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I am often asked if WordPress Website Builder accepts guests posts from other bloggers and website owners. The answer is yes.

Unfortunately it not easy to get just any old content published here, so if you are on a link building campaign then I suggest you look elsewhere. I do not like to compromise my websites content quality. (Even if you are a famous blogger) I am looking for webmasters who wish to share great content to build their reputation and following.

  • The information you are writing about must be researched and correct. Everything on this website has been tried and tested thoroughly.
  • I do not have time to correct grammatical errors and spelling on the article you submit so make sure you do it right the first time.
  • Read through some posts on this website to get an idea of what we expect. See whats popular on this website by viewing the popular posts section.
  • Website talk can get boring for some. Be interesting. Use a great metaphor, or tell a compelling story that will relate to the steps you are about to teach..
  • If approved you will be given access to the authors area of WordPress Website Builder. This means you are in charge of formatting your post correctly, including SEO titles, descriptions and tags.
  • All posts must contain at least one or two screen shots or pictures, again formatted to 300 wide and complete with alt tags.
  • Posts laden with outgoing links amongst the content will be removed. You will be able to have up to two links in your authors profile which will be at the end of your article.
  • SEO is important to me and at the very least I expect subheadings in your article, a clear keyword targeted, and a title to match.

Please be sure to look at the articles approved to see the standard. Unfortunately I do not have time to edit your article and therefore it is better to spend the extra time to format it and recheck it before submitting.

Quality submissions only

* Is your article complete? Have you the covered the subject entirely?

* 700 words minimum including subheadings?

* Is this the best this post can possibly be on this topic? Have you researched the topic?

* Have you included examples to backup your claims?

* Is the post relevant to the audience of the of this website?

* Is it original and not be posted on the internet anywhere else? Duplicate content will be removed.

Formatting the article

* SEO Title, description, and tags.
* Header(s) and sub-header(s).
* Bullets or numbers.
* Some keywords bolded. We have SEOpressor installed to help you with this.
* Hyperlinks to external sources or sites to a minimum all “nofollow”.(except your author bio link at the end of the article)
* Include screen shots to support your tutorial.

Come back and visit

* Respond to comments made by the readers of the blog you’re guesting on. After all it’s your gig.
* Promote via social networks, much the same as you’d promote your own stuff. Put it in your newsletter and show your readers that others value your writing.
* Connect with commenters online and continue to build the relationship started on your guest post.
* Write a post on your own blog or website following the topic you started in your guest post and link to it, offering more traffic to the blogger who’s giving you real estate space.


* The old saying goes, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” Rejection does not mean “no”, it mean’s “fix it”.

How to guest post

  1. Visit Gravatar to set your profile image. This is recommended as your profile will be featured at the bottom of your posts.
  2. Contact us to create your contributors account for you. The form is below. See what you need to include.
  3. I will send you login details.
  4. Update your user profile with your social networking links and a authors bio with two links.
  5. Read this article written by Ann Smarty, the founder of My Blog Guest:  ==>> 10 steps to arranging and writing a killer guest post.

Approved Subjects

We only accept guest posts that are related to WordPress, building websites, making money online, promoting your websites, SEO, Website promotion, and so on. If you need more information, simply look at the posts that are already published on this website.

Suggested Titles (Will be removed when taken)

Using Google Analytics to Split Test a Sales Page

5 Tips to Get More Social Sharing Clicks

10 Backlinking Strategies that Still Work After Google Panda

Video Marketing versus Article Marketing

10 Reasons to use Thesis for your WordPress Website

10 Cool Thesis Customizations to do to your New WordPress Website

10 Important Settings to Change for your New WordPress Installation

It pays to:

  • Bookmark and backlink to your post.
  • Facebook and tweet.
  • Reply to comments on your post.

As I will promote your post as well by internal linking and with external backlinks to it.

How to get a contributors account

If you think you qualify then contact me using the form below. Please do not ask questions.

I will need your email address (one with a gravatar) and your preferred username (real name)

In the email include a link to your website and previous guest posts you have done. (I will not link to xxx sites or gambling etc)

If you would like to guest post please fill in the form below:

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