Clickbank Affiliate Products that Provide Recurring Income

Firstly let me explain Clickbank affiliate marketing and then we will get to recurring income. If you plan to promote digital products, the best place to start looking for quality products is through ClickBank, available at ClickBank is the largest online marketplace for digital products, and you’ll be able to quickly pinpoint hot sellers by browsing through their many categories. You simply need to create an account and start promoting Clickbank products. You can also become a Clickbank Vendor and sell your own products online.

What is recurring income on Clickbank mean?

Recurring income means the customer will be billed for more than just one sale. For example the customer might pay a trial free to test out a product and you will get a small amount of income from this. However if the customer continues to use the product they will be billed further, according to the terms of the sale. This could mean that they billed a monthly amount and you receive recurring income as long as they stay in the program.

We are looking for Clickbank products with recurring commissions and a high gravity.

What are the advantages to promoting products that provide recurring income?

Obviously it is of greater percentage to you to promote products that provide recurring income. The best part about this is that you can make the sale once and then receive the recurring income over and over. This is really depends on what program you choose and how they run their sales process. You might look at a small income on Clickbank and wonder if it is worth it or not? However when you find out that there is re-billing and you will get recurring income from it, of course it is all worth it then.

In the screen shot below it shows the “sale-RB” which means there is a re-bill to follow this payment. When it says “Rebill” it means this is a re-bill payment and you can click on it to see if there are any more payments still to come. If it says the rebill is active it will give you the date of the next recurring income. If it says that it is “completed” it has finished billing, and if it says “canceled” then the buyer canceled the rebill. It is even better when you can adding a recurring product into a viral marketing campaign like a free report.

How to find products that have recurring income on Clickbank?

When you are searching for products in the Clickbank marketplace you will notice some icons under every product listing. If you are looking for a recurring income product on click bank you will need to see a little icon that looks like two arrows going around in a circle.

See the screen shot below. The top product has no recurring billing icon below it…Although it has a high gravity and sells well, it is only has one sale to make. The product below has recurring billing and the average re-bill total is $45.65 and that’s after the initial sale of $28.07.

To find out what the recurring income involves, you will need to research and find more details on the products affiliate information page.

How to do more research on the products you find?

Some products look like they are popular when they are not. For example a product with high Gravity has a lot of sales but what if it has a high refund rate? What’s the point of making a sale then? With a bit of research you will find out these details. You can usually go to the sales page of the product and see if it is a quality product. I also like to go to and find out the refund rate.You will have to sign up for a free trial to see the refund rates for the products.

You might also noticed other webmasters promoting the product you are researching and this is a good sign. See this article on how to create a Clickbank hoplink in order to promote a product.

The best research of all is if you actually buy the product yourself. I usually do this after researching it and confirming it is right for me to promote. This way you get to see the back end offers and recurring billing going on behind the scenes. If you are serious about affiliate marketing then this is the best way to become an expert at the product.

Watch the video below to see how to find recurring income affiliate products.


If you are going to become a Clickbank affiliate marketer then you really should be promoting top products the provide recurring income.


  1. Wade says

    The only bad thing about getting recurring money from clickbank by selling other people’s stuff is you have to have a lot of visitors and traffic that the product can be viewed and sold to. If you don’t have that traffic, this will not work.
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    • Mitz says

      I am not so sure.. You only need the right person to visit and buy, not 1000 of the wrong people. :)

  2. Mark Tesa says

    Recurring income is very good as you are always assured of some steady income. If you chose good affiliate products then you will be sure to get good income from whatever you are advertising. Very informative post.

  3. Liane Markus says

    Being paid again and again will surely make us confident and interested with what we are doing online. Your example is simple yet very well said. I really like your insight about it and how you were able to put it in action.
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