Extract Mp3 Audio From Your AVI Video in Camtasia Studio

We all know that video is a fantastic way to get traffic for your website, but if you also extract Mp3 audio from your AVI video, now you have two pieces of content to use to attract website visitors. Audio files can be embedded into your WordPress website or downloaded by your visitors to listen to later. You can even create pod cast channels and more. This is fantastic and it just like having your own radio station on a niche subject.

In this article I am presuming that you make videos with audio and wish to extract Mp3 audio from your AVI video.

What do you need to Extract Mp3 audio from your AVI video?

  1. You will need Camtasia Studio.
  2. You will need a video to extract mp3 audio from.

After you Extract Mp3 audio what can you do with it?

  • Create a podcast with all your mp3 audio files.
  • Allow your website visitors to download your mp3 files and listen to them at their own leisure.
  • Submit your mp3 to pod casting websites.
  • Allow your users to either watch the video or listen to the audio.

How to Extract Mp3 audio using Camtasia Studio?

This is not about editing your video in Camtasia Studio, it is about how to extract Mp3 audio from your AVI video.

1.  After you have edited your video in Camtasia or simply imported one you need to extract the audio from, go to the file menu at the top.
2.  Choose Produce and share from the menu.

3.  On the next window press the mini arrow to see the drop down menu. See screen shot below.

4.  Choose Custom production settings.

5.  On the next window choose AVI. See the screen shot below.

6.  Tick the box next to Create Mp3 file at the bottom of the window.

7.  Press next.

8.  Then we will basically glide through the nest few windows by pressing next and not touching any settings.

  • AVI encoding options – leave on auto settings. Simply press next.
  • Video size settings – leave on auto settings. Simply press next.
  • Video options  – leave on auto settings. Simply press next.
  • Marker options – leave on auto settings. Simply press next.

9.  When you see the Produce video window – Fill in your production name.

10.  Then Press on the folder icon to browse for a place to save your files. See the screen shot below.

11.  Press finish to start production.

When Camtasia studio has finished it will have made both an AVI file and a Mp3 audio file. In this case I also made a Mp4 file also.

Watch this video tutorial on how to use Camtasia to Extract Mp3 audio from your AVI video.

Using Camtasia Studio to extract Mp3 audio from your AVI video is so easy and can be done while producing your video.


  1. chanikacha says

    This Tutorial helped me a lot! I am looking at some software that can extract my mp3 to avi video. I kinda new on camtasia studio but thanks this is very useful!
    chanikacha recently posted..toenail Fungus Treatment

  2. Sarah says

    I saw this article from your post “How To Record A Podcast With Free Software”, I want to try this since there are videos that I want the audio of it. But is this Camtasia free to use?

    • mitz says

      No Camtasia studio is not free.. Well worth buying if you are in business though… Otherwise try the free Audacity program to record a new podcast. :)

  3. Liane Markus says

    You have the right decision of posting a video here in your article. It really helped a lot and most of us rely on videos. I think this new software that you have shared online will definitely help us and give us some profits. Hope to see more of your post.
    Liane Markus recently posted..יוגה תרפיה

  4. Mark Tesa says

    This seems like a nice idea. Maybe you can use these on your blog so that your visitors get to watch something as they read the content. It is very nice of you to share this information and also to give guidelines on how to use it.

  5. Staffing Process says

    This is a good software and i want to check this out. I just have one question though, what is the advantage of extracting the mp3 audio from an avi file from just converting it directly to mp3 format using file conversion software. I thought its the same thing or i am just wrong..
    Staffing Process recently posted..The Economics of Outsourcing

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