How to Create Quality Content To Rank High In Search Engines

We all know that we need to create quality content to rank hing in the search engines. Until recently the rules of Internet marketing stated that if you wanted to rank well in the search engines all you had to do was spend some time on keyword research, position those keywords strategically throughout your article and BAM! You were ranking. Now, the rules are a little different. If you want to rank high in the dominate the search engines now, you have to back those keywords up with some quality content.

But hasn’t quality content always been the number one requirement if you wanted to rank well? Not necessarily. In the past you could churn out content all day long with article spinning software and it didn’t matter if it was good content or not. As long as you were able to get it published somewhere online then you got a backlink or two out of it and that’s all that mattered. Like I said, though, the rules have changed.

Quality Content Rules

As more and more people come to the Internet in search of information, the search engines are focusing on making sure those users find what they’re looking for. They’re looking at things like how long the reader actually stays on your page, how many pages they view while they’re on your site, and how often those users share your content with their friends. Today, if you want to rank well in search engines, you need to create quality content, which means you need to engage your readers.

Keyword Research

Keywords still play an important role in ranking. You need to use keywords so the search engine bots can identify your content. But the idea that you need to mention your exact keyword every 100 words or so is out the window. Use longtail keywords and LSI to make you blog posts and articles sound less like they were written by a robot and more like they were written by someone you’d like to get to know. Knowing all these details will help you combat the new Google panda update because your blog will rock!

Pillar Posts and Internal Linking

Create a high quality pillar post for each of your categories, something that lets your readers know you are the authority on that specific topic. Then, each time you write a new post, use anchor text to link it to the relevant pillar post. Use plug-ins to create links to related posts. Give your readers a reason to stay on your blog longer and read more of your content therefore reducing bounce rate.

Easy Navigation for your Quality Content

Using keywords when you set up your categories helps you in two ways: It’s another way for the search engines to identify your content. But it also makes it easier for visitors to find their way around your site. And if it’s easier, that means they’ll stick around longer. See a previous article about creating categories for your blog by using your related keywords.

Creating an easy navigation system on your blog is one of those important SEO techniques that is often neglected.

Alternative Media

Give you readers something different to look at occasionally. Use charts and graphics to illustrate a point. Create videos to highlight that How-To article. The key here is to use your own, original creations instead of just pulling random YouTube videos or copying an image you find on Google Images. Create original content and your videos and graphics and comics will be the ones that everyone else is using on their blogs. Always make sure you have your link included on your content so when it does get copied everyone will know where it came from.

Social Media

No one can deny the importance of the social networks. Whether you like it or not, sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Digg are here to stay and that Google +1 Button will soon be one of the most important features on your site. Remembering that, and incorporating it into your business plan will help you rank better. Every site should have the standard Sharing buttons and Follow Me links, but go a step further – Create content that people will want to share. Every time you write a new blog post or create a new video, ask yourself “Is this content good enough to engage my readers? Will they want to share it with all their friends?” If the answer is no, then add some more polish until it shines.

Define your USP

The new definition of quality content is content that engages the reader. Period. If your reader can find your exact same information on dozens of other blogs, then you need to find a way to set yourself apart from the crowd. What is your USP – your Unique Selling Point? Why should searches come to your site? What makes your blog so different from all the others? Why should they stay there and keep coming back? And most important, why should they share your information with their friends?

The new rule is – If you want to create quality content to rank high in search engines, then you need to stop worrying about search engines and create quality content that engages your audience.


  1. Tanik says

    Reading helps a lot when it comes to creating high quality articles for contents. I must say that since I started reading books my knowledge has grown and now I can simply construct articles not like before wherein I consumed 3-4 hours writing. Thank you for Sharing your thoughts Mitz!
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  3. Mike says

    I firmly believe that in order to write a good post or article you should really have some knowledge and experience of what you’re writing about.

    There’s too much nonsense on the internet now with scraped and badly spun posts and articles popping up all the time and I don’t think it will ever stop.

    The only way to write a good piece is to do it yourself!

  4. Ronald says

    Its true that creating quality content will help the site to rank high in search engines, but don’t forget that creating a good quality content was supposed to give information, knowledge, something useful to the readers since they’re the one who keep the blogs alive and kickin’ lol.

  5. Ron says

    It’s crazy how there are so many articles and blogs that talk about quality content, explaining what to do and what not to do. But unfortunately people are still trying to beat around the bush by copying other peoples website content. By having quality content, your website will attract more visitors.

    • mitz says

      I agree…It is not that hard to figure out… Just go to a successful website and check out their content.

  6. aakash gupta says

    Nice post. all this Information will Prove very useful for me in improving the ranking of my website. thanks.

  7. says

    Now, we understand that writing a quality content is must to get high ranking on different search engines. As we all know that the quality content is the basic requirement for Internet Marketing that affects the promotion of any entity. But, I want to know about the exact keyword density to avoid spamming.
    Emavens recently posted..eCommerce Solutions

  8. Wayne says

    Splendid post
    The points you mentioned i think are the basic things for quality content. If one start working according to these points he can easily jump up traffic. Social media is also the good platform for get high ranking but unique content is the king.
    “If you want to create quality content to rank high in search engines, then you need to stop worrying about search engines and create quality content that engages your audience” i think its the better solution to improve rank.
    Wayne recently posted..Why Blackberry RIM is losing its market share to other Smartphone manufacturers?

  9. Joseph says

    Wonderful post. You really came up with some creative ways to enhance quality content to rank on search engine.

  10. Jyoti says

    Nice post….. although i try to write something new… and exciting… but maximum times fail in it… will try more and experiment more keeping ur guidelines in mind…. Thanks for share….

  11. Lennart Heleander says

    One more thing that is important and good is to put some links to the article with CommentLuv from other blogs and from some other articels in you own blog.

  12. Benjamin Hübner says

    Quality Content is one of the most essential factors you need to master in order to become successful with your blog!
    I really like the last point! There isn´t much completely new you can write about, but you can write in your own, enticing style to catch the attention of your readers and visitors!

    Thanks for Sharing this!
    Benjamin Hübner recently posted..Digi Traffic Accelerator Review + Bonus

  13. says

    Quality content is the first thing should take precedence.
    The trend now is the search engine algorithms put a man to rank sites rather than by the webmaster. All search engines have provided guidelines for quality content.
    Goes according to guidelines of quality content is the best SEO strategy.
    akharisyuli recently posted..Rahasia SEO Google Panda 2,5

  14. vhein says

    It’s been quite hard to generate such article with quality content. These are the points that are needed to consider when coming up with an article. Using keywords inlink with the body could be good but be cautious on the spammy side. Thanks for sharing your insights, I’ll keep them in mind. :)

  15. K says

    As we know that the content is king. and without quality content your site is not going to grow or give good results in WebSphere. Though it take the time to provide the quality content but it also helps to give desired results at quick time. it really comforts the search engine to make them up in the search results.
    K recently posted..Apple iPhone 4S Personal Assistant Siri Says Weird Things

  16. Robert Smidt says

    The first two points is very important, I can say it is a must.. Many people can’t do proper keywords research, they just analyze a little then pick randomly. Then, how’s the result? They fail to ranking, even come with premium article. Second, about internal linking, it can be a strong power in SEO cause our content is linkable and relevant each other. Great article Sté, love it!
    Robert Smidt recently posted..PS3 Repair Guide

  17. John says

    Hey Ste,

    Yes, the rules have certainly changed but I think it’s for the better. The best advice you gave here to me is to engage your readers, and the best way to do that is give them what they they’re looking for. Like you said, search engines also look at how long people stay on your site and a good way to keep people on your site is internal linking.

    Personally, I use a plugin known as SmartLinks which takes care of all my internal linking. As long as you focus on providing value to your readers first the search engines will love you and reward you.
    John recently posted..Beginner Guitar Lessons Online To Get You Started

  18. Danny says

    Great post Sté!
    Content has always been king for honest Seo, but you could more easily climb the ranks by “cheating” Google. I’m glad that is gone now.
    And the bouncerate is a great way to meassure, but not always. I like my bouncerate being high on my affiliate sites. If they stay 1 minute and then go and buy a product through my link, I will be happy. But I hope that wont mean that I will fall down in Google.

    Thanks for putting it all together :)
    Danny recently posted..Black & Decker NPP2018 18-Volt Cordless Electric Pole Chain Saw

  19. says

    Sté – great post. Completely agree that great ranking content comes from content made to do well with the audience! Google is afterall aiming to show us the most useful organic content, so making useful, organic content should really be a default for this, unfortunately, it’s all to often not the case!

  20. Lessa says

    You hinted ar alternative media and how it might help readers who come to your blog as you mix it up a little, however, I read that a few types of media on a page can be a positive in the eyes of google, do you know it thats true and mixed media can give you an seo boost? I know it cant see videos or understand images yet but in combination have you seen a boost?
    Lessa recently posted..eharmony promotional code

  21. klaus says

    first thanks for a great post to a newbie.

    im from denmark and are a newbie in this bussines.

    looking forward to read more great article in the future.

  22. Richard Brown says

    Lately its been leaning a lot towards quality content AND relevant content. Being high quality by itself isn’t quite enough these days as the search engine track bounce rate and the only way to get a high bounce rate is if your article ranks for keywords that its very relevant for. An informational query should return what the users search intent is.
    Richard Brown recently posted..Significance of Budgeting and Control

    • says

      I’m not absolutely sure abut the search engines using the bounce rate to rank the pages. Take this example: a website giving quick fixes for PHP code. People are most likely visiting to get a short reply to a simple problem, so they will just bounce. But the page can still be ranked high in search engines!
      Sté Kerwer recently posted..Who Is Luke Kling?

  23. Lalit says

    We have seen the value of contents especially after a recent update from google and really a quality contents in addition to other simple steps as you have mentioed above can really place your website in front of million of viewers. I additionally think that internal linking and right keyword and especially long tail keywords can do better.
    Lalit recently posted..Samsung Tablet PC–Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 specification and review

  24. Paul says

    There is no second opinion in statement that “Content is the King”, especially after Google Panda update. I agree that keyword in not a way to show up your content in search but it is also helps the visitors to scan it and find their way around the site. Thanks for these useful tips

  25. donah says

    Yes, completely! Quality content with proper management of relevant and competent keywords are the key to rank up in SE. We all know that Google really loves unique and original content. Finding the right place to market your article is quite helpful, using Social media is better. I’ll follow your other tips.Thanks!
    donah recently posted..Baraboo man arrested for OWI, alleged 7th charge

  26. Azhar says

    For quality contents I have one option , do a lot of research and such gather such a information that can satisfy maximum of users that visits your site.These contents also fulfill the definition of good contents that a search engine has.

  27. SteveBalliett says

    Keywords and quality content seem to really go hand in hand so I am learning.

    I really focus on giving as much quality in the content so that the reader is getting what he/she is asking for.

    The more I study this, the more I can see just how important these two subjects actually are.
    SteveBalliett recently posted..The Google Sniper Guide

  28. Albert says

    Great article Sté.
    You’ve focused on 3 major tips to create a succesfull blog:
    – Create pillar articles and keep your quality high
    – Research keywords and bring various LSI keywords
    – Increase your social media interaction

    Anyway,everyone has a own strategy to fit in!

  29. Peter says

    I have just discovered the theory of “Pillar Posts” and when I realised why we should all be creating one piece of stand-out content for each category, a light bulb went off in my head. If you show you know what you are talking about over a number of categories related to your blog niche, of course you are going to start to look like a blogging authority.

  30. Aaron says

    Write quality and interesting content with relevant keywords density, Share it on social media sites to get more exposure and if your original content get more likes and retweets then there are very good chances to rank high on SERP.
    Aaron recently posted..Goa Carnival 2012

  31. Brian says

    It’s that part about creating content people will want to share that is hard for me. I’ve done that in the past, but I didn’t create that content with that in mind. I just wrote about a passion and it was passed on by many others. Actually, @tweetsmarter tweeted my content and then others saw and retweeted.

    I’ve tried to write content on purpose that is good enough to retweet, but I’ve failed a lot lately to get anyone to ready anything of mine. I think that shows that passion is the key. Now that I think of it, that may be my next blog post. Hey, thanks for the inspiration!
    Brian recently posted..Coming Soon to

  32. Liane Markus says

    Quality content is very important to every website because this will help them boost or amplify their rankings. However, the tips that you have stated above is very useful and effective and this will actually serve as a guide to every business online. I am sure this will make their business more popular and have a good reputation.
    Liane Markus recently posted..יועצת שינה

  33. emilia says

    I agree with you, content is definitely what makes or breaks you. I think keyword research is like the top factor which can aid you in getting to that goal. Add that with your special marketing and SEO strategies, then you’re off to go! 😀

  34. Jean says

    Great post. With updates like Panda in effect and searches getting more organic than ever, it is important to make sure your content is genuine and valid. Ranking higher up is getting more difficult than it used to be when quality of content didn’t matter as much as making sure the right ‘tricks’ for SEO were carried but but not anymore.

    Jean recently posted..The risks of driving on worn tires

      • Jean says

        Yes, very true. Keyword research is definitely critical. I have learnt a lot of things over the course of my doing this. At first, I jumped in with a short tail keyword in a competitive niche and I was struggling very badly. Then I decided to lower my expectations and try to make it work in a less competitive niche and long tail keywords. That let me find initial success quicker and helped me get started on the right way to tackling more competitive niches.

        Jean recently posted..How to stay safe while driving on wet roads

  35. jan says

    As somebody fairly new to IM (only just on a year), I think I started just as it was getting out about content being king, but keywords, directories and commenting on blogs were considered the best ways for linking and social media wasn’t even mentioned so with the rules ever changing even in that short time it can be quite daunting. Could you tell me what is the feeling now about spinning articles and submitting them to directories?
    jan recently posted..Three things I learned at Weight Watchers

    • mitz says

      Big Gurus are still spinning content. they openly say so..But when you have more assets it doesn’t hurt so much if you lose one. Also when i say spinning I mean done so not even I could tell it is spun. The English is perfect and the whole thing is well written. I have done some spinning and it took me about two hours to do one article…OMG.. The problem is that I could not bare to put junk on the internet. For me..I am too busy working on other things to invest more time in this…If you find something that works for you then you do not need to do it all…

      As for the rules of the game changing. The same thing happens for every business everyday. Things change and you need to adapt to stay in business. I love the challenge! :)

      • jan says

        Thanks Mitz, IM is certainly a dynamic business, ever changing with new things to learn and the reason why I love it so much is because of the challenges which are somewhat lacking at work! I guess I am still in the finding out what works for me stage.
        jan recently posted..No time to diet – planning your diet

  36. Sanjeev says

    Social involvement is really important, placing your social icons are really important as they can play a part in how many share you get. Also how you are creating your social profiles, like your facebook landing page.
    Sanjeev recently posted..Photos – Another Source of Traffic

    • says

      Using the major social icons has several pros: it allows your readers to share your content (giving you free additional exposure), as well as giving them the feeling that they are part of something.
      Sté Kerwer recently posted..Who Is Luke Kling?

  37. Richard says

    Navigation is a problem that every blogger and web pages owner have; I glad to see you mention that because I use to have problems setting up my navigation, but it is getting better.

  38. David says

    The pillar post is a key concept that we have adopted on a number of blogs. You want most of your posts to be just easy, informative or funky (whatever your style is), but you want to have a few posts that pull in the searchers and give good information that new readers can refer back to through the l;inks in your newer posts.

    • says

      The huge advantage of writing some major pillar posts is that people will want to share them with their friends and connections. This is the best way to increase your readership by having some content going viral.
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