Elegant Directory WordPress Theme

I used to hate directory listing websites because they all looked the same and were pretty much ugly, however this directory WordPress theme may have changed my mind. There was never anything special about any of the directory websites that I have seen, and some even tried to make their websites look pretty by adding thumbnails for the website pictures. I would never have thought of even attempting to set up a directory listing website. But recently Nick Roach, from Elegant Themes, released a WordPress theme called eList.

Of course this is an elegant directory WordPress theme and it is very tempting to create an elite website listing directory. (Because this is something different) There are not many awesome WordPress themes out there to create an eye catching directory website with. It is even more tempting barbecue now that I am a member of the Elegant Themes website ($39 a year), I get every single one of their WordPress themes for free!

It is even better when they come out with new themes as it gives me great ideas for a new WordPress Website to create.

Take a look at this screenshot below.I like the way the menu as listed at the top, and all of the categories are featured with fantastic looking thumbnails. This is only a portion of the page though, as I have missed out on the featured listings and the footer.

What Features Make This Directory WordPress Theme Special?

  1. It integrates PayPal into your website so you can accept featured listings.
  2. It already has a submit page inbuilt and a user registration page.
  3. The submit form is highly customizable so you can adjust it to any niche you like.
  4. You can easily change the website colors at the push of a button.
  5. Each listing has Google maps included. No need to get technical.
  6. Of course there are all of the usual fantastic features that every Elegant themes comes with.
  7. The categories are listed on the front page, nice neat, and tempting!
  8. This directory WordPress theme can also be used as an ordinary blog if you wish.

Quick Video Tour

Ideas on What Type of Website to Create With This Directory WordPress Theme

 A local business directory

You would not believe how popular a local business directory is on the Internet. Some businesses have not even got their own website so need to build up a presence on the Internet. They do this by buying directory listings and it is even better if you focus on the local market. I personally have a website focused on the local market near where I live, and people often want to be listed in the business directory I have attached to that website. It is nothing fancy, and the town that the website is based around is very very small. This is why I know the power of having a locally based website.

A Focused Website Directory

I would love to find a blog directory that only focused on certain things like dofollow blogs that accept comments, or blogs that sell advertising, or just blogs in my niche. I know there are computer site directory websites, but there is room for a whole lot more!

A Wholesale Supplier Directory

People are constantly looking for wholesale suppliers and you could open the world up to some businesses. For example, if you have a gift-ware shop in Australia you could go to a Gift-ware online directory to buy from all over the world. I know many people that would use these kinds of directories.

A Job Directory

Yes there are thousands of jobs directory websites but how about focusing on a smaller niche. What about jobs for the disabled people, or jobs for over 50s? There is always something that people have not done yet.

A Drop Shipping Directory

When people first want to make money online, this is the most common direction that they look to. Drop shipping and selling on eBay is extremely popular. People have become very successful, and others have given up. This is the same in every business but I do not think you could ever have enough drop shipping directories as people will always want to make money online. Also you might be interested in one of the best Ecommerce WordPress themes, again created by Elegant themes, to drop ship goods yourself.

An Affiliate Program Directory

I know there are affiliate program directories out there, but I do not like any of them. They are ugly and are using a generic ugly theme. Not only that they do not give genuine reviews on whether the actual product is converting well or not. There is so much information missing in this area and if you can find this information and put it all together then you would have a great website. It is just so difficult to find a good affiliate program with products that actually sell, and good commissions at the same time. Again you could specialize in a certain smaller niche subject like the one I have mentioned below.

A Recurring Commission Directory

OMG Can someone please make a recurring commission directory. I do not want to search through all the other affiliate programs, I just want recurring commission products! How busy to you think this website would be once the word was out? Of course you would add that personal touch and give extra information that other sites do not give. You could contact the affiliate manager to get the information. I did find a recurring commissions website but when I visited the links the websites were dead and gone or they did not have recurring commission. Well that leaves a huge opening there!

A Work From Home Directory

Or what about an Internet entrepreneur directory? This directory WordPress theme, eList, would look fantastic and very classy. You could offer Internet entrepreneur tools, Internet entrepreneur resources, and so on. I guess I am biased towards what bloggers want and what people making money online want.

How To Start Your Own Directory Listing Website

  • Contact potential customers and offer them a free years trial. That means you give them a free listing. In the mean time, you will busily be generating traffic so your new potential customers see some of this traffic flow through to their websites.
  • Contact all your friends in your industry and give them a free listing to make your website look busy.
  • Go door to door to local businesses and show them your website. Offer them a great deal. Add simple extras in like advertising their monthly specials on your Facebook page that is targeted at the local market. Offer them things that will not cost you money.

How Do You Make Money From a Directory Listing Website?

There are many ways to make money from a directory listing website and here are a few ideas:

  1. You can give away free basic listings but have an upgraded version that offers better features. For example if you were using this directory WordPress theme, you could give the free customers a basic form to fill out with less things to put on their listing. Then you can offer an upgrade that will allow them to add more details and showcase their listing better.
  2. With this directory WordPress theme, you can sell featured listings which will be showcased on the FrontPage in featured listings slider.
  3. You can list businesses that offer a commission if you refer people to them. For example, some affiliate programs offer 5% commission from income that people you refer make with their program. So if I refer you to become an affiliate for Spotmau I will get 5% commission for the sales you actually make. This does not effect your commission rate either!
  4. When your website is popular you can get pay to review other businesses and products according to your directory listings.

What do you think of this directory WordPress theme?

Go and check this eList directory WordPress theme out for yourself and tell me if you have seen anything better?



  1. Dennis says

    Really a great Theme. It is really often so that you must fish out a good theme out of thousands of bad looking themes.
    Dennis recently posted..Baltic Sea

  2. says

    Thanks for this review…. I’ve almost finished on a huge project for a client a custom directory theme for wordpress and moving all the data from a static html site across…. 13,000 listings in total! a huge job…. I definitely would not recommend using a custom made theme for a WordPress based directory site…. use this elegant themes template instead!
    Marshall recently posted..Telenor Girls Mobile Numbers | UFone Zong Warid Girls Mobile Numbers FB ID

  3. James Leasing says

    A good directory is good way to start online marketing or even in traditional marketing. This themes is just an added feature that will make the user enjoy this important tool. Its work and fun intertwining.

  4. Azam says

    Today I have planned to buy theme from here and explored the site but nothing attracted me and still waiting for new upload.

  5. steve says

    This theme looks hot and simple…I am planning for building up a directory listing site… thinking whether to put up a html site or cms.. now changing minds.. will go for wordpress and gonna buy this theme
    steve recently posted..Clean your iPad screen

  6. Tanik says

    The website’s design is very important. Why? It is simply because it what the users see. some people consider the design of the page when surfing the net and if they find a website’s design ugly, then they’ll most likely leave the website. Having elegant themes with only $39 per year is not that big! Thanx Mitz For sharing this valuable post! :)
    Tanik recently posted..Earn money from Facebook and Twitter

  7. Jason says

    I have to agree with you. Most directory themes are so old looking and outdated but this one seems to be more modern and appealing. I bought a new domain recently with building a directory in mind and this one might just fit the bill. Thanks for this great review.
    Jason recently posted..Chrome Rims For Cheap

  8. Danica Green says

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful themes mitz! They look very modern but don’t look cluttered.

  9. says

    Some directory websites look strange but this wordpress plugin looks like it would work out really well. The thing is that directory websites need to be done right and if they are, it does wonders. That screenshot was crystal clear.

  10. nikkilao says

    Hello Ms. mitz,

    I do admire your article regarding earning online, I am one of those people who earn online. I just want to extend my appreciation for sharing very informative article like this. I will be one of your followers thanks once again.
    nikkilao recently posted..resurfing skin laser

  11. Ioana Radu says

    Love it! Seems very Pro with that colours and the font. I will start using one that will look like this. Maybe I’ll get more lucky! :)

  12. says

    O was looking for a great theme for a directory to start my new blog. This Elegant wordpress theme seems to be a great choice for me. The money is not the most important when choosing a template. The out come of the template is the important. So I’ll buy this. If I get this I’ll give you my experience here.

    Thanks for the great info.
    Sajith recently posted..Why Anchor Text are Important In SEO as a Tool

  13. sherlizz says

    still very much template based. and not an improvement. all WP and Joomla sites look the same. I find it pretty boring. Lots of advantages though. Without any knowledge of BUILDING (xhtml, css etc) you can just whip a site on the net in les than an hour, and no headaches to handcode forms, polls and more.

  14. Haith says

    Great looking theme. We are using Abundance. ECommerce theme. Works well :) Slowely getting used to our WordPress dashboard. Keep up the great posts.
    Haith recently posted..Happy New Year!!

  15. says

    The theme has four distinct layouts, each of which are triggered at specific window sizes. When viewed on a mobile phone or tablet, the design will degrade elegantly, and will even change when the device is flipped between portrait and landscape orientation. To view the changes in action, just try reducing the width of your browsers window when previewing the theme.

  16. Amanda Gordon says

    The directory themes are amazing! I used to run a bunch of directories a few years ago (still have a couple of legacy ones). The best directory s/w or script I encountered was indexu. Those days wp based directory plugins/themes were just about showing up but did not pack much of a punch.
    Amanda Gordon recently posted..Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

  17. says

    Elegant theme is my Favorited company as their theme is really fantastic as we use to say na first impression is last impression same happen with blog to good looking blog use to get good traffic because of beauty and elegant theme normally build nice theme and it is SEO friendly too
    rohit kothari recently posted..Top 7 Firefox web developer toolbar

  18. Anna says

    These are very nice and useful tips! However I don’t have still the confidence that I will make a lot of money, at least the beginning will be hard….
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  19. Azhar says

    $39 annual expenditure is not too much. This tutorial is fantastic. Researched based material and personal choices are also explained in the post.

  20. Adam James says

    I love this theme, in fact in general I love elegant themes, the name says it all – they look awesome.

    This theme I have abseloutely no use for what-so-ever .. BUT .. I wish I had a use for it .. it’s one of those themes that I like so much I want to start a website just to use it on.
    Adam James recently posted..4 Of The Best Contact Form Plugins For WordPress

  21. Digital Agency says

    Elegant Themes are one of the best and also having some great WordPress themes for all. ELephant ist is a verstile Directory WordPress Theme.

  22. says

    good review, great tips, a directory may be hard work.but you’re right, it has the potential to help generate more traffic to a blog or website.

  23. says

    Thanks for this review…. I’ve almost finished on a huge project for a client a custom directory theme for wordpress and moving all the data from a static html site across…. 13,000 listings in total! a huge job.
    But i want to ask one question. Is true web use wordpress can’t added adsense?
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  24. says

    you can use light theme in your wordpress in order to many people visite to your we.
    But i have one question, Is it true, if we make a web use wordpress can’t be added google adsense?

  25. Albert says

    I usually don’t like directories but this Elist looks interesting :)
    Thank you for your review and tips!

  26. Adeline says

    Thanks for this review, Mitz. Coming up with a directory can sure be tedious work. But you’re right. It has the potential to help generate more traffic to a blog or website.

    Your suggestions on offering free and premium listings is very intriguing. Never considered that method as a means to generate income. But, for that to work, you’ll need some kind of monitoring software or plugin, right? Is there any that you can recommend that would work best if someone would want to consider that route?
    Adeline recently posted..How You Can Help the Victims of Typhoon Sendong

  27. Ric Flair says

    It’s so common now for published material to be solely intended to sell something or to advance the cause of the writer in one way or another. It was refreshing to read something that is actually intended to benefit the reader, as this article was. Great work! Corporate Reputation Management

  28. Peter Lawlor says

    One of the best WordPress theme reviews I’ve read. Not only do you explain eList well, you provide a boatload of practical tips and ideas for using the eList directory theme.

    I’m with you Mitz – please someone create a recurring commission directory. There are some out there, but they often seem outdated. I’d love to do it, but my hands are full.

    That said, it only takes finding a couple recurring commission products that convert well to result in some nice passive income. I promote a few and together they net me more than $1K per month (and growing).

    My one complaint with eList is it doesn’t provide a multi-variable search feature. Instead visitors must drill down category by category to find what they’re looking for. I’d love to see a multi-variable search box implemented as well which filters searches by unlimited criteria.
    Peter Lawlor recently posted..Non-Blog WordPress Themes – Beautiful Themes With No Blog-Look

  29. caroline says

    As you said all the directory theme looks same and nothing more interesting in that, I have look out the elegant wordpress theme, really its nice and looks more professional, and the membership price is also reasonable, I would like to join as a member…thanks for sharing it Mitz…

  30. says

    Elegant Themes website ($39 a year) – At last a normally priced template site! Not like others which charge silly money – Thanks for sharing.
    Happy New Year – May your blog go from strength to strength

  31. Mark says

    This is really a great theme, I am using a classified ad theme for WP on one of my sites and this has very good SEO features compared to other platforms. SEO features and automatic pinging makes this directory theme also very fascinating for advertisers because their site will be found much easier by SEs.

  32. says

    I haven’t have a thought about creating Directory Website. Now that I’ve seen some awesome Directory theme from WordPress , I think of giving it a try. Thank you for sharing this Mitz, this will be another way of generating income online.

  33. says

    I have not written any articles for this new site(I know shocking) I’ve been busy BLOGGING on other “commentluv” sites amongst other entities per your suggestions…..Spreading the word about MITZ & myself of course at the same time..You really are an inspiration as I truly share the same passion as you regarding building sites and I PROMISE not to steal any of your words lol..u c I have been reading your posts!
    Yes indeed you go and throw another angle at US/ME again//// Directories? lol Well I can say first hand the Elegant Themes are GREAT!!! (that should get MITZ a sale)lol I’m using “The Corporation” at the moment for my Ring Lawn Care site and it completely suits my needs. Plus of course “Socrates” for the new sites. I really am struggling trying figure out content without copying you, so for know I stay idle on the WordPress site until I figure out my style! Still Love ya!
    Bryan Ring recently posted..By: Bryan Ring

  34. Mark Tesa says

    The theme looks awesome and it`s features are all very good. It seems that word pores is really making improvements that come with the new themes.

  35. Carrie says

    Before I knew anything about the existence of directories, I came up with the idea. (Always a day late and a dollar short.) However my idea is a bit different than what is normally found out there, and better, in my humble opinion. I hope to get it off the ground one day, before someone else comes up with it, thereby perpetuating my history of business ideas.

    The marketing techniques you suggested were the ones I wanted to implement as well, which makes me feel like my idea has a chance at success, plus you had a terrific suggestion for themes. This is where I get hung up; the website and theme. So thank you for the post covering that subject.

    • mitz says

      Well I thought that anyone can review a theme so I added some ideas to go with it!! This is one of the biggest problems in this business. Thinking of an idea, matching a theme, and then actually taking action! :)

  36. Amanda says

    Agree with you, Mitz, that WordPress themes are the best variant for small business users. They always have excellent design and number of interesting features
    Amanda recently posted..WordPress Themes

  37. Liane Markus says

    I hope you will still be sharing to us more of your latest WordPress themes Mitz. Good work and nice job Mitz.
    Liane Markus recently posted..Fab Defense

  38. Bethany says

    Suffusion is one theme that I have found to work fine for me. The reason for this is that it is simple, has couple of different color schemes, and it is SEO optimized. It is quite easy to add your own custom logo and if you are familiar with CSS, you can easily fine tune the colors according to your own taste. It is very readable and I find that a major issue with those colorful themes full of graphics that takes forever to load. To make it short, it looks nice, it keeps focus on your posts and not large graphics and have just enough customization options to be very useful for all kinds of blogs. Only other that is little more flashy theme I use is Blue Taste. It can be OK for some kinds of blog but I would still stay with Suffusion for most.
    Bethany recently posted..Payment Protection Insurance

    • mitz says

      Yes I agree that graphic heavy sites are not worth it but I thought this one was simple and Elegant. :)
      Also if you are a member of Elegant themes already then it is free!

  39. Lee says

    Great post. You could also use a program called artisteer to make an elegant style theme. It is more expensive than wordpress but you only have to pay the fee once to own the program.
    Lee recently posted..Paying Off Student Loans

  40. Roger says

    This is an awesome theme, but have you tried to re purpose it for a blog? If you had a blog that people were allowed to guest post in (through a special registration and assigned subscriber permissions) could you use this to organize a really helpful blog?

    Do you think this is possible Mitz? I might use it on our website!

    • mitz says

      If you go and look at the demo site for this, it has a normal blog there as well to show you. I have some blogs with Elegant themes and this seems to have the same features. Just an excellent theme.

  41. says

    The website’s design is very important. Why? It is simply because it what the users see. some people consider the design of the page when surfing the net and if they find a website’s design ugly, then they’ll most likely leave the website. Having elegant themes with only $39 per year is not that big! Thanks Mitz for sharing..

  42. Liane Markus says

    Elegant wordpress theme help you to attract more traffic from your site. Great post from you mitz. I hope I can read more from your blog again!
    Liane Markus recently posted..VZ 58

  43. Anne says

    Wow! I didn’t know these existed. They’re great. I can’t wait to start earning some money to really sink my teeth into these. Thanks for a great article on directory wordpress themes. I know this would be beneficial to a lot of people.
    Anne recently posted..Best Blogs I Visited in 2011

  44. says

    Thanks for this review…. I’ve almost finished on a huge project for a client a custom directory theme for wordpress and moving all the data from a static html site across…. 13,000 listings in total! a huge job…. I definitely would not recommend using a custom made theme for a WordPress based directory site…. use this elegant themes template instead!

  45. Peter says

    This really is a great looking theme and I will definitely get it for my self. Thanks for sharing this and I hope you post more great articles about beautiful themes in the future. Thanks!
    Peter recently posted..Teleconference service

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