment.

  23. Sybil Wieners says

    Great share Mitz. I guess number 4 is the most difficult one. How do we do the analysis? The term itself sounds like a need for a professional skill.

  24. Alexa Woods says

    I’m a blogger and I’m not that familiar with Commentluv so this article really is a big help for me. Thanks for sharing this article. I’d refer to this from now on :)

  25. Albert says

    I like to get some AH HA moments too :)

    Regarding CommentLuv I always try to use the link feature to drop something interesting for who visit the blog in which I have commented,but unfortunately it’s not always possible

    • mitz says

      I love it when I get an AH HA moment…My husband thinks I am a nut as I always have a cool discovery every day.. And he doesn’t understand a word of it, so he just nods his head.

      • Kirsty says

        My BF is the same way, he just smiles and nods with that far-off expression. I’m very new to this stuff, and still excited about it. I keep waiting for the novelty to wear off, but I’m finding it quite addictive.

        Thanks for the info about comment luv, and how to use it. The learning curve is steep, and I need all the help I can get.

  26. vanz says

    The ideas you had given had abashed me. Didn’t know that there is a way for making more likes and comments in our posts. Got inspired by your ideals that’s why i’m going to post irrelevant topics. Going to sneak for your future posts.

  27. Ted says

    Thanks for writing the article. I only recently bought CommentLuv Premium and still finding my way around. I haven’t quite worked out yet if it’s best to focus on comments on sites that are directly related to your niche or commenting on other topic blogs still are seen as valuable. Have you got an insight into that. Thanks in again.
    Ted recently posted..Top 10 Bestselling Amazon UK Tablet PCs In August 2011

    • mitz says

      You can go and comment anywhere you like but the traffic you bring back will not be targeted… Getting involved in communities similar to yours is the best way to get the right traffic… People that say related niches does not matter do not know what real traffic is. :)

    • mitz says

      How much traffic do you get from Yahoo….I probably get 1-2% of my total traffic from there…Therefore I do not take notice of what shows up there. I do however see what shows up in Google webmaster tools and comments show there.. :)

  28. Dan says

    Thanks for this tip – I installed commentluv after reading about it on your blog. I just hope I get a load of good comments on my own blogs now.

    One thing I’ve found is that there are so many blogs in my niches it’s unreal. I guess few of them have good content on though, as most are rubbish!
    Dan recently posted..World’s Largest Dating Event Held in Shanghai

  29. Bill Smith says

    WOW Mitz Great work done by you,
    Before reading your post i was unaware of many things which i come know now. As you elaborate the whole post is really an amazing thing. It will help so many people and me as well to improve our self to get more clicks i will definitely follow these tips.
    Thanks for sharing such a superb post with us.
    Bill Smith recently posted..Web Design Trends in 2011

  30. vinay says

    Good write-up, I am normal visitor of one’s website, maintain up the nice operate, and It is going to be a regular visitor for a long time.

  31. balimbing56 says

    Yes, all tips are valuable specially number 4. Except for the catchy title,it’s good to track all your comments if they’re working. It’s wonderful to read such post. Thanks!
    balimbing56 recently posted..paleo diet

  32. Aaron says

    Great article Mitz,

    It’s always important to use attractive title feed to leave comment so that you can force other commentors to click on your commentluv links. Though I didn’t know that you can analyze clicks on your commentluv links, I’ll use it now thanks!! :D
    Aaron recently posted..Goa Holiday

  33. Aanchal says

    Hi Mitz,

    Nice points, blog commenting is essential for back links plus it helps you to get more targeted traffic. So it’s always important to choose right niche blog to comment on.
    Aanchal recently posted..Web Design India

  34. Robert says

    hi there Mitz
    I did not know that you can have five favourite blog posts that you can useif you have got CommentLuv premium. I did not even know that that function even existed, I basically installed CommentLuv premium by never got round to tweaking it.

    I have just set up my favourite blog posts and ready to go.
    Thanks again
    Robert recently posted..Sorry But Content Is Not King!

    • mitz says

      Yes I have picked my best pages and having the choice of 15 really helps with putting a targeted link there.

  35. Peter Lawlor says

    Hi Mitz,
    I’ve contemplated adding blog commenting and if I did would be very tempted to use Commentluv.
    My only reservation is having to deal with spam. How much time each day do you deal with spam?
    Do you cut off commenting after so many days?

    • mitz says

      Hi Peter
      I do not cut off commenting…Because I do not have to worry about spam..
      After installing Commentluv premium my spam dropped dramatically…I stopped trackbacks..That helps too.
      If you are not using blog commenting you are cutting off a major lifeline to your blog.

  36. Richard says

    Good tips for optimizing your commentluv strategy. I think that leaving a quality comment is always important. Even if sometimes your latest post title doesn’t quite match the blog topic, if you leave a valuable comment, people will still be interested in visiting your site.
    Richard recently posted..My Lending Club Investment Performance

  37. Nikki says

    Hi Mitz. Great guide here. Just a quick reminder for everyone though. They have to make sure to leave good comments about the post. Otherwise, it will be considered spam. :)

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