7 Good Reasons Why Your Blog is Not Making Money

Webmasters are always asking me why their blog is not making money and to tell the truth, there are thousands of reasons. Every blog has its own personality, much like (most) humans you know, therefore making it a unique individual to analyze. The problem is that most people presume that a blogging business will fit into a clear category. The basic WordPress website business model can be a basis, but each blog grows its own personality as time goes on.

If you are wondering why your website isn’t converting, it will require some deep analysis from you to find the actual problem. Here are some ideas for you to start with.

#1. Your Content Sucks Anyway!

You are not really an authority on the subject and people can tell that you don’t know your stuff. You must stick to what you know because people are not stupid.

Only talk about what you know and find products to suit and you will sell more. Don’t step out of your league just to make a sale.

Some people ask me to look at their website to see why it is not making money, I get there and see they are trying to teach people to “make money online”. How ironic? This is when I am dumbstruck as to what to tell them.

Here they are trying to teach people how to make money online and then asking me why their website is not making money online? I might as well go and bang my head against a brick wall now!

#2. Affiliate Links in the Wrong Place

Sure if you have the right banner in the right position, at the right time, on the exact right page, then you are in luck!

Otherwise the best way to get sales is to add text affiliate links into your fantastic content! You must make sure the affiliate product is relevant to your content subject and it would be even better if your ultimate product could solve a problem.

There is a big myth about making loads of money from people clicking banners online. Sure you can place a targeted banner within the content and get sales, but the sidebar banners are a hit and miss game.

#3. Selling Rice to the Chinese

Are you trying to sell a product that your audience already has or knows about?

A great example is when Andy Bailey was launching his new Commentluv Premium plugin. I was excited and thought I would easily make sales but I didn’t! Not even one. The problem was that one of my main traffic sources of traffic was from guest posting on the Commentluv blog and blogs in that network. If I wanted to make sales I would have to get traffic from somewhere else as these visitors were well aware of Andy’s great product and most likely had already purchased it from Andy himself.

No worries though, as I just continued with what did sell. No need to think my business model was wrong as it had already proven itself over and over.

#4. Fresh Content with Goals

Always creating fresh content and displaying this as a feature on the front page really beings in the new sales. Let’s face it, if you do not keep exposing your links regularly, how can you make sales?

You should always mention a product or have a goal on each post you create. Also I suggest you do this manually as you go so you do not have to worry about plugins not showing your affiliate links. Of course I use Plugins now as I have too many websites to concentrate on individually. One example is the EazyAzon Plugin for creating Amazon links.

#5. Revive the Good Pages

If you find a great page that makes sales on your blog, link to it internally as often as you can without looking obvious, leading your visitors to this proven sales page. Also optimize these proven money makers and keep them up to date with current information. Recently I sent my list an article along with a video tutorial about how to earn extra money by improving and tweaking old valuable pages.

#6. Change Your Ways – Not Making Money

If a product is not selling for you, do not beat the life out of that strategy until it works, move on to something else. When I use a new affiliate link and make one sale from one post, this is a sign for me. I then see how I can promote the product further.

From my experience, if a product does not sell easily then it is wrong for you and your website. Of course try a bit of tweaking to get sales but be ready to move on quickly. Find the products that click with your traffic.

#7. Too Many Options and Exits

When you create a page or post with a certain goal in mind, you should be fully aware of all the exists that are available for your website visitors. Examine the outgoing links and compare their value to you. For example you might have an internal link leading to another page on your blog where there is another goal. Or you might have a link to an affiliate product. Links leaving your page that go to other websites that do not have a purpose should be minimal, especially if the page was created with another goal in mind. The moral of the story is to think about what you are doing. Think about what you want and what you are trying to achieve.

You can find more information on my WordPress website checklist. (Added new info recently!)

 Why do you think your blog in not making money?



  1. chanbee says

    Great article. i am new to this blogging and the points you have mentioned here are very helpful to me thanks for sharing.

  2. says

    after reading this now i can point out some of my mistakes that why i was not able to earn much from my blog and website thanxx a lot to make us aware about our mistakes

  3. says

    Thank you for explaining these main reasons on Blog is not making money.
    I laughed a lot after I read the sentence “they try to teach on how to make money online and again asking you why the website not making money online”. I am also related to the same people as I am doing the same thing please exclude me from them.
    Chitra Lekha recently posted..PTC Scams

  4. kanga says

    Got me there. I was so depressed that I only have at least 35 subscribers in Aweber and only to get puzzled here that I may be having some issues in our content. Also, options and exits sound really new to a newbie like me. I will try to check if this is also hurting my blog as well as my ranking. Thanks.

  5. suraj says

    humm i agree with selling rice to chinese point…in blogs we are trying to give our knowledge and experience to people…depending on audience our thoughts can be pretty useful or redundant and waste so surely what data to feed to which audience is absolutely necessary..
    suraj recently posted..Washington,DC trip Planning

  6. Jessyne says

    Thanks for writing this post. You have written about the exact same problems which I faced when creating my blog a couple of years back.
    Thanks to your post I know where I went wrong and can hopefully make my new blog a success.

  7. says

    so true. I see so many people keep trying the same old things and wondering why they do not make any money. i agree if product does not sell try another one. sometimes certain things are tough to sell. Banners work for a few things but not most. I think it is ad blindness because people do not even notice them anymore.
    joe rogier recently posted..Cheap High Speed Internet Providers Service Deals.

  8. Gautam says

    Before selling something or making any business, we should definitely make some research of the market and of our competitors. than making money is with you.

  9. Michael Di Carlo says

    If a blog is not making money it might be for many reasons:
    – not enough traffic… this can be tricky to handle if you don’t know SEO or don’t have enough money for other types of marketing campaigns
    – good traffic but no conversion… well, this depends all on your page. It might get a lot of visitors but the content is not high quality enough that you get sales.
    Sometimes this happens but it might not be your fault, it might also be that the content in the salespage you are redirecting them isn’t high quality enough!

    I think that the best way to handle this is to have a “backup” plan. For example in my website I offer a freebie (ebook + 7 day course) and a good number of people subscribe.
    So, even if I’m not making sales on a particular product (or not as many as I would like) I still get a nice number of people in my list I can promote later and make some nice money in the future.
    BTW, also setup a nice autoresponder series so you inform your subscribers and automatically promote products to them for at least 1/2 weeks when they subscribe.
    Michael Di Carlo recently posted..Mobile Fast Commissions Review & Mobile Fast Commissions Bonus

  10. Danica Green says

    Don’t expect readers to come back if you know that the posts in you blog sucks. Readers visit blogs because they are searching for a great source of information. It is necessary for you to provide your visitors valuable information.

    • Brian says

      One way you can help solve the exit problem is to open new links in a new page. That way, once the reader closes the new page, they’ll end up back on your page and (hopefully) keep right on reading. While you don’t want too many exits, it is still good to link to other sources of information. Otherwise, why should I, the reader, trust you?

  11. Jimwell Johnson says

    I just now wanted to thank you yet again for the amazing website you have produced here. It can be full of useful tips for those who are actually interested in this particular subject, primarily this very post. You really are all so sweet plus thoughtful of others in addition to the fact that reading your blog posts is a good delight if you ask me.
    Jimwell Johnson recently posted..Google Goggles Use Augmented Reality

  12. Lester says

    Wow! This is quite the in depth article! I appreciate all the hard work you put in. I cannot believe how much money there is out there on this kind of stuff but things have changed greatly in the past decade. I will pass this article along to a few of my friends who can make MUCH better use of it. I did enjoy the read though.

  13. Kirsi Niemi says

    I do love reading advice, which comes straight up like this!

    Sometimes you have to face the truth and admit you might have room for improvement in your blog and I’d rather hear it now and get advice, than find out later, that no one is reading my blog!

    Thanks for this!

  14. Leonard Evenson says

    This post was a real eye opener for me. Especially the point about “selling rice to the Chinese”. Not everything that seems interesting to us will be needed or unknown to others. However, I think is the angle is unique and interesting enough, good content can bring success regardless of its genericness. Thanks for trying to help us make our businesses better, it is really generous and kind of you; and we really appreciate it.

  15. Will Smith says

    The tips are great and i will surely try to improve my mistakes for making a blog. Thanks for the such a great information. Keep posting this type of informative and useful article.. This is very useful to your readers.
    Will Smith recently posted..Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

  16. Dr Efficiency says

    Sometimes we forget about the basics…like content is king.It’s very easy to get trapped in a world of finer details that you don’t see the forest for the trees, so thanks so much for this post.I would only add SEO to this mix…on page optimization. although maybe that wasn’t the point of the article…not sure.www.seobook.com has great tools.

  17. Mike says

    Thanks for the post– very good examples. Many bloggers work hard, without working smart. Improving online conversions is an art and science. Without good data to work from in regards to analytics, improvements are just guesses. Grab a consultation with a conversion specialist from oDesk– it’s amazing what a fresh pair of eyes can reveal to you, as well as an education on what you should be tracking and why.

  18. Jason says

    I really like this post,especially the use of the cliche ‘selling rice to the chinese’, I see a number of people trying to market a brand that is technically already spoken for. Its the same with SEO and keyword targeting, if you target a generic keyword with thousands of local monthly searches, there is going to be high competition meaning that page one of google is going to be dominated by big websites.

  19. Asher Chriss says

    This is a Must read post and a timely eye opener! There are realizations that we need to note if we really want our blogs to succeed. Instead of feeling sad turn these Good Reasons to Better Ones. We are still on the first month of the year and we can make up on those lay low moments.
    Asher Chriss recently posted..Famous Ghost Towns of the World

  20. Smith says

    Hi Mitz,
    I totally agree with these seven most powerful reasons for blog fail, mostly I noticed one most common thing in many not performing blogs is the content quality is very poor because of grammatical mistakes and old information.

    By the way I like your deep explanation for every reason, thanks for sharing your tips.

  21. Kharim Tomlinson says

    Another thing is that they could be doing everything right in affiliate marketing but there is hardly any traffic. It’s really hard to make money from your blog without any traffic. To start making money then a person need to get lots of traffic.
    Kharim Tomlinson recently posted..8 Awesome Tips For Creating A Successful Blog

  22. Joe says

    Always the problem with sucky content :)) As I understand web – first you build authority and great content therefore. Next you can write everything and people will listen to you :)

  23. majidahmed says


    Every blogger works hard to earn a living online, but some struggle and never create a successful blog.This is really great posting for the bloggers.I’m really appreciated this post ever…Thanks.
    majidahmed recently posted..Hardware keylogger

  24. Julie Amber says

    I like the blunt words. Striking and powerful. The first factor to consider is really the content. It should be realistic and interesting. How do you manage to make your contents appealing to the readers?

    Thanks for the tips there! Great post!

    – Julie
    Julie Amber recently posted..How To Get A Girlfriend

  25. says

    This is one great post. It is very entertaining to read as well as informing. These days, a lot of people engage to blog making without having enough knowledge regarding it. With this post, they can not only learn the facts but put it to their advantage as well.

  26. barrymackey says

    Hey Mitz,I love your 7 good reasons,you make some great fundamental points on how i can improve my blog


  27. Joyce Shannon says

    Can’t agree more with all the points. One of my biggest mistakes was that my content really sucked(.

  28. Tricky says

    Excellent – thankyou, I am relatively new to blogging, will definitely be keeping this post in mind whilst trying to write – Many Thanks :)

  29. aufa says

    First of all, I want to say that your writing is very interesting and easy to understand.

    As a novice blogger, I just wanted to write what I know. I dedicate this blog as an electronic record, so I can read anytime and anywhere. But I also would love it if my writing is also read by others
    aufa recently posted..How to appear offline on Facebook chat

  30. Usa News says

    I’ve got many talents and one of them is writing. I’m great at what I do, so apologise if I seemed to be saying I’m not good at anything. I write very helpful articles and have helped so many people with the things I’ve written about. I just think that maybe now’s the time to get something back from all that I’m doing – that’s all.

  31. Steve Sanders says

    I think also targeting niches that have buyers is important. For example, going after “scrapbooking” might get you lots of traffic, but they may not be buyers. Going after “scrapbooking supplies” might reduce the total traffic, but result in more visitors that are in a buying mindset.

    Just a thought.

    Steve Sanders recently posted..Canon Powershot Posts

    • mitz says

      Yes I think the keywords part is the most difficult to explain. I might be creating a free ebook for this as it is very important! When I first started I had no idea what keyword I was meant to be going for and how to decide on one…
      mitz recently posted..Successful WordPress Website Checklist

  32. josh says

    I desperately needed these tips thank you so much. I am seeing some improvement in my sites financials. I think that it’s all about good quality unique content. If you publish great informative articles (like this one) people will find it and people will come. The more genuine traffic you get the more income you can expect.
    josh recently posted..Over The Counter Wart Removal Products

  33. Danny says

    Selling rice to the Chinese would be a great thing to do.
    China is considering opening their rice market to the U.S. So the u.s. can export rice to China.
    Maybe “selling rice to Chinese people leaving a restaurant” would be the same thing as selling comluv to traffic coming from commentluv.

    But I agree with your points. I think an important thing in making money with your sites is TEST TEST TEST. It can be difficult to put yourself in the readers position and think of what you would be interested in.
    Danny recently posted..Husqvarna 327P5X Pole pruner 25cc 12 inch bar

    • mitz says

      Ah yes I have been there too…Getting traffic from Maxblogpress was not good to sell their stuff.. Oh well..we all know now! :)
      Hey by the way what happened to their blog??? Anyone know? It is dead and not updated!

  34. Annette Golphin says

    The 7 points above are great and I am impress. There are specific reasons why other blogs doesn’t making money, there are people who made a blog because they want money and because they want money they failed so many times. By the way thanks for the nice post Mitch!
    Annette Golphin recently posted..Timber Windows

  35. Richard Brown says

    I find the 80/20 rules is really important when it comes to monetizing your blog. For those that don’t know, the rule in this case would mean that about 80% of your income would come from 20% of your efforts (or pages for this matter). Linking to these pages will not only help direct visitors to it like mentioned in the post, but it will also tell search engines what your most important pages are. This could also help boost the search engine traffic you get to your best pages.
    Richard Brown recently posted..3 Mistakes to Avoid When Learning How to Budget

    • mitz says

      Yes I am trying to change the rules of the 80/20 because it annoys the hell out of me! I am simply trying to find the things that take less effort and provide the best results.. It is taking years though as there is nothing tho follow for me! :)

  36. Edward Frank says

    Traffic plays a big part in any sales. Your sites ranking according to Alexa is in the top 21000 which means that you get a tonne of traffic to this site. Which means great!

    • mitz says

      No not really…This is a myth. Not all the traffic is good but as the blog gets older I am figuring out where to find the best traffic. Often sites are overlooked when they have little traffic but its the targeted traffic that brings the sales and clicks.

  37. says

    I can’t even begin to tell you just how right you are on all of this! It’s hard to come across good decent blogs anymore because people post content without really reading or checking it. If the first page contains poor grammar, etc, I automatically exit the site…thanks for this great post!
    Sherri H. recently posted..Tampa Exterminator Brown Recluse Spider

    • mitz says

      Great that you can admit that..Lucky you are not wearing rose colored glasses like some bloggers! :)

  38. Mark Tesa says

    Well written. Most people wonder why their blogs do not make any money not knowing that they are the reason why that is happening to them. I hope this has taught many bloggers out there what to do and what not to do.

  39. Stephie says

    Very well said, some people think that if they blog, they will easily earn money from it, so they just go out there and blog whatever. I also agree with your point that “You must stick to what you know because people are not stupid.” . Of course, your content what makes your readers come back. So it is very important that you know what you are writing about and make it useful for your readers.

  40. harrysom says

    Making a money with the help of blog is really a great way and thanks to share a great tips and advice that how to make money with blogs.most important things in a blog is a content.use a unique and informative content in a easy language so that users can easily understand.make a affiliate link in a proper place.
    harrysom recently posted..Andro pro

  41. Oz Dogan says

    Great article! I liked the 7 pointers for not making any money but
    you missed one important point and that is “Traffic to the website”. I think someone above has mentioned here but it wouldn’t hurt to make another ripple. It will help this page drive more traffic from Search Engines.

    Traffic plays a big part in any sales. Your sites ranking according to Alexa is in the top 21000 which means that you get a tonne of traffic to this site. Which means great!

    A website needs to be popular on search engines to make some money. One way to do that is to have many backlinks to the site, not just any backlinks, but backlinks from sites that the big search engines base high marks on.

    Which brings us back to the article in question. Even when a site gets a tonne of traffic it really needs to make sure all the above points (1 – 7) are adhered to and thoroughly executed in order to maximize return on investments.

    Oz Dogan recently posted..Best Driving School Melbourne

    • mitz says

      This article presumes you have an existing website and have some traffic but you are not making sales…

      A website does not always have to be popular on the search engines to make money. Here is a case study that shows this..

      This website is not ranking still and makes great money! :) It is basically dead but each sale gives me $100.

  42. Peter Lawlor says

    I love your two points (1) Revive the Good Pages and (2) Change Your Ways – Not Making Money.

    I have posts that sell very well. Therefore, I probably have over a 50 posts linking to those. I link to them every chance I can. It works very well. Sometimes I’ll write a post so I can drive more traffic to my best-selling posts.

    Also, I’m seldom dejected when a new promotion doesn’t sell. Even if I write a series promoting it. At this point I have a handful of products that sell so well that I can always come back and promote them. The aim of trying new products is to find another gem. The fact is maybe 1 out 10 are true gems. When I find a gem that sells, I promote it like crazy.

    Therefore, now product promotion shouldn’t start with high expectations. Instead, start with a “let’s see” mentality. If it sells well, and most won’t, then you have another income stream waiting to be tapped.

    It only takes 1 great selling product to earn a living online … even as an affiliate. If you have 5 or 10, then you’re set for life (as long as they’re evergreen products). Just keep tapping the income stream and it works. Once in a while try new products to mine for another gem.
    Peter Lawlor recently posted..Buy Spec Graphics: Worth It? Pros and Cons

  43. Dave Murray says

    I agree all your points. BTW I’m not a native English speaking/writing guy so when I plan to reach at least some audience world wide..I have to use English and when I write, definitely my writings will be bad and no traffic will be driven to my website/blog. Would love if there is a way to promote(freely) with good English would be fine.
    Dave Murray recently posted..Welcome to Cyprotel Hotels

  44. Abhi Balani says

    Best idea- To add affiliate links in the text, with in a relevant article. I thought I cannot earn easily and much from affiliates. But I think I should start making money by it.
    I’d be so grateful if you’d read the post linked below and, if you enjoyed it, leave a comment to let me know!
    Abhi Balani recently posted..Good Blogger And A Good Blog: What Are The Signs?

  45. Shalyn says

    It’s content that makes a blog good and popular, If you’ve a popular blog then there are good chances of more sales. Plus you should always use any affiliate product at correct place which increases the chances of sales.

  46. Amanda says

    All the reasons you mentioned are certainly true. And of course, the most important of them is content. Because today everyone of us is interested in unique one, or at least it should be interesting, fresh and updated
    Amanda recently posted..WordPress Themes

  47. says

    Hey Mitz how come I can’t make any money off my website, you said I would make $$$$ hand over fist! Every time I email you I wait & wait & wait, but nothing!

    O K A Y I’m done JOKING around, your tips and techniques are top notch ( but you know that already, because I tell you & everybody I come across that all the time) and have been implemented into my sites and I watch them climb the RANKINGS at an incredible rate of speed!

    I do too realize that if you want to make money online, it needs to be recognized as a J O B. I just made my 1st big sale yesterday. Traffic has been pretty steady and bounce rate is CRAZY down.

    I recognize that all the affiliates you are apart of may not suit everyone, so I found another on SEARS they actually sell LAWN MOWERS I have and use in my operation…not bad, and since finding them I have offers from other affiliates. Google affiliates is where I found them…it lets you choose from options provided, to place ads or banners you want on your site.

    TO ANNE: who has put her heart and soul into this selling online may not realize that she has a ton to offer people, but something is not clicking with the search engines. I noticed my LAWN CARE and Website Building site is ranked higher and both were published after her site.

    I actually wrote about this on my lawn care site: http://www.ringlawncare.com/one-time-lawn-mowing/ —- “Start Over”, yeah I said it…and seriously think about getting into a WordPress theme. You’re ranked really well for having a Blogger blog, I can’t even imagine how high you COULD rank if you were actually in WP.

    I mean cmon, Mitz has provided the FREE tools for you, it will of course be a PAIN IN THE you know what to transfer it all, but JUST DO IT! Didn’t Mitz say you can do it? !

    Before I FOUND MITZ, I was using Intuit software (December 1st, 2011), but it’s not WordPress. If it’s a money issue, think about how much HOSTING doesn’t cost and I’m assuming you already have a domain, Elegant themes is only $39 a year….

    I would hate to see someone like you (yes I have read a few of your articles already) throw away this opportunity…MAN I aint even gettin paid to write all this…LOL

    You already have a following, now make it something that people want to share, sure they want to share your WRITING, but the over-all look is not appealing…no offense, just trying to help. Just need to clean it up a bit. Maybe I’m wrong and didn’t notice you have a main website.

    Since publishing(Dec. 21st, 2011?) my WordPress Business Website Building Site, I already have 4 sites lined up to build. All because of WHO? That’s right!

    LOVE YA MITZ and that’s real-talk right there ladies & gents…oh shii here comes my wife..lol
    Bryan Ring recently posted..Build A Business WordPress Site

  48. Juphet Mislang says

    I agree there are a lot of reason why a blog or a website is not earning profit.
    1. Having high quality content is the best for a blog to convert. Low quality just sucks as what Mitz said.
    2. I have to say that the design has also something to do why a blog is not earning. It is okay to design your website but remember not to over do it. Too much decorations are irritating!
    Juphet Mislang recently posted..Six-Point Priority Site Audit For Large Websites on a Post Panda Update

  49. says

    If the blog fails to make money, every webmaster should take an objective look at it, from a readers point of view, and try to find faults.
    People don’t click my links, why? Would i click this link if i just got on the blog 5 seconds ago?
    And this blog troubleshooting can really help, up to a point. At least to get the money started, then you can do some real changes.
    Stan recently posted..Panasonic SD-YD250 Automatic Bread Maker Review

  50. Ferb says

    Hi Mitz,
    You have a very great tip. Thanks!

    Most people focusing on a different point than me. Instead of focusing on audience interests, we can particularly focus on the main point of blog and let audiences find out their interest. Whether what you’re doing can always help other.

    I started my blog’s not long ago and I simplt want to get Famous and helpful to other.
    Ferb recently posted..5 Reasons You should Rest more than you Blog

  51. Robert says

    This is a good set of points I must say! You actually make some very good points that I haven’t thought of before, such as “Selling rice to the Chinese” It’s hard to try and think of all your audience all the time, that’s why it’s important to look at your analytics and target the most appropriate audience for your blog
    Robert recently posted..15 Funny Things To Say To Siri

    • mitz says

      Yes very true..It is hard to think about your audience and I am still learning everyday because each blog is a unique case.

    • mitz says

      The best way to get traffic is to write great content and then promote it… Thats the moral of the story.. I choose to link build and do guest posting. It is a continual process and that is where the real hard work is.

  52. Kenneth Thomas says

    Selling Rice to the Chinese and Your Content Sucks Anyway! are two most important points that is to be focused by the bloggers…
    Thanks for the suggestions..

    • mitz says

      Hi Kenneth
      Yes they are very important. The content is the first one…then all the rest stem from that..

  53. Stanley Davenport says

    I know why my sites are not getting any traffic and making sales. It’s because I can’t seem to dedicate the enormous amount of time they deserve. I have a stack of solid ideas to put to use but by the time I get home from my manual labor job I’m worn out. Anybody want to tell me to suck it up? To man up and get a grip on it if I am ever going to make the change form dead broke to making a living online? But I agree with your (Mitz’s) prospective on the why’s of not making money. Creating good content, putting banners and ads in the right place and hope they are relevant. Not giving away link juice to less ranked sites. It all matters. I read just recently in a notable magazine about maximizing websites that Google is giving less importance to back links and more on the actual content originality and relevance to the subject matter. So we may get some tings right today and in a couple of months we will have to make adjustments. But it’s all good.

    • mitz says

      Yes this is how business has evolved forever and business owners have transformed with the times.. The ones that do not diversify die off and others start up. This is the cycle of life. It is like climate changes..We adapt.

  54. James Pruitt says

    Hey I love the “Selling rice to the Chinese” analogy. this is a problem that I have had as well. when the only products you are promoting are already owned or passed up by your target niche, it is hard to make sales. I have fallen into that trap myself from time to time, especially in the IM niche where I don’t have a wide range of products that I am usually willing to promote.

    Don’t get caught in a rut of only promoting the same things all the time. Change it up and find new ways to promote different things so that you can get more out of your site.
    James Pruitt recently posted..5 Ways To Start Making Your Own Decisions To Face The New Year

    • mitz says

      Yes I agree James.. Do not get into the rut of selling the same old products! Also do not just sell a product because everyone else is because it might not work for you.. I have found this one out the hard way.. :)

  55. JOHN SMITH says

    I agree with some your points.. And i think that blog is not making money, the most important depending on yourself. If you’re patient and have a good way to develop, and other point, you have indulge and pursue patiently …
    thanks for your tips again…
    JOHN SMITH recently posted..Windows 7 Secrets

    • mitz says

      I agree John. Patience is the key and I did use all of mine when starting this business. (over 5 years ago?) This is because no one explained how much work it is and how long it takes to become successful. :)

  56. says

    One affective way of monetizing your blog is to analyse the keywords people are using to visit your site. Then you can adjust your content or products and services around those visitors.

  57. Carlos Silva says

    HI. You are all right, but the first reason is always: Visitors! Without thousands of visitors, nobody makes money with blogs or other sites.

  58. Vikas Arora says

    Nice attitude of writing I could not stop to read you whole thanks and keep It up I would love to see you more blogs

  59. jan says

    Hi Mitz
    I think my blog isn’t making much money because I haven’t done enough SEO yet and I am only ranking on page one for a couple of words! However I am working on that and have written my first two articles for CommentLuv and Ezine articles – first timer. Also now that Market Samurai have their SEO Competition section working again, I will start “spying” to see what the competition is doing to get ranked higher than me – mind you that wouldn’t be too hard at the moment. I had started to look at that just before Yahoo closed it’s back links analyzing section before Xmas.

    The too many exits and options is a good one to keep in mind though. After I learned about guiding people through your site – I’m pretty sure that was from one of your articles – I started putting in some internal links which lowered my bounce rate considerably.
    jan recently posted..Blue berries and other superfoods

    • mitz says

      When you sent me to those pages to look at I was very impressed Jan.. I couldn’t find anything to pick on and that is not normal. You must have worked hard and taken everything on board to come out with great, well formed SEOed content like that.

      I know you have seen sales, and you are right, you need to do more offpage SEO to get more. There is a lot of work in promoting each individual post so that’s why I only pick the best and go for it! Here is my article about it http://wordpress-websitebuilder.com/generating-traffic-for-each-new-article-you-post-on-your-blog/, you have probably seen it.

      This promotion does not last forever either! If you rankings go down you need to do it again and again…
      mitz recently posted..My Daily Blogging Routine Exposed!

      • jan says

        Thanks Mitz – you’ve given me a warm glow of pride!! I have book marked your article to have a look at tomorrow as it is getting late (or early!) I think I have seen it before but I need to revisit some stuff now that I have a better knowledge:)
        jan recently posted..Blue berries and other superfoods

  60. Roger Jignesh Parekh says

    Very good pointed. Everybody should memorize them, especially those who have tried so hard to earn some bucks with their blogs. Thanks for sharing.
    Roger Jignesh Parekh recently posted..Hurom HU-100 Juicer Review

  61. sandeep says

    Hey, I also thought that I would make some sales from Commentluv..That can help bring in a more diverse crowd, that can help get around that problem of trying to sell to people that have already bought the product.
    sandeep recently posted..Flash Animation Tutorials

  62. Anne says

    Oh, I don’t know, Mitz. I’m actually looking to sell my blogs now. I’ve really tried. I’ve spent money doing this and that. I’ve asked people who know and each time things have just fizzled out. I’ve tried Amazon too. In my opinion they’re cheats. I know my husband purchased something from his work computer for hundreds of pounds. He clicked through from the ad on my site. This wasn’t recorded. My sister in the army is a shopaholic. She buys lots of things online – again through my site. She lives on Army bases and doesn’t have the same IP address as me. She always clicks through to Amazon from my sites – nothing.

    Anyway, I think I’m going to stop myself reading articles like these because they just make me feel sorry for myself. Is number 4 finished?
    Anne recently posted..Relationship Forum: Lost Love

    • mitz says

      I think that feeling sorry for yourself all the time gets in the way of success. You should stop that and focus on good things. I can give you blogging plan or schedule to try for a month if you like. I do not want to waste my time though so you would have to be serious about following through.
      Email me if you want to do this..That way you will know if you should give up on this or not.
      mitz recently posted..Elegant Directory WordPress Theme

      • Anne says

        :-) I don’t do it all the time – just when I read articles like these and even though I’ve followed ideas given by other people, still find myself not earning. I’ve got many talents and one of them is writing. I’m great at what I do, so apologise if I seemed to be saying I’m not good at anything. That’s not me at all. :-)

        The thing that gets me down is not being able to earn from my blogs in return for the work I’ve put out for years. I don’t want something for nothing. I write very helpful articles and have helped so many people with the things I’ve written about. I just think that maybe now’s the time to get something back from all that I’m doing – that’s all.

        If you look at my newest articles on any of my sites, you’ll see how well I do onpage SEO nowadays (something I’ve learned from you). I’m also doing the off page as far as I know how. I’m limited by my technical knowledge, as you know.

        I have already copied your blogging schedule from another post and have tailored it to suit my work (and to fit in with my writing deadlines). I don’t make New year resolutions.( I just get up and do the things I want to do ) However, this year, my blogging resolution was to stick to the schedule. I have been doing so ever since this year started. I have to work part-time since I don’t earn anything significant online. However, when I’m home, not a minute is wasted between school runs. I’m blogging, writing, on social media, etc., just like I’m meant to :-)

        Just thought this may be the schedule you’ll be sending, so I didn’t want you to have to do it if I’ve already got it :-) If it’s another one, I’d love to have it.

        Thanks, Mitz. You’re always very helpful.
        Anne recently posted..Relationship Forum: Lost Love

        • mitz says

          No I thought I might do something that is optimized for your blog and maybe a few of your best articles..

          I would even get you to write an article on your blog (with exact instructions), then add your affiliate links in, then I will give you an exact list to do to promote it.. When, where, how..
          mitz recently posted..Tips to Write a Good How-To Post

    • mitz says

      Ha ha the Commentluv thing annoyed me because I can usually sell anything, but I had to “take it like a man” (so the saying goes) and move on. I have never been in that position before so it was a good lesson. :)

  63. Richard says

    These are all really good points. One thing to do is to tweak your niche and expand on the topic of conversation. That can help bring in a more diverse crowd, that can help get around that problem of trying to sell to people that have already bought the product. If your niche is too narrow, then you are catering to the hardcore enthusiast in your topic area. Chances are that they already have that product you are pitching. But if you broaden your topics just a bit, you might bring in more beginners and novices that would be interested in the products.
    Richard recently posted..Free Premium Services To Help You Save and Earn Money

  64. says

    Well said! Very good points. These are the very reasons why I do not make money on my blog. However some people do not want to make money (in the beginning), they just need some space to put their thoughts. They see blogging as an e-diary.
    Emilia recently posted..veneers teeth

  65. says

    Your points are spot on!

    The other factor is a lack of traffic. Bearing in mind the typical low conversion rate of affiliate sites, webmasters need to drive a decent amount of traffic to get the sales going!


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