10-Minute Link Building Tutorial For The New SEO

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The following link building tutorial will help you attract incoming links by developing your content and getting people interested in your site. There are no magic techniques, but if you follow these few steps, you can start attracting several new high-quality links every day. Determine Your Incoming Keywords Almost any link to your site will […]

Social Media B2B Opportunities


Social media B2B opportunities get very little attention in an industry focused on reaching the masses—but businesses selling to businesses (B2B) is probably one of the best uses of social media. Using Social Media B2B Research Whether you sell to consumers or to business, social media offers some of the best research available. Just by […]

How To Use Your Logic To Get Ahead Of The SEO Pack

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Every time that Google makes a change to their algorithms or Matt Cutts announces a new set of policies, it’s unsurprisingly very big news in the SEO industry and across the web in general. Of course understanding how Google works and getting official word on the processes behind it means that we can better optimise […]

3 Ugly Websites That Make Money by the Truck Load


This website is all about building WordPress websites that make money, but did you know that ugly websites can make money too? In fact having a fantastic design will not guarantee that you will make a brass razoo! You can equally make money with a boring minimalist WordPress theme that is almost ugly or a premium theme that looks […]

5 Top Premium WordPress Themes For Business


If you’re wondering why WordPress is still the most popular content management system across the globe, the number of premium WordPress themes will give you an answer. The absolute strength of WordPress is its unlimited number of developers and amazing WordPress business themes available. Here are 5 top premium WordPress themes for business that you should not miss: 1: […]

Easy To Use Affordable Website Hosting

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Before you start looking for affordable website hosting, it pays to take a few minutes to consider your needs. That way you don’t end up paying for anything you don’t need or, worse, entering a long-term contract for a service you won’t use. Requirements For Affordable Website Hosting First determine what type of website you’re […]