Authority Pro 2 Is A Must Have WordPress Website Theme

For those involved in SEO and internet marketing, website building and customization can be a very time-consuming and tedious process. It takes a large investment of time simply to build a solid marketing strategy, and no one wants to spend too much time fine tuning their website. Lets face it, this is a waste of time if it can be done for you.

Often you may know the features you need, but rarely can you find all of them easily integrated within one website theme. Most themes require you to pay extra for the features that are the most useful to help drive traffic to your website, and only over time can you see how well your site converts.

What if you had an intuitive theme that not only offers you all of the most important tools that you need for internet marketing already integrated inside of it? What if this theme also included an SEO analysis rating system to give you instant feedback about your site’s ranking, in real time?

Luckily, such a theme has been created, and that theme is none other than Authority Pro 2. It’s the premium theme created by professional internet marketers Bryan McConnahea and Alex Goad, for serious internet marketers. The first version of this theme was created in late 2010, and it has recently been completely rebuilt for exciting new promotion abilities.

Years ago when I started my first website, I did not like to invest too much money into my project as I did not know where it was heading. There was rarely any webmasters sharing information freely about how to make money with websites, so I wasn’t really sure about the whole thing. Of course if you only have one website you will only need one premium theme choice. As you know I have a few websites and I could not stand to have them all the same.

One thing I have learned over the years is to buy the tools that make your life easier and help you get your job done. In my case I am really building websites to earn money online. Not just any old websites though, authority websites. This is a hell of a lot of work and various tools help me achieve my goals, but Authority Pro has caught my eye.

In this Authority Pro 2 review, I’ll introduce the best features that this premium WordPress theme has to offer and why users are raving about it. (And me of course!) Many themes claim to be user friendly and are highly attractive, but it’s the extra built-in features that set this theme apart from the competition. As you research any Authority Pro 2 review online, it’s easy to see how these great advantages combine to make your website a place well worth visiting.

#1. Sales Page Creator (including video options)

On many other themes you are required to pay extra for this option, but it’s included in Authority Pro 2 for free. This sales landing page is easy to setup and customize according to your needs.

There are a crazy of amount of options to use. For example, you can choose from dozens of buying buttons that have been tested to get the clicks. Once you have chosen your goodies for your sales page, you can then click the add shortcode button to choose from a list of shortcodes to add to the sales page.

Not only that, the button can be delayed like the pros do, so it only appears when you want it to.

Authority Pro 2 also includes a customizable, SEO video embedder which lets you host an entire gallery of youtube videos and other multimedia content. This video feature alone can bring in a lot of traffic from Google and greatly enhance the interactive features of your website. The Google video sitemap option also plays an integral role in improving your page rankings.

#2. Squeeze Page Creator

Now you can easily gather contact information from your online visitors in attractive squeeze pages to advertise your best offers. The more professional this page looks, the better your chances are of building the contacts you need in online marketing; this WordPress theme has all of the tools you need for a professional presentation that builds trust amongst your audience. With 13 squeeze page templates to select from, the tedious work of building this essential page element is largely taken care of for you.

#3. Background Color Versatility

Like other premium WordPress themes, the background color can easily be manipulated; however, Authority Pro 2 gives you complete freedom to select any color of your choice or any background image that you choose to upload. It should also be mentioned here that the headers and sidebars are also fully adjustable so you can end up with a site that truly looks the way you want it to.

#4. Profile and Review Builder

An attractive selection of review templates adds more visual appeal to your readers as they browse through your posted reviews. You can easily integrate affiliate links into these reviews and profile areas so that they become highly visible, which makes them convert highly into more profits.

#5. Create Effective Affiliate Pre-sell Posts and Comment Options for Your Visitors

Everyone loves to express their opinions, and offering the ability to leave feedback makes your site more interactive, which captivates your readers’ interest. When you can engage your visitors in your site, you will have many more opportunities to be able warm them up for your sales pitches.

#6. Easy Widget Placement Anywhere for Less Coding Work

There are 24 custom widgets to choose from that can be oriented almost anywhere on your webpage. This feature means you can use this theme on many websites but make them all appear completely different.

Have you ever looked at your website and wished you could have a widget running across the top of your posts, or just under your header, or absolutely anywhere you choose?

Not only that, the widgets re-size themselves.

For example you can have 3 widgets under the header. They can be equal widths if you wish or they can be any custom size you prefer. I placed a 728 x 90 add in the first widget which left about 250 left to play with. I could have put 2 x 125 wide items or 1 x 250 for the space left.


I could have used all three widgets by filling them with 300×250 ads. One of those could have been an optin form. In fact I could have just filled the first widget with an optin form that spanned the entire width. That’s how easy it is to change your website with Authority pro.

#7. SEO Post Analysis

This feature helps track your web traffic and shows you how you can improve your web page optimization. It tracks your page updates in real time to give you instant feedback about how much you are improve your page’s ranking in Google. This powerful tool tracks the strength of your keyword density, links and images, among many other factors by giving you precise percentage ratings.

#8.  Built-in Affiliate Link Options Allow More Places to Direct Traffic Effectively

Ok this is another amazing feature. You can create affiliate links and this theme will cloak affiliate links for you and make them look professional. Not only that, you can setup affiliate linking features in each post using the focus keyword. Therefore the focus keyword will be turned into an affiliate link. This means no more forgetting to add your affiliate link in. This theme even posts the affiliate link in the review for you and then this can also be placed in your sidebar by simply dragging a widget to display.

#9. Add Optin Boxes Without an Extra Plug-in!

This sounds pretty boring but there is a catch. You can add your optin code into this theme, adding 4 different optin boxes, the split test and see which ones work the best! This is an extremely handy tool and I guess not many people bother split testing their optin forms, but this theme makes it easy to do!

#10. A Dedicated and Responsive Authority Pro Membership Support Team

Inside the incredibly helpful membership area, you will find loads of tutorials and other people to learn from whenever you get stuck. With support like this readily available at your fingertips, you are sure to succeed.

#11. Receive a refund within 60 days

I have been selling this theme quietly on the side, without reviewing it fully. I never write reviews about products I have not used extensively. Let me tell you, from all the sales of this product, (without even writing a review) the refunds are at zero! Not one person has requested a refund! Although you can easily ask for a refund and get your money back within 48 hours of less, the benefits of this theme are too good to miss.

#12. Sales Funnels

These are key to building your list of subscribers, thereby giving you an audience to market your other products to in the future and generating steady, long-term income. Not sure what a sales funnel is? No problem! In the membership area there is a full set of training videos and real webmasters sharing their ideas and successes. The discussions in here have no fluff. The only aim is to create websites that convert. I personally have picked up some golden nuggets!

More Bonus Features:

The Authority Pro 2 Launcher allows you to import and export your webpage theme settings so that cloning your site is easy and fast. The total of 70 adjustable settings on the launcher control panel also allow feeds from Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and other social media websites. Let’s not forget the exit traffic grabber to catch those visitors with one last offer before they leave your website; this feature and most of the other features listed above have never before been offered all in one theme at one great price.

Oh lets not forget the options to leave out the header, the logo, the sidebars, and heaps of other options on each post and page. You can even insert another logo and link to another URL.

Why I Purchased Authority Pro

Originally I bought Authority Pro to use for a squeeze page generator as it comes with all the cool drag and drop bits to make professional looking sales pages. That is a grand feature of this theme but now I am actually keeping this theme, and have implemented it on a few of my blogs for very different reasons.

  1. It is great for a “hands off blog”.
  2. It looks professional.
  3. You can customize your theme using the widgets and I mean widgets! 24 custom widget positions.
  4. It has an email subscription plugin built in. Integrates your optin code from the top email marketing guys like Aweber, Mailchimp and 5 others and makes you look like a pro.
  5. You need less Plugins to run your website therefore less website maintenance and faster loading times.
  6. The SEO features included are crazy.

Overall, the ability to track all of your SEO functions in one central panel within this theme makes it easier to plan and execute all of your marketing strategies than ever before. In one place, you can select sticky posts that grab the reader’s attention and set a variety of keyword targets. I hope you can see from this Authority Pro 2 review just how helpful this theme truly is; try it out for yourself and see the results.



    • mitz says

      Not really. of course WordPress themes can be converted to blogger blogs but it is a big job. Everything is in different places. I have made blogger themes in Artisteer before. They turned out great!

  1. says

    The theme looks really amazing and impressive. It is tailored precisely for the internet marketer,
    and has so many great feature. The only issue is that I don’t find a demo anywhere (or I’m missing something). But I think that due to the recommendations here, and the impression I get, the theme is worth trying
    Denis recently posted..How to buy your first apartment refrigerator

  2. says

    Authority Pro, from Alex Goad, was the first theme i first admired in the wordpress community. It is a theme made by an internet marketer for internet marketers. It definitely is a good theme to have in your wordpress arsenal.

  3. Gilbert says

    Hey Mitz.Its a fact that people still judge a book by looking at the cover and still that’s how it will always be. Anybody marketing online who needs a squeeze page or landing page will I really like the features in AP2. I like the graphics in it. Its just a perfect and a should have tool for online marketers.

  4. linda says

    Authority Pro is liked by internet marketers since it understands their demands better than most applications do. It combines creativity, efficiency and reliability. More importantly, it’s the greatest all-in-one program that every internet marketer would pass away to possess for

  5. says

    When I set up a new wordpress blog I usually build the template with Artisteer. After reading your review I must admit that the wordpress theme Authority Pro 2 looks and feels great. All its features make it a must-have theme for any internet marketer.

    Personally I like the fact that you can easily create a sales or squeeze page. This is great!
    Julius recently posted..Naked photos of Prince Harry leaked

    • mitz says

      Yes I have Artisteer and it is a great program but I do not like the way the code is in the newer versions. It is different from the normal themes and it makes it hard to learn both so I stopped.

  6. Jasmine says

    Wow, Authority Pro 2 has so much great features all in one theme… I was amazed and thought this theme must be priced at hundreds of dollars… but I was really in for a surprise when I found out it cost only $1… well, at least for the 14 days trial! Cool, a must try!
    Jasmine recently posted..How to reduce your website bounce rate

  7. says

    Amazing theme. It’s very applicable to my small business website. Would probably shift my theme later on. : ) Thanks for sharing this out.

  8. says

    Authority Pro comes with loads of functions that you don’t see in most other WordPress themes, you can easily insert opt in boxes, create sales and squeeze pages, create product reviews with added star ratings and pure content posts.
    Bundled together with the AP2 package are a few quick set up templates and marketing graphics pack, it also allows you to create professional looking headline images.

  9. Rajkumar Jonnala says

    Hi Mitz,

    A great post. WordPress theme (Authority Pro 2) with all the required features integrated into one. As suggested by you, it is better if we take that 14 day trial and understand its features on our own. If we are happy with the trial version we can buy the theme. Your thorough analysis on it as convinced me, though.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Raj Kumar
    Rajkumar Jonnala recently posted..Update Your Galaxy S GT I9000 With Stable Jellybean 4.1.1 Firmware

  10. Md Firdosh says

    Authority Pro 2 is really an awesome theme with inbuilt adspaces and affiliate links. I am going to try this theme . Thanks to the author for all the information provided in the article about Authority Pro 2 theme

  11. Andrew Calderon says

    I am new in so really Authority Pro 2 will be very helpful so Thanks for you

  12. Azam says

    Hello Mitz
    You have introduced a lot of benefits of Authority Pro 2 but at he begging novice bloggers do not have courage to invest appreciable amount . Although Authority Pro 2 is tool for online earning yet risk is there.
    Azam recently posted..Silpada Designs National Conferences

    • mitz says

      It is also for newbies that want to make money because it does so many things for you, without having to learn everything. :)

    • Mitz says

      I am seriously thinking about changing more of my websites to this as I would love to test some advertising positions and optin boxes without having to redesign the whole thing.

  13. says

    Looks like a great theme. So many great features! I normally have to put in a lot of effort adding all the extras but this theme sure makes things easier. Thanks for sharing Mitz!

  14. CRM says

    Authority Pro 2 is very attractive and contain a lot of functionality that everyone searching. It is best theme. I have read this article, It is very informative. I like it.

  15. Aditya says

    Authority Pro 2 has got lot of feature i am searching for.I think i am going to use its services just after this comment.The best part i like is it provides cloning of websites…..Amazing features.
    Aditya recently posted..ERP Software Solutions runs on the Genesis Framework

Genesis Theme Framework for WordPress

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