5 Tips to Getting your Comments Approved on this WordPress Website

I am starting to implement more rules when it comes to getting your comment approved on this WordPress website. People have been contacting me, asking why their comments have not been approved so I am going to just tell you all straight up in this article.

Unfortunately I have to you do this as the blog is just getting too busy to deal with junk comments. I am puzzled as the why people keep trying to submit these pathetic useless comments as they are just wasting my time and theirs.

5 Tips to Getting your Comments Approved

When commenting on other peoples blogs, often it is overlooked that every comment contributes to your online reputation. This is why I would like to help you get your comments approved on this WordPress website. I seriously believe that people create these useless comments because they lack of knowledge and a little bit of education can go a long way.

#1. Use your real name

Using your real name it where it says name in the comment form, is just common courtesy now days. This rule is going to be enforced as from today. I have done everything I can to help you with your keywords by installing CommentLuv premium. This is a great way for you to get a good link back to your blog. However If you cannot manage to put your name to your comment then you will not be approved. I do not care how great your comment here is, as it could be 500 words long, but if you do not put your name it will not be approved.

Of course if you just use your name without the keyword, this is okay as well.

It is a real shame when someone writes a fantastic comment and ruins it by using the keyword as their name. As you can see in the screenshot above, one of the comments as a keyword as the name, and the keyword as the keyword. What is the point of this?

The person above had a valid comment, which was a very good question related to that post. I would welcome this person to come back and comment the right way as I am looking forward to answering that question.

#2. One liners are out

Even if you are a seasoned visitor of this website, I am sorry to say that one-liners will no longer be approved. Even if you are a guest post here and you continually add in one-liners for your responses, I do not appreciate this and will not accept guest posts from you again. When I announced that this WordPress website was accepting dofollow comments I listed some suggestions on how to get your comments approved. Well now these are no longer suggestions but clear rules.

Examples of one-liners:

  • WOW this is a great post!
  • You are great and this is a great post! :)
  • You are so smart and this is a great post!
  • Thank you for the great tips. I will go in use them now!
  • Wow I didn’t know this! And I love your blog!
  • What a great blog, I am bookmarking it now.

#3. Add value to the discussion

I really don’t know how many times I have to tell people to make their comment worthwhile and add value to the discussion. What is the point of writing something silly like “great post” or “you are great” as mentioned in the one liners. Thanks very much to those comments but they will not be approved if I can help it. I would rather see your honest opinion about the subject of the article. Even the comments longer than a one liner with no meaning will not be published.

Sometimes I get fooled with spam that looks like real comments, however this is exactly why I have implemented more rules. Trust me, this job of moderating comments is turning out to be the hardest job I have when it comes to blogging. Make sure you realize that I am only human and real humans can make mistakes. Thankfully I have loyal followers of this blog that will let me know if there is a comment that is not meant to be approved.

#4. Gung ho is a no-no

Yes you might think your an expert, however this does not make your opinion right and others wrong. In this business there are so many different ways for someone to build a website or even promote a website, therefore we must keep an open mind when people are sharing their experiences.

It is most welcome that you give your strong opinion, however by doing this, there is no need to try and prove that someone else is wrong. All you have to do is say “well here’s my take on it” or “this is how I do it”. You do not have to do be-little or put down anyone to get your point across.

I will never like a person that thinks they are better than someone else. This is how I operate in my whole life and I do not think I am going to change.

#5. Getting your Comments Approved by not using abbreviations

We know that you think you are up with the latest Internet chat abbreviations, but when it comes to understanding your comment, you need to make it is clear is possible for people to be interested. If you need to use abbreviations you also need to include the meaning in brackets. Also cutting words short will not do your comment any favors and usually simply frustrates people when they are trying to read your comment.

Getting a Gravatar picture for your comments

This is another thing that annoys me, however I am not going to ban people because they do not have a Gravatar (yet).  Some new Webmasters do not even know how to get one.

How to get a Gravatar:

  1. Go to Gravatar.com and register for a free account.
  2. Use the email you usually use when commenting on blogs.
  3. Upload a picture to the account..

Now when you comment and use the right email address in the email field, you will see the gravatar which is the picture you just uploaded.

Getting a Gravatar is very simple and makes you look professional. I strongly suggest that everyone reading this go and get one now. The picture does not have to be a picture of you, it can be a logo or even a picture of a dog. Who really cares what the picture is, the fact is, this is another proof of identification.

Thank you to my regulars

At this point, I would like to say thank you to all the regulars who comment continuously on this blog and add value to it. You all have come up with some amazing information and shared it with everyone.


  1. Phil says

    Spam is such a waste of time for everyone concerned and I think your approach to outlining the requirements for posting on your website is spot on. It clearly tells people what is required which, hopefully, will work in your favor to reduce the amount of spam received.

    I installed CommentLuv only recently and am still working through the setup. However, I had a few problems with Akismet so I de-activated it and now just rely on the Gasp facility within the CL plugin. Although it is early days I have not yet seen any adverse effect of my decision to remove the Akismet plugin.

    Thanks Mitz for sharing your knowledge so freely.
    Phil recently posted..The Creative Process

  2. says

    Hi Mitz –

    Well, I did it. I bought CommentLuv Premium today from one of your links and spent 2-3 hours with it. I don’t have complete control over it yet of course, but after a few days it will all sink in much more. There’s really a lot in here! I *think* I have things at “critical mass” as of now, and I’ll see what happens if I get a comment or two over the next few days – but hopefully I haven’t left anything “open” or “sloppy” in any significant way. I tested as best I could from my one other “junky” web site (now my ‘plug-in compatibility’ test site), but you can only do so much like that.

    Also – In our thread below, I was asking about the “subscription to comments” check box. That seems to be from a WP plug-in called, “subscribe to comments” (or it surely could have come from other places – like perhaps any specific theme as well.) I downloaded that plug-in to my development site, but it’s fighting with CommentLuv a bit. I’ll go after that next – it all renders perfectly on your site below. I really hate CSS issues.

    So much to learn. SEOPressor or Scribe will come next. And then everyone seems to talk about AWeber as well. One step at a time…

    Thanks again for the insights, and if you (or anyone) see anything blatantly wrong that I’ve done with CommentLuv so far, please, by all means feel totally free to set me straight! 😉
    Mark recently posted..How To Visualize Deck and Landscape Design Ideas

    • mitz says

      Thanks for buying through my link Mark! I really appreciate it!
      As for the other plugins.. SEOpressor is great but you can do all this manually, but of course this plugin monitors you. And Scribe…Ahh I like it and I am testing it still. It works well but I cannot find the time to use this to its full advantage each month. Also I am trained to do this kind of work myself and often forget to use it.. This is my fault but I am weighing up the cost now as I am not using it enough. :)

    • jan says

      Hi Mark
      I have CommentLuv Premium as well as Subscribe to Comments and they do work fine together, I also have ReplyMe so that if anybody replies to one of your comments, you get your comment emailed along with the reply. If you think it might be CL causing the problem just email Andy – he is totally awesome – I don’t think he ever sleeps as I seem to get messages back within an hour!! But he won’t leave you hanging, he will be able to tell you if it is or isn’t CL.

      SEOPressor really rocks, I agree with Mitz that you can do without it but it is my absolute favourite plug in. One of my brand new posts went to PR3 pretty much straight away and is still there after 2 weeks and that is with no SEO at all apart from on page. Scribe is on my list as well but I am going to buy one of the premium themes before that!
      jan recently posted..High fructose corn syrup, why all calories are not created equal

      • says

        Thanks for the additional plug-in tips, Jan –

        When I play with subscribe-to-comments a bit more, I’ll surely email Andy of there are further issues. I contacted him yesterday about a small IE 8/9 rendering issue w/CommentLuv and you’re right: he was back to me REALLY fast. I’ll definitely check out ReplyMe as well.

        And then onto the SEO plug-ins for sure. PR3 sounds *great* to me — thus far, I’ve hit PR1 on 2, maybe 3 pages. I’m starting to track my Alexa rank as well.

        But… tomorrow the work-week starts again, and it’s now early Sunday morning in NJ and that means time to wake the kids and make pancakes! :-)
        Mark recently posted..How To Visualize Deck and Landscape Design Ideas

  3. safiya says

    hi!Ultimately they make your blog more valuable or less valuable.My personal policy is to be as relevant as possible, because that is what I expect.

  4. Khaled says

    I think you are making a very good point here. I think that all the blog owners should spend time on their blogs and only approve comments that add value and should also reward their blog visitors and commentators by allowing do-follow links to the commentator website.

  5. says

    Hi Mitz –
    I’m thinking seriously of buying CommentLuv Premium, and I was trying to get a handle on all of the features a bit beforehand so I can activate them/test them slowly and carefully into my website. Even at my current low volumes, spam is becoming a huge pain – especially from certain countries not-to-be-mentioned here. One embarrassingly newbie question for you, if I might: Your Rule 1 regarding the keyword usage… I won’t add a keyword to this comment as I’m frankly not sure what kind of keyword to use. Would I use a keyword relative to this specific question? Or something relative to my website? In other words, what’s the goal of keyword usage relative to posting comments on other blogs?? See – *very* newbie indeed, right?? 😉

    Actually, here’s another question too. The “Notify me of followup comments via email” checkbox… Is that part of CommentLuv Premium as well, or did that come from somewhere else? Any insights most appreciated!

    – Mark
    Mark recently posted..Hall and Stairway Trim Work – Low Maintenance Shadow Boxes

    • mitz says

      Hi Mark
      Commentluv can stop the spam for you. This is the only thing I use now for controlling spam and I am loving it. And it comes with so many features that it has become a must have plug-in. I can’t actually remember where the “Notify me of followup comments via email” checkbox comes from but it is either this plug-in for WordPress itself.

      Now for the keywords…
      There are a few options here..In the URL section you can put in your home page URL or one of your individual pages URL. Then you need to pick the best keyword for that URL. So for example:

      URL: http://www.all-about-the-house.com/hall-and-stairway-trimwork-low-maintenance-shadow-boxes/
      NAme: Mark@stairway trimwork OR Mark@Shadow boxes OR Mark@DIY shadow boxes

      There would be many possibilities but you would try to vary it. Also you would be going for the keyword with the highest search volume.

      URL: http://www.all-about-the-house.com/
      Name: Mark@DIY house repair, Mark@DIY renovation, Mark@house renovation, Mark@house maintenance

      It is good to have your keywords explain the destination. So by looking st these keywords I can see what your site is about.

      • Mark says

        Mitz – Once again: Thank you so much. INCREDIBLY helpful!!!

        I promise you this – when I buy CommentLuv Premium next weekend, I will *positively* be buying it through one of your affiliate links. I’m also setting up a plug-in interworking/compatibility testing site per another discussion we had. Have a great week, and I really cannot thank you enough for the ongoing insights you’re providing! :-)
        Mark recently posted..Hall and Stairway Trim Work – Low Maintenance Shadow Boxes

        • mitz says

          Glad to help Mark.. It took me about 3 years to understand the whole keyword thing properly.. So different from the real business world.

  6. says

    I think in the long run it is good to have transparent rules so that everybody knows about what is going to be approved and what is not. Sometimes, the people become too greedy and simply want to put cut & paste one-liner comments and then spam with multiple comments of the same type. It is good that you’ve decided to be harsh on such comments.

    One things that I want to particularly add is that a few days back when I installed the latest version of CommentLuv Premium on my site to give benefit of Dofollow link to my visitors, I found that it has completely removed spam comments on my site. I don’t know why my experience in this regard is different from what you’ve mentioned. In fact, I’ve deactivated Akismet from my site.
    Ashok recently posted..Free voice & video calls with Tango on Android, iPhone, Windows phone

    • mitz says

      Yes you are right about the new Commentluv, it does remove all spam..the free version does not have that capability. I am very happy with the Premium version. Unfortunately I still need these rules for the human spammers..

  7. Kalim says

    Though you make your rules very much clear, I think its going to hard to follow for some spammers as well for some software who are spamming the entire web. I’ll try my best to each of the rules. Thanks.

  8. talmuri101 says

    I found your post is very important to practice if some really like his comments to be approved. I noted down some tips which I learned newly such as getting a Gravatar picture for my comments. This looks the comments as more natural to be approved as well.
    talmuri101 recently posted..SEO Schweiz

  9. Kharim says

    I strongly agree with you. This is your blog so you set your own rules.

    One things I can say is that I hate spam, on my site, your site or any other site. I just hate it. If you want to build backlinks then do it in the right way by making valuable and up-building comments. Don’t spam.

    Thanks again Mitz!

  10. Kurt Rasche says

    Hey Mitz,
    Loved the post. I am with you. There is nothing worse than having to wade through a sea of worthless comments, most of the time with VERY bad grammar. Anyway…

    If you are still looking for a replacement to Askizmet, I found one that works just as well and I only use it. It is WP-Spamfree. I have no connections with the plug-in, besides knowing that it works for me. That along with CommentLuv has cut spam WAY down for myself and all of my clients as well.

    I admit I didn’t read all the comments on this post, as most of them are probably just thanking you in their own way. But knowing that someone is actually moderating and cares makes me want to look around your site, find posts and even read the comments.

    When people do contribute for real, sometimes a comment will teach me more than the post!

    Thanks Again!
    Kurt Rasche recently posted..Stop This SEO Scam In Its Tracks!

    • mitz says

      Ha ha… try to tell the difference between a spam comment and a real person but it is getting harder every day. Obviously when someone like you comes along with your fantastic comments, it is clear that you are human. I loved chatting to real humans and it’s nice to see one.:)

  11. says

    hey i am also fed up of spammers and one liners comments on my blogs. It really takes a lot of time to approve all the comments because most of the comments posted on blogs are just for increasing traffic. I want genuine followers for my blog so that i can know where i need improvement in my writing skill. In fact people don’t even read the entire blog and post useless comment. Please don’t do this. Read full blog, understand it and then comment.

    • mitz says

      I agree with you Naveen
      I hate it when people do not read the post and then give themselves away in the comments.. I simply delete these comments. If I cannot understand the comment and see how it relates to the post I delete it.

  12. Jack Usman says

    I like this tips. Thanks for sharing I agree with this 5 tips, Some of the other commenters are performing spam, You said that One Liners are out but there are so many comment which is one line and it is approve, So.. What can you say about that?

  13. dan says

    One thing I found a while ago is that Akismet is charging for “commercial” services. I have numerous WP websites and none make very much money yet 😉 I asked a question about wp stats, same guys as akismet, displaying on one of my sites and they told me I had too many sites for akismet.
    Fortunately, I had recently installed Andy’s GASP plugin so I don’t need akismet anymore. My complaint with them is why are they including a commercial product with the default installation of WP? Why not make that known to the user before we installed it?
    dan recently posted..Start Your Own Christmas Tradition with Flannel Christmas Pajamas

  14. jan says

    Mitz I have a question on getting your comments posted from the experienced marketers or anybody who has an opinion as I feel that I have a moral dilemma. If you have a site that sells say specifically green beans and that’s all, and somebody writes a post linking to their site which also sells green beans, is it OK to keep the comment if it is a good one but delete the links as this has just happened to me? Also the link that the person left using CommentLuv just happens to be the next post that I am writing for my site which means I will have my post, plus links to another post which will take people away from my site. My feeling is that you should not leave links to sites that are selling exactly the same thing? Would appreciate people’s thoughts.
    jan recently posted..Does exercise help you to lose weight?

    • mitz says

      Hi Jan
      I do let people use anchor text that is even going for my main keyword here… But they must have a valid comment and do it the right way. I think that people are not going to see that link and all leave to the competitors site. All I think is that the competition has found me so I must be making an impact somewhere. Also it is better to keep your enemies close..Not that they are enemies but the saying could apply. :)

  15. Satrap says

    Akismet has been doing this for a while. On my blog I get so many legit comments caught into spam folder.

    It does the same too me when I comment on other blogs. A few times I have had to ask the bloggers to please de-spam my comments.

    Now I dont even use Akismet since I bought the premium version of CLUV and it has GASP integrated in it, So far its working great.
    Satrap recently posted..Ways To Make Money Online

  16. Mary says

    At least you still put some effort to blacken their names. I’ve seen others do their commenting in a right way, while others in a right way. And based from my observations, there are two factors why they are leaving spam comments to others’ blogs… 1) commenting can eat up much TIME so they need to use software; 2) commenting can eat much MONEY so they choose to save their sanity by coming up with one comment template.
    Mary recently posted..Anti Aging Herbal Remedies

  17. Paul G says

    I will put my hand up and say that I use to be one of those spammers but I have since repented and changed my ways. I can tell you with some authority that most of these spam comments are posted using automated software and spintax.

    I think it’s more important now than ever before to be a stand up guy and to build a social circle of blogs who know that you aren’t a spammer and are someone who has something to say.

    With all of Googles recent changes to the way they rank website, the days of spam links being useful are all but over (and yet people will continue to comment spam).

    Personally I feel that CommentLuv is without a doubt one of the most useful plugins out there for bloggers. If you value your time, it will remove almost all of the spam and leave only the useful comments. For me – it was well worth the money and I just home more webmasters use it on their blogs.

    • mitz says

      Hi Paul

      I think everyone starts out as some sort of spammer..People just do not understand how to get backlinks so they try anything they can.

      I agree that commentluv is an awesome plugin! :)

  18. Jessica Blox says

    Yes.. u r absolutely right about the real name we should always used.. Thnx for sharing the tips..

  19. Noel Addison says

    You are great and this is a great post! :)

    Just kidding! Haha

    I know how hard it is to deal with spam comments. I have a side-project blog and the first thing that catches my attention whenever I log in is the number of comments. Of course it gets me excited to see many people pitching in their two cents. But to my dismay, most if not all are spam comments. It’s easy to trash them all but I still have to sift through them to see if there is a legit comment in there. This daily work gets on my nerves and sometimes, especially when I’m already having a bad day, it keeps me from working further on my blog like adding new posts or whatnot.

    Props to you for being more strict. There is after all a great difference between doing the nice thing and doing the right thing.
    Noel Addison recently posted..Selling Ice Cubes to Eskimos

    • mitz says

      Hi Noel
      I installed the Commentluv Premium a few days ago and the spam stopped dead in its tracks…I am shocked! It only costs $40 too. There is a banner in the sidebar if you are interested to see what else it does. i guess I am saving my time by getting this plugin! :)

  20. Ana says

    I don’t think that there’s anybody in the blogging world who likes spam. This list of yours is very good, and I like that you are not putting the absence of a gravatar on it. I know that people think that comments look better if there is a gravatar there, but I don’t want to use or have one. My comments are quite enough. However, if somebody would choose to make it a rule, I wouldn’t mind. I’d just stop posting there.

    I try to make my comments valuable and they are my honest response to the topic. They are my thoughts after reading a blog. If we were sitting in a bar, I’d probably say the same.

    • mitz says

      Hi Ana
      yes I will not stop people from commenting because they have not got a gravatar. People have many different reasons for not attaching a picture and they are very valid reasons to me.

      • Ana says

        Hi mitz,

        you have actually got me rethinking it, and you see that I’ve changed my mind. So, here’s an gravatar!

        Thank you!

  21. Mark Testa says

    Akismet is a great anti-spam plugin but it also has its flaws. I can’t think of any plugin in WP that really works perfect. I guess developers are still trying to figure out things to make it perfect. Whenever i comment, i always read the entire post and not just skimmed through it. I hate comments that don’t add value to my write up. I love comments. I really do. But i just hate spam.

    • mitz says

      Yes you hit the nail on the head! Some people do not read the post right and then add a comment that repeats what is in the post or they just miss the point altogether.

  22. Justin says

    I have no problems with people commenting on my blogs for backlinks and traffic. I mean everyone’s gotta start somewhere right? I just think it’s annoying and inappropriate when people comment just for the backlink and add nothing relevant to the discussion. Thank you for posting this and I hope people learn from it mitz!
    Justin recently posted..Getting Started

    • mitz says

      i must say the comments have improved since posting this article… I am only getting 5-10 people a day not using their names.. Shame though as some are great comments..:)

  23. Bob Lipply says


    You have a very high standard when approving comments. However I can’t blame you for that. A lot of spammers are overly populating websites and many blogs. You don’t want to to happen that on your blog of course. Some blog owners are care free about this comment policy.

  24. Justin says

    It seems like you are frustrated about this issue and I don’t blame you. Moderating comments does take up more time than many people realize. In fact, many bloggers spend more time managing their blog than they do actually blogging. In defense of many blog visitors who may not realize it, some of these suggestions/rules are easy to break for beginners. For example, when I fist started on the web I did not knwo anything about KeywordLuv and dofollow. Also, I just recently learned how to get a Gravatar from your post! I always saw pictures next to people’s comments but I never knew how to do it until today. Just goes to show that we are all learning here in the blogosphere!
    Justin recently posted..FBI and Homeland Security Target Anonymous Hackers

    • mitz says

      You are right Justin..People just do not know how to comment. Hopefully when their comment gets rejected from some decent blogs they will wonder why and look into it? Anyway wheres your avatar then..A nice law enforcement avatar would be nice…

  25. Glen says

    It’s a good thing that you established (and follow) your commenting rules so people will be able to know how to get through the “commenting” part. Akismet sometimes fail to tag some comments as spam so I understand the need to get some rules going because deleting spam comments is such a waste of time.

  26. John says

    I don’t know about the Gravatar thing.. For me it’s like just another place where I must register and fill out forms etc etc. (I don’t have it and didn’t knew where to get it before this post 😉 ) So I just skip it :) But you say whats wrong or right and we must obey – if you will say let it be Gravatar! I will obey.. probably 😉 Take care 😉
    John recently posted..Nav naudas žogam..

    • mitz says

      There is no need to get a gravatar if you do not want to.. It just looks better if you are trying to build a business or brand. I will not stop people comments for having no avatar.

  27. Nik says

    Hi Mitz,

    I have seen spam go trough the roof lately so I am trying anti spambee. Seems ok for now. What is your view on that one?
    I probably did not update the API key but if free works why pay? I’ll look into GASP.

    I am sometimes baffled by the one liners. Do people not realise it’s a waste of time???
    One type of spam I have seen in the last few weeks is where the comment incorporates your post title. I had to read it properly. I think it won’t be long before someone comes up with a spamming tool that can actually write a decent comment. Scary thoughts but I think one day we will really have to read a lot more and decide ourselves if something is spam.

    Nik recently posted..Great Ideas to Keep Up Your Motivation at Work

  28. James Curtley says

    A easy to find comment policy is helpful, although some still don’t seem to read it or find it even if it it posted right in front of someone. I like comment policies so I know what is acceptable and allowed and what is not. Many sites do not tell you one way or another. Spell it out for everyone, even if they don’t read it. If they complain you can say hey…check our comment policy here.

  29. CharlesKelsey says

    I understand completely how you have to imposed such rules. This is I think just natural of you to do since everyone of us wanted to comment and share something but there are just a few people who think that they can just leave a comment without any sense and looses the credibility of the article or the discussion. Having your site with a keywordLuv option is more than a help to all of us.
    CharlesKelsey recently posted..Learning with USING AMERICAN ENGLISH

    • mitz says

      That’s right Charles
      I am more than happy to give everyone a good link from here but they just need to stick to my rules… Welcome to the site! :)

      • CharlesKelsey says

        Hi Mitz,

        Thanks for the response. I will surely do my best to be able to follow your rules. Also I enjoy your articles and your response is a sure kind a pat on every readers or commenters back in a way. It feels great when the article owner gives you a feed back somehow. Been quite busy so I have just been back.

        More power to you!!!
        CharlesKelsey recently posted..Learning with USING AMERICAN ENGLISH

  30. Robert says

    This post deserves to go viral. I have your blog as one of my favourites and I was drawn to the headline of your blog post.

    I never use my website name as my name on comments but use Robert or my full name if using Disqus.

    The problem I have with using Facebook comments for this type of social interaction is that I don’t necessarily want family and friends seeing my comment trail when I am online.
    Robert recently posted..Shelter Island remembers the 343

    • mitz says

      Hey Robert
      I totally agree that I do not want to use Facebook commenting system… People already think I am slack and do not work…I do not want them thinking I am on Facebook all day…LOL… Also I do not mix business with personal stuff and those comments go on my personal profile.

  31. Nikki says

    Hi Mitz,

    I quite agree with all your “rules” or “policy” for comment approval here in your blog. I am also wondering why some people still leave useless comments when they can leave a good one. The keywordluv is also a good opportunity for them to leave a backlink. If they are serious in building links for their website, they better do it legally for bigger chances for their comment and link to be approved.

    I think I haven’t registered with gravatar yet. Thanks for reminding me. :)

    • mitz says

      Hi Nikki
      You are right there..If they are serious they should stick to the rules…It is not hard to see how to comment… All you have to do is look at the other comments.
      It is even worse when someone leaves a great comment or question and just uses their keyword and not their name..I hate that I have to delete that comment…

  32. Kathryn F Koopman says

    I have been commenting for a long time and so far, there are some sites wherein my comments are not yet accepted. perhaps the moderator is no longer checking the site everyday or the moderator have changed the website. But with this, I am sure all my comments will be accepted because this website is highly maintained everyday.
    Kathryn F Koopman recently posted..99 FREE PLR Products For Instant Download

  33. Brankica says

    Loooooove it. Thanks for sharing.

    I should have pressed submit now, right :) Just kiddin’
    I have been fighting spam from day one on my blog. Installing GASP helped a lot but it got me more frustrated in a way that I see what crazy (not to call them dumb) comments real people leave. Oh my God! (was going to put OMG, but didn’t want to get in trouble.

    Anyway, your post very much reminds me of my commenting policy that I link to from the comment form (very visible) and yet seems it has no effect on those spammers.

    I removed most SEO plugins that were helping my regular commenters because of these spammers but it still doesn’t help 100%.

    I have no idea where do they get the energy and time to do that.

    I had a guy when I had ComLuv installed that kept posting questions on older (ranked) posts, something like sparking the conversations. But when he did it the 10th time, I just banned him. I want to help everyone if I can but I don’t like to be used. That was the right decision because I realized the level of his spamming and internet strategy when he sent me an email saying I should interview him and if I don’t have time he will send me both the questions and answers! Dude, I don’t know you, why would I interview you!?

    Anyway, getting off topic here, sorry. I keep reading your posts on ComLuv and finally got around to read something “in your own house”.

    PS Would it be rude if I asked you where your surname is from? I can try guessing but don’t want to be too rude and would love to know :)

    Hope you have an awesome week ahead of you!
    Brankica recently posted..Aweber or MailChimp | Why You Should Choose My New Favorite

    • mitz says

      I know what you mean Brankica.. I have people on my tech site asking stuff about computers and at the same time linking to a how to site about computers…What are they thinking? Why can’t they just give a tip or an opinion on the subject!
      Anyway I thought about putting a link to these rules but I am not sure it will work either…I have done this on other sites and it hasn’t worked. It is just so annoying! Lucky I have some real people commenting to keep me sane! :)

  34. Mark says

    Nice article!
    I just making a list of great blogs with do follow comment with high PR and your blog will be in my list. Good thing is you have dofollow links for blogs comment bloggers permalink and for last post.
    Hope my comment will be accepted because you look very rigorous.
    Mark recently posted..Change text to UPPERCASE with jQuery

    • mitz says

      Hi Grant
      I agree that it is important to use a Gravatar but I will not use that as a rule…(even though it annoys me to death) I have heard of some pretty good reasons why they have not got an avatar.. I guess we all comment for different purposes.

      • Grant says

        Yes Mitz I agree some people just don’t like using pics of themselves. Have you noticed how strange it is on Twitter when a follower changes their avatar though. You connect very strongly with their portrait and when it changes it takes a few days to get used to the new one.
        Grant recently posted..Corporate headshots

        • mitz says

          I know what you are saying here. I want to change my gravatar but people will not recognize my picture then.

  35. David C. Weber says

    Very good post! I am fairly new to the online community, however, I have been working diligently to improve my computer skills, as I really love working online. I am 56 years old, and I just bought this computer last October of 2010.

    Since then I have really been studying to learn how to build websites, as well as trying my hand at Internet Marketing.

    I appreciate the tips about comment moderation, and I think I will start doing the same thing now that I am actually getting some traffic to my site, despite the small amount. I am actually fascinated with SEO! I hope to really master my newly found interest.

    I have been having a lot of trouble with comments that have absolutely nothing to do with my site.

    I have noticed that a great majority of these comments are coming from sites that are all completely adult in content, and to be quite honest with you, they are down right filth to me!

    I guess they have the same rights as the rest of us, although you would think people would just be a little more respectful?
    I hope I haven’t strayed to far off topic with regard to comment moderation?

    Well, I will bookmark your site, in addition to subscribing to your newsletter.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share with you. This was actually my first time to do this believe it or not.

    I have been so busy that I try to stay away from the distractions of sites like facebook etc., not to single them out. Facebook is fine, its just that I get pulled off course I have trouble finding my way back sometimes.

    Thanks again! I really anticipate finding many useful suggestions on your site!

    Respectfully Submitted,

    • mitz says

      Hi David
      Glad the post can help you! I also try to stay away from Facebook as I always get stuck reading the wall and everyones status…It is crazy because it is all junk! Glad to have you here David and I am looking forward to more of your detailed comments!:)
      Nice to see another real person..

    • mitz says

      Oh thanks Paul…
      Great tips about the comment blacklist! (and the broken link that is fixed now..opps)

    • mitz says

      Hi Velli
      Yes I do not like the one liners…Lucky I do not take any notice of them or I would be thinking I was great! All those compliments are just too much! :)

  36. welles says

    Mitz, I agree with the fact that adding value to the article, is the most promising factor of blog commenting. only quality comment that is written after a thorough study of the blog article can get approval from the blogger. All other important tips from you are very useful for the readers.
    thanks for the informative article.

  37. Priya says

    Spamming just for commenting is really annoying. It really destroy the good conversation through comments and it also put bad impression on good commentor that blog owner don’t care about comments.
    Priya recently posted..Goa Holiday Packages

  38. Mark says

    I’m really big on comments that are relevant to the discussion too, Mitz.

    Every time I moderate, I ask myself, does this User Generated Content add value to this page?

    The reason being is that comments add content which can concentrate or dilute the SEO value of the page.

    Ultimately they make your blog more valuable or less valuable.

    My personal policy is to be as relevant as possible, because that is what I expect.

    Thanks for helping us fight this war Mitz…;)

    Mark recently posted..Article Marketing Automation – Article Marketing Robot Review

    • mitz says

      Yes it is a war!!! Can you believe that I got a comment on this post about my rules that broke all the rules.. LOL What is in these people’s heads?

  39. jan says

    Hi Mitz
    I like this list of rules. When I first started I used to get a lot of spam comments and was so excited to get them, when I installed GASP it stopped them completely and that’s when I realised that I had been approving and replying to spam comments, very disappointing but you live and learn. I used to get ones telling me great site I am going to subscribe to your RSS, but they don’t!! I am going to add the “gung-ho” rule to my list as well!
    jan recently posted..Sharing Kindle books

    • mitz says

      Ha ha Love that! Looking forward to spam! We have all done that in the beginning… And the Gung-ho rule was just made up when writing the post :) I just want to make sure there are no mean people here…

  40. Jean says

    Humm thats a shocker to me that Akismet is now charging highly now for people to use it. Thats going to have a massive affect on the industry. Have you considered the ‘Personal blog access’ option for Akismet? I saw there that you can select 0 dollars for the payment option. Seems like to me that you do need Akismet on this blog, otherwise its going to be too overwhelming for you.

    Jean recently posted..The right way to calculate your used tires optimal air pressure

    • jan says

      Hi Jean
      I used to have Akismet on a free WordPress blog when I first started and when I started to get my own URLs looked into it but by then they has started to charge a monthly fee. You can only use a 0 dollar option if you do not use the site for commercial gain, so if your site has affiliate links you have to pay.
      jan recently posted..Books vs Kindle

      • Jean says


        While that is certainly true, and it is what I’ve seen, I do still believe that there are plenty of bloggers out there who are making money that are utilizing akismet even though as it says… you are not suppose to. I guess it is one of those cases of risk vs reward.


  41. dan says

    These are great tips! I’m a big fan of commentLuv and I agree it’s not hard for people to sign up for Gravatar.

    I personally think the keywordLuv system is a bit confusing but I understand that it’s a solution to the problem of bloggers wanting to deal with real people and commenters wanting a keyword in the anchor text although I think commentLuv is a good enough solution for this as long as they are using their keywords in their blog posts (a partial match keyword is arguably as beneficial as an exact match one).

    Keep up the good work and please accept my comment 😉
    dan recently posted..My top 3 SEO strategies and how I implement them

    • mitz says

      Hi Dan
      Of course we will accept a comment like the one you have given.. Nice example there.
      I have installed both plugins to give people a chance to get a link for their website and hopefully they will contribute some valuable tips and conversations in exchange. :)

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