Why Is Building A Website The Best Way To Make Money Online?

Building a website is the best way to make money online in 2013, 2014, and beyond. Compare it to other ways to make money online: working for someone else, advertising on other people’s websites, or producing content for a closed platform.

In every case, building a website gives you more freedom and more profit potential. Here’s why:

Building A Website To Own

You can build your own website—emphasis on the “own.” If you work on someone else’s website, or proprietary platform, or advertising network, you don’t create any equity. All you have is what you got paid.

But when you build a website from scratch, you not only get the direct monthly income from the website, but you also have the opportunity to sell your website for many times its monthly earnings.

Websites typically sell for 12 to 24 months worth of net profit. That means a website which just barely pays your bills with $2,000 in monthly income is worth up to $48,000.

More importantly, it means that whenever you invest time in your website to increase your monthly income by just 1 dollar, you actually create up to 24 more dollars of equity. Crazy way to look at it but true.

But when you work on someone else’s website, platform, or network to earn that extra dollar, all you get is that extra dollar. It hardly seems worth it.

Build A Website Because It’s Easy And Cheap

I don’t know why you’re reading an article about building a website—by the time you finish this article, you could’ve built a very basic website.

Sure, that website would be too basic to earn any money straight away, but it would be a start. Over the next few days, you could add content, add advertisements, and setup an affiliate marketing account or two.

Then you wait a few days for Google to index your site. You work to get a few backlinks, create some more content to improve the rankings of your best performing content, and—suddenly—you get your first bit of income.

(Sure, it’s probably less than a dollar—but now you’ve made money online. You’re hooked.)

How much did it cost you to make your first bit of online income? Probably less than $10 for a domain and less than $5 for hosting. Typical website annual costs range between $50 and $100—and the income potential is many, many times that. That is exactly why I wrote an article about building a million dollar business with $100 cash.

How much work did you put in? What skills did you need to learn? Here’s a sample:

•     You had to enter your credit card number to purchase your domain and hosting. But make sure you get the best deal by getting a discount on hosting and a bonus as well.
•     You used a one-click install of WordPress which really takes only one click. That is FREE.
•     You filled out some basic information on your new WordPress website, like the site name.
•     You choose a WordPress theme using the Theme Gallery and installed it using another single click or bought a premium theme
•     You wrote your first blog post using the WordPress editor—no HTML or programming required. (The WordPress editor looks a lot like Microsoft Word.)
•     You added advertisements and affiliate links using simple one-click plugin installs. All you had to do was copy your advertiser and affiliate ID numbers into WordPress.

Building a website couldn’t be easier, and it could hardly be any cheaper—so what are you waiting for? In fact here are the first steps to build a website from the ground up.

But before you build the website you need to build it on solid ground. In this video below I show how to buy 3 years hosting for $133.00. Imagine if I was to try and rent a building or shop for 3 years rent? Trust me I have been there are done that! I used to have a cafe that paid over $10,000 a month in rent alone.

Building A Website For Your Passion

Maybe you’re waiting to build a website because you don’t know what to write about. But the freedom to write a website about almost anything is why I think building a website is the best way to make money online in 2013 and beyond.

You really can create a website about anything, and so you should probably create a website about something which stirs your passion.

Any hobby of yours is probably a hobby for a lot of other people too, and people love to spend money on their hobbies—so there’s an incredible income potential.

Don’t believe me? Consider this: some of the top selling non-fiction books are books about how to save money. That’s right, people who self-identify as “frugal” and “cheap” spend an incredible amount of money on books about being frugal and cheap.

If people in the frugal niche can sell to their audience, surely you can sell to the non-spendthrifts in your niche.

Think about making a good income doing what you already enjoy doing. Doesn’t that go a long way towards making building a website the best way to earn money online? Not saying you will never run out of ideas if you write for passion, because eventually you will, but at least you can get your content ideas from all around the web. I use some PLR sites to get my creative juices flowing. I do not straight out publish PLR, I just use it to inspire more awesome content.

Building A Website Online For Experience

One thing is obvious: people with experience building a website will be more employable in the increasingly-digital future.

Even if you don’t want to build a website for any of the reasons listed above, consider how beneficial building a website will be to your professional goals.

When you build a website, you get immediate feedback about the quality and effectiveness of your website. First that feedback comes from Google and other search engines. Then, as you get traffic, feedback starts to come from your website visitors.

Some of that feedback may be direct comments, but most of it will be data gleaned from your statistics. As you review your statistics, you’ll discover what works and what doesn’t—information you can use to improve your skills.

As you improve your skills, you’ll improve your website, and as you improve your website, you can showcase it to potential employers or clients. Everyone wants to hire a successful person—a person who knows how to make money online. Building a website is the best way to make money online now, in the future and wherever your career takes you.

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  1. Kyle Nelson says

    Building websites online to make money is so lucrative any so many ways. I think the hottest ways to make money online right now through building sites is through either blogs, forums, or social networks. The sky is the limit when it comes to making money online.

  2. says

    this is really an eye opining post and have motivated me to start my own business with a smart website so I want some help from your side.
    I am a SEO professional and want to make a website on WordPress which will cover almost all aspects of SEO. So how can I start and from where it can start. please suggest me some professional domain name fore Tech nice and the hosting companies. Thank you very so much for such a nice post.

  3. says

    Very well-written Mitz. Making money online cannot be achieve over night. We have to spend a lot of time and make a lot of effort to be successful especially if we are just starting. But if we use the right strategies, then in the end, everything would all be worth the hard work.
    Alexis Marlons recently posted..Help with Setting up a Business

  4. Michael Huddleston says

    Could not agree more! I’ve been online for over 8 years and come to the conclusion that earning money is best achieved by designing a website that centers on your own products and affiliate relationships.

    I ran Adsense for years on a digital camera site and did remarkably well, those days are over.

    I now relay less on Adsense and more on creating my own products and looking for lucrative affiliate products.
    Michael Huddleston recently posted..Return Your Comcast Modem – Save Money – Go Faster

  5. says

    Your estimates of what a website is worth, based on its income, provide really good metrics that can help people work out their ROI.

    I agree that there is no substitute for building your own website. The experience gained is well worth the minimal cost! And WordPress makes it so easy. But then of course the more involved work of promoting the site starts.
    Glenys recently posted..How to Build an eCommerce Website Step by Step Within Days

  6. Areesh Khan says

    Nice Post! All points you have mentioned are 100% true. I want to add something here. Many people does not think about Search Engines while they are building a Website. a proper SEO friendly website can give you more profit as you aspect.

  7. says

    I can’t agree with you more Mitz.
    I think those day building a website is really quick and easy to follow up. In addition, building your own website can help you make new relationship and increase your income if you have enough passion and PATIENCE.
    Thanks for your information.

    Stephan recently posted..How to add options to product in OpenCart?

  8. says

    Hey Mitz,

    This was an excellent article, and very true. Just remember that making money online does take some work and time. Making your own website is much more easier than anything else now a days.

    thanks for the sharing,


  9. says

    Hi Mitz,
    I am always taken away by reading your creations.
    Yes, building websites is the most profitable way to make money online these days. Websites sell for huge profits and even rake in good money as long as they are functional. WordPress blogging and affiliate marketing are the two things I have been into and so far it has been great.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.
    Vineet Saxena recently posted..3 Important Features of WordPress 3.7 – Basie

  10. says

    Hi Mitz,

    I absolutely agree with both the topic and the argument stated in the post. Paddy moogan even stated that he no longer waste his time using Google AdSense. I wasted 3 precious years trying to make money using Google AdSense and my judgment is that it doesn’t worth it.

    To me, the best way to make money online is through consulting, affiliate programmes and of course building websites.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Dare recently posted..SEO best practices to remove deleted posts and blog from Google search

    • says

      I would never say Adsense does not work because I spent 3 years trying to win with it and did. The most I made from one website was over $5,000 a month… The money just rolled in and still does, as long as I get the right traffic to my site.

      But that experience actually taught me how to really make money in other amazing ways…

      Now I use Adsense for a base…find the high paying pages and look at the ads that get clicked, then I find a product with a better commission for me.

      Adsense only works on certain sites though…As you can see I do not have it on this site.
      mitz recently posted..How To Blog – 79 Ultimate Blogging Tips and Counting

  11. Pankaj Chauhan says

    100% agreed with the fact that if you put in 1 dollar worth of work then you are going to make 24. Selling sites is a good idea but if you are in love with you site, then its a difficult choice to make.

    Thanks for such a brilliant article.
    Pankaj Chauhan recently posted..18+ 3D Desktop Backgrounds and Wallpapers

    • says

      Ha ha I know what you mean. I have been offered plenty of money for Tips4pc but have never sold… I just can’t do it because I know how long it took to build up and get to that level of income.

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