8 Solid Tips To Help You Build a Successful Website

Learning how to build a successful website is a long and tedious task and while it can seem very intimidating, it doesn’t have to be. Lucky for you, we have helped many people over the years create great sites that got them the attention they deserved. Since so many of you have been asking about how to build a successful website, one that is up to date and something people want to visit regularly; we figured it was about time that we created an article about it.

Keep in mind, these are just the basics and there are many other things you can do. Feel free to share your own ideas with us below. These are the things we have found to be most important but are just a starting point when it comes to creating that perfect website to meet all of your unique needs as well as the needs of your audience.

#1. Yes Content

Although content is not the only king it is damn important! Without the right content for your readers your website will suck anyway. Unfortunately if your website does not supply great quality content then someones will. Sad but true.

#2. Get a Theme (Song)

Great content is important but being unique is like having your own theme song like “Happy Days” or “Cheers” did. Your content will not be forgotten!

Think about it. What can make you stand out from the millions of other websites competing with you?

#3. Know and Understand Your Target Audience

One of the most important things you can do when creating a successful website is to not only know your target audience but understand them. If they have went to a search engine and your site came up in the results, what types of other things do you think they would enjoy? What exactly do you think someone would typically come to your website for? Are they looking for information on how to do something? Do they want to buy a certain product or service from you? Also, how old do you think they typically are going to be? Keep these types of things in mind whenever you are making changes to your site because you want to keep your current visitors happy while also making room for other types of people to stop by and get whatever it is you have to offer.

#4. Make Sure Your Name is Memorable and Interesting

The name of your website is very important because it is going to be what sets the tone for everything you do. Come up with something that is simple so people can remember it but also something that is unique and exciting. Coming up with a name is one of the most important things you have to do so be sure to give it plenty of thought and ask advice from family/friends/future customers so you know you are picking a name that is going to benefit you the most. You want your name to tell people what your site is about without them ever having been there.

You can see the Successful WordPress Website Checklist for more information.

#5. Update Regularly and Consistently

Changes are important. It doesn’t matter if you want to update once a month or once a week. What matters most is that you are doing so on a regular basis. You want people to have a reason to want to come back and give them something to look forward to. If everything is always the same, they are going to run out of things to do and may never end up coming back. Make sure it’s easy for them to sign up for email updates or newsletters so they will be informed when changes are made.

Updating regularly also can generate more traffic to your website. This is a well know fact.

#6. Interact With Your Audience

One of the best things you can do is talk directly to your audience. You do not want your site to just be another site on the web. You want them to feel connected with you on a personal level. Make sure to take part in conversations and post things that are going to get people to want to speak out and share their opinions. You never know, you may meet some pretty neat people along the way who will follow you from one site to the next as you expand your horizons. Get your traffics attention and do not just let them leave without getting to know you.

#7. Have Fun Contests or Events

While this can be stressful when you’ve never done it before, you should do what you can to create fun events for the members of your site. Maybe you are going to give out a cool prize once a month or promote their website on your site if they are pulled out from a drawing. These are just a few ideas, but doing such things is going to make your site much more interesting and get people wanting to join and stick around.

#8. Promote and Change with the Times

Changing is important. No matter how great your website is today, it is bound to change in the future. You see, technology is constantly changing and you never know what the next big thing is going to be. Do what you can to keep up with the times and promote yourself as necessary. Promotion is something that you have to do for the life of your site. You not only want to work hard to keep the customers you already have but you must also take the necessary steps to find new people. Even promoting each post you site publishes is highly recommended.


  1. Santosh says

    Excellent post with useful content and up-dated informations, especially for those who must do some add to theirs blog.I think I should enrich my homepage with some stuff of your list above.As I update my blog often I see the need of putting some folders to categorize my articles and a search box.Thanks for share this post.
    Santosh recently posted..Tips For Using Facebook in Your Job Search Hunt

  2. soniya sharma says

    Hi Awesome Post, Really These tips are more effectives actually i already know about the tips but i didn’t know about the 8 tips. Really these all tips are greatful to build success your blog. sure i will try of all 8 tips.well thanks for sharing with us.

  3. John Will says

    Hi Mitz!
    It’s a Very informative post about building a successful website. What I really agree to is about content, the target audience and to interact and engage the audience to make a site successful.
    John Will recently posted..Live Cricket Streaming

  4. says

    Excellent information, thanks. IMHO one of the most important things ist to stay connected to the readers (your #6), a reader that feels like a part of a blog will return. Because what is a blog without readers? Exactly!

  5. says

    good content,relevant links and deep links are the key for making site successful if the internet expert is able to deduce relevant links to the site then it will be a highly beneficial for gaining momentum

    • says

      Really great tips for building any successful websites because you have to attend all the advance trend in this web building process it will get you a maturity level on your product, you have to work on your related services and emphasize to get more profit earning points, and also satisfy your potential customer with giving certain offers, discount and schemes.

  6. hira says

    hello Mitz – This is definitely the recipe for a successful website for business/website owners today. When I work with my clients, objectives (business objectives and end-user objectives) are all we talk in the beginning, even before creative direction. Having those objectives creates boundaries, which creates direction, which allows for focused energy and idea generation. Thank you for sharing this awesome article
    hira recently posted..Female Hair Loss Remedy

  7. Bryan Ring says

    Hey Mitz! Branding your name takes time, which sucks for people like me who have ADHD..haha
    Most want it & they want it now! Dang you are ‘ol school, like me..two of my favorite shows of all time are Happy Days & Cheers. Which we should take heed to regarding this post.
    Bryan Ring recently posted..Lawn Care and WordPress

  8. says

    \”Understanding your audience\” is a really important point that you have made. If I am able to understand what exactly the readers want and what are they not getting, then it would be beneficial to both my readers and me.

  9. says

    Great Sound,
    Valuable points to make a successful website in this article. I’m favor of all these help full point to build a website! Good & attractive Design as well as attractive website Logo also increase increase traffic. Don’t have a logo start to think about colors for your logo. It always helps if you have a hand drawing of an idea for a logo.
    Vivek recently posted..12 bad link building practices

  10. Richard says

    its also good to keep in contact with your customer and protentional customers who leave entries on your blog. Communication is the key. Just having a website is not enough as everyone else has so you have to be different and stand out from the rest. Regular updates makes you look fresh and keeps your site active unlike others
    Richard recently posted..Preparing your Car for the Winter Months

    • mitz says

      yes you are right Richard, communication is a big key. All sorts too…email, comments, networking, and more…

  11. says


    Once again you come up with an article that contain a new information for me. Just like the Google Grants. I have never heard about it before, but now after reading a excerpt about it. Now thinking to give it a look, and use it for my non-profit business.

  12. says

    Hi Mitz,

    Have read many post of yours. Like others this is also a nice post of yours.

    Having a name that sticks up the mouth of a person as you once says or visit is a great way to make a successful way for your website.
    Sneha recently posted..25 Realistic Pencil Drawings

  13. says

    It’s also very important to stay in touch with your readers or site/blog visitors. It will let them know that you pay attention on their interest, you’ll be able to find out their preferences and as a result your site will be more vivid and live

    Julia Spencer’s recent post.. Winning Rules for Facebook Page Promotion Every Brand Must be Aware About

  14. says

    Hello Mitz! Thanks for this engrossing read– I couldn’t agree with more that these pointers are imperative to attaining a well-recognized and successful site. Nothing beats original, solution-oriented and relevant content in sustaining the engagement of our readers.

    • mitz says

      There are many factors needed to attract visitors and get good rankings. You need to post fresh original content at a regular pace. then you have to promote each article.

      Also I have blogger blogs and have had no success making them into real websites or blogs that make money.. It depends what you are selling though.

  15. gamertin says

    This is definitely the recipe for a successful website for business/website owners today. When I work with my clients, objectives (business objectives and end-user objectives) are all we talk in the beginning, even before creative direction.

    Having those objectives creates boundaries, which creates direction, which allows for focused energy and idea generation.
    gamertin recently posted..Gofarm 1.2.9 – Game thủ thỏa sức săn cá sấu – bắn cung cực đã

  16. says

    Very nice tips. The most i like in this post is the very first tip is ” yes content” this is the most important part of any website your content must be very solid and reason able content needs to very professional as well as design matters design must be eye catching and impressive but content need to be on top :)

  17. Elena Anne says

    As usual, awesome tips! There are more websites out there than anyone knows what to do with. Aside from having accurate, informative, and exciting content you also have to stand out from the crowd somehow. Thanks for the guide! :)

  18. Ayan says

    Content, outlook and obviously new ideas are really important for making a good website, Thanks for your post, its helpful for us..:)

  19. says

    These are great high-level tips. Thanks for sharing them. I’m Tweeting them out to my followers, as we are working on several mobile web projects and I’ve been blogging about them.

  20. Aasma says

    Nice points Mitz,

    It’s important to have easy to remember domain name and website name, plus you should have your own USP so that you could stand alone in the crowd.
    Aasma recently posted..MLM Software Noida

  21. says

    Chosing correct website names is a skill that alludes me up to now. It might be my internet connection but the hovering popup is seethrough and i can’t see a button to close it because of it. It’s also not clear what it is about, i just see a box for e-mail. Again it could have been my connection it seems terrible today. Loved the 007 clip!
    Bram recently posted..iPad Mini Case Top 10 updated Sun Nov 4 2012 7:04 am EST

    • Mitz says

      LOL Sorry about the pop up!!! I must get rid of it…
      The 007 clip is a good way to get my point across and I guess it worked for them!!

    • Mitz says

      I agree that content is a big one but there are at least 10 others factors you need to complete the package…:) The information business is becoming very high tech. LOL

  22. Sarvesh says

    Hi Mitz,

    Wonderful and crunchy article as usual, actually the main thing which every website needs to get success is blogs quality readers. So getting quality readers or loyal readers is the main work for the owner of the blog, which can be gained by getting an awesome and attractive theme and frequently posting of quality articles.

    Sarvesh recently posted..[How To] Make Your Tablet Work Faster

    • Mitz says

      Yes you are right!!! I love quality readers and especially ones who make great comments that look like they are from a real person.. :)

  23. says

    Thanks for this list of tipps for a succesful website. I think item 3) “Know and understand your target audience” is a very important one, because if you publish texts which do not help anyone you will not get many return visits and your readers will not recommend your site.
    Anna recently posted..Mückenschutz in den Tropen

  24. Rhett says

    That’s a great list there Mitz. In my opinion, the number one thing in building a website is to continually update it with original and high quality content. The more creative and original the content the better. As mentioned above, content is KING.
    Rhett recently posted..iPad Mini Debuts – Queues Very Short

  25. says

    Very informative post about building a successful website. What I really agree to is about content, the target audience and to interact and engage the audience to make a site successful.

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