Hi there,

My name is Mitz (short for Milica). I build websites because I love the challenge and I am determined to conquer this Internet marking gig. Not one person I know believed that I could make money from a website and I would also like to prove them wrong. Although I am making a great living from online income, I need to become a billionaire to prove to all those negative non believers that it can be done. Its take a certain type of person to keep going after all the knock backs and hurdles you have to jump to get this business going.

How I started?

I started making one website, as a hobby in my spare time. I had no idea what I was doing but that never stopped me before!

I worked on this website for approximately 2 years while I ran a full-time seven days a week business. The difference was, that building this website was fun, and working in my business was not! I never really planned to make money out of this website and I just got excited when people would comment or send me e-mails and say thank you. I did not know all the correct ways to build a website and I even remember losing the whole thing at one stage. I made the website in front page! Can you believe it? I am glad that I did that though, because now I know HTML, and can basically pick up what code is trying to do by looking at it.

Why did I open my eyes?

I was happily adding content to this website and it seemed that Google loved me. I did not have any intentions of becoming a full-time blogger until I started to get offers for this website. I could not believe it! I was not even experienced and had basically put up a website and now someone was offering me money for it. They were offering me $22,000. When I told all my friends they could not believe it!

For weeks I was seriously thinking about selling the website but finally weighed up the options and did not sell. After that I moved forward and just kept doing what I was doing.

Why didn’t I sell? Well my dad said something that made me think. “You can buy a house for $300,000.00 and not get the return you are getting for basically outlaying only time.” He made me think. OMG he was right!

I still have that website and the earnings exploded on it after I said no to selling. I had been sitting on a gold mine the whole time and didn’t realize it.

That offer was about three years ago now and $22,000 seems like nothing compared to what it brings in..

Why build this website?

I realized that I like teaching people and as I was building websites that make money, I felt that the information and tasks I was doing at the time were going to waste. Why not make a video or tutorial on it while I was doing it? Before starting this actual website I had three or four websites that were going along nicely.

Now I have many websites, I actually do not know how many, but a lot of them are used for experimental reasons. I really have about five websites that are my babies and would never give up. I am always hoping that one of my new websites will get added to the “babies” list.

I know what you are thinking when you are trying to decide if you should get into thes business or not? I started out by buying the cheapest hosting package from Hostgator which allowed me to have one domain. I did not want to outlay too much money on a hobby or probably what I thought was a risk.

Later I upgraded to unlimited hosting and my business grew! Now I have a few hosting plans but I still laugh when I think about how I nearly didn’t take the step to buy web hosting. Imagine if I had thought that $4.95 a month was too much to spend? That decision was a life changing one, however I did not realize it at the time.

For years I felt like I was walking around in the dark as everything I wanted to achieve took time to learn. This is why I have started this WordPress Basics section to help others avoid these problems and decisions. In fact you will notice that this whole website is for you!I am trying to take the uncertainty out of this business.


I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. But don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I am spending a lifetime creating this career. I am only spending a few years to set myself up for the rest of my life and that’s not even doing it full time. Cheers and I will see you in the billionaires club. (not millionaires because that’s too easy)

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Sorry I am not for Hire

I get a lot of people asking if they can hire me to personally help them. The answer is no. The problem with working for someone is that you have to be somewhere or have something done by a certain time and I don’t live like that. I please myself and make enough money to do what I want when I want.

My lifestyle doesn’t stop me from sharing all I know with you though.  :)