We Have A Winner: Online Advertising Versus Free Traffic

Working out your conversion rate

What’s the best source of traffic to make money online? Is it advertising-driven traffic? Or is it so-called free traffic—organic search traffic? The answer is clear: use free traffic to build a business model with a clear profit margin and then use online advertising to get every last possible paying customer until you reach the […]

Why Is The Elegant Themes Website Business Model So Successful?

elegant themes business model

Elegant themes claims to have 200,000 customers paying at least $39 -$69 per year—that’s a minimum annual revenue of almost $8 million. It’s certainly successful, and possibly the most successful website theme business ever. In fact their affiliate program paid me $7703.50 over 2.5 years. Not bad for one random link here and there. But what is […]

The Most Important Part Of Your Website: Your Mission Statement

website mission statement important

People always ask me, “why is your mission statement important on a website?” Well the answer is very straight forward. It is all about the actual website visitors and what they are asking. “Why should I stay on your website?” It’s the question silently on the mind of every person who visits your website. When they […]

Offering Less Information Is MORE – Get More Subscriptions

making money course

Many people start their website without a solid plan to monetize the site. They think they can just offer free content through their blog and, magically, start selling something one day. That isn’t a solid strategy. The more free information you offer, the more you’ll attract an audience which doesn’t want to pay for information. […]

Social Media Promotion—Even The Politicians Are Using It?

The first rule of marketing is that you go where the customers are—so it’s no surprise when millions (billions?) of people use social media that politicians start using it too. But politicians can also teach us a thing or two about how to use social media promotion effectively—and how social media, if used wrong, can […]

Why You Should Confess Your Ignorance To Build Your Credibility

You don’t know the answer to every question and it’s no shame to admit that. In fact, it’s no shame to admit that you hardly know any answers to any questions in a particular field—even if that’s the field you blog about. People constantly doubt experts, but they intuitively trust those who confess their own […]

How To Build An Authority Site 2014


Building an authority site in 2014 is not substantially different from previous years—although the increased competition for high-traffic keywords does mean that you should do extra keyword research. Also, more and more greyhat or slightly-scammy techniques are being deprecated or banned by Google, so you’ll have to build your authority site in 2014 using good […]