Content Is Not The Only King Of WordPress Website Building!

How many times have you heard the saying “Content is King”? One hundred, two hundred, or maybe three hundred times?

I would have to admit that I’ve heard people say this too many times to count and now I often cringe when I hear it repeated as the “golden secret answer” to blogging success. Are you kidding me? If blogging could be summed up as “content is king” I would be a trillionare by now!

Can you really rely on content being king?

In a nutshell. No.

Just say you have created fantastic content and you are really happy with it. You feel great about what you have done and now relax and sit back, waiting for the floods of traffic to find you. Some people stumble upon it accidentally, others see it appear in your RSS feed. After your post has ran through your RSS feed and front  page you are sure people will continue to see this content for years to come.


Wake up and smell the roses or just simply come to your senses! (probably easier to do) Successful bloggers are always promoting their content on Social Media sites, Video sharing sites, other blogs, and so on. This is not a secret, but people still say that “Content is King”.

Social media is the here and now and SEO is for the long run. I am not saying SEO lasts forever; I am just saying it lasts longer than relying on nothing at all.

Brian from says “If you have no people on your side, your content isn’t king… it’s just a lonely loser with delusions of grandeur.” This is a quote from an article discussing the fact that Content could not be King without a Kingdom.

I agree that content can pull you out of the water if you already have a huge following, but otherwise it will not even keep your Blog afloat for long.

What other factors make up a successful blog?

Do you simply build a business and wait for customers to find you? Hell No!

The other side of the equation is marketing, and without this, you might as well be selling electric heaters in the Sahara Desert.

As well as having absolutely fantastic content, far better than any of your competition, you will also need a few extras such as:

  1. Social engagement: This is good and bad as it is easy to create so called social engagement, but good if you have the real thing.
  2. Interaction: Again this can be good and bad as it is getting  harder to tell the difference between spammers and real people. Also how do you know I am not making all the comments myself? (not that I would have time but it could happen)
  3. Search engine optimization: I know you do not want me to go on about SEO again. I seem to be obsessed with it. See my SEO checklist to learn more.
  4. Blog post promotion: Yes this is one thing that many webmasters never complete. Generating traffic for each new post is the difference between a successful and a dead blog.

Do you need SEO to have great content?

No. But you need SEO to help your great content get found. People often presume that they do not have to optimize for the search engines, however sometimes Webmasters forget that there are real people searching for real content in the search engines.

It’s a catch 22 situation. Search Engines are non human machine like THINGS but the human’s are using them. All of what the Search engines shows the humans depends on the overall human response to the content.

  • Do humans visit your content as a result of a search engine query?
  • Are they engaged with your content enough to stick around and comment?
  • Does your content inspire them and move them to share your content through their social media outlets?
  • Blog layout. Can your visitor see the content immediately when they land on the page? (this is the latest algorithm update)

You can get your content into a great SERP (search engine ranking position), but to stay there you will need to employ this package deal:

  1. Great content. Exactly what the human wanted to see in the results.
  2. Relevant content that fits in with the topic of your website. People do not want to take advice about “caring for cats” from a dog lover’s website.
  3. SEO both onpage and offpage, so the search engines can see what your content is about in the first place.
  4. Obvious social media buttons to allow content to be shared easily.
  5. A decent search volume for your keyword with the least competition.

It is your responsibility to get your website posts in a position in the search engines where the right visitors find your content.

Some people spend too much time concentrating on creating content for the search engines, when in actual fact, the search engines only care what the humans want. If I were you I would be studying my SEO checklist and start becoming a search engine optimization expert as SEO helps you create great content in the first place. Its a viscous circle.

So what can we do?

If you are sitting back and wondering why you are not getting any website visitors or why your blog is not making any sales then you need to look at how you are promoting your content. I have clearly stated that building a WordPress website is extremely easy, but making this website successful is hard work. If you are one eyed and think that content is king then you might be in trouble. It’s like having a car without petrol to drive it. What good is that?



  1. Gaurav Panwar says

    The search results in Google’s page is also dependent on the keyword density and impressions on your webpage. If the content is good, means having many impressions of your desired keywords then surely the page will rank high.
    Only i can say is the content is always the king. And before making a debate on content, how can you forget the bounce rate. If the content is not good, users will suddenly leave the website. Check Example Of Good Content !!

  2. says

    Yeah Sure ! Content is not a king, but we really can’t underestimate it. Suppose you have used great meta stuff, and even they are relevant to content also, but the content quality is low (means you just focused on visitor’s quantity), then what will happen ??
    i have tried such all things on my website.
    Exit rate and bounce rate will increase, and google will throw you under thousands of website.
    Google do dance, be it’s partner to understand it’s next move !!

  3. Richard says

    Hi, its good to read this older post, everyone does talk about Content being Key. But this is very difficult when you are building a website for a car valeting service. You are basically offering the same sort of thing as another 10 -15 websites are. How does Google know the difference. They are all similar but slightly differently worded. I have a blog which keeps me different to the rest
    Richard recently posted..F1 Review 2012

    • mitz says

      See what your competitors have and have that too…then also have your own unique twist..that will simply make you the best because you have it all and more.. If people look at your site and leave, Google then knows that you are not pleasing the visitor and that you should not be ranking for that keyword. If you get people to stay and check out your site then you might desrve the rankings.

  4. Rank Watch says

    I will put the following three steps that really stands out as basic necessities of content marketing:1. Consistent blog updation and follow-up with the readers and clients.2. Use social media tools regularly for your brand and content promotion but never behave like selling.3. Never ever digress from your niche at any point of time.

  5. Jason HomesJason Homes says

    Online marketing is a two-way process. There should be consistent interaction with the client because it serve as the base of business sustainability. Your future contents should be a good mix of what you can offer and what people want.
    Jason HomesJason Homes recently posted..Why Do Homes Go Into Foreclosure?

  6. James Leasing says

    We are in the endless task of pleasing the great Google Panda. But thanks to this King who will help and protect our efforts in online marketing.

  7. says

    Yeah aside from the content, you also have to take a look at a number of other things. Using WordPress is a great advantage in itself, but you should know what makes WordPress websites better from other frameworks and use that to your advantage. First off, WordPress gives you thousands of designs that you can choose from, but don’t focus on designs, focus on framewrks like Genesis. You should study a bit of coding and you will have thousands of design options to create using a framework. A good design can bring you a lot of traffic. Thanks for firing up my thoughts!

  8. says

    Great tips. Many people are pointing that if content is king, SEO is the queen, social media is the bishop, off line promotion is the rook and so on. Now after the recent update, content combined with an intelligent SEO strategy is required.
    Shalu Sharma recently posted..I am changing my niche

  9. antur says

    hi Mitz
    hmm, I like you way to expalin it, how about google algorithm? I’m a blogger, How many times post content in a week?
    antur recently posted..Jual Genset Baru

    • Mitz says

      Hi Antur
      2 times a week is good but more is better. Content is magic and the search engines love fresh stuff.. But to push it along you need to link build to your content too! :)

  10. Hillary says

    You are right the almost natural ability for your site to rank with WP is amazing without having to do much. But you need to be well rounded in your marketing approach and use more than just content, seo and social media.
    Hillary recently posted..Spring Flowers!

  11. Smith says

    Your strategy for wordpress website is good.i full agree with you content is not only the king. & i dont think so we need seo to content writting. we just asumed that what kind of content we uploaded in our website…else your post is awesome , must be helpfull for internet marketers.
    Smith recently posted..Scary Movie 5

  12. Danica Green says

    Social engagement and SEO are also important not only for the success of blogs but for websites as well. No one will care to read your post if you will not promote it to your target market.

  13. David says

    Great article you have here. Having great content is a major key, and I believe webmasters often forget about the user experience. However, content alone may not be adequate. It is all about diversity. Good content and solid link building are the way to go.

  14. richard says

    Yes mitz,
    I agree that with content comes great seo tricks along with social media engagement.I always seen my blogger emphasizing on content being the King,but never come across a post against it.
    Thanks for sharing your views on the need for Content Optimization.

  15. Lexi says

    Until the search engines are able to recognize degrees of content quality, content will not truly be king. I know of many sites that do quite well by all measurements with mediocre content…………details:-

  16. jobin says

    Your entry this time exactly what I need to increase quality traffic to my blog.You mentioned quite real scenario about the online content’s ability for being king. I liked the way you said , what if you have made a great content but not promoted…Thank you for sharing…..

  17. says

    Oh boy do I know it takes a ton of work just to put out one post! You have to write the content, make sure it’s the way you want it, add the images, make sure you didn’t screw anything up, then after you hit the Publish button? That’s when the real work begins. I have to make sure to get it out on twitter, google, and facebook (you do have a google + account now eh?). Then I have to make sure it was posted on other places like technorati. Then… it just keeps going trying to promote it to try and generate some interest.

    The latest Google Privacy Policy change was a great example of having the perfect storm for my site. I generated 22,000 impressions and (I know… I’m new) 250 visits that first day!

    I think another important thing to do is write what is currently relevant so you can get traffic to your site that way as well. If your writing about something that happened last year – forget it – your article is bound to get lost in your archives never to be read.

    BTW – I enjoyed your Building Links on Old Pages article – I find myself going back to older articles that are still getting some traffic and either tweaking the SEO – adding some relevant links/information – and possibly adding some deep links to products people might be interested in purchasing.

    Jason M recently posted..New MW3 Maps Hit PS3 on 2/28! – ELITE Only

  18. Matt says

    I agree that SEO is so extremely important in helping get your content noticed. I’m always trying to improve my WordPress website, thanks for posting helpful information like this. About to read your SEO checklist.

  19. says

    Content King plus SEO Queen Equals Millions Of Traffic!

    You’re absolutely right! Super informative, funny, helpful, awesome, cool, etc. contents would be a waste in the cyberspace if it doesn’t have authority. I mean how can that content be read if it is not indexed by the search engine. How can someone make a link on that wonderful post if no one can ever read that one.

    In order to promote it, there’s a lot of ways to do if you’re just starting to have readers on your blog. Visiting blogs and adding serious comments like this one that I write is one of the most effective ways on driving readers to your wonderful content.

    When you have these readers, some of them would add a link on that post. And that will give the credit or back link to your post that search engines love.

    This way, commenting is one of the most effective ways. Believe me! I have proven this myself and saw that my traffic just sky rocketed even my blog is just new.
    Kee G. recently posted..How To Design Your Own Blogspot Simple Template

    • mitz says

      I am glad it all works for you Kee G! Stick with what works and the main thing is to keep taking that action !!! I love action takers! :)

  20. Danny says

    You tell ‘m Mitz!
    So many people always saying “Content is king”, blablabla. Next time somebody says “Content is king” ask them “are you making any money from your site? And if you do, is content all you focus on?

    Btw. I googled it and there is actually nobody selling heaters in the Sahara, what a golden opportunity, no competition at all.
    I will call it “Sahara heaters”, and our catchphrase will be “Sahara heaters, we are the reason the Sahara is so hot!”. $$$$ :)
    Danny recently posted..(Pole)Chainsaw 101, Everything you need to know to buy, use and do maintenance like a pro!

  21. Andrew says

    Indeed, content is very much important in the world of blogging. Viewers and visitors in your site will be mostly to visit it often if the posts are always interesting. More so, with thorough site campaigning to get more traffic and backlinks can support the “kingdom”.

  22. Ellie says

    Great writeup Mitz. My belief is that as long as the internet is about sharing information in one form or another, content will always be king. It cannot be otherwise.

    Ellie recently posted..Prevent Anxiety Attacks

  23. says

    I would be so much happier if content in fact was king. If I could just devote my time to creating new content for my blog rather than wasting time doing mindless SEO work and social interaction, I would love it. Instead I spend more time doing those things than actually putting out quality content. Oh well. I guess things can never just be that easy.
    Katie Woodard recently posted..Lil Wayne feat. Bruno Mars – Mirror Video

  24. Rick Castro says

    Content is very important yet promotion is still needed so that it can be read by others. Remember that we should always make a way to share and syndicate our content!

  25. John Cooper says

    I’m reminded of an adage from a mentor who used to say, “Everything is content.” By that, he meant that every single item on the page (or video/broadcast) was relevant. “Remember that you start with a blank page. Then you start putting stuff on it.” That could be pictures, art work, graphics, text, etc. We learned that how people related to that, responded to it or communicated about it told us how good we had been at “telling the story.” After all, the mag or site does not live just for the sake of it. At its most basic, you want to share; at its most commercial, you want to make money in order to continue sharing. So, we learned that what we say is important, but how, when and where we say it will provoke some sort of action (even inaction means something).

    Ultimately, the job does not end when you deliver a page or product. Rather, it’s only just begun. It’s not enough to just “put something out there.” Thanks for so deftly explaining the information cycle.
    John Cooper recently posted..Dinosaur Bedding

  26. says

    Interesting post. On the flip side, of course, is if your content sucks your readers will never come back. I have been to a few sites that somehow rose to the top of the Google, only to find no useful content, just a bunch of ads. Those sites barely got a 2 second once over before I clicked the back button and was gone forever. Knowing that those sites could get to the top without content sort of proves your point, but keeping the reader around to view your actual content, get them to come back, post a comment and even click on ad – that is why content must be important to your site.

    Just my 2 cents.
    Michael recently posted..Light Painting Tutorial and Pictures

    • mitz says

      I never said you could create just any old content.. That will not cut it because when people visit the site they leave, therefore the high ranking does not last.. If people stay and love your content then you have completed the intended task in your eyes and in Googles.

      I definitively do not say that you can create junk and survive in this business.
      mitz recently posted..Successful WordPress Website Checklist

      • says

        Thanks for clearing that up. I had not heard of SEO until recently, and am learning and reading all I can find on the subject. Who knew having a web page could be so much fun. New things to learn and try out all of the time!

  27. says

    I have to say that I admire your work ethic. The dialogue and interactions you share with your site visitors is impressive… and no doubt propels your site far beyond what well written content alone can do. I have seen so many well written articles and blogs languishing on page 5 that there is no doubt in my mind- good content alone simply won’t cut it.
    kevin recently posted..The McCall Winter Festival, What an Ice Time!

    • Holly Jahangiri says

      I’ll second that, Kevin – it’s largely the conversations that will KEEP visitors coming back, time and time again. The blogs that thrive seem to all have that in common – lively, healthy conversations in their comments’ sections. Mitz does a lovely job here!
      Holly Jahangiri recently posted..Good Blogger And A Good Blog: What Are The Signs?

      • mitz says

        Thanks Kevin and Holly
        I love a good conversation and I love it even more when someone can bring in other points that I never realized myself. Everyone’s opinion counts here and I admire people for having their own. After all, this is how I learn, by listening to what other people are saying and absorbing it. I am a sponge for information.
        mitz recently posted..Successful WordPress Website Checklist

  28. Prakash says

    Hii Mitz
    this is true content is not everything, the customization and many other factors are also play important role in building a best one. Really nice post keep it up. Thanks for sharing it.
    Prakash recently posted..Agneepath Movie Review

  29. Anna says

    I also agree that it is sad that the content is not the only king. But the time now is not so romantic as before, because of the SEO. And in order to survive we must adjust:)
    Anna recently much are veneers

  30. Tana says

    Hubpages is good if you have no skill at SEO and what an easy platform to create single page articles. You can earn using Google Adsense (and Hupages Ads), Amazon and eBay – you share the revenue.
    Tana recently posted..Payment Protection Insurance

  31. Farrell says

    For starting up a new website. One should focus first of the contents and the look of the site. Like you said, content is not King but in my opinion, before doing any offsite SEO, the contents of the site should be worthy enough for promotion. Promoting something that lacks value will only put down the site and many of the first time visitors will not come back. And of course, as you said, engage and interact with the community that you are building.
    Farrell recently posted..The Year to Improve Eyesight

  32. says

    Hey Mitz… Honestly from my side the Intial reading i thought you would be covering everything in the similar way like others do but eventually i got to know that I was wrong. You mentioned quite real scenario about the online content’s ability for being king. I liked the way you said , what if you have made a great content but not promoted! I am strongly agreed with your point of social media engagement. Although it’s very easy to set up the social media networks with lots of people but it’s effectiveness depends upon how many users actually interact and engage with you and share their opinions about your content. The Idea of catch 22 situation is quite awesome, i would love to include it in my Speech for my monthly conference meeting! Thanks Mitz!!

    • mitz says

      Yes I would love to stop having to keep on hustlin’ but it never ends! :) The system just gets clearer though which makes everything easy.

  33. says

    You’re speaking my language! Content alone will do nothing for you if your site is ugly, no one knows you exist, and no one reads it. Likewise a gorgeous website design won’t do much for you in your content stinks and no one can find you. And… If you jump right into marketing, you may get a lot of one time visitors who don’t come back because your site was lacking.

    I believe your first focus needs to be in creating a site that looks amazing and has killer, compelling content, and your second needs to be in promoting your site everywhere possible and getting the word about about the value visitors can find on your site.
    Jennifer Bourn recently posted..An Upgrade and A Stand Against Hyped-Up Infoproducts That Don’t Deliver

    • mitz says

      Hi Jennifer
      Yes I agree, of course, with everything you said! It is a delicate balance that you need to find and it all has to be done to become successful. :)

  34. Amanda says

    Certainly, the process of content creation should be followed by a great number of actions, among which are all the things you mentioned above. Actually, this post can be a perfect tutorial for any blogger
    Amanda recently posted..Photography WordPress Themes

  35. Holly Jahangiri says

    Without content, there’s nothing to optimize FOR the search engines – nothing for readers to find when they get there. So content is still king, but maybe seo is his queen. (Actually, I think seo is more like an ambassador, building the bridges that bring people together.) The one thing that’s for sure is that they work well together; better together than apart.

    (The CommentLuv link below is not mine – it belongs to Abhi Balani, and is his entry into Jane Sheeba’s blogging tips contest. I’m sure he’d be thrilled if you’d drop by and say hello – in fact, wish him a happy birthday! – and maybe leave him a comment or share his post if you like it. Thanks in advance!)
    Holly Jahangiri recently posted..Good Blogger And A Good Blog: What Are The Signs?

    • mitz says

      Hi Holly! Nice to see you here! :) Unfortunately I have to disagree.. I do not believe there is any King in the blogging business as you need the package deal to succeed. Content becomes a worthless piece of hopeful writing when you have no audience to see it..It is sad to waste that effort.

      • Holly Jahangiri says

        Hi, Mitz! I get your point, but SEO has nothing to do but stand around skulking, if it has no content to work on. 😉 And many of these “arguments,” fun as they are, really depend on what your blogging goals are.

        Once upon a time, blogs were not intended to be glorified billboards to push $47 products, but rather platforms from which to share knowledge, writing, and opinions. Such “hopeful writing” was passed around by word of mouth. Search engine “rankings” were determined organically – by how many real people actually chose to read one page over another, JUST because of the content that appeared on it. Had we never gotten fun stuff such as “pay for placement search results,” there would be little need or motivation to “trick” search engines into ranking one thing over another. Good content would naturally float.

        But now there’s so much horrific, well-optimized content out there – it’s a bit like sending off “hopeful writing” to a publisher. You’d THINK the odds of getting published were astronomical. But really, the odds are better than they ought to be, if the writing’s good. The hopefuls never stop to realize, before getting completely discouraged, just how much BAD content gets thrown over a publisher’s transom in a game of ding-dong-ditch by people who can’t spell, can’t write, can’t format a manuscript properly, and think Ye Olde Gothic Script in 8pt type looks “really cool.” No, I WISH I were kidding about that last bit, but I’m not.

        Of COURSE SEO is important and useful – I’ve really never said otherwise, even when I was being argumentative about it and – well, saying otherwise. But as you point out, there’s no king in “this blogging business.” I’m just kind of sorry it’s turned into a business, more than an art.
        Holly Jahangiri recently posted..Good Blogger And A Good Blog: What Are The Signs?

          • mitz says

            Unfortunately Holly, I am a business person at heart.. This website is about building websites to make money but this is not sad, as there is some kind of art and beauty in everything, even that. Any skill you have can be an art, especially if the person loves what they do.

            I like to think that I have well optimized content, maybe not so much on this blog, but definitely on others I have. Yes I SEO to the hilt but I dare say that hardly anyone would notice. I make sure the content has the right info and stands out beyond the SEO.

            I think the good old days are gone and will continue to go. Maybe one day everyone will have great content so it will all come down to how you promote it. After all that is what google is pushing.
            mitz recently posted..Successful WordPress Website Checklist

          • Holly Jahangiri says

            I should clarify, Mitz – what I meant by “sad” isn’t that there are business blogs. But some day, the fact that the balance is so heavily weighted towards them is going to backfire. It’s going to be as if TV were nothing but commercials. When programming is dull or non-existent, isn’t it MORE important that the commercials be entertaining? (Yet, conversely, entertaining commercials – those with better content – are more expensive to produce, so companies only want to put them where there are lots of eyeballs – e.g., the Superbowl.) Who’s going to tune in JUST to watch commercials? I’d rather read a book or go for a walk. So I did say that with business in mind – business isn’t bad, but if that’s all the blogosphere has to offer, it becomes a closed audience and a shrinking one, at that.
            Holly Jahangiri recently posted..Good Blogger And A Good Blog: What Are The Signs?

  36. Dr. Christa Herzog says

    Thank you for more information. I liked very much the structure of this post: first, the factor make up a successful blog, then the tips; plus, that´s a pretty good piece of original content, I don´t think I ever found something put this way on the topic. And I read a lot!

  37. Annette Golphin says

    Based of what I had read other blogs Content is really a king and definitely that’s what they do. For me, it is not always content is a king because there are things that we need to do aside from creating great content. By the ways, I get your point Mitz and I agree with you. I learn something and thanks!
    Annette Golphin recently posted..Timber Windows – a renovators delight.

    • mitz says

      Hi Annette
      Yes many people say that “content is king” like it is going to solve some kind of problem but you are right, there are many things that we need to do aside from creating great content! :)

  38. says

    Guess who suggests content is king and who suggests content isn’t king? The answer usually depends on the job of whomever is answering the question.

    It seems PR people lean towards giving content the crown. Social media professionals give social the monarchy. And so on.

    I also agree that having content alone will not get you anywhere! You put in a lot of work and then it’s not found in search nor do you have subscriber base. In the end all your effort in writing a blog post is wasted…
    Shamelle recently posted..7 Twitter Retweet Tweaks To Encourage Others To Retweet You On Twitter

    • mitz says

      Yes you are right that there are different crowns given from different people..Never thought of it like that! :)

  39. johnavery says

    “If you have no people on your side, your content isn’t king… it’s just a lonely loser with delusions of grandeur.” – just loved that quote summed up a lot.
    johnavery recently posted..ATV Salvage

  40. Liz says

    Good post… I agree that content isn’t everything. It would be more accurate to say: Content is like a president who can win the election after working really hard on the campaign, BUT without support of the people, President Content won’t stay for a second term.

    But… Content is King sounds a lot more eloquent 😉
    Liz recently posted..Guldkit köper gärna trasiga guldsmycken

  41. Chris says

    Great article, Mitz ! I have found all of these factors can easily give me a headache. The SEO process is vast and complicated at times, especially with Google constantly making changes. Social networking does seem to be very key in gaining exposure and rank these days. I feel it is like with anything else in life, we get out of it what we put in to it and the hard work really can pay off. Keep up the hard work, everyone. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.
    Chris recently posted..Tree Trimming in Mesa

  42. Michael says

    Hi Mitz,

    I am currently trying to effectively ‘SEO’ my own site at the moment, and i have always been told that it is always down to creating unique content and posting it to your blog and other article submission sites such as Ezine. And that’s coming from experienced SEO bloggers too!

    You’ve certainly gave me a great helping hand here Mitz, i owe you one! :)


  43. says

    I’m certain the first thing I learned from you was “Content is great”. I think it was in your videos where you took me around to fill out the categories, permalinks, etc.
    You have shown me how to write relevant content for people and SE’s and I have stopped writing for ME! I think a lot of people do this and do not realize it, until they either read what they just wrote or read something on another blog or website.
    Of course this is time being wasted, because now you have to go back and edit, which is taking away from promoting your site or your writing.

    Personally, I think content=$$, and if implemented as a real person talking to your reader, you will be KING or QUEEN…. Thanks QUEEN MITZ! ! !

    I’ve been snow-plowing and just started a new project (in case you were wondering why you haven’t heard from, which I posted a link to on my site so people can watch everyday until complete.
    Bryan Ring recently posted..Build A Business WordPress Site

  44. Robert says

    Hi there Mitz, another thing content has been king for some time now but people still insist that it is ( I don’t know why). In this day and age there is so much more to take into consideration when it comes to ranking of site. just attacking one area alone like SEO, social media, fresh content etc is not enough. For your blog to succeed online today you have to have a bit of everything in your blog.
    Robert recently posted..You Don’t Need Unique Content To Have A Successful Blog

    • mitz says

      I agree! Of course great content is a must in this business, but this content alone won’t be enough. :)

  45. vishvast says

    hiii mitz
    really after reading this article i can say that Content Is Not The Only King Of WordPress Website Building! nice article thnx for sharing it with ……i will also share it with my frnds nice article gud one :)
    vishvast recently posted..Top Best Valentine’s Day Poem

  46. Ferb says

    Hi Mitz,

    I understand what you mean, people thinking differently, some are think that content is king because if we got the content first, then we can promote them with social media but if not, we can’t do anything.

    So on my view, content is still king.

    Ferb recently posted..4 Steps Being the Best Blogger in the World

    • mitz says

      Sure thats fine but we all know great content alone will not make your blog successful. Some people don’t know that they have to promote their content and keep doing it..

  47. says

    You have some really great points here. A successful blog has much more than content. It has a great blogger behind it. but now a day the more you socially engage with other the more your blog will get reputation and the main thing we can’t also ignore quality as if quality is good other people who come from social site will became regular visitor and all
    rohit kothari recently posted..3 Ways to Solve Slow Internet Experience In 2012

      • Gaurav Panwar says

        Yeah Sure ! Content is not a king, but we really can’t underestimate it. Suppose you have used great meta stuff, and even they are relevant to content also, but the content quality is low (means you just focused on visitor’s quantity), then what will happen ??
        i have tried such all things on my website.
        Exit rate and bounce rate will increase, and google will throw you under thousands of website.
        Google do dance, be it’s partner to understand it’s next move !!

  48. Astro Gremlin says

    I’ve noticed that certain “magic” posts of mine get the SEO just right and get a lot of traffic. If SEO weren’t such an art, I could do it consistently. Still, when a page is an SEO star, I go back improve the content, mostly the links, and continue to promote. Then I add related articles and link to them. Mitz, I know exactly what you mean about one page setting the stage for website content. I got lots of hits for a Swiss Army knives page, so what the heck, I wrote more posts and pages with related content and aff links.
    Have to agree with Doug’s commitment to quality. When posts get Likes and Stumbles it feeds my enthusiasm for pleasing the reader with content. I started writing humor pieces and wrote more when readers got a kick out of them.
    Astro Gremlin recently posted..Biggest Camping Secret

  49. says

    Hi Mitz! Great post and I agree with you all the way. I also think it’s important to have the right connections and collaborations so that your stuff gets more exposure to the right audience. I’m glad you quoted Brian from Copy Blogger because he’s one of the best content creators out there and he knows his stuff. Thanks!
    Ileane recently posted..Podcasting Gear and Ms. Ileane Speaks on iTunes

  50. Chris says

    I think there’s a lot of different factors when creating a successful blog and content is one of the big ones. Organic visits won’t be repeat visits if your content sucks. If you have great content and great SEO… That’s the recipe for success.
    Chris recently posted..How To Search For Austin Homes & Real Estate

  51. says

    Hello Mitz!
    You are always so helpful and generous. Thank you for shedding light on this complicated subject. There are many controversial opinions on that, but your knowledge and experience showed me a new way of thinking and working on my blog. Thanks Mitz!
    Nick recently posted..Sierra Trading Post Coupon and Review

  52. Hampton says

    Content and marketing should work together in the best possible way. Let’s just say that they are the king and queen of blogging. Both important. Without the good content, marketing is a waste of time.

    • Gaurav Panwar says

      Yeah Sure ! Content is not only the king, but we really can’t underestimate it. Suppose you have used great meta stuff, and even they are relevant to content also, but the content quality is low (means you just focused on visitor’s quantity), then what will happen ?
      i have tried such all things on my website.
      Exit rate and bounce rate will increase, and Google will throw you under thousands of website.
      Google do dance, be it’s partner to understand it’s next move !!

      • mitz says

        Yes but posting content on your blog alone does not do it either. I have tried not to promote and just post on my blog but it is a waste of time. You have to keep the blood flowing and do the whole package for it to work. :)
        mitz recently posted..Quickly Building Blogs That Make Money

  53. says

    I think to get your site noticed initially some SEO and self-promotion is necessary. This will ensure a steady increase in traffic. However once your site gets a decent amount of traffic content becomes more important. An excellent site offering great information, tools or services will maintain high traffic on its own.

    • mitz says

      No I don’t believe this.. I have a website that is up to 14,000 uniques a day and I always have to promote it. If I do not the targeted visitors eventually drop off which leads to low conversions, even lowering the Adsense ECPM. There is never a time to stop promoting.

  54. William says

    The fact that the content is not the only king is a little bit sad, because seo is somewhat easily learned by just about anybody who is willing to read about the topic enough whereas good writing skills you have or you don’t. Don’t get me wrong: you can of course improve your writing skills indefinitely, but you have to have that something in you as innate. There’s just too much crap out there that rank well but in the end doesn’t provide anything useful.
    William recently posted..Choosing a strong password

    • mitz says

      I do not think proper SEO is easy. It is an art to use SEO and have great content at the same time. As for the junk in the search engines, these pages are getting found and taken out. Soon it will be a complete waste of time to create junk content. :)

      • William says

        You’re right: proper SEO is not easy. Actually, far from it. Nevertheless, you are more likely to become a SEO wizard than an excellent writer. I might be wrong, though.. Anyway, my point was that with mad SEO skills you can get – ok, rephrase, might get – even rubbish rank well. And by rubbish I mean all those copycatish articles headlined something like ‘5 easy steps to SEO orgasm’ and so on. I mean, the same thing over and over again. And yes, not that easy to come up with unique content these days. Still…
        William recently posted..OMG! Elephant in the room!

    • Chris Lucernoni says

      I would agree that it is a bit sad that content isn’t the only king. But SEO is a hard thing to master. I think many can be decent at it, but to be great is very difficult.

    • Anne says

      I know what you mean, William. I’m a writer too. It’s sad, but it’s also true. Brilliant content which are fantastically written will still go unnoticed unless something is done to promote them. I’ve had to learn this too.
      The one thing I disagree with you about, is that SEO is easy. I think that some people have a talent for writing and some for the more technical side of things (SEO included). SEO and other technical things don’t come easy to me. I think the two are separate but equal. And while people can train for both, the people who have a natural propensity towards something will do it better. The trick is to get both right, but this can be difficult.
      Anne recently posted..Home Improvement

  55. doug_eike says

    The folks who think content is king are the dreamers like me who are strong on content and weak on the other important blogging skills. Until the search engines are able to recognize degrees of content quality, content will not truly be king. I know of many sites that do quite well by all measurements with mediocre content. I work hard on content quality, because it’s what I’m best at, not because I believe it’s truly king. Thanks for the insights!
    doug_eike recently posted..Seven Healthful Dinner Ideas For A Week Of Evening Meals

    • mitz says

      Yes I love creating the great content too.. But when I realized there was more to it I exploded my business. It is amazing what you can do when a post is promoted. You can start anytime on any post. I would pick the best post you have and do some post promotion and watch the results through Google Analytics. I have done this to many pages and my best one gets 4,000 uniques a day. This is one post, not an entire website. Of course now that I see a post can pull this much traffic, the next step is to create an entire website around the subject.

    • says

      I understand where Dou is coming. I too held the belief that content was king. We were expecting to come to our site, but the truth is, we were “out-promoted” by other coffee sites.

      But you know, determining if a content is valuable is really up to the reader.. If you believe that you have great content, then all the more reason that you should promote and have as many people (or your target market) read/see it.
      joe recently posted..Organic Coffee

    • Chris Lucernoni says

      I would say that this is a good strategy though because even if you get all of the other SEO techniques perfect…if someone comes to your site and isn’t interested by your content, that person is just going to leave to find something better. Which hopefully would be your site. So now that you have great content, you can put a bit of effort into SEO and you should be good to go. runs on the Genesis Framework

Genesis Theme Framework for WordPress

When I changed to the Genesis Framework and the eleven40 Theme my page load score went from 58 to 79 instantly. This was without any optimization at all. The other thing about this framework and theme is that it was so simple to setup that I can highly recommend it to each and every person that visits this blog! Genesis is the smart choice for your WordPress website or blog.