Create a Simple Sales Page in Thesis

There are many ways to make squeeze pages and sales pages but sometimes you just want to create a simple sales page in Thesis. Even if you don’t use the thesis WordPress theme, there is no doubt that you can create a WordPress template page to create a simple sales page. However in this tutorial it is all about the thesis WordPress theme.

I thought about creating a new page template to make my a simple sales page however when I visited this page on the thesis blog I found an even better way. It showed how to create a simple sales page but I am going to simplify this even further.

What you need to create a simple sales page in Thesis

  • You need to be using WordPress, hosted on a server. (not free hosting, I use Hostgator)
  • You need to buy Thesis, a WordPress theme framework.
  • You will need to know how to add code to the customsfunctions.php.

How to create a sales page

I am presuming that you have a website up and running and are using WordPress and the thesis WordPress theme.

1.   Add a new page to your WordPress website. (not a post) Go to Pages, Add New, to create a page. Here is an example of one that I have created.
2.   Add a CSS class to the page called landing. Then we can style the page further in the CSS.

3.  Press Save Draft to save your changes.

4.  Get your WordPress page ID by going to the page menu. Finding your sales page, then simply hovering over it. The page ID will be at the bottom of the screen. (depending on what browser you are using) In this case the page ID is 6472.

5.  Add this code to your custom_functions.php file. Replace the page id to yours.

function custom_remove_defaults($content) { return false; }

function landing_page() { if (is_page('6472')) {
		add_filter('thesis_show_header', 'custom_remove_defaults');
		add_filter('thesis_show_sidebars', 'custom_remove_defaults');
		add_filter('thesis_show_footer', 'custom_remove_defaults');
} }

This will remove the header, footer and the sidebar from the page so you have a blank sales page.

That is all I have done for my simple sales page.

More than one sales page array

But just say I wanted to create more sales pages on the same site. Well that is easy. I would adjust the first code to add in multiple page ID’s.

function custom_remove_defaults($content) { return false; }

function landing_page() { if(is_page(array('6472','6479','7689'))) {
		add_filter('thesis_show_header', 'custom_remove_defaults');
		add_filter('thesis_show_sidebars', 'custom_remove_defaults');
		add_filter('thesis_show_footer', 'custom_remove_defaults');
} }

Add Some CSS to your page

Earlier when we added a CSS class to the sales page, this enabled us to be able to point some style to this page.

For example you can add something like this to your custom.css file:

.landing .page { width: 65em; }

Add an image to your header and footer

I went to Photoshop and created a PNG image. Then I just added an image to the page and aligned it in position. You can also get fancy and add code to your Thesis customfunctions.php but I am trying to make this tutorial very simple. If you need more information I would check out this page on the thesis blog.

Tips for creating a sales page that converts:

  • Sell something that people need. Test your product.
  • Remove the sidebar, the footer and the header if you are creating the sales page on a normal website. This means you have list distractions.
  • Add a professional buy now button.
  • Do not have any other outgoing links except for more information concerning the product you are selling.
  • If you must send people to another page then make sure there is a buy now button on that page too.
  • You can also choose to leave your header on this page if it is not too distracting.

I have made sales pages with all sorts of WordPress premium themes that I own. Some of theme have inbuilt sales page options while others are easy enough to create manually.



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  3. Arron Burke says

    Which version of Thesis are we talking about? 1.8 or 2.0? Because 2.0 is significantly different when it comes to the user interface.
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    Thanks for the useful tips and information on WordPress; this is among those questions many people Google for and not a very thorough answer is found.

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    Seems like I’m finding more and more blogs online recommending the Thesis template for WordPress. I guess I’m going to have to play around with it a bit. Thanks for the tutorial!

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    I am a fairly recent user of the Thesis theme, and on my blog, I added one of their skins that I really like. I went to their support/help section a number of times to try to get information to change various things, and always had a problem understanding what they were doing. Your instructions above, plus the reasons for creating a sales/landing page make a lot more sense, and are a lot easier to read. As I looked at your previous posts, quite a few of them look very interesting, and I plan to read them. Thanks for a good post here, and a very informative site.
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    • mitz says

      oh thanks for letting me know it is a bit easier to understand.. Let me tell you I do not understand some people when they explain things either… The problem is they assume you have a background knowledge like them. :) It is not our knowledge but their instructions…

  8. Frankie Carmen says

    Which version of Thesis are we talking about? 1.8 or 2.0? Because 2.0 is significantly different when it comes to the user interface.

    • mitz says

      In two you could create a page template, then drag and drop minimal stuff in there to make a bare sales page.. It is extremely different.

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    Learning this post in details and following all your recommendations, I guess that I won’t have any problems in creating a simple page on this website. Many thanks for sharing this kind of information

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    I’ve always struggled with sales pages. I don’t know why, but they never seemed to convert. That is until I found Thesis which has been a life-saver. I recommend it to anyone who is scepticable about it. Really great theme.

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    Thesis theme is surely good. I have seen many bloggers using that. But it is expensive. Also can we use it for multiple websites after buying the license to use it?
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    I’ve had the thesis them for some time now, and I usually just make some normal design. I’ll definitely try this out if I have time though. I’m getting tired with optimizepress.

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    Always love Thesis tutorials! It is by far my favorite WordPress theme, and I love it for all the felxibility and customization that it offers.. but hate it because even the simplest thing require a fair bit of programming, HTML and CSS knowledge. So its tutorials like these that have helped people such as myself out immensely!
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    Creating Simple &unique sale page Is necessary for your product. I think the sale page is not more simple but it has some unique looking,because some visitors when came on the page and see it more simple then they immediately press back button.Keep in mind that create good looking page so that visitors can attract by this .
    Thanks for sharing these useful tips for creating sale page.
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