Drag and Drop Sales Page Maker

Drag and drop sales pages are the new thing around town. Well not totally new, but a new direction to work towards and perfect.

I have talked about different sales page makers here on this website before, however elegant themes has come out with a drag and drop sales PageMaker. People also call them landing pages so please do not get confused as I like to twist things. Anyway this is absolutely crazy, as we all know it is only $39 a year to join this membership and they just keep adding fantastic value. This new theme is both innovative and elegant at the same time.

This new Elegant theme is called Convertible. It is a drag and drop sales page maker, but of course, it has the elegant touch. There is nothing like it on the market and it is extremely easy for anyone to use.

The convertible theme includes:

  • drag and drop creation
  • drag and drop columns and sidebars
  • featured sliders
  • fantastic buttons
  • pricing option boxes
  • Content boxes
  • and more…

How to build a drag-and-drop sales page using the WordPress convertible theme

All you have to do is simply install the convertible WordPress theme just as you would install any WordPress theme.

  1. Then simply go to the appearance menu on the left, inside your dashboard.
  2. Click on the link that says landing page builder.
  3. You will see a page like the one below. You can click on the add module button, the add button, or start with a Sample lay out.
  4. For example on that add a module page, you can add a logo module, a header module, a button module, and many other options.
  5. All you have to do is drag the module you want into your page area, as shown below.


We all know how fantastic Elegant themes products are, and this one includes all the features that you would expect and a whole lot more. As you can see from the screenshot below, you can add cool pricing options, even with price cuts.

I love the way you can add modules, move them, resize them, and customize their settings. The design aspect is unique and highly customizable.

Watch this video showing how I drag and drop modules to create a sales page


The Convertible WordPress Theme is fantastic but it was missing something that really annoyed me. It was the fact that you cannot create any other pages with this theme. Although it is great, this is a limit I did not care for.

I have also been testing a ThesisAwesome landing page theme ( a thesis skin) and I am really like the look of this theme. (Will review this soon)  It is clean, neat, and allows me to add a blog in the background which keeps the lonely sales page blog fresh. Here is an example of this theme on my Computer Basics Ebook site. I haven’t finished tweaking this yet but it has already improved conversions! One thing about Heshams skins, they are all well designed. He definitely has any eye for perfection!

I will still find a use for this Elegant theme though, as it is still hard to beat with usability and design. In fact I am dying to use it so I can find out if it really converts.


  1. Danica Green says

    Thanks for providing us this very comprehensive and easy to follow tutorial on how to build a drag-and-drop sales page using the WordPress convertible theme.

  2. Melissa says

    Many thanks for sharing this detailed tutorial! I will check it all out, because in the nearest time I will need to create a drag-and-drop sales page

  3. Jasmine says

    This Convertible theme looks really good, and I especially like its drag and drop capability. This really makes our live so much easier… and I think it will be fun designing a website this way! Haha… nice one.
    Jasmine recently posted..Omnis Web Hosting Review

  4. Annette Golphin says

    Hi Mitz. Great article as always. I actually don’t know on how to put a drag and drop sales page maker and here it is you present it here. Thanks a lot to you!
    Annette Golphin recently posted..Timber Doors

  5. says

    If you need to make a sales page for your blog or website, it is a good idea to base it off what is working for others already. Some people feel the need to try to reinvent the wheel and come up with some different sales page format. Uniqueness is great, but it usually isn’t optimized to convert at a high level. So try to learn from others when setting up pages like this. Using template software like this helps. It’s just too bad it doesn’t allow you to build other page types.
    Jeremy recently posted..Craigslist Classified Ads – Bargain Hunting Made Simple

  6. says

    Love the ease and look of the Convertible theme. Right now I have no use for it, but you never what the future will bring. All of the Elegant Themes look great and have such great functionality. I have not been able to investigate the Thesis theme due to time restraints, but looks great on your site for sure.
    Bryan Ring recently posted..Build A Business WordPress Site

    • mitz says

      Yes Elegant themes is easier to install and use where Thesis does take time to learn a few things. I love both! :)

  7. Annie says

    Landing pages are huge, totally valuable. This theme seems like a pretty good investment. The drag and drop is sweet.

  8. Shiva says

    Drag and Drop Sales Page Maker, the concept really sounds quite nice. I never though elegant themes would come up with a theme like that since they most of the time build blogs on for the general stuffs. None the less I already have an elegant theme subscription and i am going to download it.
    Shiva recently posted..Popup Domination Discount

  9. Joe says

    Rarely I like automated softwares, but this seems really good. I should give it a try once I will have a need for landing page :)

  10. Charles Ceccarelli says

    It is good to see Convertible theme has been launched by WP. It will be fun to use drag and drop sales page maker but with a touch of elegance. I think the features of Convertible theme are really good. The options which you have listed out here are very impressive. Features like drag and drop creation, featured sliders, fantastic buttons, pricing option buttons, etc. This will be really fun to use but at the same time will also not look distracting. Thanks for sharing this!

  11. Franklin says

    You can’t beat the price point for Convertible — three dollars and change per month. If it had the ability to create other pages within the them then I’d be sold.

    • mitz says

      Hi Franklin
      It is only $39 a year and that means you get 60+ themes with support and they are all different! The absolute best deal alive. :)

      • Franklin says

        Thanks Mitz, it’s definitely on my short list — thinking about pulling the trigger on a purchase.

  12. Feye says

    Every time I stumble into a sales page, I don’t see any other more pages on it. All I see is a one page super long sales page with lots of testimonials. So I think I would not care for its lack of feature.Drag and drop is a great feature.

  13. Jack says

    This seems pretty awesome. I love softwares that make my life easier.. And Drag and drop tools are my favourite! I’m not so much of a techie so user interface & customization gotta be effective for me to be able to make the best of resources.
    Jack recently posted..Immune System Supplements

  14. says

    Anything that lets you drag and drop is okay by me! I love simple things. This looks like pretty good software and also quite a reasonable price – thanks for sharing!

  15. Venus says

    Thanks Mitz for the nice tutorial.It seems to be a good idea to have this.These type of themes makes us loves this CMS more.

  16. Patricia says

    Hi Mitz

    Thanks for the easy to follow tutorial. I am no techie, but my friend who is will definitely take note of this. They have installed Thesis theme on my site so interested to read you like Hesham’s contribution with Thesis skins.

    Patricia Perth Australia
    Patricia recently posted..French Lavender

      • Patricia says

        Thanks for the kind words about my site. I had a techie friend do the header the way I wanted it awhile ago.

        Then my friend Brankica did the update the way I wanted it. So she put in the nav bar and put some static pages on the blog for me. I think it is now easier to navigate and find the different categories about the lovely lavender. Had good feedback since the changes and more targeted traffic too.

        I source all the photos and write all the content. Learning heaps and now have another site that Brankica helped me get up too. But that is with SBI not with Thesis.

        Have a great week Mitz and I’m sure I’ll be learning heaps from you :-)

        Patricia Perth Australia
        Patricia recently posted..French Lavender

  17. Liane Markus says

    Good thing you were able to come up with a very clear and organized instructions. This will make things easy for us and I am certain that many will be able to follow your guides accordingly.
    Liane Markus recently posted..Fab Defense

  18. Matt Kinsella says

    Looks good and certainly looks very easy and quick to use, all things that appeal to me because I have such limited time.
    Matt Kinsella recently posted..Paid To Play

    • mitz says

      Yes that’s what Elegant themes is great for! Making websites for others! I sent Nick Roach an email and he said you can even buy the personal membership and use the themes on your clients sites…Although with the Developers you get PSD files and all.
      mitz recently posted..Tips to Write a Good How-To Post

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