Building New Links on Old Pages

I make a full time income from building new links on old pages. This might be directly or indirectly. The new links might be internal links or they might be affiliate links. Either way, the links will be pointing to some page that could possibly make me money.

I recently wrote an article about earning extra money by going back and optimizing your posts. This does not just apply to internal linking because in this article I am focusing on just building or adding a new link on old pages.

Now there is always some controversy about building new links on old pages. People often say that it is not worth it and Google does not take any notice of your old pages. This is not true as I have been doing this for years and have very old articles still ranking at the top of the search engines.

To tell the truth, I could not afford for some of these articles to fall out of the search engine rankings, as they make me too much money. It is not easy to come across content that can make you money so you need to care for it and update it often.

Building new links on old pages – Why?

There are many reasons why you would want to start building new links on old pages, however I will give you a few of my own personal reasons.

  • The old page is related to a piece of new content that you have published.
  • The old page is still getting great traffic and you want to add a link to sell something.
  • The old page needs jazzing up.

Now if you are building internal links, you basically want Google to crawl the old page you have just placed the new link on. Therefore you need to change the page or add new content to make it look fresh, allowing Google to notice it again. It is an art and is a lot like restoring an old car to enter a competition. You want the car to be noticed and appreciated.

A great way to do this is to simply add a new paragraph of relevant information or expand on one you already have.

On the other hand, if you are adding an affiliate link to your old pages, then you would not be worried about re-indexing, you would be more worried about getting more traffic to your affiliate link. Of course re-indexing helps but we can also survive on existing traffic.

What do others have to say about building links on old pages?

Watch this video as it mentions some more interesting details about building  new links on old pages.

Of course I love taking advice from SEOMoz, not because they are famous, but because they make total sense.

Tim Grice  did a study about this and concluded that there was no point building new links on old pages and less you to get the page re-indexed by Google. I am fine with that because I like to keep my best content updated anyway.

Add fresh content to your old pages

I am continually adding fresh content to old pages for search engine optimization. In fact this is the exact reason that I can dominate Google search results for so many different keywords.

For example if I see that our pages traffic is dropping, will work on it and bring it back to life. This will get the old page on Google’s radar and they will want to check it out again. I also like to keep comments enabled, even on older posts, as this brings in free fresh content. Continual comments proves that your content has no used by date.

Therefore, as stated in the video above, when making new links on old pages, it is definitely better to get your old page re-indexed by Google. This means that the page gets crawled and the new links you have just made get followed to the new page.

To enforce all of this and make sure my new links on old pages are acknowledge, I also build some new back links to the old page. This follows with my theory of pretending that it is new content. Basically I am promoting each new article anyway.

Social share you old page

Share your old post like it is new. Pretend that it is fresh content and you want to share it with everyone. If your post is really worth sharing, change the date that you published it to today’s date so it shows up on your front page. This only works if you have no date factors included in your WordPress permalink structure.

Get the Tweet old posts free and have this plug-in randomly choose an old post and Tweet it for you.

Of course you need to make sure you have social media buttons installed on your website to allow your visitors to share your content. All of this will increase web traffic to your old posts.

 Have you tried building new links on old pages? What was the outcome?


  1. Molly Groman says

    This is really amazing Mitz, I was under the impression that once the page is old, it simply lies there until there is better content. This tweaking the old post is certainly a very fresh idea, I have posted a lot of content earlier and a lot of them has good rankings. I am not sure whether I will be able to edit them or not..

    Tell me one thing, how do you edit the old article posted or press release posted? coz the press release service that i use doesn’t allow me to do the edit
    Molly Groman recently posted..Should you insure your pet

    • mitz says

      Hi Molly
      Some article sites let you edit and resubmit your article but this post above is mostly about editing posts on your own website.

  2. Jack says

    Very interesting, I have to admit I’m one of the people who doesn’t build manually links to old pages. But I did realise recently it has been causing my rankings to drop. One page’s pagerank was 4 but after a year it has dropped to a 2! That’s significant change. Search Engines look for a naturalistic link profile, so yeah they do suspect if you get just one link blast at a time and you don’t get any more with passage of time.

    The 80/20 rule works wonders with this. It may not be possible to keep building new links to all pages but you can find out which 20% of the pages are bringing 80% of the income, and maintain top rankings for them by building new links.
    Jack recently posted..Armani Watches For Men

    • Jessie says

      Great point, especially considering the recent updates with Google Panda. I firmly believe that building links in a natural way is the way forward. So many people have been hit with the recent ALN updates after they got a bit greedy and built links from spammy sites too quickly.

  3. Keith Irvine says

    I have worked on linking on old pages and have found amazing response and traffic for my website. I was always in worried that working on this old pages wont be helpful for me. But when I saw the result i got the confidence that even old pages has the power to boost your results.

  4. Danica Green says

    This one is a great strategy for making your old post useful. Not all old posts are irrelevant to the present issues and needs of the market that’s for this reason it is a smart thing to recycle your post so new visitors could still read your old post.

  5. Steven says

    This is a good strategy I use myself constantly, and as you say it works despite what many people say. The same goes for a lot of SEO techniques (people will say it’s outdated when it’s not). My theory for this is they haven’t really experimented with any supposed algorithm changes to begin with, or they’re ready as sheep to follow what their “A List” SEO masters tell them.

    Great post mitz with some top advice that is still relevant to SEO even in 2012 and no doubt will continue to be for many years.

  6. John says

    Updating content on otherwise stale pages is the key. I used to make the mistake of not keeping tabs on my successful, but older, pages.

  7. Ming says

    This is something that I haven’t done enough though I need to do it for quite a few of posts mainly because there are needs to update more relevant content. Also, it is a good practice to monitor the old posts to point links to the new relevant posts so that people will be able to read more from your blogs.

    Ming recently posted..Linkvana Review Plus Case Studies

  8. says

    This sounds like a very powerful strategy. There are bound to be lots of older pages on a blog that you still want to promote. Earlier this week I published a post which I think could convert well, but unfortunately my blog is very new. So by using these strategies, I should be able to periodically make some changes to that page and make the search engines think that page is fresh content. I can see how it would be useful to use a wp plugin that automatically tweets older posts from the archives.
    Jeremy recently posted..Financial Movie Review: Margin Call

  9. Annette Golphin says

    I never thought about this building new links on old pages. I agree that building new links on old pages still can generate traffic and to add something that you want to sell online.
    Annette Golphin recently posted..Timber Windows & Timber Doors

    • mitz says

      There is no definite rule here as Google changes their ways every day. The only way to tell is to do it and see if it works. It like riding a wave, they are very unpredictable and different all the time.
      This would also depend on your blog..Is it active and getting crawled a lot or is it lifeless? An active blog would probably have to do less to get noticed.

  10. Patricia says

    Hi Mitz

    I agree with you. Just revamped my site, rewrote older articles (have learnt more about SEO) and they are getting visitors who haven’t read the posts before.

    Retweeting these posts also sees traffic coming in and new readers too. Definitely worth updating older posts; especially when they are good content.

    Patricia Perth Australia
    Patricia recently posted..French Lavender

  11. Adrian says

    How can I easy swap my host? Where are the best themes? Need to try change one beacause still struggling to get a traffic for my web. Thanks

  12. Brankica says

    I do this often too. Not to mention that the last time my blog broke I had to go through each and every post to fix stuff so while doing that I just updated them all with new info if necessary and added some links to new pages. I just like to keep a flow and sometimes, I write posts today that a post from 3 months ago could use. So I help myself and the readers :)

    Love the post!
    Brankica recently posted..To SEO or not to SEO? Who are you kiddin’

  13. says

    Very interesting – I am new to this so I have never thought about it quite frankly. Is there any knowledge out there on how much one needs to update a post to get it indexed again? This would be very helpful.Thanks for the tips – this will be very useful!

    • mitz says

      Updating the info and adding a few small paragraphs should do it.. Also maybe a few links to it too…

  14. Becca says

    Every time I read your post i always learn a lot from it and some of your tips
    I already apply to by current business.
    Thanks much Mitz! keep on posting.

  15. Peter says

    Hi Mitz,
    i enjoyed your video very much!I have never consider building links on “old” pages because i thought people wouldn’t visit them.Now, after what you posted, i look forward doing it and hopefully i will get some good results!

  16. Jeanne R. Weiss says

    Hi Mitz,

    So that;s explains why sometimes blogs are dated as new but the comments are old. Great strategy! I will try this with my web.
    Jeanne R. Weiss recently posted..Local SEO

  17. Isaac Sarayiah says

    First may I congratulate you on your Alexa ranking. I launched my blog in late August 2011 and at time of writing it is now ranked in the top 650k sites in the world – a jump of over 27m places in just over 5 months. I am now getting over a 1000 hits a week – but I get few comments.

    I am trying to help people change their way of thinking and problem solving using my unique experiences so they can challenge the status quo and “be FREE be ALIVE be Truly HAPPY.”

    As regards adding new content to ‘old’ pages I can see why that would be beneficial but I think with my site that would be very difficult to do.

    Would be grateful for your advice and what you think – my site is

    Happy New Year and have a wonderful day.
    Isaac Sarayiah
    Isaac Sarayiah recently posted..Wacky Races – My Posts

  18. says

    The video which you have posted is very informative. It is a good idea to build new links on old posts. The posts on popular topics can really prove profitable if we build new links in them to get more traffic to the desired sites. I think this will be highly effective and guaranteed desired results can be achieved. It is good to way to earn some profit by making use of old posts. Thanks for sharing your useful tips with us!

  19. James says

    I would say it depends on your long term strategy. I don’t agree that the posts would be irrelevant because of the year in which you published it. Old content such as top ten lists can be useful for link building even after they become current trends. Top Ten Toys of 2009 or Top Ten Toys of 2008 can actually become more interesting over time, and you can even provide links within the current list to say ‘See last years list’. In 5 to 10 years they can actually be quite fun to look back on. Its just an opinion and obviously totally dependent on the nature of the topic at hand.
    James recently in the News

  20. Abdullah Khan says

    I am also in this business for quite a long period of time, building new links by various methods possible. I would like to also appreciate the work you do

    Abdullah Khan recently posted..How To Attract Women

  21. says

    Hi Mitz,
    I totally agree with you. Building links to the new pages doesn’t only help them crawl, but it also assist us to gain better rank in SERP results. and there is one plugin called SEO smart link use that plugin to reduce your labor. it really help full for me early i use to edit it manually
    rohit kothari recently store live in India as

  22. Jeo says

    As the old saying goes ‘Old is Gold’. It is a good idea to build links on the old posts. But I think it is important to build new links on the old but popular posts. It will prove beneficial for getting those extra pennies. As we are aware that popular posts never run out of visitors, it will be profitable to build new links on them. Thanks for making realizing this! I never realized this earlier.

  23. says

    I often wondered about spicing up old pages, I always felt like I would mess something up. In otherwords if I had a page one rank, but not at the top. I was always afraid to go after the top spot fearing I would lose the page one position. I think I will try this on some old pages and see how it goes. Thanks for the info.
    Tim recently posted..Shipping Peanuts: Other Uses

  24. Steve says


    You are absolutely right. Old posts NEED to be reviewed and reworked. Perhaps not -constantly- but at least with some regularity. This has positive benefits in many ways and the added interlinking and sales can really make it worthwhile.
    Steve recently posted..The Most Important Post You Will EVER Read

    • mitz says

      Hi Steve
      Great to see you here! Yeah we can’t let the best pages die..Also they are great to use for SEO. I guess every page has a value, even if it does not make money. :)

  25. Joyce Cooper says

    I’ve been using the “add new content to old pages” for some time. It works really, really well plus it forces you to keep your content in order.
    Joyce Cooper recently posted..Forever Lazy

  26. Dennis Marshall says

    Thanks for the tip on the plugin.. I was looking for a plugin like that…. I was sick of having to throw all my tweets in Tweetadder that linked back to my old posts..

    How do get google to reindex your site? Is this something that just happens or do I have to ping it to let google know that my site (or blog post) has something new?
    Dennis Marshall recently posted..The Top 10 Successful Internet Entrepreneurs That Influenced Me More Than They’ll Ever Know

    • mitz says

      You get an old post re-indexed by drawing attention to it… Promoting it, adding fresh content to it, and so on.. When you get loads of content there will be a huge maintenance job to keep everything fresh. :)

        • mitz says

          Yes I probably do 2-3 every week and I choose them by popularity. Or sometimes I link to old posts from new posts but always check the old post to see if it is ok. Managing a blog is very detailed work. We need to do what we can to get every bit of traffic possible.

  27. Becca says

    I agree, SeoMoz really a great help when it comes to Seo. They explain everything clearly, all
    what you want to know on Seo implementation.
    I also enjoy reading your post which also a great help for me. That’s why I keep coming back
    and taking all your tips here.

  28. John Cooper says

    Recently I was reading an article about integration of text and video on blog. Your post is a great illustration of using both text and video. Its well written with an informative video. Its a nice idea to update older content with new information. This not only gives new article but also re-indexes on Google.
    John Cooper recently posted..snow socks

    • mitz says

      Yes I am a big fan of keeping my content up to date and working for me year after year. Some content is priceless! :)

  29. Bryan Ring says

    I love it! How more spot on then that can you be? I took most of the old posts off my FREE WP blog and refreshed most of them. Refreshing the titles, links and content and placed them on my Paid WP-site, and they’re being tracked right….about….NOW!
    I’ve left my FREE blog open and have added fresh content to smaller posts and one way linked them to my paid WP-Site. I’d say don’t be fooled about the FREE site as you will see some traffic their also.
    Awesome stuff Mitz!
    Bryan Ring recently posted..How To Water Your Lawn And The Reward

  30. says

    Sounds good to be true. I see the possibility of the old blog posts outranking the new ones. I get constant sales from my old review pages than the new ones, and I should update them as well. It’s worth to build links on your old posts, because it might improve your rankings on Google.

    Dan Lew recently posted..CommentLuv – I Finally Got Premium

  31. Joe says

    Hey Mitz.

    I use a plugin called SEO smartlinks, and it basically works like this. Whenever you write something that matches another article post OR page, it will automatically link to it. Its a very nice way to automate the process of back linking to an old article, as you just need to mention the title.

    Joe recently posted..Florida Gated Community

  32. Matt Kinsella says

    I constantly see 8 year old pages out ranking my new ones that have much more relative content so Google loves old pages, it’s just down to the links obviously. Good advice.
    Matt Kinsella recently posted..Never Give Up

  33. Amber Lee says

    You explained your thoughts clearly but I think it’s difficult to use the old pages. Thus, I agree about the updating your contents. Can you post more about this stuff?

    Thanks for your interesting thoughts.

    Amber Lee
    Amber Lee recently dating tips

  34. Prakash says

    Hi Mitz,
    building links in old pages just not because of two or three reasons. Its true the old pages still getting much traffic. I think there are lost of other factors present what makes us to build links in old pages.
    Nice article mitz, thanks for this one.
    Prakash recently posted..Sony Ericsson Xperia S

  35. johnavery says

    Looking at the title i was thinking why?.Very well explained or substantiated article. seeing your expertise absolutely agree that you make a full time income from building new links on old pages.
    johnavery recently posted..Classic Cars

  36. Venus says

    Hi Mitz,
    I totally agree with you. Building links to the new pages doesn’t only help them crawl, but it also assist us to gain better rank in SERP results.As the old pages are easy trusted by Google as well.

  37. Rick Castro says

    It is important to update previous blog posts especially if it is outdated. Mitz is right with the idea of building links to previous posts!

  38. Richard says

    I haven’t thought of this for the past months of my blogging career. I always do it the other way around. Whenever I create a new post, I link it to the old pages instead. So whenever someone misses the old information, they can easily go to it. And it helps in my bounce rate I guess.

  39. Herniawan says

    Old post can be use for get link for new article. It caused old post have indexed by search engine so that the new article which linked from old article will indexed quickly .

  40. Herniawan says

    absolutly true that old post can be use for get link for new article. It caused old post have indexed by search engine so that the new article which linked from old article will indexed quickly .

    • mitz says

      No that is just a test tool as far a I know. I do not think you can force Google to re-index unless you give them a reason.

  41. says

    Hi Mitz,

    I agree with your point, If you want to rank your old content for longer period then you must give attention to it’s link building and update the content as per new findings. This will ensure it’s quality and readers won’t mind to read it enough the actual post was published few years back and Google will also see as fresh content.

  42. Miguel says

    Really nice info, it´s a pleasure to read your blog. Thanks for sharing and continue on this way!

  43. Ferb says

    aha, you’re missing a point. Before, we’re going to add fresh content to old pages, we should add the word “update” in bold, so readers can see it and if we don’t add the word “update” then reader might not be read it because some of them were read the page.
    Ferb recently posted..Do’s and Don’ts when Travel while Blogging

    • mitz says

      On the older posts you can add new information and update the content…Then social share it, link back to it and so on…That should get it re-indexed and worthy for the new links.

      • jan says

        Thanks for that Mitz, I have one post that I really need to re-do – too many links, too many widgets!! And it is actually pretty much the next thing on my to-do list so this came at a good time :)
        jan recently posted..The Gabriel Method

  44. says

    Hi there.
    I read your post on making money from blogs, this is a really interesting follow up. Thanks for sharing your views, not everyone wants to share their secrets with their readers!
    Harriet recently posted..Samsung Omnia W

  45. Nathan Jones says

    Thanks for the sharing, keep it up. You are a very good writer. Another very interesting article and particularly relevant to me as I have to go through my old pages and optimise them properly and look at the links.
    Nathan Jones recently posted..How to trade forex successfully

  46. doug_eike says

    I enjoyed this video. For the past 18 months, I”ve been working on developing content, and now link building is taking a bigger role. How valuable are links that are left in comments on other blogs? Between a link that appears in a blogroll and one that is in the text of an article, which is the more valuable? My blog has a PR of 2, and that has made it difficult to interest other bloggers in trading links with me. Will these trades get easier as my PR improves? Thanks for the insights!
    doug_eike recently posted..Eight Writings Everyone Should Read Before The Age Of Twenty

    • mitz says

      When your PR improves people will be contacting you to get links and even buy links.. Of course you can go and get them too but that takes time..
      My theory with link building is that the harder they are to get the more valuable they will be..So commenting is not that hard but commenting has more than just SEO going for it. You get to know people, you get traffic, and more.. runs on the Genesis Framework

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