Building A Million-Dollar Business from A Mere $100 Investment

Can you imagine building a million-dollar business from a mere $100 investment? I definitely never thought that this could even be remotely possible. I mean $100 does not buy you much at all today.

But hey, guess what? Turning a $100 investment into a million-dollar business is becoming a common occurrence on the Internet. Normal everyday people are building websites, with no great technical skills needed, and making atrocious amounts of money online.

The earnings may not always be directly attributed to blogging either, as most Internet entrepreneurs delve in creating their own products, creating membership sites, supplying services to other bloggers and many more ways.

I am one of those people that made that hundred dollar investment. (Possibly less) I could have easily just spent that hundred dollars by going to a fancy restaurant with my family, but I didn’t. Instead I purchased Web hosting and started my first website.

This was the major turning point in my life. I took the plunge!

This article is for those people that are sitting on the fence, truly wondering if all of this is true.

What exactly was the hundred dollar investment?

My only investment was Web hosting and a domain name. Even though I started building my first website many years ago, believe it or not, the prices have not increased. You can still buy decent Web hosting for around $7.95 a month and you can also still buy a .com domain name for around $10 a year. So these are the only two things that you will need to start your million-dollar business. The other things you will need are time and blood, sweat and tears.

You might have your own Web hosting and have started building a website, but you might not be able to see the million-dollar business potential. Don’t worry, because I did not see this million-dollar business either.

How do people turn $100 investment into a million-dollar business?

Lets get something straight right now. A million-dollar business does not happen overnight and involves a crazy amount of work. People used to roll their eyes at me when, in the early days, I told them that I was only making $1000 a month from all the work I was doing. (This was only my hobby then) They basically told me that I was wasting my time. Lucky I did not listen to these people!

One guy shrugged his shoulders and told me I was an idiot working for less than a $5 an hour. I looked at him and thought, what an idiot he is, I am not working to get paid per hour.

Now I do not tell people how much I make (exactly) as they might not believe me.

What did I do?

I built one really good website! That’s it!

When I say really good, I mean really good. Every day I tried to improve my website and move forward, even if I could only work on it for a few minutes, it did not matter because in the end it all added up. It started with an idea and one or two articles, and just grew from there.

I did this for a few years until I decided to sell my other real world businesses and do blogging full time. This made my online income explode.

Five things that you have to be to build an Internet million-dollar business:

  1. You need to work hard and believe that you will be rewarded in the end.
  2. You need to take failure and use it as a valuable experience and move on.
  3. You need to ignore negative people and also ignore the hype about making money on the Internet at the same time.
  4. You need to see your goal ahead and go and get it!
  5. You need to be patient while you build your virtual real estate.

Where to start?

Like I said, this big business does not happen overnight. But I can summarize some steps to get you started. Of course there are details that I cannot go into in just one article. For example, buying a domain name involves choosing a niche or topic to build your website around.

  1. Buy your web hosting and domain name
  2. Install WordPress on your new hosting account
  3. Customize your WordPress website
  4. Create necessary pages such as site map, privacy policy, about us, and so on
  5. Create your WordPress categories using related keywords
  6. Start adding related content and make it interesting

Here is a free report explaining all of these steps in detail. (No signup required)

Your first website might fail, but if you have the right attributes for this business, you will definitely see that failure as a good experience and move on. Most Internet marketing millionaires have many interesting stories to tell about their failures they have experienced, before making it big. There are many ups and downs but always look at the down times and know that the up times ARE coming.

How to make your website standout?

We all know that there is a huge amount of competition on the Internet but do not let that scare you. My first website was built for passion as I love working with computers and anything techie. Little did I know that my main competition would be some of the biggest websites on the Internet. Sites like and But eventually I found my way in to the race. The real key was to develop your own website without copying your competition. The website had to have its own personality and just because one website is successful does not mean a copy of it will be as well.

Don’t get me wrong, I would study my competition, but I would always try to do something better or something different. It is as simple as that.

A timeline for a million-dollar business

Sorry guys I cannot give you a timeline to create a billion-dollar business online because you might be a slacker or you might be an extremely hard worker, so obviously the creation of this business depends entirely on you.

The website you are looking at right now started making money only after a few months of its existence. However by this time I had experience with building other websites and also new how to tell people how to do this themselves. If I had started a website about building websites back in the early days, my content would have been rubbish.

For a newbie, of course it takes longer to build up a successful business. For an experienced person like me, it can take as little as a month or even a week, depending on the resources available to me.

How am I building a million-dollar business?

I am building a million dollar business by building authority websites. Of course, as I mentioned above, there are many other ways.

Now people ask me what I do for a living, I tell them I build houses, one brick at a time.

  • I buy land in a good suburb for my house to be built on. (Web hosting)
  • I create a house plan. (Website business plan)
  • I lay the foundations for my house and make sure they are solid enough to build a big house. (WordPress, easily expandable)
  • I create the rooms. Like a lounge room is for lounging and the kitchen is the cooking. (categories)
  • I add in the structure and the walls of the house so people can browse through the rooms easily. (Navigation)
  • I make sure I finish the house with a nice design so it attracts people and makes them comfortable enough to stay. (Web design)
  • I add furniture to the rooms that makes people want to stay and see more. (great content)
  • I position pretty trinkets and gifts on the furniture so people are tempted. (monetizing)
  • I give my house the personal touch so people know that it is my house. (branding)
  • I keep my house clean. No one wants to enter a dirty house. (Spam free)
  • My house is constantly changing. (Blogging never stops)
  • My door is always open. (Ready for visitors 24/7)

I could go on, but I’m sure you get the picture. Previously I also related my blogging career to growing a tree in this article about building a successful WordPress website. I like to add a bit of flare to my articles just to see if anyone is reading them! LOL

The reason I am writing this article is to tell you that blogging can be a million-dollar business. It is not just for the blogging gurus that are famous as this can happen to you as well. You just have to work hard, be patient and stick at it.

Now its your turn..

How about you tell me how you are going to build your billion-dollar business online?


  1. says

    Wow ! what a great post,for me it is very big deal to build million-dollar from mere $100
    investment,But now after reading your experience i think it is not more difficult as i think.
    Thanks you lot for sharing.
    Manisha Singh recently posted..SEO: URL Optimization

  2. says

    This post remembering my old website, yes the first failure is the way of success in the future, building website is easy, but the income depend on topic, i suggest for newbies the successful blogs or websites is not easy, if you have money to spend on your websites that can get huge visitors in short period, but if you on your own that completely depend on you.
    RakBel recently posted..Top Ayurvedic Hospitals in Bangalore, Karnataka

  3. Kristine says

    Making an initial investment will not guarantee your complete success and learn to manage your expectations in terms of reaching a financial goal. It really does take a great deal of perseverance, hard work and determination to beat the odds and rise above the rest. Thanks for sharing your valuable insights :)

  4. Joy says

    I honestly thought that this is just going to be one of those get-rich-quick schemes going around cyberspace but I’m completely mistaken. It’s true that success cannot be achieved overnight more so if you’re looking into amassing a lot of money. It takes a great deal of effort, perseverance and dedication to turn your small investment into millions. Thanks for the enlightening share :)
    Joy recently posted..Tips on how to make money from silver

  5. says

    This is the ultimate guide to success from blogging from just 100 dollars. It is remarkable. In any business, you must give 6 to 12 months of waiting period to take the business of the ground. Similarly blogging is bit like that, although its unknown business, rewards are very good. But hard work and being persistent all the way is required.
    Shalu Sharma recently posted..What to buy in India?

  6. says

    Great, honest work on what it takes. Mitz your last line sums it all up “work hard, be patient and stick at it”. It’s taken me two years of constant work to get to the point where one of my websites is making money and it’s still not enough to solely live off. Everything takes time, you’ve just got to keep working at it.

  7. cristin smith says

    This post inspire me, i had certain plan of establishing my own website but had some doubt and now after reading your article doubt are clear. i am ready to given my 100%. thank you so much.
    cristin smith recently posted..Forside

  8. Elaine Salt says

    I admire your creative and innovative idea on how to make huge money out of small investments. But I guess you became more successful because you have this exceptional perseverance on what you are doing even if others think your nuts.

  9. chris says

    Having just started my company with around a hundred bucks I can totally relate… Now to go about turning that 100 bucks into a million…. Id be happy with $1,000 right now :)

    Personally I think the key is your product. It has to be better then anyone eles… Quality is the key.
    chris recently posted..I Hope You Can Dance

  10. Mark says

    Hello Mitz,

    This is a very inspirational article. Virtual real estate is a perfect example. I would say the most important thing would be to pick a niche you are very passionate about or one that you want to learn the most about “become an expert” Then use googles keyword research tool to see what people are searching for in your niche and focus on providing them value. Make sure you do basic SEO for each page and use the keywords you are targeting. Then when you get the traffic build your own product that will solve a problem or help the people in your niche.

  11. Justin Young says

    I really love this post. It definitely outlines how success can happen which is usually not overnight. But if you create, and stick to a good website business plan then over time it will happen. Do not get impatient and frustrated, just use the time you have in a wise and productive manner. The effort you put in will add up. Thank you for the inspiration.
    Justin Young recently posted..Supercharged Google Search Tricks To Help You Find Stuff Fast

  12. Azam says

    Off course this motivational post and many people have left 9 to 5 jobs in search of online smart earning but many of them were without long terms patience. With skill and hard work, patience is main ingredient to earn $$ from online resources.
    Azam recently posted..Silpada Designs National Conferences

  13. deco says

    Wow this is very good article looking nice & attractive.I LOVE TO READ YOUR ARTICLES.I love
    your way of thinking.Thanks for grate post.

    • Mitz says

      There are none that I can see… I have had many businesses and this is the best so far!!!

  14. Ed Mackabie says

    I really like your comment on failure. It should encourage us to strive forward. If you don’t succeed from the first try and you give up… well, everybody does that. To be consistent in your approach and to never give up is what makes the dough rise. Little steps. Big results.
    Ed Mackabie recently posted..Best place to buy cigarettes online

  15. Matt Kinsella says

    I have good experience from the last 15 years of building businesses and investing in property but this last year has been a great learning curve for me to learn about how money is made online. I often tell people that to build a new venture from scratch and find a decent amount of success with it often takes 3 years even if things go reasonably well from day 1. Starting out last year with limited experience in modern web design, no existing online following and no experience of making money directly online I have learned a lot but I still see the same 3 year rule panning out with my online venture too. I think many people give up early because nobody envisages a new project taking 1,2 or even 3 years to start coming good. Thanks for all the info, this is a great post.

    • Mitz says

      I agree that many people give up too early.. When I first started out there were loads of websites about computers that seemed to be my competition but so many slowly disappeared. Luckily i stuck around through all the good and bad times…making hardly any money but working still… It is amazing how it pays off in the end…Now I cannot even sell my websites as they are too valuable and we have been through too much together! :)
      Mitz recently posted..Link Building Tutorial – What Is Link Building

  16. Krishna says

    Great idea/post to make $million business with $100 investment that inspires. I think articles which are helpful to all in their daily life are more useful and helps u build your business as well.Thanks for sharing!

  17. says

    Even if you made 1000 bucks per month for a huge amount of work, people should not roll eyes on that. You don’t pull millions from a hat like a rabbit, you work for it, you gain experience and you profit from it in time.

    Much respect for not giving up and following your guts !

  18. says

    I would say my biggest advice to making money online is, do the work that the guru’s are telling you to do. This was my biggest mistake. I could have been making money a lot sooner had I done the things that were required… building a list… ect..

    I’d say the biggest misconception in making money online is that it’s easy. It’s not. It’s a business that you have to work like any other business. However, the benefits waaaaay out weigh the work. I love the free time it gives me. :)

  19. surat says

    thanks for tips… great post as usual. Like you, I never expected my online properties to do as well as they do (but always working toward more). I too sold my offline business once my blogging income hit a certain point.

  20. says

    Hmm, that was some awesome reading. I think that you have absolutely right and the keyword is patience and long-term strategy. It would be awesome to earn the living by blogging and do the thing you really appreciate. Articles like this gives you the hope of dreams coming true.

  21. natasha says

    It is easy to say but hard to do and a long time investment required to get this million dollars business achievement. Only those people can do it have excellent skills in business as well as great mountains of good luck. However, your points are very effective to understand the methods and tricks to boost any business.

  22. Michael smith says

    Dont get me wrong but you have seriously hidde various facts, you have mentioned about earning money online but you have never mentioned how much you actually are earning, and this is what is actually important and this is what you need to tell us.

    • Mitz says

      Well the proof is in the information I give…I have mentioned some income with screenshots on other posts (could be fake though??) but I do not talk about this all the time…

      Too bad you are focussing on the money.. Will this make you successful or make you believe my story? Unfortunately seeing what other people earn will not make you earn a cent…It’s how you do it that counts..
      Mitz recently posted..Content Is Not The Only King Of WordPress Website Building!

  23. Jack says

    I love how internet has revolutionized the world of business. Something that used to look so advanced and required people to have really really good management AND technical skills has turned into something any common man can do, with appropriate guidance, motivation and persistence.
    Jack recently posted..Armani Watches For Men

  24. Nicholas says

    A lot of great information on here, definitely inspires me to take the necessary steps to get a website started and try to make money off it. If only I had enough time to do so!! Great article, learned a lot, thanks.

  25. says

    Building a million dollar business with 100 dollars can be a fantastic idea. But let me speak of my experience. There is no short cut to hard work. I have come across many people who tried to build castles in the air but later ended up in dismay. So please do not be carried away with the idea of cutting corners.

    • mitz says

      There is no suggestion that it is easy to build a million dollar business.. I do agree it is extremely hard work. Only an idiot will tell you there is a trick to it or a fast and easy way.

  26. Karthik says

    I’m trying to go for that first million after failing once. This time around though I’m seeing all the SEO efforts are paying off and I’m actually getting some decent traffic!

    Were you ever tempted to use black hat SEO strategies to get your websites up and running Mitz? Or have you stayed white hat all throughout?
    Karthik recently posted..Cheap Caterers in Utah for Weddings, Birthdays, and Parties

  27. says

    Allthough, you have given a view on how to build a blog or website with $100 investment which is true, but I think there is a much better way and that too with almost no cost and more quickly. I mean using facebook, or youtube and cpa offers and you can you use your $100 for outsourcing fan building from different micro job sites. Just keep on adding attention grabing contents on daily or bi-weekly basis.

    • Mark Son says

      Before starting business you need to plan then execute your strategies..If not then you lose your money within second. Hey mitz, I like your ideas and techniques which you described in your post. I spend only 30 minutes for reading your post and came up one point I also implement your techniques in my blog. As you know that every blog as asset. If you care then you earn money a lot form your blog.
      Mark Son recently posted..02 Auguest 2012 Google Update PageRank And SERP

      • Mitz says

        Hi Mark
        Yes I agree that every blog is an asset. I have a blog that is just sitting there doing nothing at all..It could be great if I just added content and worked on it…That’s how simple it is..

  28. says

    is possible, to invest just $100 and make $1million. I like the way you suggest that web hosting is like the land and that the design of the website is like the house itself and then the domain name is like the street address right? I have often thought the same way about web hosting, website domain names and web design.

    • Mitz says

      If you followed all the rules that you were taught in school the readers would think your writing was boring junk. You need to bring your personality out and develop your own style of writing..

      It is all about sharing what knowledge you have and getting people to understand it. Many people have the information but are so full of rules that they cannot explain the information to others.
      Mitz recently posted..Writing SEO Content to Please The Search Engines and The Humans

  29. Jason says

    It is possible, to invest just $100 and make $1million. I like the way you suggest that web hosting is like the land and that the design of the website is like the house itself and then the domain name is like the street address right? I have often thought the same way about web hosting, website domain names and web design.

    I think when it comes to investing just $100, you need to make sure you create a very good blog, one that appeals to a lot of people, get the best quality content on a daily basis posted on there, once that is done then that is the first step to creating a successive business online and making a lot of money out of it is something that is very possible, millions is something that is easily actionable as it has been done before and will be done again.
    Jason recently posted..Coupon: $3.00 off on any K-Y Brand Product

  30. says

    Hi Mitz,
    Its really an achievement to build a million dollar business from a mere $100 investment.After reading your post I could say that this post encourages newbies to enter in this business.Keep on keepin on.Thanks

  31. Rosaria Lucchesi says

    Hello Mitz, at first I would like to say thank you for your great post to set up a business blogging, however, after reading all of them, I think $100 Investment is just an initial amount, so, in my mind, to build a Million-Dollar Business, you need to spend more money than that.

    • mitz says

      No you only really need $100 because everything else is great to buy but not always necessary… It is your hard work and time that you need to invest. I never spent a cent more for the first 5 years. Everything seemed like a scam to me so I avoided them.
      mitz recently posted..Successful WordPress Website Checklist

  32. Michael Di Carlo says

    I think that It’s fairly easy to make money online if you are willing to put in some time and effort.
    About a million dollar business, that can be a bit harder but your initial success will eventually snowball into that too, especially if you take what you earn and reinvest it in your business

  33. says

    And you need more than anything the luck of the beginner, because sometimes you work hard and nothing comes. Life is sometimes cruel!

    • Mitz says

      Yes this is true too!! Some people have all the luck but if you remain positive and on track something must happen!!!

  34. says

    very inspirational post, loved the way you managed to spend (rather invest) your $100. maybe with patience we will get to where you are! you deserve to be there with all your hard work and am glad youve shared it with us
    alex recently posted..Run With the Vision

  35. says

    Glad you said it takes a crazy amount of work and this was not a hype post – nice a grounded; how it should be.

    I plan to make my million dollar site through e-commerce websites. From classified ads sites to auction sites and more. That’s where my passion lies 😀

  36. Greg Botham says

    This is so much inspirational. I loved the way you managed to spend (rather invest) your $100.
    You deserved the success you have achieved.
    Best wishes ahead.

    Greg Botham recently to get a girlfriend

  37. Jack Sander says

    Making a 1 million business with just 100 dollars, seems surreal in any other field, but online anything is possible. Thank you for this beautiful motivational post and for pointing out that such a success requires a huge amount of work.
    Jack Sander recently posted..How to bend drywall

  38. James Martin says

    Patience is a virtue. That’s what trait of the writer reflected in this article. This is an inspirational writing and did a very good impact to people who are looking ways to improve and develop their works.
    James Martin recently posted..London 2012 Olympics Games

  39. jon says

    thanks for sharing your story and secret to sucess, youve clearly worked hard with a lot of determination an focus, i think we learn more from reading someone experience than being told what to do…hats off to you!

  40. John says

    Hey Mitz,

    It really is amazing the little investment needed to start making a good income online. The best advice you gave is to keep working hard and believe that you’ll be rewarded in the end, because when you’re building an online business you won’t start reaping the benefits for months or even a year or two. I’m not exactly sure yet how I’m going to build my billion dollar business but I have some ideas.
    John recently posted..How To Learn Notes on The Guitar – Effective Tips To Help You Memorize Each Note

  41. rai says

    Earning a million dollar from a hundred bucks investment is possible. But it’ll really take a long time and a lot of consistent efforts. Many businessmen are going their way to the online world so expect more competition ever before.

  42. Elena Anna says

    I love the correlation to building a house because it is a bullseye. I 100% believe that if you invest enough of your time into a website you can grow it to a million dollar venture. The nice thing, like you said, is that you don’t need money so much as you need time. A lot of people have no money but lots of time and want to make some money.
    Elena Anna recently posted..Saunas And Healing

  43. Alex Sim says

    Thanks for the info. I am getting in to the web hosting business that will complement my web design portal. Your post is very encouraging. I would add in domain registration as one of the service offering as well.

  44. Jaemi says

    Thanks for sharing your story. I know someone who built a website, sold it, and earned a lot of money from it. I guess you really have to take risks and work hard to make your small investment grow.

  45. Bishwajeet says

    Techcrunch and Huffington post all started with minimum investment and look where they are now. All you need to have a clear cut idea on what you want to achieve and you ll surely achieve that.
    Bishwajeet recently posted..Top 10 eBook readers in 2012

    • mitz says

      Yes very true… I really did start with less than $100 and have made thousands from that.. Of course my costs have gone up now but the ROI is amazing! :)

  46. Rick Katz says

    A wise old man once said; It takes 5 years to be an over night success. It takes lots of time, dedication, and effort. But if you are able to sacrifice, then success can be achieved.

    • mitz says

      LOL I like that one!!!! “It takes 5 years to become an overnight success” I might write an article about that.. Who is the wise man who said this?

  47. Julie says

    Such a great story of yours! Thanks for sharing your secret key of success, your results are really amazing! I totally agree, the most important investment is a good and secure web hosting service, although there are some free hosting services, but the because of the safe environment ithat few bucks are really worth.
    Julie recently posted..wisdom teeth

  48. Chris Barker says

    Hi Mitz!

    When I first saw your headline “$100 Investment to a million dollar business”, i was immediately intrigue, although i know as well acquiring true wealth doesn’t happen overnight. Anyhow, i would love to get some tips and i did get some, thankfully you created a well laid out plan on how to build a good house!:) Creative way of writing it! Indeed making a killer website is like building a well designed solid house. Thanks for sharing your ideas, i’m into internet marketing as well and, i hope someday i would be…at least half as good as you! Great post!
    Chris Barker recently posted..Online backup for PC & Mac

  49. Chris says

    Great info. I’d like to stress the importance of the being patient part. It really does take a lot of time and effort up front and you may not see the fruits of your labor right away.

    I started a personal blog about a year ago to see if it was something I was interested in and enjoyed doing. I stuck with it and in January decided to make the leap into utilizing a hosting account and I started on a few niche site ideas.

    It was super easy to get started, but it is also quite easy to get frustrated when you don’t see traffic/comments/clicks right away. I had been feeling a bit unmotivated blog/niche wise recently, but then out of no where I got my daily email for an affiliate product I promote and I had my first sale!

    That was such a surprise and something that really got me motivated. I saw truly how several posts that I did months ago, finally paid off in the result of a sale over 6 months later. Good luck to everyone, keep at it and good things will come!
    Chris recently posted..Blogging Resources and Essential Tools

  50. Mercedes says

    Internet-based income generation ideas are great ways to fight recession. In fact, it can even double your expectations. What you need are the guts to start, a little capital to get things working, and patience to wait for results. Big money waits for those who patiently develop their sites and blogs 😉

    • says

      Yeah, If you can patiently wait till your business developed, you can make a huge money from it. But most people gave up their online businesses because they can wait till they become profitable. That is why we need sustained motivation to be a successful online businessmen.
      Sajith recently posted..When I got my first Google AdSense cheque

  51. adam says

    I’m part of a web design business in Coventry but also have an online shop. The guy who I’m working for actually built my website for me. It’s kind of like a side project but the shop sells Games, DVD’s, CD’s and Books etc and it’s very hard work. I’m constantly on the phone sorting out orders and pumping money into the business and you start to think where the reward comes from but I’m believer in the saying ‘Patience is a virtue’ and hopefully it will pay off.
    It’s articles like this that inspire people to go on and do great things.
    adam recently posted..In Case You Are Trying To Obtain More Traffic The Fast RSS Submitter Can Certainly Help

  52. Brett says

    A couple a weeks ago I bought a $100 website from a guy on the Warrior Forum.

    I pimped up the site a bit, and I believe I could sell it for $500 on Flippa.

    It’s never gonna make a million, but my return on my investment has been spectacular.
    Brett recently posted..How to Make Money From Websites

  53. says

    wow, a great post and you are so right. A lot of people didn’t even have any web building skills but they were good entrepreneurs, they asked for favours, borrowed and tried new things. People say you need to be careful but that just means you are limiting yourself, I say just go for it, if you fail then you learn from your experience and can succeed the next time around.

  54. Jim Jenks says

    With anything successful you definitely have to work hard. Get rich quick schemes come and go but that’s not lasting.

  55. Smith says

    Fisrt i want to congrats to you for the succes you got from your business ,Man really a nice post .its a motivate post for us. who are fresher in his life..Really i appriciate you……..Great Work by you …….

  56. Ejaz Alam says

    Hi Mitz, you have definitely added flare to this post as well. Normally I ama silent reader of your blog but this post you have done wonders indeed by describing blogging as building houses. Cheers from my side. This post has no doubt motivated and inspired thousands of bloggers. My youngest son got a burst of layghter on the ‘flare’ you added as a weeping child who has not done SEO for his website. Cheers and regards from my son and me.

    • mitz says

      Hi Ejaz.. LOL yeah the poor little baby didn’t do SEO. Thanks for coming out of hiding to comment. :)

  57. says

    Hey Mitz

    Absolutely love your post – it’s something we try and tell clients day in and day out that it really IS possible to turn a tiny amount of cash into a proper life-changing business.

    Of course if you put a dollar value on your time when setting up your site or sites it’s a considerably greater investment – but many people at the moment are cash poor and time rich, so rather than falling into the daytime TV depression, get off your derriere and believe in yourself as it truly is possible.

    I’m going to point non-believers in the direction of your genius PDF – karma and kudos to you for giving it away without harvesting e-mails.

    • mitz says

      Hi Alison..Yes good karma is a great thing and the more I give the more I get. Either that, or I am very lucky. :)

  58. says

    Having a blog is like having your own online business. Something that you need to spend your full attention just to become successful. As an entrepreneur, I do believe that a business requires more than a 100% commitment just to achieve success. So it is important for a business owner to lay down all the things he/she needs to consider to make everything possible.
    Claire recently posted..Spotting and Removing Toxic Black Mold

  59. Erik Emanuelli says

    Hi Mitz,

    thanks for share this post, it is a huge positive source !

    We definetely need passion, persistance and creativity to reach online success…
    and always think positive !

    The goal can be a million dollar business, but also a little bit less could be not so bad !

    Erik Emanuelli recently posted..11 Mistakes that a Good Blogger Should Avoid

  60. says

    What I like most about this post is that you built one really good website, not scores of (crap) sites like so many other people advocate. I always come away from the other guys thinking that one change in Google will torpedo everything they have worked so hard for. Quality sites will stand tall regardless of what Google does, and that is the way to a good online business.

    • mitz says

      Hi Nick
      Yes I agree that a few good websites is better than loads of them. I actually found it hard to control and remember too many…Its like looking after 100 children…I simply could not do that without a lot of help.
      mitz recently posted..Build a Website – The First Steps

  61. says

    You hear a lot of stories about people who have started up their buisness with hardly any money so yes I think its doable! I know when I leave uni I’ll be in debt so I won’t be able to spend a lot of money on starting my buisness so I’m looking forward to the challenge!
    Harriet recently posted..Sony Ericsson Xperia X8

  62. Jeanne R. Weiss says

    So true! So true! Staying with people who always think negative will definitely destroy us. I’m building my website now and still in a phase of making it profitable. Thanks for inspiring us.
    Jeanne R. Weiss recently posted..SEO Agency

  63. Siobhan Whelan says

    You make it sound so easy but it is anything but easy. The first few months of SEO are so painful when you don’t see any results.


    • mitz says

      Well if you keep going you will do better than me.. I used to do heaps but slowed down a bit a now as I am happy with what I get. This blogging full time has allowed me to have more of a life and earn great money at the same time. The best thing I have ever done. :)
      mitz recently posted..My Daily Blogging Routine Exposed!

  64. Peter Lawlor says

    great post as usual. Like you, I never expected my online properties to do as well as they do (but always working toward more). I too sold my offline business once my blogging income hit a certain point.

    And also like you I’m a believer in the authority site approach rather than small/thin sites. I tried the small website model and it didn’t work. I much prefer building a huge, broad site that I love writing for and improving. I have 3 established websites and 2 more in development (I added 2 this year – one of which dovetails with one of my other established sites).

    Thanks for sharing.
    Peter Lawlor recently posted..How to Start an SEO Business PLUS 4 Fee Models

  65. says

    Hey Mitz, Your article has once again boosted up my hopes which were i loosing, my story is same, may be many people who belongs to this business might have same experience. I started to work on my blog right a year before and i have seen many downs in it and waiting n struggling for Ups…. 😛 I have number of confusions in my mind, can i discuss them with you and have some good tips from your end?
    rizxi recently posted..A Close Look At Sony Xperia Range

    • meerab seyal says

      hey Mitz…
      loved ur article..u made my day n of my loved ones…see u in future as in my future i have to see u again and again..

  66. Liane Markus says

    This is definitely a good idea and I am certain that many people would like to try this technique of yours.
    Liane Markus recently posted..קבלה

  67. jan says

    That’s a great analogy Mitz – building a house one brick at a time and also extremely good to hear that you started off with one good website. The person that I learned from had 200 and I thought that is what I would have to do, but really maintaining a top website takes a lot of time so having 200 would be nothing short of a nightmare.
    jan recently posted..Insulin and weight gain – is insulin making you fat?

    • mitz says

      Yes all this money making information comes easy when you have experience but it’s having the time to write it that is troubling me!!! :) I need more writers!!! Know any you can refer to me?

      • says

        If I get someone good I will let you know. I usually end up paying someone to write for some of my sites and write myself for the blog.

  68. Noah says

    Congratulation for be success in your business. I think you are so careful about your business. Your planes are good. It is a business of web-hosting. Do you do anymore beside it?

    Noah recently posted..female psychology

  69. says


    Thanks for the great tips. Hope you to see you successful in your goal to build a million dollar business.

    While I started creating about 5 wordpress sites, it would take mo sometime to build a plan to create a million dollar business.When I am ready , I will try to build a site which people need regularly in their daily life.

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