3 Ways To Reduce Outgoing Backlink Benefits – Cheat Yor Webmaster Friends

Some people just love to be a little bit devious and there is no exception about the Internet, where you can easily cheat your Webmaster friends and reduce out going back link benefits for them.

Over the years I have been an unfortunate victim where are other Webmasters have done certain dirty tricks to make my back links worthless. Most of the problems stemmed from the reciprocal link system where you exchanged links with other Webmasters. Nowadays it is a little bit different as we do not often ask for links or exchange them any longer, but we do give links in one way or another.

#1. Posting a Link – Then Removing it

This happens all the time! Webmasters post a link to your site and later you find that they have removed it. It is even worse when you have agreed to exchange links and then you find that your link no longer exists, meanwhile you have had a link on your website the whole time.

Benefits that have been gained wrongly:

  1. You might receive a track back link.
  2. The Webmaster that received the link might come and comment on your website.
  3. The Webmaster might have already linked back to your website as  a way to say thanks.

#2. Turning Dofollow to Nofollow

I’m sure we have all had this happen to us before. Sometimes you leave a link on a website and come back later and it has been turned to no follow. This is not a crime but I do not like it. I am not really sure what all the hype is about when it comes to do follow and no follow.

I have many sites with do follow links and my page rank has not been stripped from me and my websites have not been degraded. I do however carefully scan links that I allow on my websites and spam is out of the question.

When I started building websites there was no such thing as a no follow link. If you posted a link to someone’s website it was naturally do follow.

#3. Using the Visibli Toolbar

I have been meaning to write about this toolbar for a long time as it annoyed the hell out of me that minute I laid eyes on it. I know there are some amazing features to this Visibli toolbar however I have a major gripe with just one feature, so far.

I stumbled across this feature when I was reading a well-known blog and clicked a link that was leading to another site. To my horror, the external link that led to the website didn’t really lead to the website. So to the unsuspecting user, it looks like you have entered another website when in fact you have not. Just check out the screenshot below. I clicked on the link from a website that was using this tool bar. the actual URL of the website I wanted to visit is at the end, tacked on, or should I say locked in to a frame that is a sub domain of visibli.com.

You will also see that there is a back button that leads directly back to the website where you came from. It also has a logo of the previous website and scrolling posts.

Here is a brief summary of what this toolbar has done here:

  1. You haven’t really entered the true domain of the website link you clicked on.
  2. You are tempted with a back button to return to where you came from.
  3. There is advertising flashing past attracting you to click on popular posts from the previous website.
  4. To actually visit the true domain of the website you need to right click on a link and open the link in another window or tab.
  5. There is no link juice passing to the website because it has been redirected through a sub domain of visibli.

I will leave you with a quote from an article that Adam Singer wrote on the Future Buzz Blog:

“It is self-important of any website to think a user wants you creating a frame following them around to outbound links.”

Like I mentioned earlier, this toolbar has some great features when it comes to social media promotion but this particular feature is waving too many red flags! I just could not do this to my outbound links.

Of course there are many other ways to deceive your Webmaster friends when it comes to giving them some back link benefits from your site.

Add your comment below and let me know how you have been robbed of Outgoing Backlink Benefits in the past.


  1. Syazrin Rayhan says

    Your tricks are really worth trying. Some newbie mistakes that I found are, they are afraid to link to other blogs thinking visitors would leave their site. There is nothing wrong that, but if you have a good article they won’t leave. Plus you’ll credit the author and you might gain a friend. Very great trick indeed, thanks mitz…
    Syazrin Rayhan recently posted..Mencuci muka dengan betul mampu menghilangkan jerawat pada wajah anda

  2. says

    for me it doesn’t make a full difference in dofollow or nofollow. I usually build nofollow links to equal out my site a bit more. Plus you want your site to look natural and not so desperate to look for 1st place position on google. Guest posting is another great dofollow approach you should really consider. Thanks for the tips

  3. Suzanne says

    Mitz, I have been wondering about the visibli toolbar thing and I suspected exactly what you noted. Thanks SO much for confirming this! Regarding do follow comments, I found a dofollow blog I enjoy in my coaching niche and commented. Then I noticed that the blogger gave all the other commenters a df link but not me. Kind of bothered me. I don’t like stingy behavior :)
    Suzanne recently posted..A Financial Advisor Business Plan Template You’ll Want to Use

    • mitz says

      Yes I agree that you should just approve comments that are good and add value and then make them all dofollow.. Bloggers have the choice to approve or trash so they should make all approved comments equal.

  4. says

    Awww man I am loyal to the end! So to hear you posting about people who just plain ‘ol lie, it rubs me the wrong way!
    Truly you are not one of them, since I can remember(one year ago)you have stayed true to your word. How do I know, you ask? No one person can write as many pages and guest posts as Mitz has and have the same consistent message.
    Let’s face it the only real thing Mitz has changed that may have freaked people(especially me)is the name of this website. Her message continues to be what it was before the change. Bam!
    Bryan Ring recently posted..Traffic To Your Website Requires Savvy Business Blogging

  5. says

    Certainly, such things can happen with anyone of us, if we meet nor serious people The most widely spread thing that I see is turning dofollow links into nofollow…it’s a pity, of course

    Julia Spencer’s recent post.. 35 Most Popular E-commerce Templates

  6. Saba says

    Thanks man for sharing this nice post. To be honest, it does not benefit anyone to treat a fellow webmaster like that. Simply say no if you don’t want to place the link on your website.

    • Mitz says

      Yes I agree with you. You can easily say no to exchanging links or even guest posting on sites like that. But it is when you have already done this and then that link turns bad, well that is just too late.

  7. John Will says

    Hi Mitz!

    That’s an excellent post.These are some beautifull ways of reducing outgoing backlinks.
    I have a blog and it’s completely finished due to outgoing backlinks.
    John Will recently posted..Live Cricket Streaming

  8. sanjay says

    Some newbie mistakes that I found are, they are afraid to link to other blogs thinking visitors would leave their site. There is nothing wrong that, but if you have a good article they won’t leave. Plus you’ll credit the author and you might gain a friend or two. Thanks for the post Mitz!
    sanjay recently posted..20 Responsive Design Frameworks

  9. Mark B says

    Don’t worry too much about links being turned to no follow.

    If you only have do follow links it will look unnatural. A certain amount of no follow links is healthy. However, if a link has been no followed you may need to build another do follow link to replace the equity that has been lost.

    • Mitz says

      Yes but I do worry when you have agreed on something in the first place. I do not like people to go back on their word. :)

  10. Ray says

    Some sites and bloggers don’t seem to like to link out to other sites with dofollow. For some reason they like setting out going links to nofollow, but they want everyone to link to them with a dofollow. Not just the comment name or area, but I mean in article links. As for the Visibili bar thing I don’t see it too much, but I have seen it on a couple of sites. To me it is more annoying than helpful.
    Ray recently posted..How To Get Backlinks From Forums

  11. Javi says

    Just a tip: I use a Google Chrome plugin called NoFollow (version 3.3.5) available for download on the Chrome store, that lets me check no-follow/do-follow links. I suggest using this if you want to check what kind of backlinks you’re getting. Other than this, I totally agree with what’s been said here. Annoys me to no end when people try to cheat you with backlinks. (PS. Mitz, the URL of this article says ‘5 ways’, you might want to correct that)
    Javi recently posted..Adding Images and Videos on Your Blog – A List of Best Practices to Follow

    • mitz says

      Ha ha javi
      Very observant of you about my URL… Yes I decided to only do three reasons but I let it go… the reason is that I have done this before…

      I had a post that said it had 15 computer tips and it only had 10.. about two years after writing that post I noticed this error, went back and extended the post to 15 and made it awesome. To this day that post makes $30 to $60 per week. I guess I am jinxing this post too! I plan to fix this later and add another two tips if it turns out to be worth it!
      mitz recently posted..Aligning SEO Strategy with Your Social Media Strategy

  12. Larry says

    Mitz, thanks for letting me know about the shenanigans that go on with those link requests I get by email. I never even thought of half these things – frames, temporary links – and I guess I need to be very careful with any cross promotion offers I get via email.
    Larry recently posted..Orange Pekoe Tea

  13. says

    wow what a great explanation about for reduce outgoing back links benefit ! when I hear to cheat webmaster friends. I really hate it but when I read this full article than I understand there is nothing wrong to cheat webmaster friend’s. Thanks for this wonderful tool to share with us.

    • Mitz says

      I think there is something wrong with cheating your Webmaster friends? Maybe you should read the article again?

  14. Ileane says

    Hi Mitz,

    Gee whiz you’re so smart! I always had a bad feeling about those Visibli links but I never understood why until now. It’s a shame because a lot of bloggers that I respect are using them but I’m with you on this one. When I run across that toolbar the very first thing I do is close it out or I close down the window completely. I never hit the back button. HA!

    Thanks for the post and the tips too my dear!
    Ileane recently posted..Google is Trying to Tell You Something, Are You Listening?

    • mitz says

      Hi Ileane
      Yes I know how you feel. It is sad to see some bloggers using this. It is just not how linking is meant to be. :)

  15. Aasma says

    Hmm… that’s certainly not good at all. If you don’t want to give backlink benefit then you should clearly made your links nofollow. It’s much better to deceive your regular visitors.
    Aasma recently posted..PG in Delhi for Girls

  16. Aaron says

    Hi Mitz.
    Thanks for an info about the Visibli Toolbar. I normally use WebRankStats plugin for FF and Chrome but it might be easier to check out your plugin.
    Here at our office we are always looking to improve our workflow.
    As of disappearing backlinks – imagine this – I made a deal to exchange my link with this company – it turned out the very next day their site got penalized (apparently they were doing some illegal marketing) and penalty was transferred on my site. Luckily it got removed after I contacted Google…

  17. says

    When I saw this topic I thought really would Mitz post and encourage this kind of idea only to realize that you were a victim. To be honest, it does not benefit anyone to treat a fellow webmaster like that. Simply say no if you don’t want to place the link on your website. You cannot eat your cake and have it back
    Mayina recently posted..Sasol Vacancies: Senior Mechanical Engineer

  18. Elena says

    I totally agree with everything you said in your article. It happened to me as well. Some webmasters use your guest post with your link on their site and then remove the link or make it no-follow. This technique is pretty low and they don’t really gain anything that way. I feel that if they had never intended to keep your link there permanently than they should have told you up front and you would have placed your article/link elsewhere. That even happens with sponsored guest posts. Unfortunately, it’s a part of bloggers reality these day that we have no control over.
    Elena recently posted..Amazing Health Benefits of a Good Night Sleep

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