How Did I Increase Adsense Earnings By 500%

I guess you are wondering if my bold question, “How did I Increase Adsense Earnings By 500%” is true? Well it is!!! And I am still in shock myself! From having a website that made an average of $20 a day, that now makes an average of $100 a day plus, and it is just crazy stuff.

All of those people saying you need to have 100 websites making $1 a day each really made me think that I had pushed my $20 a day website to its limits. Was I kidding myself about making any more money out of one measly website? Should I really be wasting valuable time playing around with  Google Adsense ads when I could be building more websites to make more money?

Please note that I cannot divulge exact figures as it might be against their TOC but Adsense rocks!

How Did I Increase Adsense Earnings By 500%

There are some factors that I believe contributed to my Adsense earnings exploding and I am so glad that I made these decisions and take this path. What if I didn’t have the guts or courage to do what I did? What if I had stopped optimizing my Adsense ads because I thought I had reached the best earnings I could get?

These are all scary questions that I am asking myself, because in reality it was all touch and go.

How Did I Increase Adsense Earnings On My Website?

Everyone wants to increase Adesense earnings if that is how you make money with your website. If you have a website with Adsense Ads then why not increase the revenue it brings in?

This is how I increased my Adsense earnings:

#1. I moved my website into WordPress to Increase Adsense Earnings

This was a huge job and not an easy task. I took a huge risk as I lost pages along the way and it took about 4 weeks to complete thoroughly. I was worried the whole time, but underneath I knew that WordPress was the right content management system for me. At this stage I wiped out my earnings and just trusted myself that they would come back one day.

Now all I do is build WordPress websites as I would never bother with any other content management system again.

#2. I bought SEOpressor to help me with Onpage SEO

I bought this amazing plugin called SEOPressor and I cannot believe I did not buy this sooner! This plugin corrected all my bad on page SEO mistakes and helped me get more search engine traffic.

In the screen shot below you can see how SEOpressor works. It actually scores your posts. To my absolute shock, my posts were scoring on an average of 6% and with the help of this plugin I can now tweak posts until they score at least over 80%.

I suppose your asking “Whats this got to do with increasing Adsense earnings?” Well we all know that extra traffic equals more income and earnings. Onpage SEO is extremely important because if you do right, you get delivered targeted AdSense ads which makes your click through rate and your eCPM go up. After all, you are trying to match the ads to the content, which equals more sales. Here is a FREE PDF report from Brian Clark from Copy Blogger called How to write compelling content for the search engines. This will help you get the right traffic.

NOTE ABOUT SEO IN 2013: Yes SEO still works today as the pages I have performed SEO on are still ranking strong and continue to dominate the search results.  

#3. I bought Socrates. I was sick of wasting time with free WordPress Themes

I do not want to go too overboard with telling you about the Socrates WordPress Theme as I have done a few posts on the subject before. Socrates has changed my life. Crazy statement, but its the truth. You can now get a free trial of this WordPress theme to check it out for yourself. Get more info from the Socrates Website

Also see Create A Mini Site Sales Page Website With The Socrates WordPress Theme and WordPress theme for SEO and easy customization – Socrates WordPress Theme

I later changed my theme to Thesis and remodelled it to look like Socrates as this is the best conversions theme I have had.

Does changing a sites theme affect Adsense earnings?

Well yes it does. It can make or break your Adsense income so get ready to change back if needed. But just remember that it can also change for the better. It is just another test we have to do to see which WordPress theme works the best. When i changed to the Socrates WordPress theme it was like changing fishing spots, now my line was getting bite after bite!

#4. I took advice from the Google Adsense team

Here is a message that that the Google optimization Team sent me:

Our system analyzed 399 pages across your domain,, and found only one Google ad unit per page on 397 of your pages. The AdSense program currently allows placing up to three ad units on each page, and we strongly suggest you do so.

Since a large portion of your site is not fully monetized, consider adding any of our top performing units (336×280, 300×250, 728×90 or 160×600) to pages currently showing only one ad in the placements our heatmap suggests:

Below is the exact heatmap that the Google Optimization team sent me.

#5. What steps did I take to actually increase Adsense earnings?

With all the traffic I was getting from my new SEOpressor plugin I needed to optimize my earnings as money was flying out the door.

  1. I changed my Socrates theme to a 3 column website instead of a two. So it has the content and one column on each side. Exactly how they showed me in the picture.
  2. I inserted an image ad for the 728×90 ad position.
  3. I inserted a text ad for the 160×600 ad position.
  4. I inserted a text ad for the in content 300×250 ad position.

These actions increased my Adsense earnings from around $20 to $30 and sometimes $40. I thought this was great! But wait….the next day I changed one more thing.One small change and it blew me out of my chair!

Please note that I cannot divulge exact figures as it might be against their TOC but Adsense rocks!

My final step to increase Adsense earnings was to simply change the 300×250 ad to an image ad.

I changed the ad half way through the day and got approximately  $80.00 which was a record for this website and I knew it could do better because the day was nearly over. The next day I  hit a new record of well over $200.00 for one day from one website.

I used to read other bloggers posts about how to Increase Adsense Earnings like Is Google Adsense Making Me Rich by Darren Rowse and think “yeah that would never happen to me”.

Although I cannot show you my whole Adsense account and prove this to you even further, at least you can see the potential. Of course this screen shot might not be real. To succeed and increase Adsense earnings you need to trust yourself and believe that it can happen.

Do not listen to negative people who have failed.

Need more information about increasing your Adsense earnings? Get the How to make more money with Adsense report.


  1. lijo says

    Nice article….I’ve been through a number of optimization blogs and I’ve been through most of your suggestions already in previous exercises. One thing which I have struggled with is My First Ad unit. Basically, I can’t for the life of me find any way to load the InContent Ad BEFORE the banner ad on my website. My options have been, either remove the banner with good income but low CTR, or else have both in place but lose money on the best CTR ad.

    Would you be able to provide some examples on how to achieve re-arranging the CSS such that the Ad which appears FIRST on the site, appears SECOND in the html such that AdSense delivers the best ads to the ad with the best CTR.
    lijo recently posted..Penmanasu Surya Serial 7/11/2013 Episode

    • says

      I had a blogger blog and never made any good money there. I do not know why but it just didn’t work. But one tip I will give you is to buy a domain name and use that for your blogger blog. It looks more professional.

  2. says

    I’m gonna really look into your methods. I have a couple blogs and the earnings are paltry to say the least. It is on blogger, just wondering if my own domain and host with a wordpress theme will make more sense?

    • mitz says

      I cannot tell you that as I have never made any money on free blogs. Maybe some people do but I have not heard of any people with a real income. I do know that if you build a business it cannot be on something free as you need total control. :)

  3. Rifqi Shahab says

    Once again, You have written impressive article here. I will bookmark this page brother. I will open it again when adsense could approved my application, I have tried many times. But after the second review by placing empty ads, I am always rejected by Google adsense. Any solution maybe?

    Thank you so much, your web is very useful
    Rifqi Shahab recently posted..Belajar Bahasa Inggris Tanpa Grammar Itu Mustahil!

    • mitz says

      Hi Rifqi
      I did look at your site. I do not think that they worry if the site is in English or not so you might just have to keep adding fresh content and show that this blog is going somewhere and is cared for. If they see some action they will approve you.

  4. Raman Kumar says

    Hi there,

    I am new to Internet Marketing. I have recently got my Google adsense account and not earning anything from my website. Please visit my website and let me know how can I earn from adsense without much investment.


  5. Lee says

    Hi mitz
    I haven’t got my blog on word press. Now this is possibly looking like a possible mistake. But I don’t fancy changing it so I think I will be better off p,aying with what I have done and see what works best for me.

    Thanks for the great info lee
    Lee recently posted..Summer Bucket List

    • mitz says

      yes I agree the footer ads do not work much at all! Moving the ads around can be very touchy. I need to have both the 300x 250 in the post and the 728 above in the header to work well..having one or the other does not work for me…both together gets more clicks for both. :)

  6. says

    Hi Mitz! I would like to share that I also noticed using the large rectangular ad blocks converts better compared to other ad blocks. I also removed the text links as it’s not really doing well. So far I haven’t reached $100 a day, but hopefully with your additional tips I can. By the way, is adsense still good for niche sites? I heard that there were a lot of adsense account band due to niche or snipper sites.
    Jeff recently posted..WP Engine Review: The Truth Behind WP Engine Managed Hosting

  7. Rohit kabdwal says

    thanks for the article mitz.., hope this will work for my blog., I had my adsense approval recently but i am hardly getting any penny my daily traffic is 100 visitors. plz tell me the reason behind less revenue generation, is it low traffic or the worst placement of ads…??
    Rohit kabdwal recently posted..Nokia Lumia 920: best Windows 8 Phone till now

    • mitz says

      It does depend greatly on the quality of your traffic.. It depends where you get your traffic. I have found that if I get published on certain sites with a backlink I can earn more on Adsense. It is a direct increase.

  8. says

    Thanks for the share sir, I wish I can earn the same way you do, I am not even close to what you earn on a day.
    I only use All in One SEO Pack in my wordpress site, since its free. I tries looking on what you suggested which is SEOPressor, but the $97 is what too expensive for me..any suggestion on free wordpress plugin that work exactly the same as SEOPressor or maybe close to it?
    Raynan recently posted..Taylor Swift Touching Song "Ronan"

  9. Michael says

    You can also change some of the settings in adsense for example not using the Google+ icons on them and this will help you increase your earnings just because people won’t instantly know its an advertisement, there are other things you can do aswell for example putting your advertisements in places where people would interact with your site but allowing enough room to not cause accidental clicks.
    Michael recently posted..3 Small Adsense Settings That Can Make A Real Difference

  10. Angel says

    I will definitely try it out. I never realized optimizing your site for adsense can have such a big impact on your earnings. Did you use any kind of wordpress plugin to implement the ads onto your site?
    Angel recently posted..Solliciteren per email

  11. iphone 4 jailbreak says

    Actually i am commenting on this post after a month.I used you trick of adding ads units 300×250,728×90 and 160×600 and my revenue went from 30-40$ to 86$ a month and i am looking forward to increase it to 100+.
    Thanks for it.Keep rocking :))
    iphone 4 jailbreak recently posted..Will Smith Height | Weight | Age

  12. Geetansh GUpta says

    I really get motivated from this post… Now i will work with ur advice. Can u suggest something for my blog??


    This is a great article on so many levels. Your techniques actually do work and are seriously awesome. I’ve been having so much fun with fixing old blog posts for better SEO/creating new ones. I’ve seen slight increases in Adsense dollars, and I’m sure there’ll be more to come. SEOpressor has also made blogging more fun–I’m definitely challenging myself as I’m writing posts to get an SEO score of 80% or more.

    Oh, and, no, this isn’t a sponsored comment or anything like that, I just have really found success in these techniques!
    TRENDYBLACKGUY recently posted..Upper East Side Manhattan: 73rd Street Penthouse by Turett Collaborative Architects

  14. joe says

    you mentioned “I later changed my theme to Thesis and remodeled it to look like Socrates as this is the best conversions theme I have had.” what does that mean?
    and how do you put ads at 3 places at the right place?


  15. joe says

    I’m new to Adsense.
    I see this post was posted on DECEMBER 2, 2010.
    Is the site still producing $100/day result?

    How long will it take to get a brand new site to $100/day?
    Given the keyword has your kind of search volume/day
    and has your kind of ranking on google :)

    • Pete says

      Hi Joe,

      I don’t speak on behalf of Mitz but I would say the amount of time to get a brand new site to $100/day would depend on how hard you are willing to work on it.

      The amount of traffic the site has is a big factor so you would need to spend a lot of time on picking the correct keywords and then SEO and link building to get the traffic for those keywords.

      I think the harder you work on the site the quicker it will happen.

  16. says

    500%? Are you serious? It is like epic! It is really crazy and I find the secret here. Thank you so much for sharing. I will start to do my pimp up plan and I am glad to say that I will follow your path. The AdSense has helped me, but you help me to help myself even more.
    Rajkumar Jonnala recently posted..Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc HD

    • mitz says

      Yes this is true!!! Maybe even under done.. I was sitting on an UN-optimized blog.. What an idiot I am!!

  17. Kristen B. says

    I was thinking of changing my wordpress theme into a paid one. But I was wondering which is more effective: Socrates or Thesis theme. I am going to check out SEOPressor if it could be suitable for my website. Thanks for sharing your Adsense experience.
    Kristen B. recently posted..Hotell Arlanda Flygplats

    • mitz says

      Socrates is easier if you are a beginner and Thesis is the best as long as you have a bit of experience with css and php.

  18. Pankaj Sharma ( says

    I have been thinking of moving to wordpress from Blogger for a long time and finally I am on the verge to take it into action. I have huge traffic on my site and am afraid how much I will be losing during transition.
    I can understand that you can not disclose the adsense earning but the percentage you have mentioned is pretty which seems to be impossible to achieve.

    However I would love to give it a try.
    Pankaj Sharma ( recently posted..World MMA Awards (2011) Watch Online

    • mitz says

      Unfortunately when you say things seem impossible they never really happen. I have spent years building an Adsense business and analyzed every inch of it. It took me ages to get my first $100 payment just like everyone else. The difference is that I believed it would happen and kept moving forward.

      Moving to WordPress is a step forward but you have to do this carefully as it is important to reproduce the URLs and permalink structure. Yours might be something like /%year%/%month%/%postname.html

      • Pankaj Sharma ( says

        Yes, I got your point. I have been making hundred through adsense per month (can’t reveal as per T&C of Adsense) But does it happen after moving to wordpress. I dont have any doubt but I am afraid of losing the traffic which I have been getting from other different sources. A lost traffic of a week time might cause a monetary loss of $100 so i am a bit cautious about it.

        Need one more suggestion, whether I should be able to customize the theme according to me as I am able to do in ?? Like Placement of widgets and ads etc.
        Pankaj Sharma ( recently posted..World MMA Awards (2011) Watch Online

        • mitz says

          If you can keep the permalinks structure (urls) the same then you will not lose any traffic. Any backlinks you have made will be going to the same pages.

          The themes can be customized far more the blogger. WordPress has widgets that can be added to the side bar and also the footer but all themes vary. You can ad ads in but not like in blogger. It is a bit different but WordPress obviously outdoes Blogger.. (WordPress hosted on your own hosting)
          mitz recently posted..How I Make Money Online With Worpdress Websites – Part 2

    • mitz says

      The subject of “making money online” and Adsense do not really mix. It works but not that great. :)

  19. Lee says

    Great plugin i have been looking for a plugin that automatically does the seo work for me, i have many diffrent plugins installed now that only do half the things seo pressor can achieve with a few clicks.

  20. Juphet Mislang says

    Inspiring! I’ll be needing to purchase Socrates too and Follow the advice Google adsense team. I also need to increase my earnings and I’ll being taking it more seriously now. Thanks Mitz for sharing.

  21. Juliette says

    Interesting, I take it you made all these individual changes separately, to measure exact effect of each tweak? Correct me please but 6 Adsense banks are allowed per page not 3 as you say? I display 4 and it works for me, but more than anything targeting works well provided you have good on page seo. Ilooked at Seopressor but it seems to do much the same as the free SEO doctor, which takes 2 mins to download. This tool tells me now there are 2 H1 tags on this page for example.
    Juliette recently posted..360 (2011) Movie Review

  22. NaijaBizcom says

    I discovered your website while searching online; I must say that your website is highly informative. From your site I got ideas on how to best optimize my Ads to enable me make more money from Adsense.
    I will be visiting often for more juicy information. Keep up the nice work.
    Checkout info for Business and money making opportunities

  23. Scott says

    Mitz congrats on your big increase. Have you tried the option to display text or images in the same ad block? I’m curious if I should strictly focus each ad unit to one or the other (image or text). I’ve seen that heatmap before and it surprises me how many people don’t try to alter their ad placements to the optimal position. Google is trying to help because the more we make with adsense, the more they make. Great post.

    • mitz says

      Hi scott
      Yes I have tried both text and image ads. When I did, the results were very different. For example, I needed the 728 x 90 add to be an image only and I needed the 300×250 to be text and image. As soon as I made the 728 banner text ads, might earnings dropped. The ad in the post was the biggest earner but it only did that when the 728 banner existed and was also an image. It was a combination that I needed to keep. Adsense recommend that I keep all of my ads on text and image, but this does not work for me. I now also have a text ad at the bottom of my posts to make sure that my pages get to show the highest paying image ads and the highest paying text ads.

      This might not work for everyone, however it just shows how touchy these settings are. If you sit there and do nothing, you will never know.

  24. Thomas says

    Reassuring for me to have read your post Mitz. I have just converted my Joomla site to WordPress for this very reason. I am using another SEO plugin and it’s helping tremendously, nothing close to the SEO plugins are available in Joomla.
    Thomas recently posted..Blood Pressure Chart

    • mitz says

      WordPress is amazing!! I transferred a website to Worpdress and it took months of work…When it was done OMG it was great! :)

  25. Charles says

    Great info for someone just getting started in the whole SEO and WordPress deal. Going to look into some of the things that you suggest. Really interested in the Seopressor.
    Charles recently posted..Elk Hunting – Smells

    • mitz says

      What are you into to Danny?? Affiliate marketing? I use Adsense to make money when I can’t work out what to do on a page.. Then I try a few things… Sometimes I hit the jackpot with affiliate marketing and remove Adsense from that particular page. It is not just the websites that are is the individual pages that I like..

        • mitz says

          Blogs make money from affiliate marketing and advertising…It is all the same…I have mini sales sites and blogs…I like the blogs better as they are changing all the time…and growing bigger! :)

  26. says

    I have heard some fantastic things about SEOPressor so I definitely want to check it out after your recommendation. $200 in one day is amazing. Seems like the changes Google recommends are worth following as well.
    Robert recently posted..P90x Back In Action

  27. Sara says

    Wow! Awesome to hear you got such a massive increase with a few simple tweaks. I have yet to try adsense, but this kind of money is really motivating. Thanks for making this simple. I guess that’s the only reason I have yet to try it on some of my blogs. Superb and i really like this post and refer to all of my friends.
    Sara recently posted..Lighted Magnifying Glass

  28. karla says

    Hi just dropping comment here because I’ve got a lot of tips on your blog. Anyway, Keep on sharing new updates with us because we learned new information coming from you. Thank you in Advance!

    • mitz says

      This article is not about this website…I have many more websites to talk about. The moral of the story is to follow what Google suggests or at least try it. :)

  29. says

    Hey Mitz, very encouraging article, and welcome to the WordPress Community :)

    I dream of the day that I can get not 20 but just 10 dollars from Adsense per day hehe. I will apply all the changes you suggested and hopefully I’ll see a difference.

    Thanks again. :)
    Sayed recently posted..Subdomain or Subdirectory Better?

    • mitz says

      Hi Anton
      Socrates is one of the highest converting websites I have. I am still trying to work out why? :)

  30. Kelly says

    Even though the post was December 2010, it still manage to attract my attention. The advice of the Google Optimization Team and the ads place with its size, looks effective. Since I’m starting a new blog, do you have any alternative from SEOpressor which is free to use?

  31. Samantha says

    Wow! Awesome to hear you got such a massive increase with a few simple tweaks. I have yet to try adsense, but this kind of money is really motivating. Thanks for making this simple. I guess that’s the only reason I have yet to try it on some of my blogs. Good work!
    Samantha recently posted..Malibu Art

  32. Jean says

    Those are some really good earnings! I agree that it is not needed to have hundreds of websites making a dollar a day if you can maximize the potential of one site properly like you have done so well.

    Jean recently posted..The risks of driving on worn tires

  33. jerry emm says

    Thanks for the info on your site changes.
    I look for stuff like this and you hit the niity gritty w the hammer on the head.
    Btw-Is your site more single interest oriented or a broad category with
    relevant items.
    Anwere the 2 images of a person , place or thing?

    Thanks for input

    • mitz says

      The site I am talking about here is in the computer niche. It is a big niche and broad topic.

  34. Shah Sultan Rony says

    I have spent a long time trying to improve the advertising earnings on my websites and I have managed to go from a couple of dollars a month to 3 figures in a relatively short time, without increasing the amount of visitors to my site.
    Shah Sultan Rony recently posted..Make Money Using Facebook

    • mitz says

      Sounds like your are doing something right then!:) Earning that much that quick is a huge achievement.

  35. Amani says

    amount of money received on Adsense maybe depends on what niche. For example, my food blog, are only earning $0.01-$0.10 per click however my investment page are receiving $.50-$2.00 per click.
    Amani recently posted..Make money online

    • mitz says

      I do not choose to show interest based ads. I find that if I turn that off the ads are more targeted but this can be different for other niches. This is just something else to experiment with. I also use section targeting to tell Google where the real content is… The list goes on…

  36. Sajjad Bhatti says

    This is very helpful to me and new bloggers. I have to sites one of them is (3000 Visitors/day and arround 8-9000 pages/day) and the 2nd one is new blog please look at them and tell me what’s wrong with the Adsense code placement beacause I’m only earning 2-3 $/day. How can I improve it, please help me?

    • mitz says

      Free wallpapers does not attract high paying Adsense ads. Maybe if you added a lot of content to the listing things might improve..You really need to research your keywords and concentrate on pages around them.

  37. Dave says

    Do you still use Socrates? I’m having problems getting the skyscraper unit to fit on my left sidebar – using just a 2 column setup. Any tips? The Socrates support forum only lists help for a 3-col format.

  38. Alexander says

    So I have been doing split testing for 6 weeks, I have 5 different blogs. Let me tell you:

    I cant get the CTR high. I talked with some other webmasters, they have about 5 % CTR, which I find amazing.

    it really is the niche your blog or page is in, if it is rather techy, some users use adblocker or have high banner blindness.

    my suggestion: do as much splittesting as you can. change your ads avery 2 to 4 weeks to see, what works. try image ads and text ads – see which work better.

    i also kicked adsense from one blog, hat <1% CTR, low payment and replaced with affiliate. and now like have 1000% revenue from affiliate, compaired to adsense.

    test, test test! colors, size, placement, try other layouts or themes.

    and, if your are stuck, try other monetysation .

    • mitz says

      Thanks for the cool tips Alexander!
      I have never got a 5% CTR…Around 2% is good if you have high ecpm and that will depend on your keywords I guess..I have had over 3% but I am happy with what I have..

  39. Rob says

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
    If you were building a desk and asked 10 carpenters how; there is a good chance for at least 5-6 different answers, even though they all lead to the same place. I have found it to be that way with this beast.
    So many different strategies leading to the same place. I will add a question or two at that site.
    Rob recently posted..Sweat. Bleed. Cry. But Don’t Even Think About Quitting

  40. Rob says

    Hey Mitz,

    That surprises me only because I’ve heard so much about it.
    ‘If I had to choose something that works and uses just as much time as commenting I would choose content submission to as many places as you can..’
    Are you talking article wizard (spinning and submitting) types of programs?
    If so, I may actually be on the right track. If not, well…
    Rob recently posted..Sweat. Bleed. Cry. But Don’t Even Think About Quitting

    • mitz says

      No I am not talking about spinning stuff but I will not say it doesn’t work either…(how confusing) I mean the hard way, writing content and submitting as guest posts, on blogs, links wheels, article directories, and so on…A little spinning never hurt anyone but it is better not to point the links from that to your main site…

      If you have any other questions make sure you add them into the forum at in the website question section as I would like to start a few topic focused threads there for people to use for later reference.

    • mitz says

      I am in the middle of writing a post about traffic now… The 10,000 a day site is more like 12,000 now but the interesting thing is that I have a few sites that have been built with entirely different methods. Some are fully SEO and others are full on promotion methods moving into SEO…

      On a brand new website it always depends on the niche…If you were in the SEO, IM, Blogging niche, guest posting and loads of cool content is the go.
      If you are in a tech related niche you can still guest post but you can also answer questions in forums. The place where everyone has a problem to solve…
      Then for the odd niches like Dog training I would do article submissions, forums, related directories, blogs, link wheels, all for SEO. Go where the do lovers are and bring them back..

      The best thing is to have unbeatable content in the first place. Good enough is not good enough as it will not make you stand out in the crowd.

        • mitz says

          Definitely not a SEO strategy of mine…In fact I do not even use it for the 12,000 a day website.
          I use it for this website but I am usually answering comments on guest posts… I really do not see traffic from them, not to speak of.

          As for SEO, I guess it works but I have not proof to what extent as I would need to do only this to see the results. If you are going to comment though it is a must using comment luv to attract the occasional click…

          If I had to choose something that works and uses just as much time as commenting I would choose content submission to as many places as you can..

          I use commenting for making friends and hopefully subscribers. I think people put too much emphasis on commenting for SEO and the true great thing about commenting is that people see you exist.
          mitz recently posted..10 Viral Marketing Strategies to Generate Traffic and Sales

  41. Satrap says

    Great tips. Its amazing how so many of us tend to overlook the advice that ad sense itself gives us for improving earnings.

    One thing I haven learned is that it really pays off if you play with your ad sense blocks, change position, colors, image or text and what have you.

    For example, on one of my sites, I increased my earning by %50 by simply using only one ad sense block. I do know why that is, but I am sure thats the reason, as I changed it many times while looking at the statues. And every time I changed back to one block, within 24 hours, it was obvious that I was getting more money for each click.
    Satrap recently posted..Sites Like Fiverr- 12 Fiverr Alternatives Websites

    • mitz says

      This is true! One reason for one size ad doing better than another is that advertisers have targeted it. Another is that it attracts clicks from targeted users. Some ads are like magnets to certain niches.
      I recently increased another one of my websites from $50 a month to $300 by changing the theme and positioning the ads. I also have another that has good ECPM if I could only get some clicks… When I do get a click its great but its getting the clicks that hard… It is a totally different niche though…

  42. Christopher Roberts says

    That sounds pretty awesome, 500%… I see what you mean about changing the positions, but I didn’t think that it could have that much of an effect!

    Well done you :-)

    I like WordPress, but I am not sure that it’s the best for every website, but it is for most blogs :-)

    Great article – very useful!
    Christopher Roberts recently posted..About.Me

    • mitz says

      I do not even bother with other CMS’s because I do not want to waste my time learning them all. I only need WordPress to do what I am doing..
      I do know html, css, and basic php. But once your blog is established and finished with customizations they are not really needed.

      • Christopher Roberts says

        I know what you mean, I wouldn’t use any other system, but I do think that self-coded sites also have their value :-)
        Christopher Roberts recently posted..About.Me

  43. what? says

    Personally, the “6 figure income” from Adsense is a myth. I had several sites run, my CTR was >5% and I made around $5100, Google closed my accounts citing something about possible fraudulent clicks. I was crushed. I worked hard on my sites and figured they were doing very well.

    I don’t know if it were bad bots or just Google being “google” but I never received a more concrete answer from them.

    My guess is they’d much rather have 5 million publishers earn $1-2 a day than have a few thousand do $100-300 a day

    • mitz says

      I am sorry that happened to you but the “6 figure income” is very true. You would probably be having it now if your account was not banned. If you made 5100 in the first month then Google would be suspicious as it takes most publishers months to get to their first $100.

      • what? says

        I meant to say “less than 5%” and my account was opened in 2003. I had $36 in my account and then in 2009 I decided to do more with my adsense account. So I made a few new sites. I started getting $30 a month easily and I refined and worked on it for another year or so. Then in April 2010 I made my first $450 a month, got a pay out for the first time ever (I think I set the threshold myself if I remember correctly) and then the next month got even better, and I worked on it some more, and by the 3rd/4th month I was doing $5100. It varied month to month of course, sometimes it was as low as $3200. December 2010 they banned my account with several others I know of that had accounts and didn’t even do as well as I did. So for a 8-9 year old adsense account, to work over a course of 2 years and increase its earnings and then get banned? sucks!

        • mitz says

          Thats pretty bad. Why didn’t they ask you for your stats? There must have been a reason for it? Did they give you one?

          • what? says

            it was the standard “Risk of invalid click activity” excuse they throw around when they’re not too sure (or can’t prove IMO) if what you’re doing is valid. I was targeting high paying niches and driving organic traffic to those sites. I think at most I got 2300 unique’s per day (but that’s like the MAX, usually averaged around 1500). Now you can imagine how much per click paid if my CTR was sitting at less than 5%. I was doing between $100-$200 a day.

  44. Murray says

    Did a bit of optimization myself just recently. One of the sites I played around with went up by about 2x in earnings from a sidebar ad I added. Good stuff, I might need to try out the 3 column layout in the future with another blog I’m thinking about starting.

    • mitz says

      This might not work for everyone in every niche but it gives people an idea of what can happen… If you do not play around with the ads you could be losing money..

  45. mitz says

    OMG Adsense is amazing but so can all the other money making ways… I am doing the same with Clickbank now…And amazon. adsense gives me a regular, predictable income every day and all the others are just bonuses for me. when you work out Adsesne it is like have a regualr pay packet.

    • mitz says

      I could porbably do it either way but I like to build big websites. This way i am building backlinks and promoting less websites. Easier to control.
      This website here has Adsense because I am lazy and do not push other things. It is not really meant to be an Adsense website. It still does well though because the visitors are targeted and qualty. Quality targeted traffic = better converstions.

  46. Alexander says


    i know, traffic does not equal quality or CTR, what ever.

    It just gives man an idea to what extend to expect results.

    40 bucks from a 600 unique page just would mean a highly optimized niche or niche blog.

    I am struggling for years to get to a good CTR, does not work..

    So, if someone says to me “I am doing 5, 50 or 500″ a day, I would like to imagine their clickrate..

    the only way for me to imagine such high payments would be large amount of traffic, uniques or pages per visit and specific niche or content.
    Alexander recently posted..Empfehlung Bücher über Training und Fitness

  47. mitz says

    I have to tell you that it is not the amount of visitors you get but the quality. If they are not interested in your subject they will not be interested in your ads. I have made $40 a day from a website with 600 uniques a day and I have made the same with a website that has 10,000 a day. It depends on what traffic you are getting. I have also made $200 a day from 10,000 visits.

  48. Jenny says

    Just looked at your monetization and you use the 728 and the 300×250. Id imagine the 300×250 gets a lot more clicks than the 728?

    I have tried both and have never had much success with leaderboards. However i have had a ton of success with the big square blocks.

    Nice post, thanks!
    Jenny recently posted..Bingo Only For Charity In Alabama

    • mitz says

      I am not sure which website you are looking at but on some sites I find that 300×250 is the absolute best ad but only when the 728 ad is over it..They seem to click more on the 300×250 ad when the banner is above it. When you take the 728 away the CTR drops and so does the revenue. It’s a crazy thing…

  49. Rose says

    This is fantastically helpful. I have bookmarked this and will return to it. I am just getting started blogging – or more correctly I am just getting started with making money – I have been writing away and feeling that it is futile. But stories like yours make me hopeful. i know that Socrates rocks – I got directed to your site by the forum. I will look at your other products as possibilities for my library. I don’t think Adsense is the best way to go for all your sites – I took it off of an anti-puppy mill site because I kept getting ads from puppy mills – but it is still a major source of revenue. The heat map was very useful as well. Thanks and good luck!

  50. Milagil says

    I bought the Socrates and do well, it is easy to install, configure, I am waiting for results.
    The site address I found on the forum of Socrates.
    Now I will check the plug of the speaker.
    I love Socrates.
    Thanks for the recommendations.
    I do not speak English, I’m using a translator.
    Milagil recently posted..Modelos de bicicletas y su historia

  51. April LaJune says

    I just changed my ads to image ads on the post and we’ll see. I am making money every day from my site, it’s just not that great.

    I’ve got a good bit of traffic for a new site, I just want the Click through Rate to be better.

    I’ll try this stuff!

    • mitz says

      The more traffic you have the better earnings you get…But if you have the traffic and you are still not get the earnings then you need to test, test, test!
      Another thing I suggest is to take notes about all changes you make just incase you do something that reduces your earnings!

      It works both ways. You can turn the tap on and turn it off just as easy…

      I did end up changing my 300×250 add to both text and image but the image is still showing up…I rarely see text…but at least I gave Google the opportunity to serve me both…

    • mitz says

      Hi Claire,
      I guess it is different for every website, however it just shows how touchy the whole system is. It was like turning on a tap and I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner.

      One of the things that held me back was that I thought ads on my website cheapened it. But I decided that if I give my website visitors fantastic valuable content then it would be okay.

      This is the most AdSense ads I have ever put on a website and it has not affected the traffic coming in. The website I’m talking about has gone from 6000 unique visitors a day to 10,000 and climbing. My new SEO tactics have helped there.

      Another question that I guess people are asking is why give away all your traffic away that has come in the door? But the funny thing is that I am not as I have installed subscribers magnet (which is also at the top of this website on the right), to catch peoples e-mail addresses. I get if plenty of people signing up everyday..
      mitz recently posted..Top 10 Onpage SEO Techniques You Need To Know

  52. Charon Wilson says

    Hi Mitz,

    Frankly, the focus should be on Adsense monetizaton for
    all our sites. Thanks for giving me the outline on how to process my Adsense campaigns.

    • mitz says

      Hi Charon
      Of course, depending on the type of website, we must consider that AdSense will bring in income quicker than anything else.

      Some websites are just no good at making sales but have huge amounts of traffic and you have to do something with it.

      Some people whinge about how much AdSense pays, but it pays.
      mitz recently posted..WordPress commentluv plug-in – Use it to your advantage

  53. Praveen says

    Actually the word 500% bought me here. This was really a useful post, very informative. I am really worried about my adsense earning.
    I get only $3-4 each day. This might help me to increase, i hope :)
    Praveen recently posted..Do You Have To Sell Your E-Books

    • mitz says

      I actually increased my earnings more than 500% but all the other numbers didn’t sound true. You have to be really careful when changing things and write down everything you do. Because I have also found that you can affect your earnings in a negative way. Do not do too many things at once when testing different things.
      mitz recently posted..How to make money online in 2011

  54. mitz says

    Thanks for subscribing affiliate buddy!
    I really want to kick myself for not trying all this out earlier.
    If you’re only earning a small amount would have you got to lose? If you are you earning a fair amount then you need to keep an eye on your earnings and change anything back if it doesn’t work as soon as possible.
    mitz recently posted..WordPress commentluv plug-in – Use it to your advantage

  55. Ileane says

    Hey Mitz, not sure if I commented here before, but I really enjoyed this post and I added it to Blog Engage. I took Andy’s advice and got the SEOPressor plugin too. Now I need to tweak the ads like you’re suggesting and maybe I can get similar results, wish me luck.
    Ileane recently posted..Promote Your Blog on Blog Engage the Easy Way

    • mitz says

      Hi lleane
      Yes I really hate testing and tweaking but it has to be done. I wish you could just slap that adds up the and get the best money possible, but who are we kidding. Who would have thought that moving and add even 1 cm to the left could make your clicks go through the roof!
      I am not even sure if I could push my AdSense earnings further because there is such a huge gap between moving them into the wrong spot and moving into the right spot. One little change can alter your earnings dramatically!
      mitz recently posted..Choose the right Facebook landing page for your visitors

      • Chris says

        That’s so true – especially when you find a spot that works pretty well, it can be hard to try a new spot for fear that it will do worse. I have a site that is promoting primarily ebay with adsense in a prominent spot as well – both were doing well until a new ad style was being used by adsense for ebay! It seemed to be steeling all my ebay clicks so I moved the ad… earnings dropped like a rock for adsense, but never increased for ebay so that was a failed (and costly) experiment. :)
        Chris recently posted..Current Classic Cars For Sale

        • mitz says

          True Chris
          I have done plenty of these disaster mistakes and I am now glad I made them.
          It sucks when you lose money but you know it will come back to you in the future because you work hard.

    • mitz says

      Thanks Sourish
      I really have studied Adsense and have tried to extend my earnings…It pays me well finally!!!! Now I am building websites that make money from affiliate income….One method at a time for me…
      mitz recently posted..How to make money online in 2011

  56. Dee says

    Does Adsense give you a list of the advertisers going on your site, or do you just trust they are putting appropriate ads on there? I guess if you are generating income, they must be okay, but when I read the response above about low-fat diets I wondered how much control YOU get over the quality of ads.
    Dee recently posted..My Lens for the Give No Evil Christmas Gift Lens Quest

    • mitz says

      No..but you can see an advertiser on your website and filter it out…I do not see the need to mess with Googles ways…If you want a particular type of ad showing on your website then you need to write content that will attract and target that ad. If you are getting the wrongs ads it is sometimes because you have not done the correct onpage SEO so Google can tell what your post is about…

      I definately end up with the ads I want because I use Seopressor which helps me get the onpage seo right which gives me more money.

  57. Christopher says

    Mitz, Thanks for the post! I agreed with Patricia that I did not think that Adsense was worth the time. I’ll have to reconsider it after reading this post. Always looking for ways to get better at what I do.

    • Loc says

      If you are getting the traffic, then Adsense is perfect it is like free money. Your site needs to be a PR3 or higher to see any real results otherwise it is not worth it. Besides, it doesn`t hurt to have Adsense on your site even if you`re making only say, 20 cents per day.

  58. Joseph Archibald says

    Hi Mitz, very nice indeed, and thanks a lot for sharing such great info!

    I’ve never really made much of AdSense, albeit its better now for me than ever before. But, although I’m using Thesis Theme and will stick with that, I’ll most certainly be trying out your ad layout on a couple of sites and see what comes of it.

    Can’t wait to get started, so I’m off to do that now.

    I’ll get back to you on what comes of it, and I’ll also do a post on your post over on my blog and give you link love from that. Also Tweeted your post too.

    Cheers Mitz!


    PS. I see you are not using Andy Bailey’s new WP plugin to help with spam reduction. Its a super plugin, you may want to ask him about it – its called G.A.S.P. Working wonders on my SEO blog – much more effective than Akismet.
    Joseph Archibald recently posted..Gaining Huge Motivation from Real Disappointment

  59. marina says

    Great post.
    I did consider doing adsense for my new blog however it seems that the ads might be contradictory to my content as I saw on other similar websites. For instance, if I say positive things about fats, it will come with an ad about low-fat diet whichs I do not support and do not want people who visit my website to click on. So I have ads for affiliate products which I all tried and recommend to other people. Do you think placing affiliate ads the same way you placed google adsense ads might work? I know they actually have to buy the product…But I feel a lot better then using adsense.

    • mitz says

      I think Adsense is suitable for certain websites, but in your case I agree that they might contradict what you are trying to say in your post. I have Adsense websites and I have websites that are solely affiliate websites. It depends what your readers want.

      As for optimizing affiliate ads…go for it… I really think that this helps sometimes. It also pays to change ads and try selling different products until you find the one your readers want.

  60. Victoria says

    Excellent article, this is a must read guide for all bloggers. My travel blog has a PR 2 with no adsense earnings but am going to follow your instructions hope it helps.


  61. Patricia says

    Hi Mitz

    I saw your comment on Satrap’s post over at commentluv and thought I would come visit. I do not have ads on my blog but will be doing other sites eventually. This is very interesting as I have heard so many negatives about Adsense.

    Also I did have a static website (not up now) where the ads they put on my site were awful. I will bookmark this for future reference. Thanks for sharing Mitz. Much appreciated.

    Patricia Perth Australia
    Patricia recently posted..So Little Time- So Much To Do

    • mitz says

      Today I got two clicks that equaled $36…That’s just as good as selling affiliate products..But I did not have to sell anything! How crazy is that?

  62. says

    I too have noticed an increase in adsense earnings since I took googles advice and put an add in the hotzone. I’m way off earning 100 a day though, well done you for getting there!

    After reading this, I’m considering a 3 column layout too! :-)
    Andy Bailey recently posted..Make your site pay for itself

    • mitz says

      Hi Andy
      I guess you have the traffic but its just a matter or tweaking like I did…We have worked hard for our websites and deserve good fortune.

      Also the theme I am using has been researched for top monetization by Joel Comm and assoc.

      By the way Andy, Love your CommentLuv plugin!!!!

        • mitz says

          Yeah I know what you mean by fingers in too many pies…There is so much to have fun with when you love what you are doing.
          Thank you for accepting my guest post, I am really looking forward to it.

    • mitz says

      Not from this blog…Another niche….
      Adsense is not that great on an Internet marketing niche…but I do not have the same traffic here either….I will be getting the traffic though, and then testing the adsense the same way. runs on the Genesis Framework

Genesis Theme Framework for WordPress

When I changed to the Genesis Framework and the eleven40 Theme my page load score went from 58 to 79 instantly. This was without any optimization at all. The other thing about this framework and theme is that it was so simple to setup that I can highly recommend it to each and every person that visits this blog! Genesis is the smart choice for your WordPress website or blog.