Guest Posting Links – Why Is Google Stopping Guest Posting?

Good question! Why is Google stopping guest posting? They already stopped reciprocal linking and now they are targeting guest bloggers that have published content with guest posting links.

Before I answer that question…

Disclaimer: This article is my opinion and I invite you to share yours below in the comment section, that is unless Google tells me that comments on blogs are not acceptable any longer. (Sorry guys, just remember that Google is in charge of my business, not me)

First point I should mention is that not all guest posting is spam, just like not all links are spam, not all websites are spam, not all bloggers are spammers and so on. Yes it is hard to distinguish between the good and the bad on the internet, but what worries me is that Google can’t tell the difference either.

I definitely don’t mind Google cracking down on link building spam, mass article distribution, or even linkbuilding for SEO, but linkbuilding to build my business is out of bounds to Google.

I certainly never voted to crown Google the JUDGE AND JURY of the way the internet evolves?

Is Google Really Stopping Guest Posting?

In the video below Matt Cutts is hinting at staying away from guest blogging or only doing the absolute minimum. What the hell? He has left the whole subject open and people are left wondering about what is next? What rule will be made up next week or the week after?

As far as I can tell. Matt is saying not to guest post because they really can’t tell what is spam and what is genuinely good content. They can’t control it so they are scaring the shit out of people using this method.

And this quote from Matts blog:

So stick a fork in it: guest blogging is done; it’s just gotten too spammy. In general I wouldn’t recommend accepting a guest blog post unless you are willing to vouch for someone personally or know them well. Likewise, I wouldn’t recommend relying on guest posting, guest blogging sites, or guest blogging SEO as a linkbuilding strategy.

So did they stop guest posting. NO. Did they scare people into believing that it is wrong. YES.

What About Editorial Links?

Recently the highly regarded white hat site Myblogguest got penalized, along with all of it’s users, including me. The funny thing is, I only published awesome articles on my blogs that only had an editorial link to the person that contributed the content.

Yes there was spammy sites involved in Myblogguest but I didn’t publish articles from them nor did I publish on their sites. it is just like me not letting spammy comments on my blogs.

Should I now nofollow these articles, even though they are expertly written and worthy of a link to the authors site? Apparently I have to if I want to remove the penalty Google put on my sites.

But wait! Google said editorial links were ok….

According to Google’s Quality Guidlines (this link is nofollowed as I no longer trust Google)

Creating links that weren’t editorially placed or vouched for by the site’s owner on a page, otherwise known as unnatural links, can be considered a violation of our guidelines.

Yes I have vouched for these sites. Their content is interesting and useful to my readers and their sites are apparently trusted by Google??? But who knows what tomorrow brings? They are not paid links nor are they spammy. They are genuine well respected businesses.

Examples of posts I published from Myblogguest:

How To Use Your Logic To Get Ahead Of The SEO Pack A Post about SEO by an SEO company that has a site of PR 6.

HTML5 Made Website Design Fun Again A post about HTML5 written by a web design company.

Finally Achieving SEO Value from Google Plus! A PR 5 website. Highly regarded SEO field.

Guest Posting Revenue

I have clearly stated that guest posting is a simple content marketing strategy for me that definitely pays so should I give this up because Google is hinting to?

I am publishing awesome content on other peoples’ blogs and the readers love it. They love it enough to visit my blog and say so. Is this wrong? Is it wrong to generate visitors to your website? Was there ever any SEO value in these articles anyway? I saw none.

A serious business does not sit and wait for traffic and guest posting is a hell of a lot cheaper than paying for Google traffic. A good guest post can make my business anywhere from $100 to $1200 and it is usually free. It takes hard work but it is obviously worth it.

So why would I listen to Google when they tell me to stop? What is the real alternative? Should I sit and hope Google will be nice and keep sending me traffic? Should I be happy to earn half of my income or should I go and get more customers for my business and make it flourish?

To tell the truth, SEO absolutely sucks when compared to guest posting.

The Future Of Link Building

I am not worried about my future link building efforts. After all, I can just Google “link building” and use a company that Google obviously endorses and is being paid by.

linkbuiliding google

So now it seems that it is OK for me to pay these people to build links for me but not directly pay for them myself or actually provide awesome content for an editorial link. I really think Google’s intentions are shown on this simple Google search. It is ok to pay if Google is getting their cut. What else am I meant to think when I see ads served by Google like these above?

Who is going to penalize Google for being associated with spammy links?

Is this how Goggle wants me to get links because I really just want to please the Google Gods and do the right thing, according to them. (clear sarcasm, just in case you thought I was serious)

So What About The Future? 

Okay seriously, the future of link building will fall to two categories. Web masters that obey Google and web masters that do what they think is right for their business. I believe that the website owners that do exactly as Google wants are just enabling them to get to a dominating position where no one will be able to challenge them.

So when Google black-bans your site and also prevents everyone you know from associating with it, just remember that you enabled them to do so.

I also believe that the future of links is ALL NOFOLLOW as everyone will be too scared to link anywhere.

Conclusion To Why

I know Google will not not even consider my points here as they have their own hidden agenda, so essentially this article is useless. I can only presume that Google is inflicting these bans because they can’t find another solution to link building spam or they just want to rule the valuable world of traffic and control who has it.

I am not going to ignore the fact that Google’s motives for these actions could be profit orientated as they stand to gain complete control over the traffic market. At this point, web-masters are afraid to do any link building whatsoever and that in itself IS NOT NATURAL.

My advice to you is to find as many ways as you can to get traffic to your website and NEVER rely on Google as the sole traffic source for your site. If guest posting build relationships and enhances your business like it does mine, then listen to your gut instinct. Of course Google wants to kill all amazing traffic sources because that is what they do, sell traffic… and at the moment it is flowing around too freely without Google intervention.

P.S Republish this if you’re game. I know a lot of people are too scared to get involved, but I am the kind of person to not stand by and watch.


  1. says

    Hey mitz,
    Guest posting is very important in blogging as it helps in building good relations with other and also helps in promoting our blog but now Google just stop guest posting without clarifying it. Some bloggers use guest posting in wrong way and I think Google have to penalized their blog not Guest posting. thanks for sharing this post.
    Sudipto recently posted..Which One Is better iPhone Or Android Phone

  2. says

    Guest posting is a spam according to Google. Link building and relationship building is the main concern of guest posting. i think we should create a blog and develop our audience such that Google can not ruin our blog. We shouldn’t depend on this search engine. This is totally unpredictable. It’s algo changes rapidly.
    Pankaj recently posted..Temple Run for PC Download, Windows 7/8/8.1/XP/Vista, MAC

  3. says

    I am with you mitz, it’s pretty clear that google wants to increase profits from adwords! In that way only big corporations can be on the top of their results simple because they have a lot exposure from advertising and pr even if sometimes the pages that appear (in organic search) are not really relevant to the search querry!
    Kostas recently posted..How to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Guest Posts

  4. says

    Hi Milica, this is a really great article and you make a lot of really great points. The who Google thing has become a bit of a vicious cycle. People strive to exploit loopholes so Google hits back and the same people find new loopholes! Nothing is natural any longer. I’ll continue to guest post because I know that I am providing good quality content that is relevant and not just doing it for the backlinks.
    Kostas recently posted..How to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Guest Posts

    • says

      Yes I will continue too when I am finished clearing a major penalty from one of my other sites..I seriously hate Google with a passion and hope they get knocked off their perch.

  5. says

    Guest posting always was, is and will be a important part of the Internet. Cutts is just saying that spammy guest posting is dead and the guest-posting-links-whores should be penelised. If someone writes a really and high quality article and want to publish it on your sight why it should be a negative ranking factor? :)

  6. says

    Always going with traditional way is better than any other technique. Because now days everyone wants success over a night. If you are thinking Guest post gives you quality links, then right but every thing has limit.
    While building a links you must always keep quality and regular; do not do in any bulk manner. :)
    Anna Smith recently posted..Bitdefender 2014 Antivirus, Internet Security Review

  7. Ashi says

    Hey Mitz

    I have heard somewhere that Google is no longer appreciating the guest blogging and there is going to be no outcome out of this. Google has the tendency to leave things in confusion. I have seen the video and it pretty messed up.
    What to expect ?
    Well it is all up to Google. Or May be in the future we have to pay the Company who were being endorsed by the Google.
    I think i would dig some more info about this.

    Peace :)
    Ashi recently posted..World’s Slimmest Smartphone will Launch Tomorrow in India

    • says

      I have been looking into this and it seems that I was penalized for being associated with a linkbuilding network like myblogguest..And it seems the links are sometimes spammy etc.. But there is no guarantee that they won’t hit the rest of this guest blogging phaze.

      At moment I am gathering that guest posting is fine as long as you watch your links.. Just have nofollow in the posts or true urls and then in the authors bio have a the sitename or the true url. I am having the authots bio as dofollow.

    • says

      I agree that spammy links will get punished and even I have to be more careful of what linking I do and inbound and outbound.

  8. Sam Woods says

    I think there won’t be any problem if you’re doing guestposting and you’re NOT going through a network (there’s bound to be more targeted soon). Google’s not going to (purposefully) penalize you for publishing good content, but what I think is strange is how is Google going to know that it’s a guest post if it’s not using one of the big services? It’s not like there’s going to be:


    Sam Woods recently posted..How To Outrank @garyvee in the Wine Niche

    • says

      Well they know when you have rel=author.. But you are is the links that are the problem… but why are the scaring everyone away from this method?

  9. says

    i am agree that not all guest posting is spam, my advice is just dont make too many link in comment post because it can make a suffer for the blog

  10. says

    stopping guest posting and stopping spammy, “we need more links no matter how” posting is not the same thing :) We should not have blame google – we should blame ourselves – writers and marketeres made guest posting so spammy and low quality :)

  11. says

    This is ridiculous. I can’t get my head around all these alterations that Google keep making to what you can post. Thanks for sharing this information though. I’m definitely going to continue my research into this.

    • says

      I have been thinking about all of this as I go through the process of removing links and disavowing.. It is crazy how this is being done now and an angry competitor could easily contact people and get your links taken down without you even knowing.. Your website rankings could be dropping and you will not know why as you could be getting spammed from this direction..

      Also when submitting a reconsideration request you have to tell the truth and list everything in detail… Imagine the stuff Google is finding out without even lifting a finger.. I am worried about this… And there is more but I think I need to write another article…

  12. Dermot Gilley says

    “Google can’t tell the difference either.” There are lots of things Google can’t diagnose. Google’s business model (in theory) is to provide the best search result to the person who searches. That is, the business model for the search engine proper, at least. Then Google has other interests, like selling ads alongside search results. And AdSense/AdWords, i.e. pay per click, which is concerned with presenting ads on sites that have been found and visited. Now who found them and visited them and why? Because Google presented them to the user. This is an insoluble conundrum, a squaring of the circle for Google. Let’s explore why. Let’s assume, Google knew exactly what a person searched for (of course it’s only guesswork and inaccurate, but again, in an ideal world, that’s what Google would strive for). Then, in theory, Google would only have to come up with exactly one, and only one, search result, all the rest could be cast aside. After all, the user was just after that one, best, pertinent information. Now, what if that site displayed had no AdSense account? Google would sell nothing, but provide a valuable service entirely for free, Hold on, you may say, they could still place ads alongside the SERP result. Wait, I say. If, as postulated, the search result was the one and only result that person wanted to see, then any amount of ads adorning it won’t lure that reader to click on anything but that free result we just mentioned. That to me says one thing: the more Google perfected its techniques (like latent semantic indexing, localized searches etc.), the more it might undermine the money-making side of its business. Of course this is an abstraction, but in scientific reasoning you first have to idealize (like abstracting from friction when formulating the law of gravity). We can see that Google has, from time to time, to poke into the ant-hill, so to speak, to stir up the ants (us) into seeking shelter, running about and offering protection money, so to speak. Targeting guest blogging though seems a strange idea. Next time they’ll axe Paul Krugman’s column in the New York Times, after all, isn’t he a guest blogger? One other thing I feel uneasy about is how Matt Cutts’ statements have developed: they sometimes don’t square with what I observe as Google’s real behavior. In the light of the above I wouldn’t be surprised if Google’s own spokespersons were kept in the dark about some of the more arcane aspects of search engine logic.

    • says

      I do believe that Matt Cutts is not told about the ending to this story and that he is just told to “tell them something, anything to shut them up”. I say this because he has actually backtracked too many times on what he has said previously. At first we trusted what he said, but then the cracks appeared.

      There are so many conspiracy theories going around about Google, and the real problem is, Google has the power to make any one of them a reality.

      As for knowing what we are searching for, I am haunted by this.. The other day I was on Ebay buying 40 x 28 labels. I bought them and left Ebay. I continued to work on my websites and do research. Every website I then visited for that day showed ads for these exact labels. It seriously freaked me out! how does Google adsense ads know I bought 40×28 labels off Ebay.. I did not enter the search engines for them at all.

      Anyway I told my daughter and she said it happens to her ALL the time!

      I went to buy 50 mm thermal cash register rolls from Ebay and the same thing happened.. Very precise and bloody creepy!

      • says

        Obviously either eBay and Google share data or else Google has some seriously fishy way of reading browser history. Another thing that just pops into may mind then: Google gets money for showing these ads, right? You just BOUGHT the labels. In all probability you wouldn’t buy labels right again that day or any time soon, after a successful eBay buying transaction. Now if you had wanted to buy but not found the exact labels, showing these ads (and making money) would be a good business proposition. But showing them after the fact really means Google is skimming money off unsuspecting advertisers, a behavior that, if Google could know you got what you wanted and did it with intent, would border on fraud, just as click fraud is called fraud too.
        Dermot Gilley recently posted..Blogging School 101 – What they Didn’t Tell You About Web Publishing – Part 1

        • says

          I just remembered that Ebay has Adsense on it which would serve targeted ads to visitors..but you don’t realise the targeted ads follow you everywhere. And it not only borders on fraud, it is creepy.

    • says

      Hmm I am not sure that Google should be going this far. But I agree if the content is not good then a link is not deserved. But the problem is, will anyone give a good a link to others any more?

  13. says

    I don’t think about what Google wants anymore. I think that it’s sad Google thinks guest blogging is spam. Some may be, but provided one publishes a post of value then I think guest blogging is still okay.

    • says

      I think that not all guest posting is spam but the problem is, you will never know if Google might deicide that it is. Basically all webmaster are turning to nofollow all links to keep safe. So only the big absolutely trusted sites are going to get dofollow links.

  14. says

    Hello Mitz,

    I,m not saying that one should stop Guest Posting. You might missed to read Matt Cutts post about Guest Blogging. Matt Cutts has clearly said that Google is not against Guest Blogging. Matt Cutts mentioned few blogs and appreciated their Guest Blogging. Google is really against spam guest blogging and Google will hurt all spammers. Not natural workers. But one must know, what exactly natural guest blogging is? What do you say?
    Junaid Raza recently posted..Why Did You Lose Pagerank? How You Can Regain Your PR?

    • says

      There LIES the problem. First he says one thing and then another. Also they decide to change the rules and just attack. It is dealt with as though it is all a big mystery but the rules we need to follow need to be clearly stated…

      Not this “if you do this kind of thing…” or “maybe you should do this…” and ” we hit a big guest post network today but can’t tell you who it is and why” … This is all a bit pathetic.

  15. says

    You are so bang on, but I will go one step further. Even mass article distribution should not be penalized. Back in its day (2005-2008) this shotgun approach was good for both traffic and SEO, and I did it a fair amount of it. Always with quality articles, mind you – stuff to draw in possible clients. But in 2013, Google decides that these links that their algorithm actually encouraged, but I would have built even if they did not exist (although I would probably not have done the anchor text thing, which was pure SEO), are “unnatural”. Just to make it clear, for the previous 5-7 years, those links were “natural”.

    Do what makes sense to do, never mind Google. If you try to please them by tiptoeing around, next week they’ll just cut off your toes.

    • says

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