Elegant Themes Versus Thesis for WordPress

As you can see, on this website I am running the Socrates WordPress theme, however I have many websites and many other WordPress theme options. Two of the best options for finding a WordPress theme are Elegant themes and the Thesis WordPress theme. You can also see the Premium themes in my tool box to see what I am using now on this website.

They both are very different but they are both worth their weight in gold! Previously I have written about the best WordPress themes, including free ones, however these two themes do cost money.

Elegant themes

Elegant themes comes as a package of approximately 50 WordPress themes. I have to say that every theme is absolutely beautiful. The designs are absolutely professional and all you have to do is install it to your WordPress website and configure.

You can basically get any type of theme you like, including themes for a real estate, a newspaper, a software reviews site, and so on. These themes are made to work and when you pay $39 for a year’s membership, you get access to 50 WordPress themes, along with new ones added every month.

You could probably end your membership after downloading the themes, however it is the support that you get that is very valuable. If you have any problems, all you need to do is go to the forum and ask answers.

It is a lot easier to customize any Elegant themes for a new website, however if you have an existing website it can take a little bit more effort. There should not be too much editing with the CSS file or any design issues as the theme handles it for you.

Who should buy elegant themes?

· If you want a beautiful WordPress theme today, then elegant themes has them all there waiting for you. All you have to do is install the theme you want and start to configure it.

· If you are finding it difficult to find a particular theme for your website, you can browse through the elegant themes Gallery and I guarantee you will find a fantastic theme. For example Elegant themes has the best Ecommerce theme there is to date.

· If you find it difficult to customize and change the layout of a WordPress theme, then elegant themes has the entire layout’s organized for you.

· Elegant themes comes with so many extras such as short codes to add amazing features, page templates to be in control of what’s on a page, and also many theme options to change.

· Elegant themes gives you access to 50+ WordPress themes for $39.

The Thesis WordPress theme

The Thesis WordPress theme is like the bare-bones of a theme and allows you to build on it and customize everything to create your own stamp on your design. If you are an experienced website designer, Thesis is like the “bees knees” (the best). It gives you the control over layout, design, and many customizations. You can see it in action on many top websites. I have also installed it on my computer tips website as I needed to get back to basics in order to get faster page loading times. I have not edited the theme too much yet but I am sure I will.

I am talking about the base Thesis WordPress theme as there are many add-on themes and skins that you can get to go with Thesis.

Why should you buy the Thesis WordPress theme?

· The Thesis WordPress theme is probably for the more advanced user. It is like the base shell of a theme and gives you the option to customize to your heart’s content.

· The Thesis WordPress theme will allow you to do away with a lot of plug-ins because, once you get the hang of it, it is easy to add these functions in yourself.

Elegant themes versus the WordPress Thesis theme

· You will probably need less experience with the elegant themes when it comes to PHP and CSS.. Thesis will require a bit of knowledge.

· Elegant themes have already been designed for you, whereas with Thesis you have to start from scratch.

· Elegant themes will give you a beautiful theme within minutes, with Thesis you need to work for it, but you will appreciate it in the end.

If you are a total new be when it comes to WordPress websites, there are other options when choosing a WordPress theme. For example you might not have any cash when you first start building websites and free WordPress themes are okay to start your business with.


When you get established and you can see that your WordPress website is going to make money, you need to get serious and start looking for a professional WordPress theme.

Elegant themes is fantastic if you do not want to spend the time customizing your own design as they are all ready for you to simply install. The thesis WordPress theme gives you the freedom to design and customize your own WordPress theme. I’ve definitely recommend that you check out the Elegant themes website and go to the gallery section to see all of their themes. However if you are experienced in website building and can learn quickly, then Thesis is for you.


  1. komal says

    I have used both Elegant Themes and Thesis on multiple blogs. What I’ve realized is that Elegant themes is much easier to use, unless one is used to tweaking and customizing the CSS part to make the Thesis theme look better. Also there is a considerable price difference between the two, so yeah Elegant Themes is my choice.
    komal recently posted..How To Build Links For SEO

  2. says

    Interesting. i’ve read recently that a number of the seo guru are moving from thesis to the genesis framework at studiopress. i’ve personally bought themes from templatemonster – they look great! but sometime you have to fiddle with teh coode to get some plugins to work properly. i’ll have to check out elegant themes to see how they compare!
    Chris recently posted..The RBA’s interest rate statement for August…

  3. says

    I have used both Elegant Themes and Thesis on multiple blogs. What I’ve realized is that Elegant themes is much easier to use, unless one is used to tweaking and customizing the CSS part to make the Thesis theme look better. Also there is a considerable price difference between the two, so yeah Elegant Themes is my choice.
    Harshit Singhal recently posted..Elegant Themes Discount Coupon Code (2012)

  4. Andi says

    Hey Mitz, nice Idea to compare the 2 Themes. When I started, I used my Browser to peek what others had installed – and bought the wrong one. It took me a while to understand that a Theme isn’t just the Layout of a Site, that it can do so much more (SEO, handling,…) to make your Site look nice and work nice. So I’m still happy I found Elegant Themes – probably here, one year ago. Up to now I believe there is no better Theme(s) out there.
    Thesis might be a nice ‘Kit’ and everybody that gets it to work loves it because it’s ‘his own Child’ – but ‘out of the Box’ I found nothing better than Elegant up to now – except, maybe some specialized niche Themes.
    Andi recently posted..The Name is the game – Domain registration

  5. Ricky Strode says

    I have been using Thesis for a while now. You can really tell when visiting my site. However, I am re-building it offline. That way I can work everything out without tearing my site up. I love Thesis, it loads very quickly, has SEO options already built in and is able to be customized as much as you want. However, I did not know a lot about php and css when I very first got it. However, I have gotten much better.

    I never heard of elegant themes before. I got thesis, because a few of my friends recommended it to me. It may take me a long time, but I am really starting to make progress with my offline version of my site. I still have a lot of work to do finish it up and make sure there are no bugs in it, but for not knowing anything I sure have came a long way.
    Ricky Strode recently posted..The Hypnosis Stories V2.1

  6. says

    Hi Mitz.
    I have a wordpress question.
    I had a friend design my website for me and I am having a hard time getting ahold of her.
    I want to update some info on the home page of my site, but whenever I add the text and click “update,” it doesn’t update anything. It has been many months since I have done anything on the site and I am a newbie. Would you have any idea why my text won’t update on the page?
    I would appreciate any help!
    Thank you,
    Romana recently posted..How to be the Worst Waitress and Not have anyone Tip you!

  7. David says

    Mitz. I had not heard of Elegant themes before your post. I AM currently using thesis and I like it. But I am no designer so it takes me some time to get anything done with it. Never-the-less it is cool .
    Maybe I will also get a membership to elegant themes, that might help me avoid some of the self-design issues I have.

    • mitz says

      Yes I use both Elegant and Thesis as my main themes. Very handy to have both if you are building a few websites.

    • mitz says

      Thanks Rizxi
      I use both and could not live without them! I just fixed up my WordPress Website host site with an Elegant theme as there was no way I could make this myself with Thesis..Well not fast anyway!

  8. Noel Addison says

    Elegant themes is great for beginners especially for people who do not have the knowledge of designing a blog. Whereas, Thesis WordPress theme allows people to customize and personalize their designs. Great review and comparison of elegant theme and thesis for wordpress.
    Noel Addison recently posted..5 Things to Look for in a Web Dev Company

  9. Jean says

    Good review. I have worked with both Elegant and Thesis and I have to say that as far as ease of use goes, both have their strong points. Overall, I would say Elegant is more for the semi-experienced users whereas Thesis, given the more customizability and other options that it has, is for the more experienced users.

    Jean recently posted..The risks of driving on worn tires

  10. Mark Tesa says

    After reading this I am left wondering which theme is best. I have not tried out the elegant themes but it seems like it is good so I am definitely going to try it out and see how it works.

    • mitz says

      No…Every site needs its own theme…Thesis does not suit them all…I have sites with Socrates, Elegant, even Artisteer, and even a few free themes…It depends on the site…

  11. Benjamin Hübner says

    The Tesis theme seems to me to be a bit difficult! Does this apply to the elegant themes too?

    I have found to be the “Ultimate Review Theme” to be very useful too if you want to create comparing review sites easily! But it doesn´ßt offers so much options and features like Thesis or the Elegant Themes!
    Benjamin Hübner recently posted..Google Plus One WordPress Plugins

  12. sharon says

    What would you suggest………..?????
    I’m a newbie to website/wordpress etc.(so stuff needs to be easy)
    currently have a wp site with thesis
    now need to pretty it up
    can i choose a wp theme/skin? all the thesis skins I’ve been able to see are not really the visual quality I’m looking for
    Help and thanks.

    • mitz says

      i am not using any skins as I am trying to keep it simple… If you go to the DIY themes website there are tutorials to customize your website. Also you can post a job on Elance to get someone help you get what you want.
      I will be doing some more articles on thesis soon.

  13. Paul says


    What about Elegent vs Thesis Vs Socrates for non technical person wanting to building ad-sense and affliate product sites. Which is best?

    Criteria is:
    – ease of use for non-technical person
    – SEO designed into theme.

  14. James Martell says

    Yes great reviews. I don’t use either at this point, but I do guest write on a couple of Thesis based websites. They use it from what I can tell as it comes right out of the box (so to speak). It is amazing clean, has great fonts and is very easy on the eyes. I am thinking of using it for another site of mine.

    • mitz says

      Hi James

      I am more than impressed with Thesis. I am now having a serious dilemma about installing it on all of my websites but I do not want to give up Socrates!

      I know you are already using Socrates on one of your sites as I am always there listening to your podcasts.

    • mitz says

      Hi Roy
      Only you can find the best WordPress Theme that is right for you! Hope you find something you like! :)

    • Barry Niccolls says

      Hey Mitz. I’m Barry from Vancouver , Canada…now living in Camiguin Island, Philippines. I have 2 sites almost ready to ftp to a host. I built my sites on a MAC( Imac 10.6.7) only to find out that if i ftp them to another host that i will lose certain functions( like my blogs). I discovered an Elegant Theme called ” SIMPLE. I have seen hundreds of templates…but i just found this one so beautiful. I am not a ” techie”..more like a ” newbie”. This whole process is like climbing Mt. Everest. Will i have any difficulty rebuilding these sites on SIMPLE.. I have a third and fourth site already in imagination stage. Enjoy your helpful Blog. Thanks so much.

  15. mitz says

    I love both and use both….But some of the Elegant themes are impossible for me to reproduce and it is easier to just go and grab a ready made theme…

  16. John says

    I’m using both Elegant and Thesis theme on few of my blogs. Elegant themes are quite easy to use and is perfect for newbie bloggers. But thesis is definitely the best wordpress theme and way better than elegant theme, with full control of designing aspects and on page seo.
    John recently posted..Income Instruments Review

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