5 Tips to Reduce your Bounce Rate on Google Analytics

If you are into building WordPress websites, or any websites that matter, you will always be looking for tips to reduce your bounce rate in Google Analytics. It sounds pretty stupid, the word “bounce rate” and what it means in regards to a website. Reducing your bounce rate on Google analytics even a mere one or 2% can make a big difference to your website traffic.

The first thing you must do before using Google Analytics to see your bounce rate is you need to install the Google Analytics code into your website so your statistics can be tracked. Once you have this code installed, Google will start recording your website visitors statistics.

What is a Bounce Rate?

According to Google the bounce rate is the percentage of people all visits that entered our page and left by that same page. If they continued on to another page on your website then your bounce rate would be less. If everyone that entered a certain landing page on your website left a few seconds after they had viewed the page, your bounce rate would be 100% to that page. If 50% of the people left immediately and 50% continued to browse around the website, you would have a 50% bounce rate.

How can I see the bounce rate report for my website?

1.  Go to your Google Analytics account and sign in.

2.  When you are in your dashboard of the website press on the menu item content in the left sidebar.

3. Then choose all pages from the menu

This will show you a list of your content with various columns, one being the bounce rate of that page.

This can be a shocking eye opener for some webmasters as some content may have a very high bounce rate.

Reduce your Bounce Rate – 5 + 2 Tips

#1. Great Content to Reduce Bounce Rate

Yes the same old thing you just did not want to hear right now. Great quality content will definitely stop people from leaving your site. After all they visist a website just to see some sort of content. The trick is learning to write content for both the humans and the search engines while still pleasing both!

#2. Internal Merry Go Round

I love internal linking. It allows you to lead the visitor to more valuable information and obviously keeps them on your site longer. These links are fantastic but should be strategically placed so they do not distract the visitor from the main goal of the page.

You simply have to make sure that your pages are interlinking with your other internal pages. It is also good to interlink them with the correct SEO anchor text and with pages that are highly related. If you are not sure what I’m talking about you should check out my onpage SEO techniques.

#3. Limit Outgoing Links

Most links that you have on the page should be internal links that lead to other pages on your website. The less outgoing links you have the better your bounce rate. Therefore this is one of the ways to reduce your bounce rate on Google Analytics.  I am not saying that you should not link out to other valuable content, because you should, but be careful not to lose your precious visitor for good. Some website over link out and wonder why their bounce rate is sky high?

#4. Get the Right Visitors

Another way to reduce your bounce rate on Google Analytics is to make sure that you have the right content for the right visitors. When they search in Google and type in a specific keyword, is that what you have on the page? For example if they were searching for “buy a desktop computer’ and they land on the page about the “history of computers” you would probably have a very high bounce rate. To fix this you need to give the customer what they want. It is all about customer service.

A huge part of matching the right customers to the right content is SEO (search engine optimization). If you optimize your pages then the search engines and the humans will be able to see what your content is all about. I am using SEOPressor for onpage SEO as it scores everything I do so I never over do SEO.

#5. Making Your Website Easy to Use

Improving site navigation will definitely reduce your bounce rate on Google Analytics. If you just think about this yourself, when you visit a website and can’t find what you want, what do you do? If you are like the other millions and millions of users on the Internet, you are impatient, so you leave. You expect to find what you want without stress. To reduce your bounce rate on Google Analytics you should definitely make it easy for people to navigate around your website and find what they want. Again this all relates to customer service. You are trying to keep the customer, which is the website visitor, in your shop or business.

Two more bonus tips:

#6. Looks Do Count

Website design can play a big part in your bounce rate. It doesn’t matter if you’re website is ugly but it does matter if it looks like a scam or has too many ads on it. People are very wary of getting ripped off and will bounce right out of your site. You need to have valuable content that far outweighs any advertising. The content must be so good that they most probably don’t even think that there are ads on your website. Also installing minimalist WordPress theme is a trend that is being adopted by many webmasters, as your site does not need to be difficult to be successful.

#7. Give Them a Reason to Stay

My last tip on how to reduce bounce rate in Google Analytics is to give your website visitors something to stick around for. Give them something of value for free. On one of my websites I have a quiz that people do and I have attracted some quiz freaks that love doing this and it takes them a fair while to finish. This is great for keeping the bounce rate down as they are really hanging around enjoying themselves.

People often do not really take any notice of their website bounce rate in Google Analytics until they actually have a problem with it.


  1. Francis says

    The bounce rate for my site is very high and its coming from one of my popular article. I have tried to reduce the bounce rate but without success. But, your tips has given me an idea. I think the page has too many outgoing links.

  2. Anamika says

    thanks for such great tips about reducing the bounce rate mitz., content is king if anybody is producing the great content then visitors will surely stick to his blog and indirectly it result in the reduced bounce rate.. :)
    Anamika recently posted..Tips to Improve Computer Performance

  3. says

    One most effective and attractive part of website to reduce bounce rate is functionality of website. If your website having different elements on landing page to engage visitors like videos, flash to provide information about your business, you can reduce your bounce rate. Find a top web development company to get more impressive website.

  4. aaron watson says

    Actually I’m looking for the solution because whenever i check the bounce rate it has more than 50%. Thanks for the solution.I will try it.

  5. says

    If you make good site then your bounce rate is very low if your site and content is not good then it is harmful for us and your bounce rate is increased


  6. says

    I’d also suggest that people limit social media widgets.

    Yes, we do want followers, but we want them SO THAT we can bring them back to our blogs and engage with them there, right?

    So why are we pushing them right back out to those social networks from out sites?

    Thanks for the shout, Mitz; always much appreciated!
    Ana recently posted..How Empower Network Cut My Income in Half

    • mitz says

      Great tip Ana! Using Social to bring them out not take them out!!! Oh boy, I think I might have to rethink my buttons!!! :)

  7. Brett Brand says

    Its really good and informative post, that bounce rate are a major factor for any web sites. You have to reduce your bounce rate by following all the tips as mentioned in this article by using quality and information based content, so that the visitor stays for some time. Thanks for some great and awesome article. Keep me more updates.

  8. says

    THANK you for this. I’ve been trying to figure out why my bounce rate was literally sitting at 0 for two weeks. Although that would be really cool, I know how improbably it is, especially on a site like mine, haha. I found the second code in the header. I have no idea how it got there because I definitely didn’t add it again (in my conscious mind anyway). That should fix it.
    Finn Pollard recently posted..5 amazing improvements for desktop users in Windows 8

  9. says

    The problem is that many websites rebound what are high even if the content relevance and be what you want the visitor. As a general metric is fine, but if a visitor enters a website and find what you need, it means that the site is well built, not everyone has time to browse, often looking information is found and closes the web.

  10. Naser says

    Nice points Mitz. I would like to add some more points:

    * Check your site for cross browser compatibility and even in different devices
    * Avoid pop up ads and pop up surveys which opens when the site is trying to load.
    * Improve the navigation of the site
    * Add Featured Posts and Related Posts widget below each post which allows readers to read further. :)
    Naser recently posted..Renault Koleos–A Complete Review of the Smart SUV

  11. Naser says

    Nice points Mitz. I would like to add some more points:

    * Check your site for cross browser compatibility and even in different devices
    * Avoid pop up ads and pop up surveys which opens when the site is trying to load.
    * Improve the navigation of the site
    * Add Featured Posts and Related Posts widget below each post which allows readers to read further.

  12. Paul D. Mitchell says

    Bounce rate is an important factor to consider when evaluating the performance and usability of your website. A high bounce rate indicates that something is not right.

  13. James says

    These are all very good tips. If I can add one more it would be to make sure you have a good logo. This might not be directly related to bounce rate but a good logo will stick in someones mind and make them notice whenever they see the logo again.

  14. says

    wow, Great explanation. I put that in for a couple of reasons attrition due to users showing up at the site and deciding that if the business isn’t local to them or doesn’t offer the services they want.
    Disha recently posted..Email to Fax: Why Bother?

  15. Ejiro says

    A very informative post!!! Bounce rate is indeed a very crucial factor in Google Rankings. The ways mentioned in this post for reducing the bounce rate are true and easy to apply. Implementing them on my blog ASAP

  16. says

    For me – I’ll bounce most often when 1. the website takes too long to load. 2. I can’t immediately find what I’m looking for.

    Nothing is more frustrating than companies who make their website difficult to navigate by trying to make it “fun” or “different.” The reason why a lot of websites are they way they are is because it works!
    Julie Nelson recently posted..Super Bowl Digital Strategies

  17. Ankit Agrawal says

    Hi there,
    Certainly a great post for a beginner like me.
    I have a very high bounce rate of 80 to 85%. My website is just 3 months old. I am promoting individual blogs – is it because of the same. Also do I need to worry in this case? – I am receiving some amount of google organic traffic.
    Ankit Agrawal recently posted..Siebel – Useful Business Services

  18. says

    Hey Mitz,
    A very informative post!!! The bounce rate is indeed very crucial. The ways mentioned in this post for reducing the bounce rate are true and easy to apply. A great and valuable content is indeed the underlying thing which can make any blog make a place for itself in the heart of the people and thus reduce the bounce rate. For me, if a website is too cumbersome to navigate, I will abstain from visiting it again. Thanks for the share.
    Rug Wholesalers recently posted..Using the Windows 8 Control Panel and PC Settings

  19. Petr Bednarik says

    Very useful article. It is interesting that according to studies, web users “scan” rather than read. Therefore, it is important to adapt to this fact each article.If people see tha article which is confusing, they leave the site and website owner reach a high bounce rate. My bounce rate is around 70%, so I still have to work :-) Another problem may be advertising and pop-up ads. Lots of people recommend Popup Domination plugin for WordPress, but my experience is that it discourages visitors.
    Petr Bednarik recently posted..How to Start a Membership Site

  20. says

    So if I am to understand this properly, I want the bounce rate to be low, and if it is on the low side, then that indicates that viewers are “bouncing” around my site because they find the content relevant? That’s interesting, and this is something I never really paid attention to on Analytics before, but now that I understand what it means, I’ll be looking into it more. Thanks!

  21. Omra says

    Really you’ve shared useful tips to decrease bounce rates, I personally hate popups, and good design also helps to reduce the bounce rate.

  22. says

    I agree that design plays an important role in reducing the bounce rate. It is not just feel and look of the website that affects the bounce rate. If you improve engagement with related posts and publish top-notch content, bounce rate dramatically decrease. The use of better pictures even help in reducing bounce rate.
    Frank Steiner recently posted..Where to put google analytics code in WordPress

  23. bloomtools says

    Really well said . bounce rate really is an important for any website. These points given in this blog are really important. the users that will navigate through the website will want it to be easy for them to navigate and read. the main landing page would have to have an effective and responsive layout and fonts that they donot hurt the users interest in reading the content on the page. if it is any one of these along with pop-ups and advertisements that keep on interrupting, the users would instantly move away from the website without reading the content.

  24. Juphet Mislang says

    High Bounce Rate is get when an internet user finds a website irrelevant. That why we need to provide quality and well research information. So that, users find our site useful, then they’ll stay longer and browse our site. By the way, Google Analytics is a very powerful and easy to use analytics tool. Have you heard about the new Google Analytics feature? The real time Google Analytics? It’s still beta though.
    Juphet Mislang recently posted..SEO Company Revisits You Tube Search Stories Video Creator

  25. says

    it is very interesting post that help you understand what is bounce rate. And also the steps that are given to find out the bounce rate for your website are very easy to understand. Thank you and keep sharing such rich content with us.

  26. Mark Tesa says

    I have learned so much on bounce rates by reading this post. I am sure the tips you have given to reduce bounce rates on Google will be of great help to many people. I think having good content is very good for the bounce rate as visitors to your site will take time before leaving your site.

  27. Albert says

    Great tips Mitz…I still wondering if and how bounce rate could affect your seo efforts.

    Anyway I’m dancing between 55 and 70% BR…Only in one website,that has very low traffic,I have an impressive 8.41% bounce rate!!!!
    I believe that this “scary” result will dissapear as soon as traffic increase

  28. Danny Strampel says

    My bounce rate is %65… Don’t know if this is good or bad because I’m selling affiliate products.
    But if I compare my visitors with the amount of people that actually click on the affiliate links, the bounced visitors don’t go to my links….sadly. haha.
    Nice set of tips though. I can definitely use a couple of them.
    Danny Strampel recently posted..Remington RM1015P 10-Inch 8 Amp Electric Pole chain Saw

  29. weight loss says

    I usually wonders how blogs stay long in websites and was really searching for techniques to make my blogs also remain long. The article mentioned was really helpful to me as I was unaware of this bounce rate mentioned and explained above. The details explained are clear and interesting. Thank you for the details explained.
    weight loss recently posted..By: Bio Oil « Phoenix Tradelinks

  30. Catherine says

    Hi this blog really helps. Im altering the front page at the moment to aid the bounce rate and try to get them to click through or hang around! The quiz tip was really useful.

    Our bounce rate isnt poor but I think it could be better – one other thing what is a good bounce rate?!? thnx

    • mitz says

      Does this mean you only have the front page as the main landing page? It is very hard with a business website.. I would also be adding a blog in the background posting fresh content but I see you have that.. That will get you found better in the search engines…
      Maybe you should put the recent posts on the front page, but have your company stuff above the fold…

    • mitz says

      Very true Fred…
      Bounce rate does also depend on content. We all know that crappy content does not work any longer…It is also related to the keyword searched for and the content they see. You must give the visitors what they want.

  31. Jeremy Farley says

    Great post. I’ve been working my way around google analytics and the amount of information can be a bit overwhelming at times.

    The one thing I would add (something I just recently realized) is that a high bounce rate might not necessarily be bad, if the reason is that your landing page is a sales letter for an affiliate product and people are actually clicking out through your affiliate link. Of course, the only way to know this would be to set up tracking for your outbound link. Just another thing an analytics newbie has to learn to do.
    Jeremy Farley recently posted..Is Tea Tree Oil An Effective Toenail Fungus Cure

    • mitz says

      Ha Ha that would be great to have a really high bounce rate as long as they WordPress in the back button. You can use the Google conversion tracking to see if people convert to sales or if they leave by pressing the back button.

      I guess there couldn’t be too many choices on a sales page as you would probably want to limit the outbound links to only buy now buttons.
      mitz recently posted..Learning Internet Marketing Through Podcasts


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