How I Make Money Online with WordPress Websites

People are often guarded about how they make money online with WordPress websites and how much they actually make, however I see things in a very different way. Creating wealth has always been a hobby of mine and every time I  look at something I see the value in it and immediately start thinking about what I can do with it. My nephew always says to me “it’s all about the money”, but it’s not about that, it’s about the challenge. It is really about achieving something.

When I started building WordPress websites there was a new excitement in my veins. Building WordPress websites from scratch and making them successful is like an addiction. The fact that building WordPress websites makes money does not excite me as much as all the other things that it brings to my life. I actually really enjoy this work and I am just lucky it pays well.

When I first started out I was curious as to how people could make money online? It is all a bit unbelievable at first and even to this day when I tell people what I do they do not really understand. Now I am actually going to tell you how I make money with WordPress websites.

Unfortunately I do not believe that I need to tell you how much money I am making because I could simply lie about that. The thing is, I do make money from my websites that I have created. I do not write for people or work on Elance, I make every cent from blogging and I started with nothing!

Well I started out by buying the cheapest hosting package from Hostgator which allowed me to have one domain. Later I upgraded to unlimited hosting and my business grew! Now I have a few hosting plans but I still laugh when I think about how I nearly didn’t take the step to buy web hosting. Imagine if I had thought that $4.95 a month was too much to spend?

How I Make Money online with WordPress Websites

I cannot even remember when I started to build websites, but I think it was about six or seven years ago. I started out with one website that provided information for free. I did not even know that you could make money from WordPress websites at that stage. Later on I started to monetize my websites in different ways. The further I got into building websites, the more I liked it. I started to build more websites.

Most of those websites were a waste of time and some have died as others flourished and needed more attention. I still make a few websites every now and then, but only invest major time in them if I see some potential signs. If I do not get the sign, I let them die. No I do not sell websites for a living, I simply build money making websites.


Google Adsense was really the first way that I started to make money online with. I really had no idea that anything else existed and I thought that AdSense was great anyway. I created a full-time income from Google AdSense, enough to work from home, and live completely off my websites. In the beginning I thought that Google AdSense was easy and you just slapped it on your website and made money. I now realize that it is quite technical if you want to get the most money out of your ads. There are so many tweaks and customizations you can do to earn more money and increase your Adsense click through rate.

Obviously with Adsense SEO techniques play a big part as the keywords determine which add will show on your page. After that, Adsense ad code is simply pasted into your html code of your website. But I did increase my Adsense earnings by 500% believe it or not?

Adsense is a very precise method of making money as it all depends on what keywords your visitor came into your site with. If advertisers target that keyword then you get paid better. A sneaky way to find out what the real going rate is for advertisers is to setup a campaign in Adwords and see how much particular keywords cost to bid on.

I do make over $5,000.00 a month from Adsense but instead of increasing my earnings, I have turned to other methods of money making. That means that I might start out with Adsense, but when I work out what is actually selling on a particular page I will replace the Adsense with either affiliate products or sometimes my own product. I wrote an article about making money from your blog even after it is sold. This is my true path.


I have just started with learning to make money online using Amazon. It is very easy for me to try something and see if it works and has potential as I have fully established websites that I can sell on. This is what I did with the Amazon links. I added them into already established websites, although not too many because I did not have much time. The screen shot below shows my first Amazon check and it was not too hard to make that money, so now I believe that Amazon it is a great way to make money online. Especially now that I have a new plug-in for WordPress, EasyAzon.

I have placed Amazon links on Tech related websites so the content does relate to a physical product. Amazon does not work so well on a website like this.


I did not start to make money online with Clickbank until I decided to make a WordPress website about making WordPress websites. Many of the products that I wanted to sell on this website were from Clickbank and as I already have an income from Adsesne, I had ample time to experiment with ways to make money online using Clickbank. As you can see I have a picture of my latest check for $940.00. This is not my first check that I have received from click bank, but it is the first one that I have taken a photo of. LOL

I would have to say that SEOPressor is my best selling product there on Clickbank as it is a simple, yet amazing WordPress Onpage SEO Plugin.

I had to raise my payment threshold on Clickbank because I was getting charged about $30 to deposit the cheque because it is US dollars. I also have to wait 30 days for it to be cleared so you shouldn’t count on all your payments coming in quick. Also the exchange rate can rip into you or make you a profit!


I do make money with eBay but it is not because I am trying, it is because of old links that I placed a few years ago. I still get a regular monthly payment directly to my bank account, however I do not like eBay compare it to other affiliates. Even Adsense pays me more than 16 cents a click! By the way I have got $40 for one click from Adsense. That is the best I have had and my eyes nearly popped out of my head! I have also had $20, $15, and so on. I really do not know how they could possibly afford to do that, but that’s just what happens sometimes.

Individual Affiliates

By far my best individual affiliate is Elegant Themes as it is really hard to resist their offer as it provides such absolute value! If you have a website in the blogging niche, then you should definitely start selling this product. (First buy it through my link though and tell them Mitz sent you)  This is one of those affiliates that will help you make money from your blog even after it is sold.

The next best individual affiliate would be Aweber, as again this service is very hard to resist. If you are serious about building a list you will eventually need this service.

Make money online selling Ebooks

Yes I sell Ebooks. I have been selling Ebooks longer than I have been making money using Adsense. A long time ago I created an e-book and I sold it for $5.95. I actually sold about 10 a week and I thought that this was amazing! All I did was go and set up a buy now button, not that I knew how back in those days, and people started pressing on it and buying. That was how simple it was. Now I have a few more E books that I sell, and every day I get e-mails from PayPal stating that I have funds.

I definitely recommend that everyone should write an e-book. It might take you a couple of days, or it might take you a week, but in the end the job is done. You can sell that e-book over and over and over again, that’s what’s great about it!

These Ebooks are sold on my websites, however I still give away free reports as well. I do have a few listed in Clickbank but the sales on my websites outweigh that by far!


I cannot help myself, I love to experiment with everything. I have tried so many methods, plugins, affiliate programs, software, and more. I have listed my website resources for my future reference and yours. In the last year or so I have landed on the ground with my tools I use to create guaranteed website success. They are in no way magic and will not exempt you from hard work, but they might save a bit of time. I have even tried article spinning software. (shock horror!). Here is a WordPress website case study that I am using for an example on how to make money online.

Selling Text links

Yes I have sold a link or two, but I do not do it very often so I wouldn’t bother contacting me. Of course selling links can be easy money for me but I hate the emails going back and forth to organize it. The problem is that people want in content links and certain pages and no longer want a link on your home page or sidebar. I would rather accept a well written guest post and give them 2 “dofollow” links than sell one link for $100. The whole process annoys me severely!

What Website Can I Build to Make Money?

Good question. I have built a few different WordPress websites that use various business models. For example I have built product websites, affiliate websites, information websites, and so on. You can make money from all of these but it does depend on the amount of effort you can put in.

Conclusion to how I make money online

I always knew that I would make money online, but I did not realize that it would be a full-time income, and that I would enjoy it so much. It does not feel like work when you are actually dying to get out of bed and get on with it. What kind of job is that?

After concentrating on making money using Adsense and first succeeding before moving onto other monetization methods, I now realize that the process for all is the same. To start a business and make money from clickbank, you would still need to build a website of some sort and build up some traffic. This is what I did with both AdSense and Clickbank. Of course there are always other affiliates on the side, like commission junction, and other individual affiliates. After a while money just comes from all sorts of places. I get cheques coming every now and then from lonely links that I placed two years ago. That is the amazing thing about this whole process. Everything you do on the Internet could work towards making you money.

If you are interested in how much work it takes to make this money online please see my daily blogging routine.

How did you make you first dollar online? My first earnings came from Adsense. I thought it was great! See part 2 of how I make money online.

What do you think about how I make money online with WordPress websites?


  1. Danny says

    Thanks for the article, very meaningful. I think making money from blogging or website wopress then everyone wants, but my guess is 90% failure. I admire you.
    Danny recently posted..Cash Funnels Machine

  2. Ethan Poltrack says

    I love wordpress. They are one of the easiest platforms to work with and wordpress just seems to be able to rank a lot sooner and faster than a lot of other types. Online Marketing Training is some of the hardest things to do today online and defiantly using wordpress makes things much more simpler.
    Ethan Poltrack recently posted..What The Chris Farrell Membership Has Done For Me

  3. Susan Velez says

    Wow congrats on building such a profitable business online. I am working on building mine up as well. You have over 20 WordPress sites, how do you manage them all?

    I just started blogging and am going to read about your daily blogging schedule to see what I can learn.

    Awesome job, I hope I can share a success story like yours one day.
    Susan Velez recently posted..How Did You Choose Your Niche – Are You Creating Your Own Products

  4. says

    Thanks for your nice and informative article. I try to make my site in blogspot platform but and create backlink but can’t get enough traffic.I want to make more money from free blog platform, is it possible?

  5. says

    I got into amazon by chance. I wrote a blogpost about upgrading MacBook memory and it got viral. The links to the RAM that you could purchase were the ones with Amazon Links. It made me a ton of money in a week. I could have bought the best Mac using that money :)- Mukesh

  6. Geri Richmond says

    WOW!! You are really into everything. It’s good that you started slow and got your bearings. I have to give you a lot of credit and I think that you need multiple income streams because it’s not easy to have a lot of businesses and keep track of them all. Very informative post!
    Thanks for the info.
    Geri Richmond
    Geri Richmond recently posted..The Secret Formula For Building Big Lists

  7. Mahendra Chhimwal says

    Mitz….I just started my blogging 2 months ago,and I wait for my first $ via blogging.This will be a great day for me.My Adsense account does not approved yet.So I will go for clickbank and other services for ads.Thanks for the nice post.Your earning is really inspirational for me :-)
    Mahendra Chhimwal recently posted..Nimble Quest Free download for Android and iPhone

  8. Ethan Poltrack says

    I love wordpress. I use them for everything I do. They are one of the best in my opinion for getting on the search engines and getting free organic traffic. WordPress offers a lot of plugins to help with my blog. Right now I am using it with Pure Leverage. Maybe that is why I like them so much. Anyways just wanted to pop in and tell you that I like your article and you did a great job and provided good content. Thank you.
    Ethan Poltrack recently posted..By: Traffic Generation And How To Get Web Traffic | Pure Leverage With Ethan

  9. Anamika says

    nice ways to earn money online mitz..,
    thanks for sharing your sources this will help millions of new comers (like me) to earn money from their blogs. earlier I was thinking that Google adsense is the only way to earn money but now i know that there are other sources too..:)
    Anamika recently posted..Tips to Improve Computer Performance

    • mitz says

      Yes I wanted to show exactly what I sell so people could get a good idea of how it all happens. this post is old now but it must be valuable because it gets loads of traffic and comments. :)

      I still do all of the above and more…lots more…
      mitz recently posted..SEOPressor 3 License Giveaway

  10. Sharron says

    Mitz, I don’t remember how I got your url but I have it written in my marketing to notes to help me grow my online business and increase traffic. I just wanted to thank you for your honesty, none sales pitch, and information that I perceive as valuable information. My goal is to make money from my blog so that I can stay home with my autstic teenager. He’s such a joy to be around.
    Sharron recently posted..Inspiration Day!

  11. Sudipto says

    Hey Mitz,
    Awesome post and Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Yes, adsence is one of the best way to make money online but for this first we have to do lots of hardwork and have to update our blog regularly.
    Sudipto recently posted..Best Love Stories Of All Time

    • mitz says

      This is just a small sample of what I sell as after a few years you end up selling hundreds of different products.

  12. says

    This is interesting. My question is would you say that these same methods that you listed about 2 years ago are still effective these days? Like text links are not as easy and as profitable as it used to however do you think a lot has changed recently when comparing it to this post? Would be interesting if you make a post of that same topic for this year.


    • mitz says

      I still do everything the same but the scale is increasing. The only way to see if any of this works is to try it yourself! Text links are still great to make sales.

  13. says

    Thank You Mitz, another interesting and useful article from you!
    I found so many posts on how to make money with WordPress websites on the Internet, but this is the article I liked so much. Particularly the way you explained in detail how to make money with Adsense as still so many says they not able make money with Adsense.
    Still I am not making more money, but I took as challenge after I have read some of your articles.
    Keep sharing useful articles!
    Chitra Lekha recently posted..PTC Scams

  14. Arthur Sparks says

    WordPress is fast becoming the most sought after publishing tool in today’s fast paced world. How many times have you considered the option of developing your own website and making money out of it? With the growing market competition; the need for a proper tool which not only effectively manages your website content but also features a unique templating system in order to attract maximum traffic to your domain is essential.
    Arthur Sparks recently posted..How to Dwell with Google Algorithm Changes

  15. shayan says

    But there is one thing. Plagirism is not allowed by google now… so there are now so many article writing companies which can be benefited from.. Offcourse, if you have some money initially

  16. Rajkumar Jonnala says


    Well my primary source of earning from wordpress sites is Adsense, and i guess adsense is the most popular method from which several publishers are earning good income through.

    And the several methods which you’ve mentioned are awesome and informative.


    • mitz says

      Hi Mike
      It is the same as the rest..Just add a few affiliate links here and there where they are needed… When your articles hit the big time you will notice sales…

    • Mitz says

      I have plans on what the blog should sell right from the start and add links into the content asap. IO have made sales on very new blogs, it just depends on if you get the right traffic or not. I do not slap big ads everywhere though.

  17. says

    Hi Mitz, great info! If you had to start again today in 2012 what would be the quickest way to monetize a website? Also is it better to build a few websites and focus a lot of attention on them or is volume the name of the game?
    PS. this is the third post of yours that i’ve read in the last 10 mins and i was compelled to subscribe to your newsletter. Great useful ‘real’ content
    Sam recently posted..Why 15.4% of people said they would NOT switch lenders for a better rate…

    • mitz says

      I personally think that authority websites are the go as the smaller ones can come and go quickly. An authority website holds power that is hard to kill. Also it is better to focus on less things. Too many websites is just crazy!!

      One good thing about lots of websites is to automate them and then see which ones have potential and ditch the rest.

  18. G. Wade says

    Thanks for the great post.
    I have made money with clickbank and amazon but have not had alot of success with adsense so far. I have wanted to add ebay but why does it see so darn hard to get approved ? I see some people get it first try and some dont. I’m trying my hand at writning my own ebooks now, we will see how that turns out…lol

    I think what you said about having to many websites really can detract from your efforts and spread your work thin.

    Anyhow, nice job.

  19. julidarmaputra says

    very interesting. Unfortunately you only discuss a litle about ebay. I linterest with ebay and need more information how to make money on ebay.
    julidarmaputra recently posted..How To Cure A Sore Jaw

  20. says

    Thanks for your awesome post here, I saw you adding Google adsense on your blog, inserting affiliates links … wow that’s exactly what this post talking about, and I really appreciate you for telling what you did to make money online, your working is good case study for us to learn. Keep sharing Mitz.
    Trung Nguyen recently posted..Your Blog Layout And Why It Isn’t Any Good

  21. Norbert says

    Thanks for a very comprehensive post. I believe one reason it gets so addictive is because we all get to choose something that we’re really passionate about. But again, the amount of effort you start with defines your path.
    Norbert recently posted..Is “Article Marketing” still effective?

  22. Tanik says

    Wonderful post Mitz. I really liked it very much. you must have struggled really hard to achieve the current place. Sharing your experiences and how you done it on this post was a great thing to do. This post has the power to even change anyone’s life ….. :)
    Tanik recently posted..Earn money from Facebook and Twitter

  23. ThamsPrakash says

    I created wordpress blog, through which i am aiming to blogs study materials,
    which are related to their career and studies.Can you please suggest me some free theme which ll suit
    for my idea.
    Till now, my blog got 381 hits, at an average of 40-50 visitor per day, if i post any new things.
    Will it be useful if i create google adsense now, or shall i create after reaching the status of minimum 100 visitor/day.
    Can you please give me some idea to get more traffic, to get search engine optimization. suggest me some userfree link
    to gain knowledge abt this.
    If u find time, visit my blog and give me ur feedback.

    Thanking you so much,

    Looking for your guidance.

    • mitz says

      I am not sure about adding adsense to a free WordPress site?? You will have to ask first to make sure your blog does not get shut down. I believe you can add anything you like on a new blog as long as it looks like it is meant to be there. If it looks wrong then it is.

  24. Herry says

    There is too much fun online.Everyday i find something new and i give a small smile.I always feel this field as much dynamic and creative from all other professions.Amazon is such a blessing after adsense which you need to hold and understand well if you need a change in your online income

  25. Mark says

    As far as online earning money is concerned, affiliation is the best to deal with because it will not hit as much badly other sources by Google like Adsense, paid inclusion ads, Sponsored ads. Affiliation depends on your services you are offering to your users if it is more trusted than it will increase as much sales as you could imagine ever.

  26. says

    Hi Mitz –

    I spent a good chuck of time this weekend writing a new article for my site – and trying my best to incorporate so much of the wisdom I’ve picked up from your posts. I started with a concept – but didn’t write a word until I went through the keyword research, which shaped the whole effort. Affiliates are littered throughout, internal linking where possible – and I even added my first video. The video isn’t perfect as I don’t have a lot of control over the production software yet, but I think conveys what’s needed. I’m looking forward to seeing how this ranks as the search engines start to bite on it over the coming weeks. I’ve included a link in here – if, per chance, you have 5 minutes to take a quick look. And If you do… by all means, please be merciless!! 😉

    CommentLuv [Premium] will be next on the agenda – I have to make the site “stickier.” I’m setting up my Hostgator plug-in compatibility test environment now; there so much to do in ~6-7 hrs/week that I have for this. It’s definitely fun, though. And I *know* I’m getting closer to revenue, now…
    Mark recently posted..How To Visualize Deck and Landscape Design Ideas

    • mitz says

      OMG you are a PRO!!! The article is A1 with the affiliate links only looking like resources, The internal links look helpful too, and the video ROCKS! Your voice is great and you are a natural… You don’t even pause or say UM 1000 times like me! I am so jealous now! I even went to Youtube to see if you had linked back and you had! I really tried to find something wrong but couldn’t! :)

      • Mark says

        Mitz – This means *so much* coming from you — thank you!!

        I will say this… when I made that video, I was very consciously trying to emulate your style: trying to be straight-up sincere and factual. I just went to google and entered “visualize deck designs” to see if I was anywhere in there yet. I’m on Page 1 — which is fantastic… But, something really weird: someone else took my title tag (verbatim) and keyword-rich snippets from my site – and using only these items, created a 2-minute blog post of their blog. And he’s right there with me. In fact, he’s indistinguishable from me: users could easily click on either link thinking they were getting to me, but be diverted to this other site. This is very disturbing. Have you ever seen anything like this before? Perhaps I should post this in another thread – I’ll have a look and see if you have a post on this topic!
        Mark recently posted..How To Visualize Deck and Landscape Design Ideas

      • Mark says

        Thank you Jan!!

        If you need any help with your deck design when you guys start digging in, please don’t hesitate to contact me – even if you just want to bounce ideas and thoughts around. Email me directly or use the comment section on my site – would be my most sincere pleasure to help if I can! :-)
        Mark recently posted..How To Visualize Deck and Landscape Design Ideas

  27. Haith says

    Amazing. We tried using adsense on our site but the returns were very meagere. Will have to follow a few of your links to try and find your receipe for success (great title for a post by the way – Recipe for success to….). Thanks Mitz :)
    Haith recently posted..Confessions of a candle-holic

  28. says

    Hi Mitz, I love this post and I’m starting to realize that I am building an audience for which a particular kind of ebook will be viable. It’s amazing to realize that I can do this. I’m blown away. Now the question is a matter of logistics. To create the ebook AND then to sell it so that it’s not pirated…any suggestions on what software solution(s) can facilitate this?
    Dianne recently posted..How The Right Kind Of Salt Can Be Good For You

    • mitz says

      Actually I am writing an ebook about writing an ebook. LOL. I will also have a few tutorials coming up soon..

      • jan says

        That’s very exciting Mitz, I have had an idea for about 20 years for an ebook and it will fit in very nicely with my main site! Wouldn’t have a clue where to start though – not so much the writing but the formatting, cover, where to send it and probably a lot of other things that I don’t know about.
        jan recently posted..Kindle vs iPad 2 comparison

  29. mutuelle santé says

    Again it is one of the nicest post from Mitz . Inspiration fact that people can earn millions from Amazon affiliates.
    Blogger can earn you money too with the using their little blog. Thank’s for the tutorial.

  30. talmuri101 says

    My sincere thanks and gratitude to you for letting us know the different ways to make money online using WordPress site. Among those, I became inspired to start efforts for Adsense as it is one of the most convenient way to earn money. I got some useful information from your post regarding technical issues of Adsense.
    talmuri101 recently posted..SEO Schweiz

  31. Bosco says

    Explain to me how Elegant Thremes make you money even after you sold the blog?

    I think you are saying that the theme is good for one year. Is that right? How does that work?
    If the theme is downloaded, how can they turn it off?

    I guess that is something you should ethically tell the prospective buyer, but I’m still
    not sure how it is possible.

    • mitz says

      When you sell an Elegant themes package it is a yearly subscription and every year when the person renews you get a commission again. The way they keep people members is that they always bring in new themes and they are the best!

  32. Thomas says


    I just started my first WordPress ‘store/review’ site. It’s primarily Amazon stuff at this point, but as it’s only a week old, I plan on exploring my options. I’m selling a niche product and hoping to make some affiliate sales this holiday season.

    I haven’t really used Adsense at all with this site, as everything is mostly an affiliate product, but maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea. I am providing quality reviews on these items, so it’s not like a scraped minisite, FYI. 😉 Well, I will be, it’s a week old, priority now is getting products up and everything tweaked just right. Of course I just made a change and totally f’d up my home page, but it’ll get put back. 😉

    I might try that though, using Adsense in a couple places. I’ve noticed some sites have a notice that they are an Amazon affiliate, is that required?
    Thomas recently posted..XBox Holiday Game Bundle A Steal!

      • Thomas says

        Well thank you that’s very motivating to hear from you. 😉 I’m excited as it gives me a ‘jump in the water and sink or swim introduction’ to Amazon and affiliates sales, ecommerce, etc.

        The home page is jumbled right now, just switched things up a bit and having a tiny issue, but it cleans up nice. Spot on with the theme origin. What great support.

        I think a big edge will be that I will actually have unique content and videos. It’s all placeholder stockish stuff right now, but getting moved and getting the site up, especially with holidays, was priority. Google was sending me traffic within 4 days so I was like, oh damn gotta hurry. 😉
        Thomas recently posted..Forza Motorsport 4 is racing bliss

  33. Andy Bearden says

    Those are all some excellent ideas. I love how you are always transparent and open with what works and what doesn’t. I feel that consistence is the key. Be yourself, be open and tell the truth. People can see thru the bull, don’t try it. It’s too easy to click the red x and close you out and move on.
    Andy Bearden recently posted..Why Andy Bearden joined David Wood and the Empower Network

    • mitz says

      Yeah you are right Andy…You need to be straight as there is a lot of bull out there and people can see through this..well sooner or later. :)

  34. sara angel says

    I am just became of your big fan mitz you are really great :)
    you provide very useful and nice information, I would love to get help from you to start my new blog, I do not have any past experience but and I was disheart , and did not started the blog, but now after reading your blog I want to start the blog, Thanks you soooooooooo much you are just Great!

    -sara angel
    sara angel recently posted..Magnifying Glass with Light

  35. Joanne says

    Thanks for info on Elegant Themes, will look into that. I already make money with 6 websites with Adsense,Clickbank and Amazon Astore script stores but 6 months ago I got into drop-ship and some wholesale products of my own, since which my earnings have increased by 300%. I take the view that I do not wish to have numerous sites to maintain as I’d rather go for quality than quantity. I downloaded your Seoquake yesterday to replace Keyword Spy and am impressed, thanks. I use seo doctor too and Market Samuria too.
    Joanne recently posted..Xtra Dog Fleece Dog Harness Review

    • mitz says

      Your right about having quality sites and not quantity…I got to a stage where I had to stop creating sites as the ones I had demanded more attention…I have some excellent sites and I am trying hard not to make more…It is really hard when you see oportunities there open for the kill.. :)

  36. alin says

    Mitz…$40 from one AdSense click is huge. Also $20 and $15 are really impressive for just one click. So congrats ! Whatever are you doing…keep at it.

    AdSense is a really good way to make some money, but only if your site has a big exposure (aka thousands of views). A good way to attract a lot of views (and clicks implicitly) is to sign up to Google News. It would really help if you have an authority web-site as you will take the top spot against other lower rated sites. The down side is that Google News TOS are pretty strict (you’ll probably have to say bye bye to affiliate links).

    All in all a really informative post. Thanks!
    alin recently posted..(Droid Prime) Google Nexus Prime – Release Date and Specs Guide

    • mitz says

      The amount of traffic is not the key here…It is the quality of the traffic that works. I have a site that has a thousand visits a day and can get $40 to $50 a day..On the other hand I have a site that has 10,000 visits a day??? but maybe only 2-3,000 of them are quality???

      • Chris says

        Traffic for me is what I am struggling with (as are many bloggers) – I’d love to have a 1000 visits a day. :) But you are right the quality of the traffic is really important, but if you have under 100 visits a day it makes profiting from those visits a bit difficult. :)

        I’ve actually had a lot of success with ebay on a couple sites, but those are sites I don’t own and am splitting the profit with others, so I’ve been trying to recreate that success with sites I own just in case I can’t count on those partnerships. I think I am spreading myself too thin though. :) How do you manage to maintain multiple successful websites?
        Chris recently posted..The Dryer Ate My SmartWool: Thank Goodness for Fair Trade Goodies

        • mitz says

          I am not sure how I really manage all of these websites and I was really unorganized. Now I am learning to deal with them all and what they need. I possibly could have sat back and really only run to websites because I already make enough money from them, however I cannot resist a challenge. I guess keeping up with the search engine optimization is the worst part.

          • mitz says

            Oh boy Chris…that is too many for one person…do you outsource? I guess if some are small niches you could manage that… I have loads of sites but only about 5 that take alot of work..others are low maintenance.

        • Edward Noubi says

          Chris, what about getting 60,000 visitors per month? Read in my blog and tell me what do you think, thanks
          Edward Noubi recently posted..Step3

  37. Bob Lipply says

    I couldn’t agree more Mitz. Adsense and Amazon can really make money with WordPress website. However, starters might think that adsense and amazon affiliates are just for WordPress. I just want to emphasize that it is also applicable in Joomla and any other CMS.

  38. Wayne Lambert says

    Hey Mitz,

    That’s a diverse selection of revenue streams that you’ve listed and clearly doing some pretty good numbers. Well done.

    Which stream gives you the most revenue for your hours invested?
    Wayne Lambert recently posted..10 Top Tips on How to be Productive

    • mitz says

      Hi Wayne
      It depends on what you are selling and how much the commission is…At the moment I make good money from with almost no effort…But my real backbone is Adsense as it is a stable income for me.

  39. mrgood says

    Well, I have a blog of my own abut PC performance tests, guides and software. I have adsense on that blog and I hope that I will earn a few bucks with this, and I will apply advices from your site, which is very useful to me. Great site you have !
    mrgood recently posted..Remote computer repair – how to ?

    • mitz says

      Hi Mr good
      I started out with a tech blog so I know that they can make money. They are good for Amazon too…

    • mitz says

      Hi Danny
      I am doing very well with Amazon now…As I said, I am placing on an already established website..This is very interesting for people that are looking to buy websites and see all these monetization methods missing…They already know it can be improved.

  40. Gunny says

    Hi mitz, many thanks for the great share. I only know a lot about adsense and infolinks. I got no luck with amazon.

    Btw, I click link under your Top wordpress theme, is it Socrates or Socraties theme?
    And the link is broken, could you give me the worked link?
    Gunny recently posted..iTunes TOP 100 Songs in USA

  41. Benjamin Hübner says

    The best monetization methods are hardly depending on the specific niche you are in! Adsense needs lots of Traffic for certain keywords to be profitable for you!

    Also it is always better to have more than one income stream!
    Benjamin Hübner recently posted..SEOPressor – Top Onpage SEO Automation

    • mitz says

      I have many different income streams and it gets very confusing after a while. You don’t even know where some money comes from..Thats not a bad thing though…

  42. Amani says

    You have used all the legit ways to make money online. I personally think adsense is the best. Just wondering, when you say making money by building a wordpress website, did you mean a wordpress template?
    Amani recently posted..Make money online

    • mitz says

      Hi Amani
      I actually mean simply building websites using WordPress for myself only..To make money with…I do not create templates or do web design…Just blogging.

  43. Satrap says

    Reading your post and comparing to my own experience, one thing is clear, you have t diversify. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. If you use only one method of making money, if some day for some reason you lose that, you are in trouble, but if you use different sources, you can always fall back on the others to get you trough.
    Satrap recently posted..Get Paid to Surf-

    • mitz says

      I am not sure what you mean when you say I have not got diversity? I have many methods to making money here and more not shown.. I definitely do not have all my eggs in one basket. ???

      • Rob says

        Hey Mitz,

        That is one of the very things that I love about this post. The diversity! Not counting on one thing, and, of course, having a check come in that you weren’t expecting from ground work that had been laid years earlier. The common thread that seems to be there with marketers that I’ve read is their time on line (and not quitting). Very seldom do I read a story of someone making it big in 3 months, etc. Although you will find tons of products being offered that promise quick money on line. Even by folks who know it took them much longer (and it will take you much longer!). Thanks for the honesty.
        re: ‘It is also easier when you have big websites with traffic to play with’
        This also seems to come with time (and work).
        Rob recently posted..Sweat. Bleed. Cry. But Don’t Even Think About Quitting

        • mitz says

          True Rob
          It is all time and hard work but you will be rewarded for it…As long as you are working on the same thing…If you spend your time working on one website and then decide to dump it completely and work on another then you are well behind with your plan. I actually stuck with my first website and believe me there were times when I thought I would give up.. No one explained anything on the internet when I started. I just had to hope it might work…

          Also if you notice, the people saying they have made it big quick are ALWAYS selling something…

          It is possible to start making money quickly in some circumstances but you usually do not have a solid business to fall back on… For example if you had the knowledge to write ebooks that people wanted you could add them to the kindle store and start selling them. The problem is you have to know what is selling, how to research it, and have a decent book… (don’t want refunds) I guess it all takes experience and time, but some people have what it takes already.

          Oh yeah, I also thought I have a very diverse stream of income.. It is funny that someone said I didn’t and that I shouldn’t put all my eggs in one basket?? HUH

      • Satrap says

        Lol, I am sorry, I can see how you misunderstood what I meant to say, or I failed to explain what I really meant to say.

        I didn’t mean You ( Mitz) have to do diversify, I meant from my own experience and yours, its obvious, You ( meaning us, bloggers) have to diversify.

        I was using your work as an example of how its good to diversify, lol. Sorry, If I wasn’t clear.
        Satrap recently posted..4 Simple Tips on How to Make Money Blogging

        • mitz says

          I was hoping you either meant something else or was commenting on the wrong post! I do it all the time…:)

  44. Christopher Roberts says

    You make it sound so easy Mitz!

    I agree with the AdSense thing, but I had never really thought of Amazon. It could work I guess, but you need the right kind of blog.
    Christopher Roberts recently posted..The London Olympic Site

    • mitz says

      Hi Christopher
      It is easy when you have been doing this for a few years… It is also easier when you have big websites with traffic to play with… LOL :)

  45. Larry Rivera says

    Great post on how to make money online with your blog. Personally for me it took several blogs for me to make acceptable money from adsense.

    Clickbank is always a favorite of mine, I still earn commissions from time to time from reviews I did on my blog 2 years ago. :)

    You really did cover a lot of ground in this post, thanks for sharing it.
    Larry Rivera recently posted..Internet Marketing Epic Fail

  46. Juliette says

    I enjoy the challenge too. I started out with one website about my favourite movie star – everyone warned me that movie celeb sites did not make money and I knew the keywords were super, big time competitive but hey I succeeded and not only do I enjoy doing my unique movie reviews, but make money too! Like you I went on to make other sites and I have 2 golden rules, unique content and good seo. Nice to hear from someone like minded, thanks I enjoyed reading.
    Juliette recently posted..The Tenth Man (1988) Movie Review

    • mitz says

      Sounds great Juliette!
      Funny you mention “like minded” as it is really hard to find like minded people..LOL I would like to find someone like me that lives near me so I can chat face to face with someone. I just love talking about it but normal people think I am crazy. :)

      • jan says

        Mitz I couldn’t agree more with having somebody to talk to! I do have some fantastic support in England (I am in Australia) and love the blogging community but I would love to gas bag to somebody face to face. I too love internet marketing to the point where I know that I could easily make this my career, but you can’t really go into detail to somebody who doesn’t know what you are talking about as they don’t understand the technicalities and are not really interested.
        jan recently posted..Books for Kindle: e books for Kindle 101

  47. Joshua says

    Exciting article can lead you to fall in each and every word of it and make your fingers to write a feedback on it. I liked your article very much and I’m still confused whether these things can really help me out as well as gear me up to make money online.
    Joshua recently posted..Becoming a Plumber

    • mitz says

      Hi Joshua
      I wish for everyone to make money online. Especially those who need the money.

    • mitz says

      Hi Jasmine
      I forgot to mention a lot of affiliate programs but I will leave that for another post. The point I was trying to make is that it is possible for all of us!

      I am an Adsense lover but I know you can make money with any of these programs…We have a smorgasbord available to us.
      mitz recently posted..6 Reasons Why Your Website Isn’t Converting

  48. Eric says

    Hi Mitz! I came back here to say thank you! I started my first site! Woohoh, so exited!! But I need a little more work on it. Your blog really helped me get started! You doing a great job!


  49. Enoch says

    I am intending to come up with a website and begin this very soon. Could someone help me please. Is it possible to use both wordpress and Google adsence on the same link?

  50. Greg says

    I’ve had very good luck with Amazon, a bit of luck with Adsense, CJ, Shareasale and even eBay. So am versed in these, however my biggest earner is Amazon and I really like it.

    I would love to take a look at your ebook page, as I am in the process of launching one and need all the help I can get.

    Let me know about your ebooks.
    Greg recently posted..What You Need To Know About The Kindle

    • mitz says

      There are way better examples of great sales pages on Clickbank. But the key to ebooks is to cover the information and read it yourself. If you are happy with it then package it up and sell it…People take too long to wonder if it is good or if it is going to sell.

      I made an ebook in two days and have been selling it for 3-4 years…I updated it each year…I gradually taught myself to make this product and I made mistakes along the way but I also made sales. At one stage I thought I would fix the sales page and my sales crashed…I have no idea that something so simple would ruin things..Anyway I fixed it but these are the dramas along the way…

      I have a few ebooks now but I wish I had more…that is true passive income!

      Lately I have been making a few free ebooks that actually generate income from the links inside them…theres more passive income…not sure how long these will go on…:)

      • mitz says

        I knew you had something there by the questions you are asking…Send it to me or someone else…get them to read it…tell you the truth…then you fix it and publish it! Stop waiting as the book might go out of date or by the time you publish it there will be 100 others with the same content…

        • Greg says

          Thanks, Mitz. I would love to send you a review copy and you could let me know what you think. Be honest, I can take it.

          Let me know. And I really would super appreciate it.

          I’ll send it via email on your contact form. Thx!
          Greg recently posted..Awesome Interview: eBook Fling

  51. Eric says

    Hi Mitz!

    I have another newbie question :) I began searching for products on Amazon and noticed that they all are labeled as “in stock”. It seems that it may happen that I would write an article and the product will be sold. What can you advise? I must look for fresh products? Thanks :)


    • mitz says

      Amazon has this covered…they show a page, like the porduct page saying ” hey we don’t have this item but here are some similar items for you to see”

      Trust me Amazon is the best at converting customers and they do not want to lose the oppportuntiy.

  52. mitz says

    Great! How about writing a guest post telling us why you moved from Adsense to Amazon? It is funny how people have very different reasons for choosing the way they make money.

  53. Linda Campbell says

    This post is an inspiration indeed! I have not ventured into various subject matters through my site as I am starting with what I know best however your post makes me want to create more! :)
    Now I need to look into the Amazon links, I never have heard of that before!
    Thanks for the information!
    Linda Campbell recently posted..Yeast Cures – Yeast Infection No More Review

  54. mitz says

    Hi there
    There is no luck involved in making money online and no special touch. It is all hard work until you work out how to outsource it.

    If you know this you will be successful. There is no BullS*** here. :)

  55. mitz says

    Hi there
    There is no luck involved in making money online and no special touch. It is all hard work until you work out how to outsource it.

    If you know this you will be successful. There is no BullS*** here.

  56. Ben Brown says

    Do you know that you are an inspiration?:) Every time I come across people like you it gives me even more courage and hope that there is the opportunity to make money online, everything is not lost yet :) Thank you
    Ben Brown recently posted..How to set up a trust

    • mitz says

      Thanks Ben
      I want everyone to keep going because if you do it will happen! OMG I could have given up so many times…There was set back after set back…Now I am living the life…Not sure if I want to work today…or where I want to work from…

  57. Bettie J. Brown says

    Hi…Wordpress websites can really help a lot of people especially in making money online…You did a great job in reaching your goals…
    Bettie J. Brown recently posted..Exercising While Pregnant

  58. Merc Ding says

    Hi Mitz..Good to know that you are earning money online…This can serve as an inspiration for everyone…We all know that people wants to earn money easily…
    Merc Ding recently posted..Tips on How to Avoid Stress

  59. Jenny says

    I made my first $ online from a cpa offer on penny stocks – I had a banner at the top of the site I made. To be accurate it was $6 not $1 but when I made it something clicked. I didnt make much more from that site but I saw it could be made and in real terms as far as I could see that was money out of thin air, I had not sold anything, I had not gone to work, there was no paperwork, it was like magic money.

    I have built up a little cpa empire I am proud of that makes me about $400 per month but I would love to be able to say I did this full time and actually not work (in the traditional sense).
    Jenny recently posted..What sort of mobile phone spy software do you need

    • mitz says

      Well Jenny you have a story to tell right there.. I do not know many people making money from CPA offers. Do a guest post on my website sharing the details. You have done well to get to $400 a month and if you keep going that will just be the beginning.

  60. Martin says

    I loved your Cb’s picture, I wish I could figure out how to make money with CB, is a huge mystery for me. Nothing seems to sell when it comes to CB, at least for me in the last 6 months.
    Martin recently posted..Understanding CDL Tickets

    • mitz says

      Yeah I like my picture too…Although the money is not available to me yet! Anyway I know how it feels to not make any money after trying hard…

      People say it doesn’t matter about traffic but it does…And if you can get quality traffic then you can make money from less people.. It also depends on how you sell things, where the offer is, and so on…

      I plan to show some pages I have and how I monetize them…this is the only way to see it working…I just have to decide which cat to let out of the bag so to speak..

  61. Jacob says

    Thanks a lot for such an awesome blog… it does get the fruit juices moving for thoughts todesign a profits with WordPress. Now to receive my philosophy cap on and carve out my niche market. Thanks again.

  62. Eric says

    Hi Mitz!

    For some reason my comment has not been approved =(
    So I removed my website from the signature. Please help me with finding a profitable niche, or give some advice. Thanks in advance =)


    • mitz says

      Thanks for letting me know Eric. I found heaps of comments in there! All fixed now.

  63. Tom Mannis says

    Thanks for a simple, non-techie explanation of how you make money online. Also, you’ve inspired me to pursue the whole e-book routine. You have inspired me!

    • mitz says

      I really hate technical crap that just makes things seem so hard… I used to love it when I saw an honest post like this. It always made me think it was possible…And it was!

      I also use ebooks or reports for affiliate marketing and promotion. These little information packages are amazing.

      You do not always have to sell a book to make money from it!

  64. John says

    Thanks for the motivational post. I always wanted to have some independent income and be my own boss.
    I made some money online too, but not enough to quit my job. So I really admire you.

    I didn’t give up to my dream. I’m still learning something new every day, until I’ll be able to earn enough online to quit my job. And I’m confident that day will come for me too.
    John recently posted..Secret mix and match steak recipe

  65. Eric says

    Hi Mitz!

    I’m just starting to study affiliate marketing and I dream to leave my daily job :) I finally figured out how does affiliate marketing work. Now my main problem is choosing a profitable niche. I don’t know where to start. I decided to start with Amazon. But I don’t know which product to choose for promotion. What you suggest me to do? I was advised to use Google keyword Tool to find most popular products. I will be glad to any advice! Thank you!


    • mitz says

      They are right you need to research in Google keyword tool.

      I have a few posts on how to do that on this blog. Also you can see what the top sellers are in Clickbank, Amazon, and so on…

      Getting onto the latest craze and growing with it is a good idea. I made a website about external hard drives because I not many people were using them and I thought they would take off.

      I have planned to do some posts on researching a niche but with real ones you could use…even down to finding the domain names.

      • Eric says

        Thank you for reply! I tried to do a little searching, and almost all cool products have a big competition. I have a feeling that all niches are occupied :)
        But thanks anyway, I’ll try!

  66. Karl says

    Wow! just starting out a few months back i with IM i would never be able to guess their where so many different ways and channels to make money online.

    This post really shows how IM should be done since the more channels you use for you IM income the less risk you put on yourself. Inspiring read, time to get to work :)
    Karl recently posted..Factoringavtal

    • mitz says

      Hi Karl
      Yes it is good to not stick with the same thing, even though you know how to do it.

      Adsense might get shut down or your account banned and clickbank might fold, who knows? It’s just to be safe.

      Also if I know how to make money on more than one thing I can do it with anything. I understand how to do it now. I mean how to sell each different product or different method.

      I haven’t finished with Amazon though and I am working this out nicely.

      As for Ebooks…They are like Iphone apps…If you can write a few yourself there is pure profit in it. Digital files just get sold over and over again. I love that idea!
      mitz recently posted..Elegant Themes Versus Thesis for WordPress

  67. mitz says

    No I focused on one website and worked like a fulltime job. Well as much as I liked to. It was really about focusing on getting things done and not wasting time..

    Later i built other websites, a lot of them. Then I would wait to see which ones had potential and then invest time and money in them.

    I do not have to work as much as I used to but I am still moving forward. Newer websites always need more work than established ones…

    At the moment I have 5 fully established websites and 4 others with potential (maybe more) waiting to be improved. I also have blogs, a Youtube channel, and more..

    It all builds up after a while. 1xPR6 6xPR4 3xPR2 3xPR1 and some with no rankings because they are new or dead.

    I have made many mistakes and wasted time because I had no idea what I was doing. If only I had known what I know now..:)

  68. butcher block oil says

    I set up a blog on blogger about project management software and that is where I started out. Right now, I don’t make remotely enough to be in the full time category, but am making progress.Thanks for sharing this blog…
    butcher block oil recently posted..Butcher Block Countertops

  69. Michael J Archibeck says

    Thanks for all the answers:) In fact, learned a lot. That is only until the end and did not understand what and where.

  70. Casey says

    I have been building adsense sites for a while but have noticed it takes far more work than it used to to make a decent income with them. I think this is because so many people have adsense sites in this day and age. I made some serious money before Google changed how they paid for sites with adsense almost overnight revenues went from $1000 of dollars a month to a few hundred for all the sites. It was nice while it lasted but adsense is a labor intensive way to make money these days.
    Casey recently posted..pregnancy fitness

    • mitz says

      I totally agree that any way to make money can be labor intensive. But I have built less websites rather than hundreds of sites. (big ones) I have better control over them.

      How many do you have?

      • Kamlesh Kumar says

        I think 2-3 website is enough, if you have better control on them. I have few website, but still suffering for earning.

  71. Amanda Gordon says

    I made my first buck online through adsense. One of my friend’s wife was into blogging about Indian food and was doing pretty well. I set up a blog on blogger about project management software and that is where I started out. Right now, I don’t make remotely enough to be in the full time category, but am making progress.

    • mitz says

      Cool Amanda
      When I did this for a hobby I made around $1000 a month for a long time. Well it seemed forever!
      Then I decided that this was it for me and sold my business so I could concentrate on this only. It had always played second fiddle.

      Now this is my job, the hardest thing is convincing other people that I do work and I do make money. They think I have a life of leisure and that they can visit me in working hours when ever they want!

      • jan says

        Hey Mitz
        Obviously you can’t survive on $1000 a month, so how did you up the anti? Did you build more sites or start monetising more? Would love to know.

        I have decided that when I can leave my J-O-B initially at least I will have to treat the marketing as my real job and work a minimum of 8 hours a day – difference is I will be doing something that I really love and I will be at home. People don’t realise that you still need to do some work to keep the wheels turning!!

        • mitz says

          No I focused on one website and worked like a fulltime job. Well as much as I liked to. It was really about focusing on getting things done and not wasting time..

          Later i built other websites, a lot of them. Then I would wait to see which ones had potential and then invest time and money in them.

          I do not have to work as much as I used to but I am still moving forward. Newer websites always need more work than established ones…

          At the moment I have 5 fully established websites and 4 others with potential (maybe more) waiting to be improved. I also have blogs, a Youtube channel, and more..

          It all builds up after a while. 1xPR6 6xPR4 3xPR2 3xPR1 and some with no rankings because they are new or dead.

          I have made many mistakes and wasted time because I had no idea what I was doing. If only I had known what I know now..:)

          • jan says

            Hey Mitz
            They are awesome page ranks, you must be very proud!
            With your first site that you worked on, what were you selling (or if you don’t want to say what area?) Did you have a number of pages and/or a number of products? I have a site with three main products and a few sideline products and I feel that I can start to promote it now – it’s taken me a few months to get it looking the way that I want! Not quite there yet as I need a new banner but close. Just trying to get some idea as one of the courses that I did they advocate having a few strong sites rather than many which make you spread yourself too thinly. They actually have only 20 sites and are making an extremely good living, they also advocate spending 80% of your time on SEO.
            jan recently posted..Books for Kindle: e books for Kindle 101

          • mitz says

            I also believe that having too many websites spreads your work thin. When you get experienced you handle more though, as you build up workers and people to help you. It takes time to find good people to outsource to.
            My first website was made without money in mind. I was actually selling nothing and it was just a how to website. Later I added Adsense and other products. I worked on it as I went along and did not wait to open the doors. I am still working on it to this day because it was built by a newbie that made loads of mistakes..(me)

            My other websites are made by the book and are very easy to build up and make successful.

            I do spend 80% of time on SEO…That is true!

  72. mitz says

    I guess it just happens like that when you are trying so many different ways to make money to see which works for you. Its great when you get sales that you do not expect!

  73. Jen says

    Nice list – I agree with what you have said and most of the methods listed. I think one important thing though is to try and make sure the wealth comes through as many different channels as possible so if one dies on you there is still some support via the other channels.

    My experiance is that adsense seems like it can be closed off in a second, even when you are not going wrong.
    Jen recently drivers insurance

  74. Jason Mitchev says

    You listed out some great information. I guess, it takes some trial and error as well as patience to get going. I also see that having multiple streams seems to be key.

  75. bgn says

    thanks. i was looking for a person like you for quite some time. i also start with nothing (and i intend to pay for nothing to promote or have posts for my blog). however, i have not been as successful as you. my adsense got banned and nothing from amazon (my blog is a tech one)

    what do you advice me to do now?
    bgn recently posted..Microsoft Office 365 launch on June 28

  76. gegejhordan says

    Hi Mitz,
    I envy you hope I could do achieve what you achieve now right now i only learn online with pay per click and accepting some virtual jobs which are all active income. I want to have some passive income like you. This post gave me more idea of earning in WordPress.
    gegejhordan recently posted..About hitting the golf ball

    • mitz says

      It is not totally passive for me as I am still working like a crazy idot..but I do have a choice to not work if I wish. But I choose to work now for a few years and relax later.

  77. andy C says

    I used other platform of blogging since i start to blogging. But I have lot difficulties to manage it and about 3 months ago i move to wordpress.
    Yes, it is great platform and very easy to use with tons of plugin that can be used to generate traffic and of course to generate money too.
    I am just get a few bugs right now but i am sure it will increase gradually base in my effort.
    After read your post, i guess i will use clickbank to monetize my blog.
    andy C recently posted..7 Web Analyzer Tools to Evaluate Your Web Design

  78. jan says

    Hi Mitz

    I think how you make money online is inspirational! I’ve only been doing it for a few months and not really making any money yet but I know that will come eventually. I have loved the whole challenge of learning how to and creating a couple of sites and I really enjoy your blogs.

    I made my first few dollars selling Kindles and hope to make many more as I really love my Kindle! I am also dabbling in some other affiliate things including Click Bank, with a view to creating a full time income and leaving a paid job for ever!!

    • mitz says

      Cool I am happy you have had the taste for it… The challenge really gets to you! :) If Kindle does not work out though, always be prepared for change.

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