Free PDF Report on How to Build a WordPress Website – Step by Step

There are so many steps to follow when building a WordPress website that even I still need a checklist next to me to make sure I do not miss anything.  There are many steps included in “How to start a WordPress Website” and I probably could have added more. However this report focuses on getting you to the point where you can start adding content to your website.

Yes anyone can build their own WordPress Website, I can guarantee that!

It will show you how to install WordPress on a server and then customize and setup WordPress to suit you.

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 Table of contents
#1 Buy website hosting
#2 Buy a domain name
#3 Point the dns server settings to your hosting
#4 Put the domain name into your website hosting
#5 Upload WordPress through fantastico in your Cpanel
#6 Sign into  your WordPress Dashboard
#7 Choose a theme to install
#8 Change important settings in your WordPress installation
#9 Install plugins
#10 Configure plugins

Skip the signup and just grab the free report! How to build a WordPress website.

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  1. vinodh says

    Press HERE to sign up and download is not working. pls advise.
    I want to learn more from you. I am a web programmer.

  2. says

    Yes I thought people might like to keep a copy of it for learning purposes.Your simplified step by step is a great help. And the download link is a big help.thank a lot for your post.

  3. rashal says

    this is really great. but it is time consuming. Basic thing is internet business need only time.

    what ever it is useful to me and exactly what i am looking for.

    rashal recently posted..Home

  4. says

    You Pdf report covers most basic step and it’s very useful for everyone who want to start the new web blog. is very good.Combine that information with whats on your website and you have a collection of WordPress knowlredge .Just what I am looking for!
    wasim recently posted..Yes !! You can workout at home !!

  5. says

    Mitz, oh my! You are one of a kind. your tips and ideas are always on point. i currently run a blog. When i start my website hosted by a real company and a customised domain name, I’ll want you to mentor me on how to start from scratch and monetize my site and at the same time offer value. So, what do you say? thanks for your articles. great job

    • Mitz says

      It only depends on how hard you work and if you work smart too… If you generate traffic for targeted audience only you save a lot of time and stress. :)

  6. Rahul says

    i have download this pdf by this file you can create wordpress website easily and start to earn online money.thanks for upload this Pdf

  7. vishvast says

    Your tips is very informative. I followed your tips & become successful. Thanks for adding valuable post

  8. mohit rajwani says

    i have just downloaded the book and will be starting reading it from tonight… thanks for the gift..

  9. David says

    Hello Mitz!
    I had your ebook already, however I got a bad virus about a month and a half ago that wiped out my HP Laptop! I’m talking ruined like Windows 7 gone completely?
    I cannot get it to do anything? Windows won’t even let me in to even attempt anything?

    Well. needless to say, I went out and bought a new desktop system. Its just an HP Pavillion with a nice 23 inch screen, I’m not getting any younger and my eyes are truly appreciative of the larger screen!

    I had an external hard drive with just about every ebook, software, PLR materials, you name it, I lost it! No sense in crying over spilled milk as they say so I haven’t looked back, its full speed ahead. Fortunately I had the good sense to keep some of my information in some secure locations outside of my own system. I had to get my contact information and reload all of my software programs like: Traffic Travis, Market Samurai, and my newest addition is Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer.

    I just got the last one very recently, but I can see already that it has enormous capabilities in regards to doing your keyword research! To me this is absolutely key to your online success or failure, as far as your websites concerned. If you do your keyword research right from the start, then you find your domain name, and after that’s taken care of, simply follow all of the information that Mitz has here for you and you will have one rompin stompin visitor magnet of a website!

    Have a great day everyone!
    David C. Weber from
    David recently posted..How To Get A Flat Stomach

    • mitz says

      Hey David
      glad to see you back on a computer. Don’t worry about the lost PDF files… You really don’t need all that to succeed. Most of it was probably rubbish. (not my ebooks though :) )

  10. Dilawer Pirzada says

    Thank You, for the guide about how to build a WordPress website and actually, last time I was asked by some of my friend that how he should start blogging or a website with wordpress, after reading this pdf report I have the answer of his question. Actually, all these things I know in the post you shared. Anyhow, thanks again for the info.

    I think site is working with thesis, but I think Genesis is the best ever!
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  11. David says

    Hello Mitz!
    I just saw a link from your site at my website?
    Anyway, I didn’t recognize your sites name? Di you just recently change the name of your website Mitz?
    I don’t mean to be nosey, but I haven’t been here in sometime now and I really thought your domain name had the word WordPress right in it?
    Anyway, I took my Best WordPress Site Builder site down yesterday as a matter of fact. It just bothered me that it had the WordPress name in it, and I didn’t want any flack from any one about it.
    I am just getting more and more into building niche sites, and doing lots of backlinking campaigns

    Take Care Mitz, as always your site looks great!

    • mitz says

      Hi David
      Yes I branded the site my own and have just finished. I am still getting some of my Alexa back and plan to rock the website building world.. !!!

    • mitz says

      yes I am trying to build on this report all the time.. Thanks for your feedback Jenni!! :)

  12. Zhyra Bonete says

    Your simplified step by step is a great help. It’s already on the blog how tp install wordpress and customize and setup wordpress. And the download link is a big help.
    Zhyra Bonete recently posted..שליחת SMS

      • Zhyra Bonete says

        That would be a great help, whenever they need it at least they have keep it. And whenever they want to learn they can read it and follow the steps.
        Zhyra Bonete recently posted..SMS

  13. sazedur sahed says

    I think it’s creativity site for word press,it can help us to improve our career on word press.

  14. Gerard Reich says

    You Pdf report is very good.Combine that information with whats on your website and you have a collection of WordPress knowlredge .Just what I am looking for! runs on the Genesis Framework

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