Branding Yourself: 4 Tips To Complete Domination Of Your Niche With Your Brand-Name

What’s In A Brand-name?

Have you ever been shopping in a grocery store and got into a frustrating thinking battle of “should I get this one or that one?” This usually happens when you see something you absolutely love and they have the store brand which may slack a bit in taste but you’ll save a whopping 35 cents if you buy it.

I experienced this the other day in the meat section when I decided to take the Butterball turkey bacon instead of the Wal-Mart brand losing out on saving 19 cents.

So why did I go with Butterball even though I’ve bought the other brand plenty of times before? Because Butterball has branded themselves to be a top producer of meat thanks to kooky humored commercials. I had the other brand in my hand in dropped it once I saw Butterball sitting there.

Besides being a bunch of letters put together, a brand-name is a direct representation of you. In the blogging world, it will take a number of things to build a brand.

A Brand-name is:

  • Expectancy
  • Quality
  • Efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Advertising
Read with me as we explore how to brand yourself and get on your way to complete niche domination. Okay that may be a little far fetched with so much competition but you may be doing something another blogger isn’t doing which will put you one step closer to the top.


Figuring Out Your Brand

Figuring out your brand is just a matter of figuring out what you want to do or what’s important to you. Perfect example is one of my brands; Dennis Knows. All my life, I’ve been a know-it-all and when I got a hold of Google; lets just say there’s not much I don’t know now.

Now people call me Mr Dennis Knows and there’s even a catch-phrase going around to the tune of “can’t believe Dennis didn’t know that“. I love it and get a kick out of it simply because people know who I am.

Me aside, we can look at one of the biggest brands in the world being Apple. They named their company after a fruit and have the loyalty of millions from around the world (including me). Do you think they chose the apple because of the “apple a day” phrase? Who knows… (No I don’t know. ;-) )

Figure out what you want to do with your blog. Put all your ideas on paper and just brainstorm a few names. Throw them at some friends and family to see what they think. Don’t take their advise too much; just get an honest opinion on the name. You can even ask me if you want. I’ll be glad to help you out.

Time For Complete Domination

Once you figure out your name, you need to go to your nearest registrar and lock a domain name in. Don’t talk too much if at all, about your brand-name on the internet. I would hate for you to run into a savvy domain flipper that picks it up and then resells it to you for a quick flip.

After getting a domain name, your next step is to lockdown Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Blogger. There are many more you can do if you want. If this sounds like a bit much, you can just do Facebook and Twitter. I like to take care of everything to prevent anyone from profiting off my brand-name. Facebook owns everything Facebook name on the web and even

You will also, at sometime, want to take care of getting your brand-name  trademarked and copyrighted. This will protect you from any thieves in the future trying to profit off of your brand-name.

Put Yourself (brand) Out There

After you have your blog ready to go (with WordPress of course), it’s time to do some marketing; not just your blog but you (or your brand).

A picture is worth a thousand words

A great suggestion from a huge influence in the blogging world by the name of Andy Bailey, was to make your branding image very well known. You can start this process by using Their free service allows you to attach an image to an email address. Now anytime you use that specific email, your image will show up.

I suggest using an image of yourself as people feel more comfortable when they can attach a face with words. If you’re a bit shy, then I suggest creating a cartoon image of yourself. Many do this and it works out quite well.

Guest Blogging

I’ve come to find guest blogging as a very good way for branding. Some stray away from it thinking selfishly but truth be told, I get a lot of my traffic from people that read my guest posts. Put quality information on someone else’s blog and they can only imagine what you have on yours.

Don’t think you have to be a total expert on your niche either. Your goal is to know more than most people know; not everything. Be game and guest post or enter a blogging contest. All of this is great for branding!

Commenting and Forum Posting

Get out there and comment. Every-time you leave a comment, because you used, your image shows up in your comments. Now people will recognize you as they browse the web. I’m branding myself as “that guy with the red glasses” and soon, after seeing my face everywhere, they’ll make a trip over to my blog.

You have to leave good comments though. Don’t just say thanks and leave it at that. Read the article and tell what you liked most about it. You can even ask a question. Bloggers love when visitors ask them a question. I know because I’m a blogger.

Posting in forums is great because they get tons of traffic; at least the good ones do.This is more chances for people to see your brand. Get in there and answer questions, ask questions and make suggestions.

Social Media

Now some people still don’t get Facebook or Twitter but with them being in the top 5 websites in the WORLD, I think it’s very important you use them to help build your brand-name.

I’ve devoted an hour a day on my schedule to social media. This includes talking with people, answering questions and even getting a laugh or two from some of the more hilarious tweets.

What you have to realize is social media is a way for you to DIRECTLY connect with your readers. Top bloggers may not be able to answer your emails in a timely manner but you can shoot them a tweet and they’ll write you back almost instantly.

In Conclusion About Using A Brand-Name

Where most people make their mistake is trying to make everything perfect from the beginning. You will commit “success suicide” if you try to focus on making everything perfect. You’ll never get started.

I challenge you if you’re a perfectionist. Look at every successful blogger’s beginning compared to what they are doing now. You’ll see PROGRESS. No one started out perfect. It’s a matter of creating a ladder of success in taking the necessary steps (mentioned above) to achieve them.

I look at some of my old videos on YouTube and boy was I BORING. I put myself to sleep. Now when I shoot videos, I’m full of life and energy. Allow people inside your brand to see your progress and they’ll follow you forever.

This was my first guest post on this blog and I look forward to bringing you many more. If you enjoyed it, please share and comment as they will be the steam I need to power my locomotive for producing great content.

Thanks again for reading and best wishes with branding yourself. Have a blessed 2012.


  1. Danica Green says

    Brand naming must up sell not only the name but also the owner. We must think of the one that can define the most not only your product but also your name.

  2. rik says

    I am getting into blogging and need all the help I can get. Dennis, I am grateful for you tips to get our blog out here. Brand-name is truly relevant!

  3. Mario says

    Great article, thank you for posting it up.
    Made me realize that I should be doing more to brand my personal account on Twitter vs. spending all my time on the website account. At first I was enjoying the luxury of tweeting behind my brand name versus my personal account, but really, putting my personality out there as an individual will get people connected to me.

  4. Dr. Christa Herzog says

    Thanks for the advice.Great post. I am really impressed at the way you see things and I believe that It will improve my brand name. I’m getting started with my new business and I think that this will be a major factor. Thank you for posting this article. it is very helpful and interesting.

    • Dennis says

      I don’t think it’s that hard.. My blog has no PR and I have a few people interested in guest positing on my blog. Simply because you can look at it and see that it’s headed somewhere.

      Sometimes, I think PR is overrated. I’ve seen some great blogs with no PR..

      Give me a choice of Good content and PR or Good content and Traffic and I’ll pick traffic any day.. ;-)

      Does your blog get a good amount of traffic?
      Dennis recently posted..Easy Video Player Review (w/ Demo & Walkthrough)

  5. Žogi says

    I always shop by ingredients. I think in fat, protein and carbs not brand names and some other silly things :)

    • Dennis says

      You just have to set a plan and stick to it.. Your content creation and where you want to market. That’s what i’m learning about blogging as my days go on.. You have to have a plan..

      It also has to be something your at least a little bit passionate about. It sucks trying to create content for a blog in a subject that you thought would just make you tons of money.

      I’ve created an angry birds site, gaming site, real estate site, weight loss site and I think that’s it. Here I am back to blogging about blogging and making money online. It’s basically running an online business.

      I’m actually learning as I go along. Glad I have people like Mitz to pay attention to.

      Be the type that observes what the successful do. that way you don’t have to always be trying to peak over their shoulder to see what they’re doing. Just stand on the mountain top with your binoculars and see whats happening.

      Do this on every blog you go to and you’ll learn TONS…

      I was on a top SEO consultants blog and saw him doing something I’ve never heard of in my entire blogging career.. Don’t know what the results of it are but you better believe it’s on my blog now. LOL

      Just stay focused and keep your eyes on the prize..

      Wish you much success my friend..
      Dennis recently posted..Social Media 101: What Is Social Sharing And Why You Should Be Doing It In Your Online Business

  6. says

    I have seen that the combination of Social media (especially FB and G+) and blogspot and integration with youtube (basically all google products) make a big difference for my site, but they are not as permanent as a backlink. Once the weeks pass, the effect is dead.

  7. Amanda says

    I think that the most effective aspects in this case are social media and commenting and forum posting. they are the most popular things in today’s online life, and if to use them attentively and carefully, then goos results will be got
    Amanda recently posted..WordPress Themes

  8. mike says

    Don’t forget keyword research, even the best laid plans are useless if your keyword has little or no traffic. Make sure you research this well as once you have gone for the wrong one, you can’t do much about it.

  9. Becca says

    The ideas you’ve shared here are fantastic and no doubt so great and it may really improve the individual brand if do it in a right way.
    Becca recently posted..Gourmet Catering

    • Dennis Marshall says

      Forums work great if you find one where most of the people are having problems and your blog offers a solution to their problem. Find a forum with people struggling to cook island food and you post a link back to your site about how easy it is to cook island food, my guess is you’d get close to if not, 100% of the traffic that comes to that forum post..

      Keep at it though. The methods you named are some of the best
      Dennis Marshall recently posted..The Old Easy Ways Of Making Money Online…. Are They Dead?

  10. Jeanne R. Weiss says

    Hi Dennis,

    Great tips! I really learned a lot here. Sir I have tried Commenting and Forum Posting but I think this wont work that much for me. Last year I put a forum on my blog and it was flooded with comments like “asfhgfjhsg” and “shgfjahgf” in short I have been flooded with spammers! :( that’s why I have decided to shut-down my forum page.
    Jeanne R. Weiss recently posted..Criminal Attorney

    • Dennis Marshall says

      Yea I wouldn’t start a forum until I have a successful blog. Simply because it takes a lot to run a forum. You need to moderate comments and spammers. you can hire moderators or volunteers but not too many will volunteer to work for free if they don’t follow you.

      It’s all about building a presence online. I actually had a forum on but soon realized I was doing too much. I’ve since deleted it and focused on my blog.

      i may start a forum one day but no time soon. Now as for posting in already popular forums; that’s a great way to get your name out. Some forums get tons of traffic and you can get some of it just by posting a few posts in there.

      Just focus on forums specific to your niche. I don’t post real estate stuff in internet marketing forums. LOL…

      Thanks for the comment..
      Dennis Marshall recently posted..The Old Easy Ways Of Making Money Online…. Are They Dead?

  11. Jay says

    Hey Dennis (aka guy with the red glasses)

    A really good point about trying to make everything perfect, build/write it and fix it up as you go along. The exception to this rule is keyword research, if there isn’t any traffic looking for your keywords, you can’t fix this later

    Cheers – Jay
    Jay recently posted..Cookie Clearing Help

  12. Rich says

    This is a super thorough post that I will be passing along to my father-in-law immediately after commenting. He’s a new retiree from many years at Lockheed Martin and immediately dove in to becoming an entrepreneur. However, he recently ran into a bump in the road when it came down to selecting a proper name for his business. I really think this will help him narrow down some of the ideas he’s been pondering. Thanks Dennis!
    Rich recently posted..White Garlic Chicken Pizza

    • Dennis Marshall says

      Hey thanks for sharing.. I really appreciate it Rich.. He is in the most crucial part of his business because if it’s not thought out efficiently, he may back at the same bump in the road again later down the line…

      I wish him the best and thanks for commenting..
      Dennis Marshall recently posted..3 Reasons Why You Should Still Use Free Blogging Sites

    • Dennis Marshall says

      You are so right. It sucks that a good domain name is hard to come by now but that’s mainly for generic names. If you can come up with a brand name that’s unique, you shouldn’t have a problem coming out with a brand name.

      I’m rolling out a brand name this year that is going to be huge for the internet marketing world.

      So excited.

      Thanks for commenting..
      Dennis Marshall recently posted..The Old Easy Ways Of Making Money Online…. Are They Dead?

    • Dennis Marshall says

      I would say think of every possible way that your brand could be looked at negative at first look and counteract that with a killer tagline..

      Either that or a mascot. Either way, you want to drill into people’s head that you have what they need and that they can keep coming back for more..

      • Roger Jignesh Parekh says

        Thank you very much for your answer! Great advice! However, people have to be careful with taglines or mascots… they wouldn’t like to be sued for intelectual property.
        Roger Jignesh Parekh recently posted..Big Boss Juicer Review

    • Dennis Marshall says

      Yea your right.. I would hate to search in Google and see my name next to scam on some site because they fell I ripped them off.. and you know how some people are. Once they’ve made up their mind about something, theres no changing it..

      Great point Juphet. Thanks for commenting

  13. says

    You can have a great product, but if nobody knows about it, what use is it? Branding, branding, branding! It truly is so important, and getting a consistent message across is a real challenge. Thanks for the tips!

    • Dennis Marshall says

      You’re very welcome Soraya and your right.. People must trust you in some way before they will even consider hitting that buy button..

  14. Mark Tesa says

    How you brand yourself will determine to a very large extent how people think of you or your business. It is important to build a strong brand using such methods as you have mentioned on this post. It is a great thing to make your brand known but let it maintain a good reputation.

    • Dennis the SEO Menace says

      Have to keep the good reputation up. I think the only place that will thrive even with a bad rep is walmart. I would say more than half employees are unhappy there and some of the stores have horrible customer service.

      But they have such darn good prices. People take the good with the bad.

      Great point Mark.. Thanks for commenting…

  15. says

    oh! i so relate to this post, when i first started iTried to become a perfectionist with my poss and it caused soooo many headaches!

    • Dennis the SEO Menace says

      Yea.. Headaches and wasted time… Good you know now that perfection is not a must..

      Thanks for the comment Julie.. Have a great day!

  16. says

    Trying to become a perfectionist even before you start is certain suicide. I was trying to do the same before even writing a single post. It took me nowhere.I learnt a lot during the first couple of years when I was just reading blogs. But when I started working on a real blog, it was more challenging and I learnt more in the first 2 months than what I learnt reading.

    Thanks for the tips.
    Rob recently posted..Saving Bucks with Outback Steakhouse Coupons

    • Dennis the SEO Menace says

      Yea I stil kick myself sometimes because I always want things a certain way.. Its great to look back and see how much you’ve grown though..

      Thanks for the comment Rob..

  17. says

    I will go with the points or things highlighted here like Quality and Advertising. If a business is not providing the quality services and also could not use the right platform to approach its users then it is impossible earn a good revenue as well as to make a service or product a brand.

  18. says

    I agree dissemble your draw out part about taking a break regularly. stable is important to not always rest assured about the post you are writing, honest helps a lot taking some time off because you may receive more ideas from the outside.Web Development Services

  19. Ben Jackson says

    Hey really liked how you related branding to your recent experience. I think as bloggers we have both a challenge and an advantage with the opportunity to build a brand around our site/logo and also our own person.
    Ben Jackson recently posted..5 SEO Tips for On-page Success

    • Dennis Marshall says

      Your totally right Ben.. I constantly put my brand out in the open so people will know me.. Could you imagine if companies like Coca Cola, that took decades to brand themselves, had the tools we use today..

      I could be a blogging rockstar tomorrow if I just wrote the perfect article.. LOL.. Nothing like this..

      Thanks for the comment Ben

  20. says

    really helpful blog, my new years resolution is to have a great brand name so that I can expand out of the online business and be successful.

    • Dennis the SEO Menace says

      Hey Julie that sounds good. Be careful with those pesky new years resolutions though. If not done right, they can end up being just writings on the wall…

      Check out my blog post Setting An Ultimate Goal for 2012 and Beyond

    • Dennis the SEO Menace says

      Just put together goals for what you want to accomplish.. Stick to those and you’ll have people talking about your brand in no time. Check out my post on Choosing an ultimate goal for 2012 and beyond

      Best wishes Katie and thanks for competing

  21. Dennis the SEO Menace says

    Yea I’m glad you liked it.. Make sure you lock down your twitter and Facebook accounts..

    Thanks for the comment Gee.. Have a great weekend

    • Dennis the SEO Menace says

      Yea.. It’s just a matter of staying focused and accomplishing goals.. Apple and all these other industry giants started out as scribbles on a notepad somewhere.. Only difference now is we create mind maps on our computers.. LOL

  22. Anne says

    Your advice is great. I wish I knew half the stuff you know about Google. I’m battling to stay online blogging and find myself being swayed this way and that. I’m going to buckle down and stop reading so much and doing so much because it seems my head is in so many different places.
    I’m a great writer, but I need to lock down my success in other ways because it’s sort of getting me down.

    One of the things I’ve got from your article is that branding is about you. I have to find a way to make this about me.
    Anne recently posted..Blog Statistics: 2011 Numbers

    • Dennis Marshall says

      Yea you have to figure out what you want to do and go for that.. I figured this out just a few months ago.. My passion is internet but I was also doing real estate. Yea real estate pays more in the beginning but my heart wasn’t in it..

      Gotta focus on one thing or you’ll spread yourself thin.

      Thanks for the comment Anne

    • Dennis Marshall says

      Building a brand is more of a matter of taking action than hoping Gautham… You have to think like your brand is already there and work your way backwards figuring out piece by piece what steps you need to take to get your name coming out of everyone’s mouth.

      Funny story.. I told a friend at my old job to tell an old friend I said hey.. She was like “You mean Mr. Dennis Knows”.. I was so happy because people know me by my brand. It’s a great feeling.

      Keep on trucking Gautham. You’ll get there one day. Just have to put the work in..

      Thanks for the comment…

    • Dennis Marshall says

      Gautham how did you get your name to show up as “gautham from” and then “Blogger Tricks” linking back to your site..I see a few people on here that have done this and I want mines to show up like this..

      Cant wait for your reply

  23. says

    Great tips! Coming up with a great brand name is not an easy task, I guess that’s why only few newly built businesses survive, and even fewer make it to the top. Obviously, the brand name must sound “cool”, lively or at least puzzling (tumblr. ?! Squidoo ?!) I wonder if Amazon would be just as successful if it had stayed as Cadabra?
    Svetlana recently posted..Jan 7, Cheap Hotels Toronto – Cheap Toronto Hotels, Hotel Deals Toronto, Bed and Breakfast and Motels in Toronto

    • Dennis the SEO Menace says

      Yea.. I got something I’m working on that I know will catch on.. Just a matter of getting it built…

      and I didn’t know Amazon changed their name from Cadabra.. and I think they could have. It’s just a matter of advertising. People didn’t like Facebook at first.. People all in our privacy.. Now; you’re almost looked at as a weirdo if you don’t have a Facebook.

      Great point though

    • Dennis the SEO Menace says

      Tell me about it.. Coca cola runs the soda game.. Ask someone if they want a Sprite or a “Misty Lemon” (random name) and I would say 10 times out of 10, someone would take the sprite… I know I would..

  24. Stef says

    Social media is indeed very important especially in building up a brand name. Social media is not just about ranking your brand in search engine results but more importantly, it helps you reach out to your target market.

    • Dennis the SEO Menace says

      You are so right Stef.. Especially with the Facebook advertising. You can target people all the way down to your city on there.. Amazing..

      Question for you.. How did you get your name to show up like “Step from” and then your keyword? Now that’s some branding.. I need to do that..

      Cant wait to hear from you..

    • Dennis Marshall says

      You’re very welcome Joyce.. thanks for taking the time to read my post. I really appreciate it..

    • Dennis the SEO Menace says

      Yea I know.. Especially when its just a little bit more money..

      Thanks for the comment Harriet

    • Dennis the SEO Menace says

      I’m sure you’ve heard of Frank Kern.. His email marketing is like no other.. He sends a message with the subject line “Hey” and it will get opened.. Simply because he is one of the biggest, if not thee biggest, internet marketers in history..

      His name alone opens emails now..

  25. Liane Markus says

    In the past, it is quite difficult for me to understand what brand name is and I have made several research about it just to understand it. But when I saw this, I never thought that there is a more simple and relevant information and definition about brand name. thanks a lot for this information because I really gained lots of knowledge from it.
    Liane Markus recently posted..SMS

    • Dennis the SEO Menace says

      Glad I could help Liane.. Took me a while to realize how much we are influenced by brand names. It’s crazy to think about to think about it sometimes.

      Thanks for the comment..

  26. says

    I’m totally a perfectionist, and I clearly see your point in this article. Very well said. Just like what you said, no out started out perfect. What matters is how you were able to improve on various areas and took the time and effort to create your own ladder of success.

    • Dennis the SEO Menace says

      YOu know to back that up.. I saw a story on Steve Jobs and the other guy behind Apple. Turns out there were 3 people. The 3rd guy sold his shares in Apple for $2,000. Said they just didn’t have everything together..

      His shares today would be worth in the billions. He got out of the company because they didn’t have everything together but they later turned into the great company we know of today.

      Just shows.. it’s better to wait for the progress…

    • Dennis the SEO Menace says

      Make sure you lock down your twitter for your brand name… I think I may start flipping twitter accounts too.. hmmmmm

  27. says

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