Commentluv Premium Discounted – No Coupon Code Needed

If you are building websites and do not yet have the Commentluv Premium plugin, what are you, nuts? There is no doubt that this plugin is one not to be ignored! In fact you would have to be an idiot not to purchase this plugin, especially now that it is discounted to an incredibly low price! (10 days to go)

Lets take a closer look.

Commentluv Premium is Magic

I have been using the free version of Commentluv and then the Premium version as soon as it became available. Yes I love this plugin. But why you ask?

Well there are so many reasons and it is a double edged sword. That means there are advantages for you to comment on websites using this plugin and even more advantages if you install this amazing plugin on your own website!

Commentluv Premium Advantages For Webmasters

Installing the Commentluv Premium plugin on your WordPress website will be the best thing you have ever done. Not only does this plugin replace at least 7 plugins, it does the job well. I cannot believe that a WordPress plugin can have so many features and never show any signs of slowing your blog down or interfering with its operation.

This plugin:

  • Stops comment spam (Amazing but simple spam protection)
  • Stops or moderates trackbacks
  • Enables keywordluv (turns your name into a link)
  • Enables Commentluv (shows your preferred latest post)
  • Includes Twitterlink (turns your twitter username into a link
  • Encourages social sharing (sharing enables more link love)
  • Customize all links to dofollow and nofollow
And this is just the beginning. Commentluv Premium encourages more comments, better comments, and far less spam. It simply encourages interaction on your website or blog which helps to build a successful WordPress website.

Commentluv Premium Advantages For Commenters

  • Comment on your own website and leave Commentluv links
  • Comment on other websites for both traffic and SEO
  • Make multiple links on your guest posts
  • Choose from 10 of your recent posts and 5 of your favourite posts for a link


I am sure you all know how great this plugin is and this post is for those that have been sitting on the fence.

Commentluv Premium Discounted

The normal price for this plugin is $97 but at the moment, for at least 10 days, it is only sale. the price started out at $21 and goes up $1 every 5 sales. It is nearly at $23 now as I am getting this post out rather late!!

This is your chance to buy Commentluv Premium at its launch price, and trust me, it is well worth it.

Why Did Andy Create Commentluv?

Here is Andy Bailey explaining how and why he created Commentluv Premium.

Commentluv is on sale right now. Don’t miss out on this great offer!


  1. says

    I just purchased and installed the premium version, I can not believe the spam that has finally stopped! cheers.

  2. Super John says

    Is there a difference between Commentluv Premium and KeywordLuv? Well, they’re all great tools. In my opinion, Andy does a great job.

    • mitz says

      keywordluv is included in this plugin..In fact this plugin has loads of cool extras! :) Andy just keeps adding to it!

  3. Ashutosh says

    I am impressed with your creativity.I was always facinated with Seo.I Want to make a bright career in this field .Can you please suggest me some good institutes where i can undersgo training or guidance so that i can excell in this field.

  4. Cristian Stan says

    We can still consider commentluv as one of the most powerful plugins offered today. It’s premium plan offers much better features compared to the free one so it is worth of the money invested on it, using will truly increase your traffic. of course moderation is required, I noticed many spam comments on a blog where I installed it.
    Cristian Stan recently posted..Home Treadmill Reviews

  5. Nawaz says

    I often has not made my mind to purchase CommentLuv for my blogs as it is expensive. Now it is cheap and I will sure make transaction for it.

  6. john saxena says

    yeah! Really it is great plugin and best.because i am using this plugin.i would say about plugin that is don’t waste your time.just buy now.

  7. says

    Too bad I’ve already bought it. CommentLuv is great and I highly recommend buying it, especially now with this great offer.

    • Mitz says

      The license is for all blogs you have. That is why you need to get it now as it usually costs $97. Also there are so many features that the free version does not have. :)

  8. Rakshit says

    Definitely a great plugin. Some might argue that the free version does the job, but trust me, the premium is worth the money especially when it is available on a discount.

    Unfortunately, I bought it some time ago and can’t make use of this opportunity.
    Rakshit recently posted..Subha shows how she takes a shower semi-naked

  9. Christian Trejo says

    I have been reading the last weeks about commentluv and I am wondered about this. I can wait to get it and implement it in my post because I think is the best commenting system to build traffic and relationships. Really awesome. Thanks
    Christian Trejo recently posted..Great Way to Create Social Buzz

  10. pradip singh says

    thanks for providing information about premium discount. m looking for it.keep posting about these type of special offer. i appreciate your work.
    pradip singh recently posted..Samsung Galaxy Note 800

  11. Nawaz says

    I think this sale is gift for me but what is the ending date of the this sale.I think this plug-in has brought revolution in blogging.

  12. Ahmed says

    Hi, Thanks for informing us, this time i’m going to get this great plugin for discounted price! yohoo
    Thanks for sharing!

  13. Miami Luxury homes says

    CommentLuv plugin is the best one can get. Love this plugin as it greatly encourages comments.

  14. mohit rajwani says

    it is the best luging and now i can add it on my blog … thanks..!!!! to happyy…..

  15. Ambika Choudhary Mahajan says

    Thanks, Mitz.
    I am a new blogger and I don’t think I will buy the premium (paid) version for now. But having read the article, I am already in the process of installing the free version of it.
    I might go for a paid version as soon as I start getting some income from the blog.
    Will the free version of it help me?
    I got to your website after reading another wonderfully written article by you on
    And, let me tell you – YOU ARE SIMPLY AMAZING!!!
    Thanks for sharing such valuable info with us.
    Ambika Choudhary Mahajan recently posted..What Are Anal Fissures? What Causes Anal Fissures?

  16. Aditya says

    CommentLuv plugin is the best one can get.I am using this plugin from quite some time and enjoying every little bit of it.
    For me prices doesn’t matter when quality is there.but really happy to have it at the price of $23. :)
    Aditya recently posted..MLM Software Delhi Noida India

  17. anshul says

    hi guys,there is no any doubt about that commentluv premium is the best way to make the money on the website. this is the part of earning the money for who’s work on their i would like to say that about that blog it is nice view of the friend.
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