Frequently Asked Questions For New WordPress Website Builders

WordPress is an amazing, free content management system and I am their biggest fan. It does not matter if you are building a business website, a blog, or any other website that matter, WordPress has adapted to everything. When you install WordPress on your hosting, you are then able to install a WordPress theme that will transform your website into an amazing professional looking design. I like to use premium WordPress themes, however there are also free WordPress themes available if you are on a tight budget.

New WordPress website builder is often have many questions about building their first WordPress website. I have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you understand the process involved in building your own WordPress website.

What is the difference between and

You can get a free blog on but there are restrictions on what content you can have. This is for free blogs that are mainly non profit. To build a true online business you need to buy your own web hosting and upload the free WordPress installation to that. I use Hostgator as it lets me install WordPress at the press of a button. This means you are in charge of what content you post and how you make money. See how I create a WordPress Website in minutes.

Why use WordPress content management system for your website?

The search engines love WordPress. It is open source and free to use. This content management system is taking over the website/blog world. In fact is probably already dominates!

How do I choose the right Web hosting company for WordPress?

You will need we hosting that is based on a Linux operating system and one that makes life easy for you.  Many of the top hosting companies make sure WordPress is available and easy to install. After all it is the worlds number one content management system. I can help you with your first website by offering free WordPress installation if you buy hosting through my link.

Should I buy hosting for unlimited domains or for one domain?

You can buy the cheapest option for now and have one domain and build one website. If you decide to upgrade you just contact the company and they will upgrade you so you can add more websites to the same account. It is very easy. For about $3.95 a month you can host one website and when you upgrade will cost you approximately $9.95 a month.

After buying hosting, how long will it take to install WordPress?

WordPress takes about five minutes to install. You can see a perfect example of how to create a WordPress Website from scratch, and after that you are ready to customize and add content.

Where can I get help when customizing my first WordPress website?

Unfortunately I am not available to hire, however I have made many free tutorials on how to customize your WordPress website. The best place to start is on my WordPress website basics page. There are video tutorials and step-by-step tutorials showing you the entire process of building your own WordPress website.

If I have an existing website, when I move to WordPress will I still have my Page Rank?

Yes you can still have your Page Rank. If you want to move your website into WordPress and bring your domain name too, this also brings the history and achievements of that domain with it. Also all the links you have created will still be pointing to your pages if they still exist. For example if you have a page http://yourdomain/services.html then you just need to create a page called services in WordPress. Here is an article about moving a website into WordPress.

What is Anchor Text?

The best answer to this is that anchor text links are keywords that link to your website. For example instead of putting just you can put something like this WordPress Website Host. See more details on how to create anchor text.