7 On Page Optimization Techniques – Keyword and Linking Relationships for Deep SEO

Many Webmasters know basic search engine on page optimization techniques but deep SEO (search engine optimization) is rarely thought about. Everyone knows that you need to include your keywords in the title of your post, meta description, tags, and in your article itself. But what about the finer details?

Do you have the right keywords in your content, have you linked to the relevant sites, and are all factors related?

Here are some tips to help you pinpoint the deep SEO in your on page content.

#1. Stay on Topic

Webmasters used to try and trick the search engines by writing a small amount of content and basically leaving the rest of the page with non-related content. This did work and did trick the search engines, but obviously this is no longer is a viable method to rank in the search engines. This is because Google has developed different ways to gauge whether the actual page is delivering what it has promised. It starts with the title in the description and all the usual bits, but then gets detailed into the keyword relationships, seeing if the words really do belong on the page.

#2. Word Relationships to Gauge Content

When developing a web page, it is usually centred around the main keyword. But content that just contains a repeated keyword is not the right way to optimize your pages. This is why you need to use related keywords that really do have a relationship with the main keyword. In the video below. Rand mentions writing an article about a cat as an example. He mentions that the word feline, meow, kittens, and so on would be related to the word cat. But if the word Tiger was in that article, then that topic might have a different meaning. After all a tiger is a cat, but if the other words were in the article then we would presume a different topic. Therefore the words that are included in your article are very important because they tell the humans and the search engines what the article is about. When you mention words that do not belong, it’s not only the search engines that get confused.

#3. Linking out From Your Page

Google mentioned that you can get rewards for referencing relevant potential content and Webmasters have tested this theory and proven it to be correct. There is no harm in linking out to valuable resource and it only helps with our main goal, to give the humans what they want. Please see more details about linking out from the Google blog.

#4. Visitors Happiness/User Signals

If your visitiors are happy with your page they stay longer. They will also choose your content over others. Google provides relevant results Of course you might make the vistor happy very quickly, but the search engines know this too. For example if people see your page, leave and go back and continue their serach, your page did not make them happy. If they leave and discontinue their search, then they left quickly but you still made them happy.

#5. Pattern Detection

Be unique. Do not repeat your content throughout your website. New Webmasters often see that a page is ranking well and try to create similar pages that actually say the same thing. This will only see your rankings drop as you are trying to manipulate the search engines.

#6. Longer Content

I personally like to write long content. The length depends on what I actually need to answer, but I like the visitor to go away with the right answers, not just half an answer. The best way to do this is to investigate similar pages and provide more than what they are offering.


#7. Deep SEO Optimization Techniques – Questions That Spark Ideas

The following SEO optimization techniques will help you find the right keywords to include on page. Its all about getting into the heads of the actual people searching, pleasing them, then ranking high in the search engines.

A great way to think about deeper search engine optimization techniques is to think about how people are searching for your content. Put yourself in the humans shoes, the ones that are actually searching for your content, and see how you can please them. To get my on page optimization right I like to ask myself some questions that will cause me to think about the keywords and how I should be using them.

  1. What keywords would people be typing in to land on your page?
  2. Are there any humans searching for this topic?
  3. What are the related terms and phrases that will enforce your main topic?
  4. What questions need to be answered regarding this topic?
  5. What have the high ranking pages got that I haven’t?

1. What keywords would they be typing in to land on your page?

The first idea ususally comes from you! Of course you might stumble upon a great keyword but generally you have an idea and then research it to see if it is a viable keyword.

2.  Are there any humans searching for this topic?

Don’t bother with topics that no one is searching for at all! This is not how to build a website. We need to fill the site with information that visitors want to see. To find good keywords you can simply use the Google Keyword Tool which is free. The video below shows how to use this tool.

3. What are the related terms and phrases that will enforce your main topic?

Again we would use the Google keyword tool but expand the related keywords into phrases that can later become subheadings in your content. You want the search engines to find your content not just for one keyword, but for more.
For example you might have an article about “how to speed up your computer”

4. What questions need to be answered regarding this topic?

The related keywords, expanded to phrases, will spark questions that need to be addressed with this topic. This is exactly how  I develop a long and detailed article. Another trick I use to see how to cover the topic correctly is to investigate other top ranking articles on the same or similar subject. You will be able to see their questions by the answers they give in the content.

5. What have the high ranking pages got that I haven’t?

When I visit pages that have a similar topic I take note of what information they have and do not have. then I visit a few more. After seeing about 5 sites, I then start to see what is really missing and what will make my page of content stand out.
Maybe they have more screenshots, a video, or even just a longer article. What ever it is, you need to do that and more.

Both on page optimization and off page search engine optimization have both gained a bad name. However I believe you cannot create quality content unless you use certain search engine optimization techniques. Of course this does not mean that your search engine optimization is all black and white on the page and stands out to the human, as this is not the art of SEO. SEO is about optimizing your website and pages in a subtle way that also blends in with your fantastic quality content. Normal website visitors should not be able to tell that your page has been optimized and all they should see is your great content.


  1. jonam says

    you covered everything,,very informative for a newbie like me,thanks for the information and the embedded video was very helpful

  2. says

    Hi Mitz.
    Thanks for your good tips. I always write an article for my blog with an average 700-750 word, but I also often create articles with an average of 300-350 words, this is good I thing but, it must be made ​​with very unique.
    Riki recently posted..Lightweight Stroller

  3. Vivek says

    Nice tips. I think using the LSI words in the post along with some similar synonyms can yield much better results. Considering the content length, I always try to write blog posts with minimum 800 words ( except in few cases ). Actually in SEPT my blog was affected by panda, and I was forced to remove almost 53 different ( 400 words to 450 words ) low quality contents. Just after week, my blog was getting much more traffic with just 80plus posts.

    So I can say, Keyword density, quality content, natural links and also quality outbound links can be the best for ranking any article on SERPs. Thanks for great information.
    Vivek recently posted..Increase Online Presence With These HOT Tips

    • Mitz says

      Wow that is a great example. I also like longer posts and do not even accept guest posts under 700 words, not including the bio. :)

    • Mitz says

      Hi Matt
      Yes SEOMOZ is popular because they do not publish rubbish. All of their stuff is awesome and up to date!

  4. says

    Great ideas on Keywords and content writing. Staying on topic is very important, and SEO Moz whiteboards are always informative.

  5. Bryan Ring says

    Work to do! Great points Mitz, they have taken my business to a whole new level.
    I know you must be tired of hearing how great you are from me(hopefully not), but you have literally changed the way I do business and frankly how I interact online. Thank you for this post and all you do for others! ringahding!
    Bryan Ring recently posted..Lawn Care and WordPress

  6. Soniya Sharma says

    Hi, Awesome Article, Really i impressed with your all points. Nowadays SEO is most important to get the ranking in the search engine results. but In the seo first thing its depend on your onpage keywords who peoples are mostly use it, keywords and second is depend on your content. Well thanks for sharing with us.

  7. Dean Evans says

    Very new to this and learning very quickly! If the SEO is not hidden then it is spam! And everyone hates spam!!!!

  8. hira says

    Awesome post mitz – The first thing you will want to do is to analyze your current page speed. This allows you to track your improvement and ensure that any changes you make positively improves your page load times. There are many free tools out there for checking how long it takes to load your website.
    hira recently posted..Benefits Of Exercise On Your Beauty

  9. says

    Really great tips, I always search something differ to gain my knowledge and make an extra ordinary,your blog is very informative for me. Thanks for sharing it.

  10. says

    Thanks for the post…

    As a blogger and WordPress writer, I might mention, also, that there are a number of decent plugins out there that assist in on-page optimization and keyword research. We use, both for ourselves and our clients the plugin design by Yoast which we’ve found is simple enough for non-technical users but powerful enough for people with web design or internet marketing skills.
    David Hitt recently posted..WordPress SEO Tips for Bloggers: Advice on Using Yoast’s ‘WordPress SEO’ Plugin

  11. Richard says

    I’ve just been re-writing some of my pages to take into account other keywords related to my chosen subject, I run car valeting business so I have been using words related to that within the Home page which i hadn’t before. Its easy to do when your outline each service and what it involved but the Home page was more about me and the company. Its good to get those other keywords within a H2 tag aswell and ALT tags
    Richard recently posted..Removing Coffee Stains from Upholstery (Car Valeting)

  12. says

    Great Summary, Its really valuable & helpful Article ! I try to find out many best on page SEO tips but Its really best & helpful on page SEO tips.

  13. says

    Search engine optimization is very important.I agree.A fresh,high quality and original content is best in seo.Keywords must be effective and must be use in the content.It can really help in your search engine ranking.Thanks for sharing!

  14. Wayne Melton says

    Hi Mitz. I ran across your YouTube videos and think they are some of the best on the internet. Just found this website separately and was surprised at the great posts until I saw your name in the comments. You really explain things well on video or written posts. They really help.

    How many websites do you actually have? How big is your team? Are you the primary writer or do you have a team writing? SEO? WEB Design? etc.

    Wayne Melton
    Wayne Melton recently posted..5 HR Audit Tips For Women Entrepreneurs

    • Mitz says

      Hi Wayne
      I have writers that work with me, about 6. That’s it.. I am hiring another VA now but it is a nightmare choosing someone. I have many websites, some are small product websites, some are medium, some are huge. I do SEO myself and web design is just from bought WordPress themes and then tweaking them.. I try not to waste too much time on stuff I don’t need to do and concentrate on good content. :)

  15. Fleur says

    Interesting post!
    Actually for SEO I focus most on off page SEO, but it doesn’t mean I don’t do anything about on page seo. Also linking with the right ancor texts internally can be a great help.
    But mostly I try to write for humans and that’s what Google likes most anyway.
    Fleur recently posted..Afvallen

  16. Frank says

    I read a lot about on-page seo and still can learn new things. Or get a new view on some aspects of seo. I haven’t really done #7-5. analyzing the content of the top ranking pages. It’s certainly sth. I should do in the future. Thanks for this tip.

    • JJ says

      I use WordPress a great deal, too. We use it for our business blog. Do you use any of the WP SEO plugins? I just started using the All-In-One plugin and it seems to get the job done.

  17. Maja says

    Onsite optimization is a first step of SEO. Off Site SEO has no value until a site has no good onsite optimization. But always do good onsite optimization by keeping in mind the above rules otherwise Google Penguin is behind you.

  18. says

    These tips are essential and each and every local business social media manager must follow.
    In addition to the tips you’ve mentioned, i find local pages listing very effective for Local
    SEO targeting.

  19. Jack says

    Great tips. I have often found that most sites give SEO tips but make them impossible to understand.

    Personally, I liked your chart with the cats.It helped me visualize how you can have two topics going at the same time. Other people have talked about it but I was not quite sure what they meant. Now I understand what they were meaning. While tiger could be related to cats, it is a whole other topic altogether. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

    Like they say in business school, Keep It Simple
    Jack recently posted..Save 15% and enter for a chance to win $1,000 Visa® prepaid card at Ramada.com

  20. Santosh says

    I tend to read a lot about SEO whenever i get time,and i could not understand how linking to external possibly rival sites can boost ones image
    Santosh recently posted..Hello world!

    • Liz says


      If you understand that your website and your content is about serving your market and your readers, it’s not really about boosting ‘your’ image. It should be about offering your reader value. The content you link to should also be highly relevant to your content’s topic.

      If linking to a ‘rival’ site doesn’t appeal to you, simply link out to sites that offer value but aren’t direct rivals.

      Liz :-)
      Liz recently posted..Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Website And Do It Without Google

  21. larissavictorian says

    Acording to me on-Page optimization techniques is more important for site index. Awesome post Thanks for share all the ideas about ‘OPM’. I never really thought about it that way, but I guess this is the why I really got a lot of traffic. Thanks for keyword & linking tips!!!

    • mitz says

      Yes I do use that to generate ideas too but also to cover the entire subject for SEO purposes. I guess it is all a habit for me. :)

    • Mitz says

      Thanks Maja
      Its not all there is but its a big part of it… If you don’t want to get too detailed with SEO you can use this method and just pretend you are not really doing it..

  22. Dane says

    Thanks a lot for sharing the very informative thoughts on how to make deep seo linking. This is very helpful for all doing seo.

  23. Alex Copper says

    Never considered a linking-out as a possibility to be a good optimization method, but if i think it over again it does have some features that could be valuable in optimization.
    Alex Copper recently posted..Radiologist Salary

  24. Sanjib says

    Hi Mitz,

    This post is brilliant. I have read many posts which stated that ‘SEO is soon become extinct’. I don’t agree with it. SEO is the lifeline for any blog and the posts. Whatever is posted should have credibility and then building relationships will follow suit. The content should never be neglected.

    Sanjib recently posted..Top 10 Weird but Great Wedding Venues

  25. says

    Hi Mitz! Very nice explanation of the the current state of affairs in keywords, link building and SEO. I find that no matter what you do to your titles or who links to your page, if you don’t have good content people who do end up visiting your page will only stay on it briefly and won’t ever come back to it. You will have a high bounce rate and a low average time on site and your rankings will suffer as a result. The lesson here is: write good quality content and good things will happen.

  26. Tim Anderson says

    Yeow I already wrote down a page of notes from this post. Both from the content area and also few things on what people commented on. Thanks for sharing

  27. says

    Thanks. Really awesome points to perform on site optimization for a site. Without quality SEO one site is nothing and can’t achieve good results in search engine.

  28. Linda says

    Great share , really an insightful message to all of us. Link building is an important factor among us and we must really concentrate well to achieve it , here you have stated awesome information on it , its very useful to me , Thanks a lot for sharing

  29. Link Building Services says

    Staying on the topic with what you’re expert and knowledgeable with is the key to your website success. If you know what you’re into, everything will flow and follow. Hence, you have to always create post that can easily catch the attention of the readers.
    Link Building Services recently posted..7 Lessons Bill Gates Can Teach Every One of Us

  30. Niki says

    Wow! Absolutely valuable and useful advices, thanks for them! The optimization may be still about the content but in a professional and precisely engineered way! A good keyword research at the beginning and than a creative play with the words, it sounds really interesting..
    Niki recently posted..fogbeültetés a vágyam…

    • Mitz says

      I totally agree that long content plays a huge part…Some of my best pages are 1500 word+ articles and they always stand the test of time.

  31. dave mackay says

    I have a new site and the SEO part is challenging to me. You have made it seems a little simpler with your post. A concern that I have is that until I have a considerable content, I should not be using outbound links, even those to perhaps a non marketing site. For example, say I locate a blog that I think has some great ideas and I want to write about that blog…. will I be penalized for putting the link to that blog on my page. Can you enlighten me on that area… I am asking you because you are in the business of developing sites so you would have the expertise from having to deal with this…
    Thanks for your help

    • Mitz says

      You will not be penalized for linking out…Infact it is good when you mentioned a much needed resource to back up your article.

      I do not fill my articles with outgoing links though, only here and there when required. I also have affiliate links and internal linking. All relevant stuff though.

  32. Zenred says

    Yes onpage is a very crucial game these days and its important to keep your content of the best quality with keywords only a secondary priority. ofcourse you have to stay on topic but the title and meta still matter,.

  33. Sameer says

    I have always been liking out to to some good sites on the internet with great content. It is one the way to increase your On page SEO. You just need to make sure the visitor gets what he is looking for. This will drive him to your blog next time. Always pass the link juice to the sites that have unique content have have high PR.
    Sameer recently posted..How To Improve Your Networking Skills

    • Mitz says

      Hi Sai
      There is no problem with my contact form…It is just that I get hundreds of emails and if the person has not followed the guest posting guidelines I simply go to the next email…

      Everyone can guest post on my site…That is not a question you need to ask me…It is only whether they can follow the guidelines that I have in place.

      Some people send me an email saying “can I submit a 500 word article to you”
      Well this means they did not read the guidelines and I ignore it… I only accept 700 word articles and I do not need to be asked, I need the article sent through so I can see the work straight off.


  34. Cathy Summer says

    Building links with deep linking is just as important as links from your homepage, and any links pointing to your website will help to increase your search engine ranking. If you are serious about your SEO and link building strategy you must ensure that some of the links are derived from deep links.
    Cathy Summer recently posted..Wrongful Termination Claim

  35. says

    Keyword optimization is main thing in SEO at the time of submission. After reading this post i m worry-free about choosing keywords and also about my on optimization techniques. Thank you for providing such a great information here.

  36. Anderson says

    The on page tips are make a good keywords selection and , chose the keywords which are most relevant to your site and set the keywords in tittles , meta keywords and use h1 tags for headings and make a unique content , make sure that site being updated with fresh contents at least once in week

    • Lisa says

      I am agree with you but personally i think that I have a new website and the SEO aspect is complicated to me. You have created it seems a little easier with your publish. A issue that I have is that until I have a significant material, I should not be using confident hyperlinks, even those to perhaps a non promotion website. For example, say I identify a weblog that I think has the product specifications and I want to create about that blog…. will I be punished for placing the we-blink to that weblog on my web page. Thank you..
      Lisa recently posted..Draw Something Cheat Beautiful from a Poster, Picture and E.G

  37. Aditya says

    Hi Mitz,
    Optimizing a keyword effectively can bring in a lot of help in the rankings.Over optimizing will lead to nowhere.One can use keywords having density of 1-3% not more than that.If he wishes to do the same them LSI keywords can help him which are the synonyms of the keyword and not the same keyword.
    Aditya recently posted..ERP Software Development

    • mitz says

      I see giving a page a link from itself as a bit deceiving and in the past all the things that only “seemed wrong” turned out to be not good for SEO.

  38. Nawaz says

    Hello Mitlz
    I agree with all the points . Soul of the on site optimization lies in relative and large post and the keyword must be used in this content in natural way.

  39. Michael Spangler says

    Great overview of on-page SEO. Some people act as if it’s not important, and the only thing that matter is link building and off-page techniques. However, with a company like mine, which is involved in Local SEO, targeting geographical locations with the right keywords on page is very important.

    Of course, we don’t just stuff keywords, we try to create articles that cover events in a specific area, or create “featured projects” pages and mention the location of the job. Because it all comes back to writing genuinely good content that a human will appreciate. I think that if you do that, you automatically take care of a lot of the things you’re referring to.
    Michael Spangler recently posted..CONSTRUCTION INFOGRAPHIC: Remodeling Ideas

  40. says

    great help for me here, I’m a newbie, didn’t realise that you can’t create quality content unless you use certain search engine optimization techniques. Guess I need to read up some more on SEO…thanks fo rthe hel in this post.

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