Build a Website – The First Steps

I have clearly demonstrated that you can actually build a WordPress website within minutes, but building a successful blog is another story. When you first make that decision to build a website, you must realize that it might be a long journey, depending on what you know.

My first try at building a successful website (or blog) took me a lot longer as I was learning how to do everything at the same time. After I had the technical stuff out of the way, then came the hard part, making conversions to turn the WordPress website into a real business. However before we get to that stage, it is best to thoroughly worked through the first steps to building a website, in order to understand the rest of the process.

Many Webmasters often wonder why their blog does not make money and believe me; I used to be in the same situation, so you are not alone.

The idea

Everything starts with an idea and usually it has something to do with passion. This is the best idea to start with. It could be a passion for the subject that you want to make a blog about, a passion about succeeding, or maybe even making money for your family. It does not matter what the passion nears as long as some exists. You need to be happy when you get out of bed every day, be happy with what you are doing and success will follow.

My passion was for computers and so I started a website about that. I did not go out and buy because it was not available and I needed to dig down and grab a smaller niche. I bought the domain name because that’s what the site was going to be about, but the .info’s were cheap at the time. I did not realize that I would have a better chance with a .com.

Anyway about a year later I bought and moved all the content into there. It was never a smooth road for Tips4pc. My idea never changed, I just made some minor adjustments to my up-and-coming website.

Business or Pleasure

Let’s get something straight right from the start! Do you want to build a successful blog for business or pleasure?

If you are looking for business then be prepared to put in some long hours to build up a real business. Nothing just magically happens and it is all up to you as to what results you get. If you have knowledge about something then you should use it and test it out as soon as possible. Building a business does not mean you sit back and take things casually.

If you browse through some of my articles on this website you will notice that I am all about business. I love every business because I love a challenge.

Can you believe that I thought my ComputerHowTo website would be a hobby? Even though I bought real hosting for it, somewhere in the back of my mind was telling me hobby. The problem was I already had a few real life businesses and never dreamed of giving them up (but I did give them up).

The Research

Research can be good and bad. It can be good if you find out that the niche that you want to explore comes up with great numbers. But research can also be bad if you find out that the topic that you are passionate about is not worth pursuing. This is the harsh reality and sometimes you might need to change your first idea to suit the research results that you come up with.

Of course we all want to go into a market that other people are interested in. This is the main key to everything.

Instead of rehashing the whole research process, I will send you to my SEO page where I have listed some very relevant articles about.

Committing Yourself

So you have a fantastic idea, and after researching it, you found out that it is a great path to take. This is the time to commit yourself to this idea and ask yourself a few questions before you do.

  • Will I build a website on this topic and later become bored with my idea?
  • Will I run out of ideas to post on my WordPress blog?
  • Are there other people interested in this topic?

The Plunge

Okay so you’ve done your research and found a keyword that is getting a good number of searches (or real people) looking for it every month. Now you can take the first plunge and buy a domain name for your new blog. You can do this first or simply buy it trough your web hosting when you buy that.

This sounds kind of drastic, but can you believe that the name for your blog is only going to cost about $10 a year. In Australia, in the real business world, a business name costs around $120 a year to register.

The next plunge is to buy hosting. Yes there are free blogs available, however this is not recommended if you are building a successful blog into a real business. If you are building a real business you must be in control of everything and not rely on free hosting.

Again let’s weigh up the cost of this plunge. Hosting one website on the Internet can cost you as little as $2.95 a month. Hosting as many websites as you want on the Internet can cost you under $10 a month. This is absolutely crazy when you consider how much it costs to lease out a business premises.

Of course when your blog becomes seriously successful you would need to upgrade this hosting to either VPS hosting (Virtual Private server) or a dedicated server. After 5 years of blogging and making money, I finally had to upgrade to a dedicated server. Now I pay around $200 a month but this is the price for success. I am not whinging.

I always look back and wonder what would have happened if I did not take the plunge and invest this pathetic amount of money into my potential business. Where would I be now?

People worry about choosing the right webhosting company and I don’t blame them because there are hundreds, if not thousands, of hosting companies fighting for your business. The unfortunate thing is that when they get your business they do not care to follow through with their promises.

This is why I recommend Hostgator web hosting as this company has followed through for me, and I have noticed that many of the top bloggers now use Hostgator. Even John Chow had a run in with Bluehost and switched to Hostgator.

Make sure you check out my free WordPress installation page that gives you the chance to have me as a backup if your install goes wrong (it won’t though, I think you are really smart :) ).

Web building software

To build a website you will need Web building software. Of course you will not need Web building software if you are an amazing Web designer, but this article is about a normal non-technical person building a website. Therefore most of you obviously know that I will recommend WordPress non-stop!

WordPress is the best content management system (CMS) and I have developed an entire website building tutorial around WordPress. Lets face it, I love it! Why wouldn’t I though? I can build a website in minutes, install a WordPress theme, and basically have the whole website up and running and possibly making money within one day. (disclaimer:depends if I can send traffic there A.S.A.P)

The Learning

Some Webmasters will tell you that the learning comes before these first few steps I have mentioned above, however I strongly disagree. I actually jumped in and took the plunge and did my learning along the way. This meant that I had a blog to use to take action with the knowledge that I had just gathered. This is the best learning tool of all.

I worry about people that are learning before they take the plunge, as it is very hard to ever stop learning and feel that you know everything about blogging. Sometimes people do not see the cut-off point and the right time to take the plunge, therefore I say take the plunge first.

If you are wondering where to find all the knowledge you need to build a successful blog, then look no further than my WordPress website basics section. After going through this, you can move on through to my other sections to help you build successful WordPress websites like I do.

Developing a Marketing Plan

In the website world there is no such thing as building your business on a high traffic main street like you can in the real world.  You cannot just buy web hosting that will automatically have traffic going past your door. Marketing your business will be a major part of your success. You need to take marketing action to go out and get your customers to your website.

This is exactly why I have written so many articles about marketing that I could not even count. In fact I think my whole life revolves around marketing. Here is a sample that you probably should not miss!

Post promotion – generate traffic for each post.

Social sharing – add social media buttons to your website.

Website traffic – 20 often forgotten traffic tips.

Building links – Link building is a big part of Off page SEO.

Think about what your marketing plan is and how you are going to generate traffic for your website. I started out article marketing and I still do this now. I cannot believe how everything is still the same. Of course we have social media now and this is a big plus for all.

I remember when I got my first digg and had no idea what it was! LOL

Anyway you will develop your own marketing plan and it may change depending on what you like to do. There are probably 1000 ways to promote your website or blog but you have to make the choice of which ones that you will use.

Building a Solid WordPress Website

I know what it’s like to half build a website, but the ones that I have spent time laying the right foundations to, are the most successful I have. This is why I have my WordPress website checklist.

I relate my work to building a house. I might only lay one or two bricks a day for my house, but look at what I have now? I have about five finished houses (5 top websites) and many more that I am still laying bricks for. This is all because I purchased Hostgator hosting that day and laid down my $4.95 a month. It just sounds too crazy to believe.

Making Yourself Look Professional

When you build a website using WordPress, it is not difficult to make yourself look professional. There are so many tutorials on how to build a WordPress website from scratch, that you shouldn’t have any problems in finding out how to do things for yourself.

One of the best ways to make your new website look professional is to buy a premium WordPress theme. If you have a tiny bit of css or html knowledge I would clearly recommend the Thesis WordPress theme. However if you are technically challenged, I would recommend the Elegant themes package. I talk about WordPress themes all the time as they are very important to to the success of your WordPress website.

Another way to look professional is to install the right WordPress plug-ins that will perform amazing functions for you. You do not need to know how to code or do anything fancy to get your blog to look like it has been made by professional. This is the beauty of WordPress. I have mentioned most of the WordPress plugins I use on my WordPress website resources page.

Remember Why

Ask yourself why you want to start building a successful blog and make sure you are doing it for the right reasons. You will need to recall this reason in your downtimes to keep you going and moving forward. Yes there are times when you will fail, and sometimes more than the successes, but in the end you will get what you want (that’s if you really want it).


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    Salutary share Mitz. Its true that building a website that entices readers and bolsters traffic is not a child’s game . Learning along the way and developing a clear marketing plan considering competition in the market helps . Enjoyed the read.

  2. pavanraj says

    I am also want to build a new web site. But i don’t know how to choose best name for my web site. Because in future i want my web site must popular among the peoples. My web site in entertainment category. Can you tell me the easiest way to find good name for my web site.

  3. says

    As about advantages and disadvantages of research, then I guess that it’s better to do it and to find out the real situation, than to live in some dreams and thoughts.
    Perfect article, as always!
    Julia Spencer’s recent post.. Catchy Facebook Pages of Top World-Known Brands

  4. Stacey says

    Thank you so much for sharing your insights on the matter, because of this I can definitely start a new site with an actual guide! Good job.

  5. Kelly says

    Excellent points layed out. These are definitely to-dos for any start up blogger. I’ll be sharing this.

  6. says

    I wish I had this guidance when I was thinking to have a website of my own. Appreciate your thorough understanding of the subject. Thanks for sharing.

    • mitz says

      Yes there must be some passion in life or it will seem like all work and no play… I like my work to not feel like work at all! :)

  7. says

    Hey Mitz,
    Through this post, you have set the rules of the game. Building a website is no sense a child’s play and requires a dedicated effort on the part of the individual planning to launch a website. This is an amazing step by step guide for the endeavor of building an amazing website. Thanks for sharing these words of wisdom.

  8. Silas says

    Remember that building a site is not a build and forget kind of exercise. As you market it you will come across ideas from other well developed sites that you might like. You will always find yourself going back to your site to tweak it a little every now and then because nothing is perfect and as a newbie surely you cannot be.
    With a set plan involving goals and tasks you’ll be able to tick off as you complete them then you stand a great chance of success and less frustration.
    Silas recently posted..How to name your blog

  9. says

    Wow, I was thinking about starting my own blog and this was exactly what I needed. I wanted to start things slowly at first, play a little with WordPress and use some free hosting until I learn how things work. I realize now that I have much more to take into consideration and I thank you for that!

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    I think building a website can be frustrating and time consuming. Most people want to see fast results and want a simple way to build a website. It is frustrating wasting hours trying to build a website and getting nowhere. Web design doesn’t have to be complicated if we concentrate on this tips to build a website…Thanks for sharing….

  11. says

    Hi Mitz –

    It’s time to revamp my Theme, and now that I’ve been doing this for a bit – this now means buy a platform that’s maintained and updated. I know you use Thesis on at least some of your sites, but I really like some of the StudioPress themes as well. Any strong opinions between the 2 platforms? Any key strengths and/or weaknesses that perhaps come right to mind??
    Mark recently posted..Trim Work Design Tips: From Casing to Crown Molding

    • mitz says

      I like Thesis because it is bare bones and fast. Genesis would be my second choice for this kind of framework. Thesis has also come out with a new way to design websites with 2.0 which is drag and drop.. Although I am still using 1.8 thesis, 2.0 is amazing and is very innovative.

      One lesson I have learned is to pick a theme and stick with it. I do not like to waste too much time on design as people do not care about that. (only if the site is extremely ugly) I have been through my fair share of themes that I use and will stick with only a few now.. And the frameworks are the best…not for non techy people though. :)

      • says

        I definitely plan to stick with one framework; that’s what makes this such an important decision. Mobility browser rendering issues are really frustrating me as are other maintenance items. It takes a lot of time to maintain a theme, and it doesn’t really seem necessary with a framework that will handle it all as the web continues to evolve. Thanks so much for your insights – the link you provide above is great! You made me laugh when you called Socrates “ugly.” 😉
        Mark recently posted..Dressing Up an Archway with Fluted Casing and Rosettes

        • mitz says

          Well Socrates seems to have a css problem and I had to edit edit installation anyway… Thats why I got Thesis and tried to recreate the conversion rate I had with Socrates. It was ugly but worked well!!!! I just couldn’t stand the look though… So clunky.

  12. says

    So, how do you know what is a good wordpress theme? That’s my current challenge. I’m pretty sure my theme is rather slow and I know it’s a bit inflexible…but I feel a bit ‘tied’ to it. Any advice? I’m thinking of magazine within Genesis…
    Fiona Maclean recently posted..5-2 Diet Tips Part One

  13. Richard says

    fantastic post. very informative. I have to agree, I started my car detailing business around 6 months ago with no previous experience in SEO or web design. I first used another software and quickly changed to WordPress after reading various blogs. You have to jump and learn as you go, everyone makes mistakes but sitting and waiting wont make you money
    Richard recently posted..F1 Review 2012

  14. Kristian says

    This is certainly a great resource post for starters. When I first created a site, I always thought that doing it for fun is the same as doing it with business in mind. Long story short, I realized that those are two vastly different things and in order to really get going, the goals and actions should be clear in mind and should be consistently so.

  15. Jason Homes says

    Thumbs up for this step by step tutorial on how to start a successful online business through blogging. One must take in deep consideration the item regarding commitment. You should dedicate all your efforts if you really want to out-stand in the sea of quality bloggers.
    Jason Homes recently posted..Why Do Homes Go Into Foreclosure?

  16. James Leasing says

    Great post. This is like an ABC of building a powerful website. It all starts with a good masterplan, followed by a strong commitment and coated with a attractive strategy. There’s no other way to simply discuss but by the way you did it.

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    Hi Mitz,
    Awesome post.Many of us make blog to earn money means for business purpose but a personal blog could be changed for business purpose later because some of my friends start personal blog but later they thought to earn money from it and converted it into business blog also luckily the theme of their blog was like that they could interchange personal blog to business easily.
    Syeda Mehwish recently posted..Moosejaw Coupon Code and Review

  18. Nathan Joseph says

    I recently also had a run in with bluehost….I am seriously thinking of switching to host gator….thanks for the tip…its hard to find unbiased reviews for hosting given the millions of affiliates. (Ps. Ipage is the worst ppl, dont even bother)

  19. Danica Green says

    Building a blog in 30 minutes and building a successful blog are two different things. A successful blog needs enough time and effort for planning on how you want to construct, design and publish it live on the web.

  20. Tanik says

    I found your blog through Ana Hoffman and enjoyed reading your post. It can be very confusing trying to start your first website/blog to the newbies that find their way here will find some great information to help them. ……..Thank you ….Mitz
    Tanik recently posted..How to make money from facebook (Bangladesh)

  21. Smith says

    today website creation is not so tough work…..we have lots of free cms for creating website like blogger , wordpress & many more.but with this wen can create website in few minutes.but its only a website not a good website. i agree with your post, research is the most important thing before creating any website.choose right domian ,good & unique content make our website good.
    Smith recently posted..The Bourne Legacy

  22. says

    Hi Mitz –

    Regarding the “plunge” and learning along the way – I completely agree with you as well. “We learn by doing” is a quote I heard long ago and try to always keep in mind. And this brings me to a question for you… Have you ever needed to customize a robots.txt file for any of your sites when using WordPress?

    The reason I ask is that I went ahead and added one a couple of months ago to my ever-maturing first web site endeavor – and I think there’s something wrong. If I look at the way Google has indexed my site – it’s reaching deeply into one of my plug-ins and misinterpreting files for that as site content. This may be hurting my SEO – I’m not sure.

    If I look at the way “google” sees my site by querying for “,” I can see the first pages are, in fact, my content. But the later pages are files associated with Sociable plug-in. I structured my robots.txt file to explicitly [try to] exclude this about 2 weeks ago – but this problem persists. My robots.txt file is currently this:

    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /wp-admin/
    Disallow: /wp-content/plugins/sociable/

    Any thoughts on this overall?? I’m trying to optimize performance and SEO overall of course, but realistically, as you state above, there’s a lot of ongoing learning to be done!
    Mark recently posted..Salt Water Pool Chlorinator Basics

    • mitz says

      Well I have Thesis for most of my blogs and it has extensive seo options to set. So I have been ignoring stuff completly. Also when I have no problems with traffic etc I keep away.

      I have had certain plugins show up because of the way they are made with and index.php file within a directory that links back to their blogs. So this is why people use the Disallow: /wp-content/plugins/ entry.

      I have not seen any entries referring to the WordPress admin so I have never bothered to disallow it.

      I know then when you fix an error it takes ages for it to be removed from the webmaster tools stats so sometimes you have to be patient.
      mitz recently posted..7 On Page Optimization Techniques – Keyword and Linking Relationships for Deep SEO

  23. Chris Barker says

    Building my website needs to have a better designs and lay-out to build first impressions to my readers. It should be in a good tone and to make the readers feel important.
    Chris Barker recently posted..Online backup for PC & Mac

  24. Chris says

    No matter how hard anyone tries, I don’t think you can get your website perfect the first time around. This is a great resource to help get started, but keep in mind you will always be making tweaks and making your website better.

  25. says

    Thanks, what an article! Well yes you are right. To establish a blog is easy, very easy, but to make it to earn is another thing. The biggest problem for a one man operation is, that the resourches, i.e. working hours of one human being are so limited and that the business planning, launch and promotion includes almost too many moving parts. Think Google Panda algorithm changes alone. What an u-turn in SEO!! This makes us desperate every now and then. What I learnt since 2006 is, that the most effective element of the business is a constant reading, studying like in the high school years back. That is the only way to guarantee, that we can find out simple methods for the business, which are clear enough to execute.

  26. Shyam says


    I’m very happy 😀 I’m very happy :D. Because I found your great blog. My honest value for this blog is I can’t tell a value for this blog. I like this blog very much. I started in 2008. Then I read articles on DTB, Problogger little and little. Most of the things I learned from them. Then now I found your blog. This article is too long. But consist of large number of facts. I like your way of writing. I feel your blog is better than those two bloggers in WordPress guides. Sometime ago I wanted to know How do I start a blog first from a pro in this field. Today I found this post on that thing.

    Even this article is too long. I love it. Taught me a lot. Now I’ll become a regular reader of your blog. And There was good number of posts that I love to read and must read. I’m still in blogspot. I know that’s sucks. But I haven’t money to buy hosting and domain. If I start buying them and don’t know what to take and what to do. That investment is worthless.

    Anyway I love your blog Much
    Million Thanks!
    Shyam recently posted..Structure And The Functions Of The Blood Circulatory System

    • mitz says

      Hi Shyam
      Thank you for enjoying my article, even though it is very long..(I know I cannot help that!)
      anyway I looked at your blog and the information looks great! Did you write that content yourself? It looks very interesting.
      mitz recently posted..20 Often Forgotten Website Traffic Tips

      • Shyam says

        Hey Mitz,
        😀 😀 😀 😀 You got so long to reply my comment. I posted this comment on 8th of March 2012. It’s a very long time and do you know, after reading this post, I started my 1st WordPress Self-Hosted Blog on 21st of March. Just few days after posting this comment.!!

        So I need to say TRILLION THANKS..! 😀 I’m very happy today.
        Yeah, that’s my science blog, Some articles are written by me and most of the Articles on that blog is written by my sister. 😉

        Anyway you’ve helped me to start my 1st WP Blog, If I can help you someday, I’ll definitely return your favor. :) One another thing, I couldn’t update the blog, because I’m very busy with Fiverr Orders.. I got money from Fiverr Orders to start my 1st WP Blog. 😀

        So I wish you Happy New Year
        Good Luck For your Blogging Efforts.
        May 2013 Brings you truckloads of successes.

        Thank You Mitz,
        Shyam Chathuranga.
        Shyam recently posted..Successful Blog Doesn’t Rely on Social Media and SEO

        • Mitz says

          Ha ha sorry for answering the comment so late!!! Some just get through the cracks! Your blog looks fantastic and you have done a great job for your first! Glad I could help you! :)

          • Shyam says

            Hey Mitz,
            Yeah you’re the one definitely motivated and helped me to start my first WP Blog. I used to read DailyBlogTips and ProBlogger since 2008. But at that time I didn’t had money to start a WP Self-Hosted Blog. So I kept reading those blogs and one day I found your blog.
            I don’t remember how it happened!
            I started to feel the taste of your writings with the First Impression. So now I remember your blog name and you’re on my Top Bloggers set. :)

            Keep Writing Your Tasty Articles.
            Thanks A Lot & Little More :)
            Shyam recently posted..Are You Ready to Protect Your Online Reputation While Rising?

          • mitz says

            That is a goal of mine, to motivate people and make them see that they CAN DO ANYTHING they want to. I am so happy for you.:)

  27. saha says

    Very inspiring post. Start some thing new is really hard. Aim and goal is necessary to start. Plan how to achieve this goal, design for website, authentic information and many more things. Then continuous hard work and focus to improve your work.
    Keep up the GOOD work.
    saha recently posted..Best Online OCR tools to convert images to text

  28. Nichole says

    Reading from the top to the bottom, I enjoy it very much. I can say that you’ve been experiencing a lot with the trends on blogging business. Even I am running only one website for almost 2 years, still I’m not gaining much sales on my product. Thanks to this information, my knowledge is increasing somehow and I love to work on it with the advices you gave.


  29. Chris says

    Great info. It is true you can get a WordPress site up in a matter of minutes, the hard part is marketing things afterwards. It is best, like you mentioned, to have a solid foundation utilizing a quality web host and perhaps an SEO optimized theme such as Thesis.

    It is best to realize up front that it will take time to build traffic and make progress. By all means, do everything you can to create epic content, create backlinks to that content and promote via social media outlets, but also realize things don’t happen over night.

    Keep at it, try and do at least one thing each day on your blogs or websites and just know you’re putting forth the effort now to reap the benefits later.
    Chris recently posted..Optin Skin Plugin Rocks!

  30. Vishvast says

    I think that this guide will really help all the people who want to enhance their knowledge about Building a Website. As being myself A blogger, I really like your way of explanation.
    These are some really great tips to follow.
    Vishvast recently posted..5 Free WordPress Themes of January 2012

  31. Lexi says

    When starting a blog you always need to be patient, you are never going to get 50,000 unique visitors in your first few weeks, you will need to promote it both online in the form of SEO and offline using things like word of mouth……….details:-

  32. says

    Tweaking themes or how your blog will look like, signing up for a blog platform – they’re easy peasy. But making it successful more than you can imagine is, yes, a totally different story.

  33. Nicholle Olores says

    I myself admitted that I was once want to build my own website in which I thought that I can do it with my own understanding but I was wrong. There are still things I need to learn more like this information so thanks a lot, it make me realize something.
    Nicholle Olores recently posted..Timber Doors

  34. Jason says

    I agree with what you have noted here. When starting a blog you always need to be patient, you are never going to get 50,000 unique visitors in your first few weeks, you will need to promote it both online in the form of SEO and offline using things like word of mouth. Like you said, you must also be committed and willing to churn out high quality blogs each and every day.

  35. Daniel says

    As for me the hardest thing is to get started. You are right, that everything should start with the passion for success and idea, but it’s rather difficult to pass the way from a small idea to big concept.

  36. Maverick says

    Yes! Go with narrow niches and dominate in that niche. I believe wordpress is a great software for making websites and it’s very easy if you are a non-tech guy. When choosing a niche – follow the money, go for buyer intent.
    Maverick recently posted..Cost of braces

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    Thanks Mitz, this is a very useful post. Some might think it’s boring because of its length, but it’s not, guys! Unfortunately, many people skip over or don’t pay that much attention to the researching part. Which imho is the most important one especially when creating a niche content rich website.
    Claire recently posted..What Is Mold Abatement?

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    I have a blog for 2 years. But always I suffered for “why my blog does not make money”.
    This article very useful, thanks a lot.

  39. says

    Hi Mitz
    I found your blog through Ana Hoffman and enjoyed reading your post. It can be very confusing trying to start your first website/blog to the newbies that find their way here will find some great information to help them. I have come across a few people that are obsessed with making their blog look pretty but tweaking can come later, first like you say you need to do some research, choose a niche and set your website up.
    When I first did mine a while back I did not know which plugins to use, widgets etc so there is so much to learn!
    I do not like to see blogs with loads of adverts I think it distracts from the content.

    Thanks for sharing
    Have a great day
    Pauline recently posted..HURRY – The Ultimate Social Media Giveaway Has Opened It’s Doors!

    • mitz says

      Hi Pauline
      Welcome to this blog! (Thanks to Ana)
      I think making your blog look pretty is the fun part..but we should do the serious stuff first. If you can get all that just right then everything else will be easy. :)

  40. Ms.Amber says

    I am so glad that you posted this.. I really love to learn from the expert.. Visiting your blog is a great choice.. Keep posting some more post lie this! :)
    Ms.Amber recently posted..Survive 2012

  41. Žogs says

    Well I found making the site look profession as one of the hardest things. If using WP – 89% of the themes look cheap and are practically not usable! So now well now I’m learning to create my own themes :)

  42. says

    Monetizing on the traffic of the blog is a good idea. But for this I think there should be a proper way by which readers should not be made unhappy. I have been using in-text links for quite sometime now and have found it very effective. Readers have found this way of advertising satisfactory. They are now not distracted by the small pop-up ads which I used earlier for my blog.

  43. MUBASHIR says

    Sometimes your niche is so broad that you can’t maintain a good blog as you lack time, knowledge and skills, so initially you should start from limited niche and expand it as you build your brand. This way you can easily tackle the challenge.

  44. Ableak says

    The preparation phase of your web design is very important. Not only will good site planning make the building process much more effective, it also increase the likelihood that your site includes all the essential pieces. Our web design tutorials will step you through some important information on creating a website and how to get the most out of it, as well as give you some ideas for content gathering and choosing the best web design style to fit your site needs. How To Create a Website helps you make a decision and start you on the right path to creating a website. There are a number of options open to you. Depending on how much time and money you have to build a website will determine which option is best for you.

  45. Jim Jenks says

    You are so right, it is so easy nowadays to create and launch a website via WordPress. It’s a lot harder to create a marketing plan and develop a worthwhile blog. I’m still working on all of these steps, thanks for the tips, they are much appreciated.

  46. says

    Hi, thank you very much for your information! I’m using wordpress and hostgator to build my website too. I think the hard part is marketing for the site, and it takes a lots of time. Thanks again for the wordpress useful resource.
    Jame recently posted..Mum and Dad 2008 DVDRIP

  47. Venus says

    An amazing share..
    I strongly believe that commitment and passion are essence to make idea a success..
    Also systematic approach should be followed starting from implementation to endpoint.
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