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Today I have listed the best affiliate programs with recurring income, the best according to me. That means you only have to make a sale once and get commission for your efforts over and over. There is a catch of course.

  • The customer has to buy through your affiliate link.
  • You will get paid providing the customer stays with the company.
  • You will get paid for the set time limit or sometimes for the life of the customer enrolled.

How to Qualify as one of the Best Recurring Affiliate Programs

There are many recurring affiliate programs out there that offer huge amounts of money. But that does not qualify them to be in this list of the best recurring affiliate programs. The problem is, the product that you are selling must be able to sell itself. There are so many factors involved. Not only does the product itself have to be fantastic, the landing page and the funnel the customer goes through has to be optimised for the best sales.

I have been fooled many times by great offers for recurring affiliate programs with no real backup to the product. I am not about to waste my time getting the buyers to the sales page only for the vendor to lose them either in the buying process or in the after sales service. Therefore in my list of the best recurring affiliate programs, not only are these products top notch, the company itself knows how to look after the precious customer you send them.

#1. Text-Link-Ads AKA MediaWhiz SEO

I have put this recurring affiliate program first because there are many people to sell to. Think about it.

  • If you own a website and you want to earn money you can place relevant links into your content and get paid.
  • If you own a website you might want to buy a link for SEO or referral traffic that is highly targeted.
  • Anyone can become an affiliate for this recurring program, webmaster or not.

Text-Link-Ads pay 10% of all revenue earned by publishers that you refer to them. So refer another webmaster and they put links on their site and get paid, then you get a commission. Cool. This referral continues for two years. WOW. Not just that, say you refer $5000 a month, your commission goes up to 15%. A very cool program. Affiliates will also be paid out $25 for any referred advertiser who makes a purchase with MediaWhiz SEO equal to or greater than $25. The party never ends with this company.

#2. Aweber

Email marketing is a great way to monetize your website and everyone knows it. You can simply setup an autoresponder series and pull a recurring income from links within the emails. Therefore this means that most website owners want to signup for an email management company like Aweber so it does sell. I could mention some other companies that offer recurring payments such as GetResponse, but we all know that the most popular affiliate program sells, so why mention them? Aweber gives you a straight 30% on all sales which is amazing! So if you signup one person for a $19 monthly account you get 30% of every payment. That is exactly what makes these companies successful, they share their revenue which also increases it.

#3. Chitika

Yes Chitika is an awesome recurring affiliate program because it is the next best thing to Google Adsense, but you get paid for referring other webmasters. It is a win win situation. We have all heard about the Adsense accounts that get banned for one reason or another and at that time, people are desperate for a replacement. Chitika is a company that you need to keep an eye on as they are still there when others have folded and disappeared into the dark blue yonder. Ckitika is innovative. for example they have introduced a 550x 250 ad that all the big webmasters are raving about. Even Yahoo! has tapped Chitika to help monetize its owned & operated web properties. I have never used these ads until now so I cannot personally tell you how they pay for publishers, however the new ads looks awesome. See below, I dumped the ad code just under my related posts code and look how they blend.

 #4. Elegant Themes

Should I really start talking about Elegant Themes as I have not stopped talking about them since the day I discovered this package! The reason this program is at number 4 is because it sells itself to anyone that wants to start a website or even start a business building websites for others. One reason it is easy to sell is because  this package of 80 themes or more sells for $39 a year which is clearly an irresistible price for such value. I have a sign writer friend who purchased a developers package for $88 through my affiliate link. He is thrilled with Elegant themes as he now also builds professional looking websites for the same businesses he create signs for. I am also thrilled with this recurring affiliate program as it has paid me $7703.50 over 2.5 years. That is an average of $3081 per year. Mind you my first year was only $2,500 so things are looking up. Just think, this is only one affiliate product I sell?

#5. DreamHost

Selling webhosting suits this site but not my computer tips website, so you will have to decide if this affiliate program is for you. I typically sell Hostgator webhosting as I have been with this company for years and they have looked after me well. But a while back I did a post about 5 top webhosting companies fighting for your business and I happen to mention Dreamhost in that list. DreamHost is legendary for making customers happy. Their customer service is reputed to be the best in the business, and they give their customers full shell access to their websites so customers can build their own custom solutions. So think about their 10% commission recurring affiliate program. If they are great with their customers then why would they ever leave? Web hosting is not about price any longer as no amount of cheap hosting can make up for website downtime and loss of income. But wait, there’s more. You get 5% second tier commission for the lifetime of the affiliate you refer. So if you are thinking about selling this hosting service, feel free to click my link to sign up. :) There are other hosting companies that offer recurring income but they are difficult to sell as they are pretty much unknown.

#6. Raven Tools

This is an affiliate program to target bigger website businesses or ones that are smart and know that success is in the stats. It is not for everyone but the actual product is outstanding and proves to be a must have tool, especially after using these Internet marketing tools for free for 30 days. All you have to do is get people to take the trial for free and then they will see how valuable these Raven Tools are and stay with the program.

  • Earn a 50% commission on first paid month, then 10% recurring.
  • 180 return days. Gives you an advantage on conversion and earnings.
  • Pro account: $99 / per month = $9.90/mo recurring revenue
  • Agency account: $249 / per month = $24.50/mo recurring revenue

Raven Tools includes SEO tools galore, social media monitoring, content management and more. It is a high end product that is a very valuable tool for business.

#7. Master Resell Rights

I do not really push this program and have made affiliate sales mostly by luck, but can you believe that I am still a member myself after 3 years? What does that say about this membership site? Well the problem is, the value provided for the $19 a month fee is worth thousands to me so I can’t just leave. Over the years I have learnt so much from this site and the content it provides. It has given me inspiration to create awesome blog posts, products to sell, and even products to give-away. It does not matter what niche you are in, this affiliate program is easy to sell, even to yourself. For an affiliate sale it pays out 70% commission on the lifetime of the customer. Not bad for something that is just so easy to sell. Check out the video below and you will see why I am STILL a member. Also take note of all the free videos you could use to start your own product??

You should definitely be a member of MRR!

A Great Recurring Affiliate Program Should Have

  1. A valuable and needed product.
  2. A recurring program that has a good retention rate.
  3. A sales page that converts.
  4. Good support for customers.
  5. Prompt payment of affiliate payments.


When searching for the best recurring affiliate programs, the only way to see if they will convert for you is the give them a go. But let me tell you, the actual commission may seem small at first, but the recurring payments really add up.

Please add to my list by adding your favourite recurring affiliate program below in the comment section.


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  2. Richard says

    Hi Mitz

    Thanks for the affiliate programs. Absolutely right. Recurring is another income generating stream. Texads I use, Aweber I use. I like the look at Master Resale Rights. Will definately browse through it.

    Thanks again

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