Elegant Themes – Why I Will Never Cancel This Premium Themes Membership

Well for starters, in this internet marketing business you will find that you buy a lot of products to see if they can help your business or not? Unfortunately not all of them turn out to be useful, but I can say with clear confidence that my Elegant themes membership is a bargain! I have written articles about buying internet marketing products but I rarely seriously recommend many products on this blog.

As you know, there are just so many fantastic plugins and themes you can get, but for those who own a WordPress blog, you will need no introduction to Nick Roach – the man behind Elegantthemes.com. Nick designs his own themes for his users and the basic intention of these themes is to create an elegant, simple and clean pack of uniqueness and style.

These themes intend to give beginners a chance to know the full functionality of their blog without having major website designing knowledge. His innovative designs have definitely made him popular and he is considered one of the best in creating awesome, yet user-friendly themes for WordPress blogs.

I am probably their biggest fan and I practise what I preach by using Elegant themes on many of my blogs. Here is one example http://wordpresswebsitehost.com/. I have tweaked this theme a bit to make it my own, but I am extremely happy and it converts too! Here is a screenshot just in case you are too lazy to click the link.. If you scroll down the home page it gets more interesting.

Why I Will Never Cancel This Premium Themes Membership

Easy functionality

One of the biggest advantages of Elegant themes is its user friendliness that allows users to manage their own website in terms of design and programming without much knowledge in it. Users can use their preferences on their blogs and tweak it the way they want their blog to look and feel. The options page in the E. panel allows any user to customize their site with the help of numerous widgets on the sidebar, custom images, gravatar, search bar and numerous other features. A slider for recent post, automatic resizing of images and a drop-down menu are some of the best easy-to-use options.

Excellent graphics

The themes that come from the site have excellent high resolution graphics and most of them come with numerous color option schemes. They offer an excellent contrast ratio and yet do not distract the viewer while reading text. The background offers soothing effects to make viewers more comfortable when they read and stay on a site. The site today offers more than 60 different themes to choose from and if you have several websites you can totally make each one unique. Elegantthemes by far, offers some of the most beautifully designed graphics.

Customer support

The customer support for installation and resolving problems on these themes is excellent. The support forum offers consistent support where one can post their queries and questions or search through previously solved threads. So, if you have some compatibility issues while installing your theme, customer support is always ready for you. Each theme has its own forum so it is not hard to find where to ask your questions.


Compared to various other theme providers like Woothemes and Studiopress, Elegantthemes offers some of the most economical plans that charge you less than $40. This is not all, with $40 you can use unlimited number of times all the themes developed by Nick. However, once you unsubscribe to the plan, you will no longer gain access to your membership and its corresponding benefits. You will also not gain any access to any future releases. I could not possibly give up my membership as there are too many cool, innovative themes being added to the site.

Makes You Look Like a Pro

This is the biggest advantage to the Elegant themes membership, the fact that these themes will no doubt make you look good. You do not need to be a pro web designer or spend big dollars on web design to have a website that looks like it has been professionally designed. Thanks to Elegant Themes, we can all have a directory website, an Ecommerce store, a real-estate website, and more..

Saves Me Time

My time is precious and it took me years to realize, that YES you need a professional looking theme, but you do not have to spend too much time on developing this yourself. In fact web design for me is a complete waste of time. I am far better off to get straight into blogging and earning money, and with Elegant Themes I can do that! I can install a WordPress theme in minutes and get straight to work on building the blog.

Considering the excellent graphics, awesome pricing, unbeatable customer support and user-friendly options, Elegantthemes is considered to be one of the best in the designing business. The package offered on the site is best for those who have multiple sites and need to make each site look unique as well as professional. There is also a developers license available so you can use the themes for your clients websites which is also a great price for a years membership.

You tell me, why would I ever cancel this premium themes membership?


  1. Mirza says

    I must admin that the themes of this site are not all my personal taste… but however I found some very nice plugins on this website, like the handheld mobile plugin, which I’m now considering to buy…
    Mirza recently posted..aambeien

  2. Paul Profitt says

    Hi Mitz

    I see myself as more of an Affiliate Marketer who blogs. Rather than a pure blogger of content. So the best theme for me at this moment in time is Socrates.But I’m sure that Elegant themes is a great product.
    Paul Profitt recently posted..Why Does Affiliate Marketing Suck?

  3. Jason Homes says

    This is superb. These themes will simply reflect the personality either the moderator of the site or the intended users itself. This is an identity setter specially for emerging sites. Hence, this is a good investment to consider.
    Jason Homes recently posted..7 Most Awful First-Time Homebuyer Mistakes

  4. James Leasing says

    This is very helpful for blogging amateurs. Thanks for this low-cost option for making webpages look attractive. The harder challenge now is purely on how to make quality content to be featured in these elegantly prepared sites.

  5. Halo says

    I do like elegant themes but I don’t think it would be worth me paying for the extra because I won’t think I’d change my theme often enough to warrant the money. I would use it if I did though!

  6. Alex says

    I was not aware of the Elegant themes. I have been using free theems for my site, but I think I will start using this as it seems quite economical. Getting customized themes for site is quite exciting. Thanks for sharing this!

  7. Crystal Hamilton says

    Pretty fair price for something that serves you well. I’ve heard a lot of times from my blogging friends that they’ve been using these elegant themes for quite some time and thy’re hooked into it. I didn’t know that you use it as well. :)
    Crystal Hamilton recently posted..Director of Customer Care

    • Mitz says

      To tell you the truth, Themeforest is great too! If you are happy, that’s all that matters.

  8. sanjay says

    I’ve used elegant themes before and I am happy with the customization that I can do with it, I mean from a WP theme developer I can add other functionality that I want on a theme that I am working on and it fits perfectly. Really glad with their quality theme, I hope they can release 4 themes a month :)
    sanjay recently posted..How to Create a Loading Bar UI in Photoshop

  9. says

    From all the themes in this regard, elegant themes does prove to be a helping hand for all the needy people. Being easy to use and the graphics are the most appealing points. above all if one is able to be seen as a pro in the business without much work then it really is an attention seeking part.

  10. Syeda Mehwish says

    Hi Mitz,
    Thankyou for writing post on Elegant themes. No doubt Elegant themes is considered to be one of the best in the designing business and it’s not much expensive so its worth for bloggers to try it.
    Syeda Mehwish recently posted..Webhosting Plans

  11. Steven Papas says

    I have been hearing a lot about these elegant themes and I am really liking the sound of them I haven’t heard any bad new from them so this could be great thing for me to have.
    Steven Papas recently posted..Webhosting Plans

  12. Alex Verdinand says

    What themes are good by you for personal website?
    I am having trouble finding premium themes, of course, not everyone wants to spend money to buy the themes that were not in accordance with her wishes.
    criteria for 2 column theme, sidebar position on the right, have a place for advertising, soft colors, and has many side benefits of SEO.

  13. Harvey J. Kessler says

    Thanks for giving us such an awesome tips. Especially it saves time and money, easy to understand..Good thing you post such useful information like this. It could help us, It looks much better. I think I am going to give this a try! Thanks for the nice idea.
    Harvey J. Kessler recently posted..Buy Capsiplex uk

  14. Rashmi Sinha says

    Being unique is very important when the web is thriving with blogs. I agree that premium themes membership are worth the money since you can choose what fits you best, not choose something that other people have used as well.
    I hope more people will read this thread.
    Rashmi Sinha recently posted..Google Chrome 19 Beta Brings New Possibilities!

  15. Happy M. says

    Really great themes you have there! I always wondered if paying for premium is worth it. What is your favorite among all the themes?

    Thanks for this post!

    -Happy M.
    Happy M. recently posted..How To Pick Up Girls

    • mitz says

      I actually really like the review theme I am using. It is really hard to choose the best from Elegant themes as they are so beautiful.

  16. says

    What you’re saying really makes sense and it makes me want to join the membership, but I’ll need to look around just a bit because I’ve not heard about this site before and I like to triple-check before buying anything on the Web (and basically off the web as well). 😉 Thanks for the hint though.
    Kenneth recently posted..Top infographics for WordPress enthusiasts

  17. Danica Green says

    All I want is a theme that will no longer affect my page loading. I don’t want slow connection and sometimes the themes makes the page loading slower.

  18. vicky sadhu says

    Elegant themes, defiantly most attractive and user friendly theme for me till the date. and i m defiantly love to stick to it only as there is no other good option for me right now. Looks Clean and attractive what else what for my readers?
    vicky sadhu recently posted..Why Users Watch Less Number of Online Videos

  19. Bryan Ring says

    Hello Mitz it seems like ages since I have had an real opportunity to blog. Shooot our season started a month earlier than normal. The calls have been just flooding in, the most ever for this time of year(3 TIMES as normal seasons)!
    As a matter of fact, I am taking a break from the paperwork end of it to come an visit you!
    You are always spot-on and you definitely nailed it here regarding these themes. All of the sites I have built thus far are Elegant Theme products, and I look like a PRO. Thanks to you and your suggestions regarding these themes and SEO, success is continuing. I love these themes and I know you have written before about the support…..UNREAL~ AMAZING! Good to always see you!
    Bryan Ring recently posted..Build A Business WordPress Site

  20. SUNIL says

    sunil@TechieBros you are absolutely correct Mitz.these are some of the many reasons you explained here.

  21. Matt says

    WordPress is completely a blessing, and themes like pro allow less or no technical bloggers to shine and compete with other one and stand out from the rest.

    Just after reading this I went through the elegant themes and look at the designs available and I am surprised to see the pricing as this is complete pro like environment in as less as possible prices.

    Good Review!

  22. annanto says

    I was wondering how you go about SEO for a site that is mainly a shop. This is Why I am Broke.com. is just a shop and has a PR 4! It’s a fantastic site and I can easily while away an hour or so checking out all of the crazy stuff – it is pretty unique. But I have been taught to raise my PR and visitors with great content and then maybe guest blogging and blog commenting.

  23. Nichole says

    Elegant themes do really work for you. And I think it’s fair for you to say you want to stick with it for long based on your experience. And also, I can say that it’s really look nice and clean. I’ve always been a proponent for cleanliness of design and it’s convenience to manipulate.
    Nichole recently posted..Are Your Friends Making You Fat?

  24. Jack Sander says

    Using premium themes is a must if you want to start a website properly. From my point of view, 40 $ is a fair price for a customized theme. A premium theme looks better and has other unique features which make a blog stand out from others. In addition, there are so many options, that choosing the right theme is really hard.
    Jack Sander recently posted..How to build a bird house

  25. says

    These guys have a lot of great themes and the price is more than affordable. If you’re a “wordpress website builder” it’s good to have a subscription with Elegant themes, I agree.

  26. says

    I have to say I have been using elegant themes for a while along with Woo Themes which are also pretty good. The price is probably the most attractive thing to most though they are very function heavy with a small price tag!

  27. Daniel Black says

    Absolutely agree with you regarding havin a top notch template and design which can easily be tweaked to bring about few changes. Over the years I have realised that apart from being an absolute dummy in web designing, it has also made me lose a lot of my time. Reason why I prefer to outsource my web design, but after reading you post, looks like I may give eleganthemes a try.
    Daniel Black recently posted..How Much Can You Earn Without Paying Taxes 2012?

  28. Kerry Jones says

    I really like it when you find themes that work without problems and it looks like you have done that. I’m going to go check out their membership – I have a few sites in the works that need a new look. Thanks!
    Kerry Jones recently posted..Chronic Constipation Treatment

  29. Steven Papas says

    This does sound like a pretty good deal. I will have to check it out but you seem to really like it so it must be worth something. I really dislike when I see a cheesy website setup and I think to myself don’t they know how easy it is to change that and it’s not even that expensive!
    Steven Papas recently posted..Webhosting Plans

  30. Jason says

    Elegant themes are amazing! They are literally just every wordpress designers dream! The fact that every single theme they have ever released is just mind blindingly out of this world amazing is something I can not speak highly of. Mitz when it comes to Elegant Themes the pricing is just the best, 50 themes for under $40? How can you get any better than that?
    Jason recently posted..Coupon: $3.00 off on any K-Y Brand Product

  31. Louisa says

    Thanks for your review Mitz, I’ve seen elegant themes before and wondered if they were as good as they look, so now I guess I can say they are! I always thought it was a one off payment though, but that seemed a bit too cheap!

    What happens if you stop subscribing? D you still have the rights to use the themes on any websites you were already using them on?
    Louisa recently posted..If You’re Hardcore It’s The Rat 7

    • mitz says

      Yes you can still use the themes you have downloaded..You just do not get access to any new ones or support… I like to stay a member for the new stuff coming all the time.. Technology changes and Elegant themes always brings out new themes to follow the trends.

  32. says

    i am always jealous to see those premium themes in wordpress. Too bad, I only get to use the free stuffs. I’ve been wanting to get those premium ones. :( Yes, it does make you look like a pro! Most premium themes are worth their value. Maybe i should start thinking about getting one.
    Xelin recently posted..The Tallahassee Handyman – Mike Wreggitt

  33. says

    Elegant Themes seems amazing as if you don’t have much technical knowledge about website designing, still you can manage your blog beautifully and give positive impression to your readers.

  34. Liane Markus says

    With the various benefits and great deals that you have discussed here, i finally realize the reason why you no longer need to cancel this premium themes membership. thank you for this another great blog that you have shown to us.
    Liane Markus recently posted..שיווק סלולרי

  35. jan says

    Hi Mitz
    Your post is very timely because I am going to purchase Elegant Themes this Easter. I spent a very happy couple of hours checking them out from one of your previous posts and have found three that I really like. You also answered the question I had about do I just buy it for one year? $40 is a very low price to pay for good themes and support for the year. It will be my very first purchased theme!

    My new site will basically be a shop but with some posts that will be relevant and personal and maybe some practical stuff as well, but it will be based on one of my passions. I was wondering how you go about SEO for a site that is mainly a shop. This is Why I am Broke.com. is just a shop and has a PR 4! It’s a fantastic site and I can easily while away an hour or so checking out all of the crazy stuff – it is pretty unique. But I have been taught to raise my PR and visitors with great content and then maybe guest blogging and blog commenting. So this site has no articles, just a summary of the product with a direct link to the product. How do they achieve such a high PR?

    Thanks Mitz, pretty excited about Easter – plus I get to make my chocolate brownies with the peppermint Easter eggs embedded.
    jan recently posted..How to spot a diet scam

    • mitz says

      I looked at that site you are talking about and besides having cool things for sale, they probably pay for SEO and link building…Maybe even PPC. Also the site would probably have a low bounce rate because it is really interesting so this would mean that people like it… All of these factors would give it a good PR… I also see that there is not much text on the pages but the items for sale are just too cool and unique not to rank well.
      mitz recently posted..10 Point SEO Checklist for New WordPress Webmasters

      • jan says

        Hi Mitz
        Thanks for the reply. It is an incredibly interesting site, the first time that I found it I read the whole of the front page down to the bottom! Also you would be bound sure to find something for the person who has everything!
        jan recently posted..The Gabriel Method, no diet diet

    • says

      Themes are very easy to manage and saves more time instead of doing hard coded design. Premium themes never failed to surprise me but I really do appreciate free themes for now.

  36. says

    I do like elegant themes but I don’t think it would be worth me paying for the extra because I won’t think I’d change my theme often enough to warrant the money. I would use it if I did though!
    Harriet recently posted..Sony Ericsson Xperia X8

  37. says

    Hi Mitz, actually I wasn’t aware of elegant themes but they look very nice. Around 6 month ago when I first started my blog I actually purchased a magazine theme but it was too basic. So I learned a bit of html and css coding in my spare time and with a help of a friend was able to customize the theme the way I wanted. But sure for people who want to look professional but don’t have time for coding elegant themes is a great find :)

Letsbuildwebsites.com runs on the Genesis Framework

Genesis Theme Framework for WordPress

When I changed to the Genesis Framework and the eleven40 Theme my page load score went from 58 to 79 instantly. This was without any optimization at all. The other thing about this framework and theme is that it was so simple to setup that I can highly recommend it to each and every person that visits this blog! Genesis is the smart choice for your WordPress website or blog.