6 Things to Check When Creating a New Blog

When you are in the process of creating a new blog, there are many things to consider before diving into action. You want to make your effort a worthwhile experience and planning your steps beforehand can be a great time saver. If you try to get many things done in a short span of time, most of the time this doesn’t work.

On the other hand, a step by step procedure and a clear focus always works. Here are a few things I like to check before creating a new blog.

1. Niche – Creating a New Blog

This should be a very first thing while thinking about creating a new blog. You can create a blog in almost any topic but your first activity should be choosing the niche.

If you see successful blogs they are always on any particular them and once you have a theme it is easy to select the topics and write about them.

It is also good for the readers as if they know the theme, they know what to except from the blog. They can come back to it if they have any requirements.

How to select a Niche is another method, you can check what topics you like, make a list and then do some analysis to check which method you can choose.

Mitz has always been a big supporter of keyword research and I think it can be good approach to do it. Once you have a list of topics, you can run some test to check what traffic you can except, what is the CPC to get an idea about the monetization etc.

2. Check Out Your Competition

When researching your keyword, you should also be researching who your competition is at the same time. Evaluate the search results for your top five keywords. For example do the first 10 results point to root domains or do they point to individual articles.

Who is your competition? Is it a multimillion dollar company?

This is probably just as important as keyword research, as you might find great keywords, but the competition might blow you out of the water. You need to know what you’re up against in the first place.

3. Monetizing

I have heard many people saying that you should not look for monetization opportunities from the start but I have a different opinion on this. I like to check the monetization opportunity at the start of the blog, I may not monetize it right away but would defiantly like to know the potential of the niche.

Also it can act as a foundation for an execution plan and can help in creating a blog in a systematic manner. You can set your milestones, for example before implementing email marketing you need 100 subscribers. These milestones can help in streamlining the process and can take you down a steady road.

If you do not work out the monetisation methods in the early stages it might turn into a disappointment later. What if you find that this niche doesn’t have many opportunities to monetize. Your efforts might not end up earning and income and you might come discouraged.

4. Promotion Strategy

This is another thing which I would like to streamline before creating a new blog. You need to decide upon the blog promotion methods you are going to use for the blog.

Just an example for Makewebworld I am using guest posting and commenting as promotion methods. To accomplish that I always keep a weekend in a month dedicated for the guest posting activities. I just write guest posts on that weekend and send it across to multiple blogs.

If you decide upon the promotion methods at the start you can include the activates in your schedule and dedicate some time to each activates. Most of time if you don’t create a blogging routine you will find that one or the other promotion method is not getting proper attention and not working as you would like.

5. Design and Themes

This should be one of the things which should be finalized before launching the blog. Yes, most of the time design changes would go on for life of the blog, but finalizing on initial design would save some time and you can concentrate on more important activities.

Major Road block of launching a blog is that most people get stuck in non-beneficial activities and important activities suffer because of that.

Design is important, but readers will come to read the content. You would want to decide upon the theme you want to use, you can check here for the things you should look for in themes.

Once you finalized the initial design, stop making major changes daily to the blog and concentrate on creating killer content. Some bloggers are now using Content Curation software to gather the best content from various sources. This is a great help for any newbie blogger.

6. Internal Navigation Plan

This is very important to plan before creating a new blog. I know you will not believe this but it is.

You need to know how your visitors are going to navigate through your blog. What categories are you going to make and the where are you going to position their links. Are you going to have a top not a navigation system, a bottom navigation system, or a combination of both?

What links will be in the sidebar. Where will internal linking fit into your blogging routine?

These are just a few of the things which should be checked before creating a blog.

What else would you look at when creating a new blog?


  1. harrysom says

    It’s really a great post.it will helpful for those who want to create a blog.when you go to make a blog then first make a niche.
    harrysom recently posted..Andro pro

  2. says

    Choose the niche with atleast some competition. This goes to prove that there is already some ad revenue available in that niche. Also you should have good knowledge about the niche even before you start working on the blog, so that you add value to your readers.
    Rob recently posted..Printable Outback Steakhouse Coupons

  3. says

    Choosing the right Niche to start your blog with is very important in my opinion. If you do not know anything about the niche you choose it will be a lot harder to write posts about. Choose something that you already enjoy or are a fan of and you will do a lot better.
    Rob recently posted..P90x Back In Action

  4. Kay Elisabet says

    Interesting article for me to read as I have just bought the domain name for a personal blog. It took me a bit of keyword research to decide on a niche. Unfortunately there is a lot of competition for my topic, but I find it’s important to write about something you’re passionate about!

  5. Stanley says

    Very nice article! Every beginner should follow this simple steps to success their own blog, many fail in blogging since they don’t have enough preparation and planning. Blogging is not an easy task, it requires a lot of dedication and motivation.

  6. mutuelle says

    Hi Sanjeev,
    I wasnt sure where to put this but
    you have a nice blog going here, I
    personally do not have the time to
    keep up with something like this,
    so I wanted to say thank you for
    putting the hard work and time into
    this fine blog.

  7. Kent says

    Thanks for the post, Sanjeev. Very good advice on what to concentrate on before starting your blog. Many just dive right in without the proper planning. I especially agree with #5. Concentrating too much time and effort in tweaking the design of your blog is not wise.
    Kent recently posted..10 Interesting Facts About The Lake Of The Ozarks

  8. Nathan Symonds says

    Good tips to check our new blog before creating. There is so much low quality content flying around on this stuff that it’s a pleasure to see a cohesive, well-written, and detail-packed article. Adding to its quality is the fact that the author knows the subject intimately and writes with a hands-on point of view. See our site for Debt Settlement

  9. Ernest says

    Yes, there are some things that must be given much attention when starting a blog. It a big challenge on how to attract readers and to keep them coming back. Your tips are absolutely helpful.

  10. Neil says

    Great tips here. Blogging can be fun, however you do need to get the basics right. Following the above advice will go a long way towards achieving this goal.

  11. says

    Hi Sanjeev,
    Good article that takes up most of the time, there are several good software to buy that can help your blogging as CommentLuv that can draw readers to your blog by writing comments in other blogs, Market Samurai which help in your keyword search, etc. But the important thing is to have ice in my stomach because there are so many good blogs today and it takes a long time to get known and start making money on the blog.

  12. Rick Rawse says

    Good list.

    I’ll also check for the popularity of the topic – I mean if you’re blogging about sea monkeys then you cannot expect much traffic. :)
    Rick Rawse recently posted..Buy Damansara House

  13. Duy says

    Nice assault plan Sanjeev! I always believe in the power of good planning as it will lay down solid foundation for any business. Although I’m not in blogging but I think your guideline could be applied to niche marketing and other business models as well. Thanks for sharing man :D
    Duy recently posted..By: black_raven

  14. Peter Lawlor says

    Sound advice, but something I’ve learned over the years and having a few niche sites is that you MUST decide if you want to create a blog in a narrow niche or go more broad in the long term. This decision will dictate your domain, blog title, and navigation planning.

    I’ve started a few blogs in a narrow niche only to expand the topics down the road. The domain I chose was narrow, so it wasn’t ideal. It turns out I prefer building larger, more broad sites than narrow niche sites.

    For example Mitz, your site is all about WordPress. This is not really a niche site but a market site. You’ve created an authority site that discusses a wide variety of topics. A niche WordPress site, for example, would be one dedicated to themes by ElegantThemes (or any WP theme developer).

    Your tip about monetization is excellent. However, I’ve also learned that monetization opportunities arise as a blog attracts more traffic. I have one blog where I’m offered consulting gigs and am approached by all kinds of businesses who wish to enter into partnerships. These opportunities were not available when I started. In fact, I never contemplated these opportunities.

    Any blog can get started with Adsense and affiliate promotions. However, CPA, consulting gigs, selling ad space, and even launching an e-commerce store are options as a blog develops.

    I recommend determining whether there’s money spent in any given niche/market. If there is, then long term monetization opportunities will be good. Create a killer blog with plenty of traffic an you’ll be amazed at all the opportunities that arise.
    Peter Lawlor recently posted..StudioPress’ Genesis vs. ElegantThemes: Should I Buy Genesis or ElegantThemes?

  15. Adeline says

    Great tips here, Sanjeev! This is something new bloggers should read before they start their own blog. Aside from what you mentioned, I believe it’s important for new bloggers to take time to see if they would be dedicated not only in writing articles, but also in promoting them. In my short time blogging, I’d say I spend more time promoting and marketing my blog than writing the articles.

    The willingness to invest is also important. Although you can set up a blog for free, it can be quite limiting. Investing on good plugins, themes, and a good hosting provider can greatly help.
    Adeline recently posted..Survive the Holiday Season: 7 Easy Money Saving Tips

  16. Mark Tesa says

    You have almost everything one has to consider before starting up a blog packed up in this one post. I am sure most of the new bloggers do not consider some of these things before they start blogging. That is why they end up quitting almost as soon as they start the blog.

  17. Kavya Hari says

    Designs and themes will be important and want to decide the themes upon the content and have to create killer content for the blog post. Thanks a lot for sharing your post on here :)
    Kavya Hari recently posted..Amazing News For Webmasters!

  18. Jean says

    Hi Sanjeev, that is an excellent checklist for creating a new blog. Agreed with putting Niche at the top as it can be so important in determining your success. Choosing a niche that you are passionate about and can hold the interest of visitors successfully on the long run. Keeping tabs on the competition is also important. I had learnt this the hard way by choosing a way too difficult niche early on that was too competitive for me to be successful in. Another thing to remember is to always use trusted and reliable sources for themes as sometimes there can be all sorts of hidden codes that are not told to us by the creator.

    Jean recently posted..How to stay safe while driving on wet roads

  19. Gary Viray says

    Your definitely right, we can create blogs on any topics but of course we have to choose a particular topic and focus on writing relevant and informative contents. The competition also matters, we have to do some research on that so that the blog we are going to create will rank and do well. Monetizing from blogs are also one of the reasons why some people get into blogging. of course if our blog offers relevant and useful info, we will most likely earn from it! Remaining things to consider are also important! In general, your post is useful for new bloggers.
    Gary Viray recently posted..SEO Company Revisits You Tube Search Stories Video Creator

  20. Danny says

    Great post Sanjeev.
    Having some structure is very important if you want to get your business/blog/site off the ground.

    I personally underestimated my competition once and that left me with two options, I could either give up the site and try something else, or work really, really, really hard and beat the competition (if at all possible). You don’t want to be in that position. So it is important to investigate your competition.
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  21. Jerry says

    Before planning this 6 things, ask yourself first if you’re ready to dedicate time and effort since it requires time to manage and keep your blog alive. One reason why other people fail in blogging, they think its easy. If you’re motivated enough, this article will help you to start your career in blogging smoothly. :)

  22. Albert says

    Good tips Sanjeev
    Regarding monetizing, I think like you.
    I never put ads during the “first stage” of any site, but I know how i can get income from it,before starting it and I can estimate how much I could earn with it,once I’ve reach a certain amount of visitors and/or subscribers

  23. John says

    I would like to add something on number 2. We should also check how much traffic our niche is getting. I always take niches with 5,000 ++ traffic with less competition. That way, you won’t waste time ranking on a niche with no money on it.

    • Sanjeev says

      Yes, Overall traffic can be a good measure to check, good traffic with less competition is the key (getting harder and harder to get these kind of Niche). I sometime prefer a niche which has a huge traffic, it may have stiff competition and I will take time to rank but well worth of effort.
      Sanjeev recently posted..Makewebworld has got a Google Love – A PR3 Blog Now

  24. says

    Hello Sanjeev!
    What a great article! I am a new blogger and your post is very very helpful for me. In my point of view, according to my short experience, guest posting is one of the best ways to promote and advertize a site. It is a little bit time-consuming, but you will be rewarded by the results! It is an honest and direct way to get free traffic and improve your SEO.
    Nick recently posted..Patagonia Down Sweater Review and Coupon

    • Vernon says

      I would totally agree with your point Nick. Posting is one of the many best way to promote and advertise a site. But in some instance you must have a technique on how to make this thing really work and you will not be listed as a spammer.
      Vernon recently posted..how to get a girl to like you

  25. says

    Awesome post, this is a great checklist for beginners! One thing I would say is make sure the niche you choose is something you are passionate about, otherwise you’re going to get bored and run out of stuff to write about!

  26. says

    These are useful tips.
    I agree with most of your ideas.From my point of view, I think advertising is a good way to promote blog . When I first started my blog about a year ago I could have really used this post.

  27. says

    I find this post very motivational. You’re absolutely right about massive amounts of information bogging us down and too much time being wasted. Reading your description of what it takes to actually make progress is get things done is a good reminder of what I really should be doing with my time.

  28. says

    Great to know about these tips. Selection of niche is the very first thing as described in the post. select those niche in which you are very good because this results in success.

  29. Adams Reed says

    I am mostly into checking the kind of competition that I will have to deal with as well as the monetization stream. After all if I set up a blog it will be mostly to have an income source, so I like to have a rough idea of how much I can expect and from which sources. Another thing which should be considered is who your main target audience are going to be and what are their demands and expectations.
    Adams Reed recently posted..Have a 401k Plan? Don’t Panic If the Economy’s Struggling

  30. says

    Agree with you. I’m using Google Adword Keyword Tool for researching niche and competition as well as the monthly global/local researches. Its good to monetize a new blog so you can keep track of the progress and act accordingly to it. Nice read. :)

  31. Kevin says

    Funny, I never really considered that in doing keyword research we should consider the difference between rankings based upon individual articles or root domains. Good call… I will pay more attention to that distinction in the future.

  32. Dave Pilgrim says

    Starting with the end in mind. Very good idea. I started the blog with my niche in mind, but I didn’t think through the end to think about all the keywords. So this is a big help. Thanks so much!
    Dave Pilgrim recently posted..Fun apps wanted for your iphone?

  33. Sarah says

    Hi mitz. “Most of time if you don’t create a blogging routine you will find that one or the other promotion method is not getting proper attention and not working as you would like” agree with you. Because if anyone stop work off page seo his website can lost competition. Thank you very much
    Sarah recently posted..Kaspersky Antivirus coupon code

  34. Anne Lyken-Garner says

    Thanks for this. I really appreciate it, as I’ve just started a new wordpress blog. I’ve been on Blogger for ages, but am very new to wp. There are so many things to get used to, as well as learning how to do all the new things available.
    Anne Lyken-Garner recently posted..Submissions: Do This Now

  35. Jill says

    For a newbie who has many interests, it can be hard for them choosing which niche they’ll pursue and settle in. There may be a trial and error phase but sooner or later they’ll find their niche and grow from there.
    Jill recently posted..Af: Rasmus

  36. Karen Smith says

    Finding my niche was my hardest task! I didnt want to pick something that I had no intrest in or that I knew nothing about. Great arcticle!

  37. Andra says

    Rules that apply to all fields of journalism, including the online. Nice work emphasizing the important steps.

  38. says

    Great post here. I especially like the picture ;) My housemate uses that phrase all the time!

    I think its so important to find a niche as well, there are so many similar websites which leads to readers getting bored of the topics and they’ve read so many already!
    Harriet recently posted..Nokia Lumia 800

    • Sanjeev says

      Yes, it is really important to find a niche and able to generate unique content for that niche. I always find that taking instances from real life and mixing than with your niche topic can generate unique content and it helps to show your real side do people can connect to the topic.
      Sanjeev recently posted..How can you speed up page loading of your Blog

    • Sanjeev says

      Thanks Khleo for the comment, Yes, initial research can help from later disappointments or it can set a timeline to look for monetization. I do own two blogs and its in different Niche, one of them is earning good money from the start, second one is taking time to setup. So each niche has its timeline and ways to monetize it.
      Sanjeev recently posted..Photos – Another Source of Traffic

  39. Aanchal says

    Hi Sajeev,

    Thanks for helpful article, though I’ve one query here. Let’s say you have written one well researched, interesting and fresh article for guest posting purpose. So will you send it to many bloggers at once or send to one blogger if rejected there then send to another blogger. Please clarify it. Thanks!!!
    Aanchal recently posted..Web Design India

    • Sanjeev says

      I always send it one blogger at a time and give them time time to judge it. While writing I do not keep blogs in mind, I write the article and than look for a best place to have it, if rejected from there, I look for other places (though till now the experience is good and I don’t have many rejections…:) ).
      Sanjeev recently posted..CommentLuv Premium – Why You Should Have it On Your Blog

    • Robert says

      another thing you can do is write more than one article and then send them out to multiple blogs that way you will not have to wait days to see if the article gets accepted. In other words sow multiple Article seeds and see what one’s grows. Doing this will save you time.
      another thing you have to realise is that some blogs may accept your article but it might take up to 2 weeks to go live, so you have to write multiple articles
      Robert recently posted..How Facebook Keeps Upping the Ante

      • Sanjeev says

        Absolutely multiple posts helps a lot and that’s what I do. As mentioned in the post I do take a weekend to write few posts and than run it through multiple blogs (though a single post will only go to a blog) and you are right it always covers next 2-3 weeks with respect to guest posting. Each blog has its own timing for publishing the post.

        So multiple post are a way to go if we are considering guest post a promotion strategy.
        Sanjeev recently posted..Create a Welcome Tab for Facebook Page

  40. Mika Castro says

    Very well said. And be Open minded too. If you say everything there is to say on a topic we less likely to get others adding their opinions and suggestions because we have covered what they might have added. While we don’t want to purposely leave too many things unsaid there is an art to writing open ended posts that leaves room for your readers to be experts also.
    Mika Castro recently posted..חנוכה

  41. says

    Hi Sanjeev,

    Nice article, I think it’s really important to check monetizing option of your niche before start working on it. If you don’t see much opportunity for earning money then find another niche. This certainly saves your months of efforts which you would have put on your blog before realizing that you can’t earn more money.

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