Add a Facebook Share button and a Twitter follow button to your wordpress website

Having a website simply means, without any argument, that you have to become involved in social networking. Of course we all want to do everything we can to get traffic to our WordPress websites, and installing a few tiny buttons can really help.

The most popular social networks you can get involved with are Facebook and Twitter. These are gods in the world of social networking.

Why do you need a share button on your WordPress website?

You definitely, without question, need to give your visitors the opportunity to share your content. Hey it doesn’t cost you anything! All they have to do is press on a simple share button to show appreciation for your post. How easy is that? It doesn’t cost them anything but a few seconds of their time.

Why would you miss out on this opportunity? You would have to have rocks in your head. Once they press on a button, a Facebook button for example, the url to your post will be published on their Facebook account. All their friends will see it and if they comment or like the link it will then be on their Facebook account page.

How many social networks should you display?

I have displayed all the social network icons and have found that you only need the ones that apply to you. I have built reasonably large profiles on Facebook and Twitter and that is why I choose to use these buttons for my visitors to share my content. However if I have built a profile on DIG or Stumbleupon I would include these buttons also. You need to show your popularity any way you can. This is why I use a counter with my buttons so people can see how many others have shared my content.

What Social network WordPress plugins are available to use?

I have tried a few WordPress plugins to help me display the social networking buttons I need for my website, and for each website it might require a different plugin. they all do a great job, however sometimes they are not exactly what I need and I have to install the buttons manually.

1-click Retweet/Share/Like

Digg Digg


Is it better to install these share and follow buttons manually?

Once you have figured out what social media buttons you need it is easy to get the HTML code to embed the buttons into your website. Plugins do great things but adding the code into your website is also sometimes necessary.  When installing button code manually you do not have to worry if a plugin is not compatible and you do not have to update the code. The unfortunate thing is that although the code is easy to dump into the code of your website, it is not always easy to line it all up. Trying to get different icons and buttons to line up can become a nightmare for the newbie. This is where the plugin is useful.

Where can I find the link code for a Facebook share button?

Where can I find the link code for a Twitter follow button?

Watch this video tutorial if you need to see how to install a Facebook button into your WordPress website manually. You will also see how to add a “Digg Digg” plugin and configure it.



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  2. says

    The game of internet marketing an SEO changed, and in the new game social networks play a major role. And they will have even larger impact in the future. Instead of installing plugins for showing the social networks buttons, I use the new arras theme which has all these buttons built-in. Its also a clean professional theme. I highly recommend this theme.
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  3. Tiago Lima says

    Hi ! I have ADD-THIS plugin for wordpress that give buttons that lets my readers share and follow easely. I like add-this and for me is one of the best plugins to my blog. Of course, Twitter and facebook are the most used, but we can´t deny others social media that helps a lot to get more visitors.
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  4. Mark Tesa says

    Having these social network buttons on your page is very necessary if you want more people to know about your site. If a person gets to like your blog then imagine all the friends of that person will be able to know your blog exists and they may actually want to know what it contains. If you want to increase traffic to your site then this is one of the best methods to use.

    • mitz says

      Your right there Danny..It is just more work for us… I personally do not go crazy for Social media and I still manage to pull the traffic in and make money…I do keep my finger in the pie though as it might be important one day..

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