Generating Traffic for Each New Article You Post on Your Blog

You put all your blood , sweat, and tears in to writing a pillar article and now you concentrate on generating traffic for each new article. You cannot just hope that your loyal readers stumble upon your content, you need to push it right in their faces.

Why do most bloggers and webmasters sit back and think that the job is done when they have published a new article on their blog. This is only half the job.

My clear philosophy is to promote each and every article individually, not always concentrating on just the homepage of my website. I am thinking that if people see a title that interests them, they might visit my website. If they just saw a website URL or blog name it might not be so interesting.

Generating traffic for each new article you post on your blog?

The following list consists of some simple tasks I do each time a new article is posted onto my WordPress website. It is not rocket science, but trust me, it does work! I have websites that are climbing towards 10,000 unique visitors a day and I have realized that it is all about great content and getting people to see it.

Onpage SEO

Do not forget on-page SEO!!! I am telling you that this is what the experts use so why can’t you? On-page SEO involves having the right density of keywords throughout the article, a H1, H2, H3 tag with keywords in it, bolded keywords, and so on. If done correctly it makes your article into an unbeatable asset. I use SeoPressor to help me get my on-page SEO perfect. Here is my SEO checklist that might help new webmasters.

When I started my first website I blundered through and slapped up articles hoping they would become pillar posts that would attract many readers. This was a rare occurrence because I was not forming the posts correctly. Later I went back and optimized my articles on this website with SEOPressor and the traffic has grown to 10,000 uniques a day! I am still using this in Dec 2011.

To make this work you need valuable content that is written for your visitors with SEO applied. Without SEO your post will not be as great as it could be.

Generating traffic for each new article using Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking from your side is when you do a post and bookmark it. Of course we do not want to be bookmarking all of our own posts so I usually bookmark my Youtube videos and articles I submit.

Social bookmarking from your readers is letting them have the ability to share your content through their profiles and accounts. this is pretty simple and is just a matter of adding a few social media buttons to your website. Here is a post about adding a Facebook and Twitter button to your website.

Generating traffic from the Commentluv plugin

Just say your latest post is really juicy and its about how you made great money with Adsense. For example, here is one of my articles  How Did I Increase Adsense Earnings By 500%

1.  The first thing you need to do when generating traffic is to make sure you have actually signed up for Commentluv at Andy Bailey’s website. This way when you comment you get to choose from your latest 10 posts and not just your latest.

2.  Now that you have posted an article about Increasing Adsense earnings you must think to yourself, “Where are the people that are interested in earning from Adsense? What are they reading?

My answer to this question is:

  • Anyone interested in making money online.
  • Anyone interested in Improving Adsense income.
  • Anyone not earning good money from their blog.
  • And so on…

So the subjects I would be looking for are:

  • Making money online
  • Adsense earnings. Optimizing Adsense.
  • Blogging

3.  Now we need to find blogs to comment on that have Commentluv installed. I have written a few posts on how to find high Page rank Commentluv blogs and How to search in Google for “dofollow” related blogs to comment on?

4.  You must find the blogs that have the readers that will want to visit your new article. Do not waste your time leaving comments on unrelated websites. (not in your working time)

Upload a video to Youtube

You can create a video about the subject of your article and upload it to Youtube and link back to the article in the video description.  There are a few ways to do this. You can use the free program Camstudio to record a screen cast or you can make power point slides into a video. Either way it is a great way to get a backlink to your new article. You can also embed the video into the article itself. You can also ping and bookmark the page where the video is.

Submit it to an article directory

You cannot submit the exact article but you can easily rewrite it and submit it to Ezine articles. (still going strong even after all the Panda rumors) Add a link to your website in the authors bio and use the right anchor text to point to the original article. Ezine article no longer accepts articles you have posted on your website already and the publishing criteria is strict but definitely worth it. They will not pass articles that simply exactly the same information, so make sure you introduce some new points. Generating traffic from submitting articles is an old and trusted method. Don’t blow it off as useless!

Automatic pinging

This is one of the basics to laying the right foundation for your WordPress websites. You must set pinging up and control it when you start your website. Here is an article about Using Maxblogpress to control pinging. You do not want your blog pinging when you update your posts, only when you publish them.

RSS feed enabled

Of course we are lucking with WordPress as it has a RSS feed built into its system. All you have to do is go and add this feed URL to various RSS websites. Therefore when you have a new post, these websites will be informed.

Generating traffic by sending updates to your list

Again if you have laid the foundations to your WordPress Website you would have an option for visitors to sign up for your newsletter. Each time you make a great post on your website, send them an email letting them know. Tell them why the post is important and how it will benefit them to read it. Make sure you personally write this as I have not had much success with auto RSS emails. People like a personal touch, no matter how small it is.

Add it to a collection to form a PDF

This is valuable content and after it has been around for about 6 months it is time to reuse it for your new visitors that might not get to see it. Package all your best posts into a Word document, make it look pretty, and save it as a PDF file. Make sure you include links back to your website and affiliate links. Now give it away and distribute it, hopefully turning it into our viral marketing report. If done correctly, it should start generating traffic over and over to your precious posts. .

Guest Post

Of course I go on about guest posting all of the time! I have written articles on how to choose websites to guest post on, how guest posting can bring your blog down, and so on. I have also seen fantastic results with both traffic and conversions solely from guest posting. I notice that a lot of people are sitting back and saying that they will get around to doing guest posting. Stop saying you are going to do it, and just do it! Stop being a “Guna”.

Use Scribe

Yes I have purchased Scribe, Brian Clark’s SEO product. This is all about promoting each and every post to its full potential. It is an amazing product and you would only realize you need this when you are a more experienced blogger actually making money online. This is when you realize that you need to invest in each piece of content that you put on the Internet. Scribe allows you to find all related keywords, so you can incorporate them into your article. It also helps you find the most relevant websites to get back links straight away, all within your WordPress dashboard. This is what Scribe is all about, on page SEO and off page SEO. That’s how important this all is to your success.

Generating traffic for each new article

What we have really done here is create links to the new article. These links might be clicked on by real people or be used by bots to find your article and index it quicker. Either way you win.

I know this probably sounds like a lot of work however why not promote your content right in the first place? Do you ever feel like the posts on your blog are just running through without enough people to appreciate them? Just think, instead of doing all this work I have mentioned above, you could have written 5 great articles and posted them on your blog. The thing is would they really get the attention they deserve? Generating traffic for each new article ensures you are completing the job correctly and giving your posts the best chance possible.


  1. says

    Hey Milica,

    Here I have very few basic questions:

    Does ping help in improving rank at Google?
    Can we use ping feature on website other than blog?
    The website mentioned above is not a blog but it is a website, will ping work in this scenario?

    • mitz says

      Well people have advertising on their blogs and websites so text links are ok.. But Google prefers you make them nofollow but not many people do. I like to be very careful when selling homepage links..Inner pages are safer… This is my opinion only as there is no real proof of anything because it so hard to pinpoint if a link has caused a problem.

  2. Bob Lipply says

    Yes! I like your post. Article marketing should always be done for every post to maximize its potential. We can’t always rely for the subscribers to visit our site along with the occasional walk by readers. I like the methods you have listed, also maybe adding article syndication?

  3. Danny Strampel says

    Great post Mitz, many good points.
    7.000 unique visitors a day. That was december. What are you at now?

    What I dislike about commentluv is that the title of the post/page is always the anchor text.
    At a certain point I already own the first place for the title, then I want to move on to shorter, more general keywords.
    Danny Strampel recently posted..Remington RM1015P 10-Inch 8 Amp Electric Pole chain Saw

    • mitz says

      That website is averaging 10,000 uniques a day according to Google analytics. Other stats say more…I am building this website to do the same..

      In regards to comluv leaving the entire title as a link…I think it still is ok..My personal theory is that the keyword is in there and that is ok. It is just another point or score for the post containing that particular content.. It is the same as varying anchor text…I use different phrases basically around the main keyword..As long as they all have the same meaning.. So therefore the post title has the same meaning too..

      The other thing is that I do comment on blogs but do not rely on this for SEO… It is just a bonus for me..

  4. Codrut Turcanu (social media blog) says

    you’re so right, we need to actively promote the content, it’s not enough to have a viral (or pillar) content post, we have to go out there and connect with the right influencers who could drive a lot more traffic than we could do on our own

    … becsuse they have access to Twitter, Facebook, and other social media channels and they’ve been build tribes, bigger than ours.

    My strategy involves spending several hours each day to make sure I connect with the right leads in my niche and alert them about the content I’ve published

    It takes effort and time , thus about 95% of pro bloggers are not willing to put in the time and effort. Mostly would rest on their laurels (e.g. current lists/traffic/tribes)

    I don’t even want to talk about general bloggers, they don’t even have a clue that they’d have to actively promote their content, other than on their own blog :)

    My point is: why limit yourself and do the bare minimum, when you should aim for the stars?
    Codrut Turcanu (social media blog) recently posted..18 Yaro Starak shares pillar content writing tips

  5. mitz says

    Hi there
    When you publish your article if you do at least a few of these things you will be ok. Even a small amount of promotion can go a long way! On the other hand if you do nothing then you might be wasting your time.
    As for getting bored and having low energy, reward yourself with something nice after you have done your promotion. Therefore you can have something to look forward to. I like to reward myself with a delicious latte.

  6. Alex says

    This is really a great to do list for anyone that wants to get a lot of people to see his writings.

    It is not easy to get a lot of traffic and you really have to work hard on it every day and be really consistent and wait for the results of your work. Tnx for this good article.

    Cheers Alex
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