How To Add Amazon Affiliate Links Into a WordPress Post

There are so many ways to make money money online and I have my finger in many of those pies. Well not all but a huge amount. I have exposed how I make money online previously and selling Amazon products is a very small part of this.

Add Amazon links to a WordPress Post

This video below shows how to add Amazon affiliate links to a WordPress post manually without any plugins. It can take some time to do this and I now use the EazyAzon Plugin for this, which has saved me from even going to the Amazon website. All links can be created within your WordPress post.

You are crazy if you are creating Amazon links manually as EasyAzon is the best WordPress plugin to make money as an Amazon affiliate.

Azon Deal Snatcher – Add Amazon Affiliate Links

Azon snatcher is one of those plugins that I installed and instantly made money with. It shocked me. I created a few posts using this WordPress plugin and 3 or 4 sales came in the next day. I have many websites but I had never written an article about the Kindle Fire before now. I ended up selling two Kindle fires and some weird accessories. I also sold some Xbox items, also which had never happened for me before. It was a dead giveaway.

Here is a link to the articles that made me sales:

The screenshot below shows the items I sold from this experiment. See the arrows pointing to the sales. Now I am ready to implement this on a bigger website as I always like to test things out first.

View Full picture here.

I just wanted to show you that these are totally normal WordPress posts on a website that has never really made made money before.

This was also on a dead blog, well not popular anyway! It was a website about small usb drives but I decided to make it into a tech site.

As long as we are on a selling spree, please check out this article about earning extra affiliate sales by tweaking your proven sales pages. Now that I know these two pages can make sales, I will link to them and promote them further.


  1. says

    i always hear that affiliate marketing gives good money if you know how to do it correctly, and yes i am trying it. i have tried amazon but did not sell a single product. going to try it again with the help of these plugins because adding links manually is really tiresome
    prabhat recently posted..Download Adobe Photoshop Touch For Android

  2. says

    Have you tried the manual way of posting Amazon Image links recently? I don’t think it works any more. I’ve tried it on a couple of different WordPress sites without success.

    When I copy the html code from the “Image Only” box and paste it into the html tab of a WordPress blog post and then toggle to the visual editor, all I see is a broken image icon. If I publish the post nothing shows up.
    John Poelstra recently posted..Great Car Stereo Install Experience With Sparks Garage

    • mitz says

      I think this always happens on certain sites..Not sure if it is a plugin problem or what? At the moment my links are going in fine. If you are having problems though, I would suggest you get the eazyazon plugin as this makes adding a link really easy and it always works.

  3. says

    Hi mitz,

    I have found with my testing that with Amazon the best conversions. Yes the images do get clicked and I always link them too, but the best conversions for me are within the text of the article.

    Thank you for the informative guide and the link to Azon deal snatcher, I already own this as well as many other Amazon affiliate plugins… :-)

    Chris Cole recently posted..Amazon Affiliate Strategies Part 1

    • Mitz says

      Yes I have the best conversions with text but I like the idea of catching those other clicks too! I will be doing more with Amazon soon as it really does work well.

  4. Bishwajeet says

    Even adding links manually isn’t that tough as in a particular post you won’t be adding more than 10 links(and this is at max most of the times, until you have a list post which is having too many products).
    Bishwajeet recently posted..Top 10 eBook readers in 2012

  5. jacky says

    I was looking for solution to add affiliate links at my word press blog . Thanks for the video very helpful for me.

  6. says

    is it time consuming to set up the Amazon ads? ive heard that most of the clients come from USA and other far off places though, is this true?

    • mitz says

      I am not sure. I am in Australia and sell Amazon products. IT is time consuming to add affiliate links but it is worth it. I use The plugins above to make it easier. :)

  7. says

    Loved your article – I currently use cj and have Newegg as an affiliate. I use deep linking for pertinent articles I post. I still get more from my adsense than NewEgg… I guess it’s off to do more research!

    Unfortunately as much as I love Amazon – due to the fact I live in Colorado – I can’t use them! Makes me so mad that I’m unable to use them due to a stupid sales tax law that Amazon doesn’t want to implement into their system!
    Jason M recently posted..New MW3 Maps Hit PS3 on 2/28! – ELITE Only

  8. Michael says

    Thanks for the post. I have not done too well with Amazon for two reasons, I think.
    One is that less than half of my visitors are from the USA and the others from all over the world.
    Second is that it is so time consuming to set up the Amazon ads.
    Your info should help with that.

    • mitz says

      This is one of the reasons that easyazon is great because you can GEO target the click and guide the person to the right Amazon store.

  9. says

    Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn income, but its not easy. The trick is the right niche and driving traffic to it. Qualified traffic and that’s where its niche driven for higher conversion opportunity. There is a learning curve to affiliate marketing and essentially two approaches; 1. learn as you go, which is going to take a while and 2. get some education and shorten the learning curve. If you want an idea of what you need to learn take a look the University of San Francisco’s affiliate marketing curriculum.

  10. says

    Amazon is great for posts or pages that target or rank high for specific product related keywords. Because Amazon is trusted by so many buyers and because of the large range of products sold on that site it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a product that targets your niche.

  11. liz says

    wow, that’s a good success rate with just simple Amazon links. I guess its because so many people trust Amazon and if your link satifies a curiosity they have after reading your blog, and they buy from Amazon,….everyone wins.

  12. CHRIS DAVIES says

    Hi, I am interested in selling Amazon things on my blog. A couple of questions though. Do you have to sell things connected to your websites speciality or not? I run a dog clothes and accessories site and I hate to think I would have to market someone elses merchandise on it.
    Secondly – Is Amazon UK involved in this scheme as that is where I am based?
    CHRIS DAVIES recently posted..Dog welfare and website promotion from Pawpoint dog clothes and pet accessories

    • mitz says

      Hi Chris
      If you are selling your own products I do not recommend selling others on the site as well. Your key focus should be on your own product.

  13. Catherine67 says

    Hi Mitz! This is what I am looking for. I have been thinking ways how can I add links from Amazon to my WordPress post. You have just answered my thoughts! Thank you for sharing this… Amazon for me is one of the best
    Catherine67 recently posted..Cure Tinnitus Naturally

  14. bbrian017 says

    Would you say this is a great alternative to make money from links to, say, infolinks, or in-text-ads? I heard some mention that these in-text-link pop-ups are annoying and could actually damage your traffic. I tried text links before and feedback I got from users are sort of the same. We have to keep on testing and hopefully find a great converting solution that our communities would be happy with. User preferences change all the time, so that’s a tough one!
    bbrian017 recently posted..Get ready @blogengage is giving away $500 USD in February

    • mitz says

      I seriously think that Amazon links (not overdone) are far better than infolinks etc. But I agree it depends on your audience. The problem is you need to find a nice balance and not over do anything. :)

  15. says

    Hello Mitz. I know you’re site is probably past the basic stages. But what is still important, besides all these tricks, are that you have to have the traffic, otherwise it doesn’t matter what plugin you have or affiliate program you use. Traffic is very important 😉
    Ivin recently posted..My New Facebook Page Design – Get Your Own!

    • mitz says

      Yes traffic is important, but not the amount. This post is to help people incorporate Amazon if they like and I always give direct example so they can see how it works.. The example site I have used has no traffic to speak of but made sales. You can see the alexa ranking is very high.
      Also I would not tell someone with no traffic not to add these links either. It does not hurt to be prepared and I am not one to wait around to monetize a site. I do everything from the start completely. As you can see, any site can make a sale. :)

    • mitz says

      Yes I disabled all my plugins when I moved the other site to a dedicated server. The links are fine now…And when I didn’t have that plugin enabled I did lose some money..I just had too many things on my plate at that time…I had to move the site quickly as it was starting to bring down the server which is good and bad…

  16. Tristan says

    Very interesting post, will have to try that out sometime. Do you still continue to have success with this blog?

    • mitz says

      Yes but it is one I get someone else to work on for me. I have only just taught them to add Amazon links in.

    • mitz says

      Yes people read an article and then want to know more.. If you do not have a link there they often search for it in Google anyway..

  17. Anne says

    Thanks for this, but I don’t trust Amazon, based on what I said before about their practises. I do have a couple of widgets and some stuff on old posts that I’m going to get rid of bit by bit as I go over them. I may keep the widgets until I’ve collected enough pennies to reach the payout limit. No point wasting the last 3 years with them, right?

    Hope you’re keeping well.
    Anne recently posted..Protect Your Home In Cold Weather

  18. says

    What is all this about not trusting amazon?
    This article actually made me want to look into the affiliate program but now I am not sure anymore.
    Do you think it will take away some trust from visitors
    Even if I do explain why and how I am doing it?

    • mitz says

      No you need to provide a link to see the product because the people that are interested will WANT to click it. You are providing more information. If you feel bad about what you are doing then you might not be doing it right… Only do what you are happy with..This is business and you are not forcing people to click through. Of course you must have great information on the page in the first place. :) runs on the Genesis Framework

Genesis Theme Framework for WordPress

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