How to Find Dofollow Commentluv Blogs with High Page Rank Internal Pages?

We all know that when you find dofollow Commentluv enabled blogs they can be a great asset to use as a SEO technique for your WordPress Website or blog. But this is not always the case. Some Commentluv enabled blogs have the plugin installed but have made the actual links “nofollow”. The new Commentluv Premium WordPress plugin allows webmaster to customize each part of the comments to either doffolow or nofollow. This new plugin even blocks out spam, includes keywordluv and more..

The other question you need to ask when finding a dofollow blog is “does this page have Google Page Rank?” Of course the perfect place to comment for SEO purposes is on a “commentluv” enabled, “dofollow”, high Page Rank blog. I am going to show you how to find these websites with all three factors. There is not many out there, well it depends greatly on what niche you are in.

Please note that I am not saying “nofollow” is worthless, I am just saying “dofollow” is better. However for natural link building, always try to have a mix of both.

Firstly, if you do not know what “dofollow commentluv” is then see these posts  What is a “Do Follow” link and a “Nofollow” link? and How to search in Google for “dofollow” related blogs to comment on?

What about WordPress comment spam when you find dofollow blogs?

‘This seems all systematic and un-human to search for a blog or website in this manner, however I am a real person with valuable comments that will definitely enhance someone else post. When I find a WordPress website with all these factors included it can take me at lest 30 mins to compose a great comment. I appreciate the fact that they are going to give my links some benefits.

Sadly some people spam WordPress websites with stupid generic comments that have nothing to do with the subject at hand. These comments should just be deleted. In fact do not just delete them, press the spam link so they do not come back. People work hard on their websites and spammers come along trying to ad irrelevant comments. Are you kidding me?

Find dofollow “commentluv” blogs with high Page Rank internal pages?

Please note: You must have read How to search in Google for “dofollow” related blogs to comment on? and What is a “Do Follow” link and a “Nofollow” link? to continue as this is used in the first step.

1. Research and find blogs that are both “commentluv” and “dofollow” as shown in the articles above.

  • This will show you how to search for a “commmentluv” blog using this search string intitle:outlook express “commentluv”
  • Then you will need to install a free Firefox plugin called Search Status, and see if the links are “dofollow”.

2. Now we need to install another plugin to see the page ranks of the internal pages.

  • You will need another Firefox plugin, SEOQuake. Enable the plugin. It should do it for you when you install it.

3. Once you have the second plugin installed, choose a website url that you know has “dofollow”. For example you searched for your keyword and commnetluv as shown above. You went to the website and saw that the comment links were not highlighted. Then you take note of that website main url so you can research further.

4. Now go to Google and search for

In the example below I have used my website. So I typed in

Then I pressed on the sort page rank tiny button and the highest page ranks were shown at the top.

Now from this research I see the homepage has a PR of 4 and an internal page has a page rank of 3. Therefore it would be beneficial to comment on the PR 3 page as there is usually no comments allowed on a homepage.

Don’t miss this great article on the advantages of using the Commentluv WordPress plug-in

The Best Commentluv Dofollow Lists

Save yourself the time and stress and make use of these amazing Commentluv enabled lists. Of course this blog is on both! Unfortunately they forgot a few more of mine though like,,,, and too many too mention!

Note on how to find dofollow blogs:

I am not advocating spam comments. These are blogs and websites that you can build a long term relationship with. Don’t blow it by writing some stupid meaningless comment because that is just a waste of a good dofollow blog comment. When you find dofollow blogs appreciate them and you will be rewarded. CommentLuv Premium will now give the blogger so many options and controls so your junk comments will not be published!


  1. Mark Morphew says

    Hey Mitz,

    Another very useful article and some new techniques I had never even heard of before! WOW -Definitely going to give this a try when I’ve got a spare minute or two – just noticed the premade lists of dofollow blogs will have a look at those too!

    Mark Morphew recently posted..WordWatch

  2. Stephano says

    I love comluv blogs with good page rank and this is pretty much the technique I use to find pages with good PR inside of a comluv blog. I don’t use the Search Status though. It seems that SEOquake shows me whether links are dofollow or nofollow now.

    One thing I have noticed is that my SEOquake only filters the results on that page . I think I need to change my search settings to show more than 10 results. Is that what you do?
    Stephano recently posted..Che cos’è ASEA?

  3. says

    Thanks for the update and I’ve been using the search status add on for a long time because it quickly shows but I didn’t realize till now that it can also quickly highly highlight do-follow and no-follow links. Also heard that no-follow links have still some SEO value and must not be totally discounted, thanks a lot again

  4. says

    Thanks for this info. I had a lot of trouble finding dofollow blogs but this CommentLuv thing seems great :). I wonder what’s in it for them though. With most places using nofollow, I wonder what CommentLuv blogs get out of this. I love the way you sort out the pages so you get the best bang for your buck. I will be using your method from now on thanks.

  5. says

    CommentLuv is a really good tool for bloggers. Every blogger should make use of it. It not only increases the visibility of the blog, but it also facilitates communication between the commentators.

  6. says

    . I once again find myself spending a significant amount of time both reading and leaving comments. But so what, it was still worthwhile, and another great way to find places to comment is to go to websites that have communal installed and go through the people that have commented there,…..

  7. says

    hi mitz. i thought commentluv enabled blog will suffice and automatically assumes a dofollow approach. i never realized that commentluv does not actually changes the site from nofollow to dofollow

    i also noticed that most high ranking .edu sites implement no follow. perhaps they are trying to avoid spammy comments since .edu sites have high PR ranking.
    marilyn cada recently posted..Earn Money By Writing Essays and Articles

    • mitz says

      Hi Marilyn
      Not all commentluv blogs are dofollow so this is why we are looking for them. We do need nofollow links to our sites too for the balance but dofollow is better. As for .edu sites. I think a lot of these sites are rubbish and the good ones that you want a link on are almost impossible to get. :)

  8. says

    Thanks for the specific information. I will try to discover commentluv myself om my blog about media, onlkine marketing and e-commerce! When you have real good information, the backlinks will come. Regards, Tim
    Timamigo recently posted..NL masaal op social media

  9. Sergio Hurtado says

    Hi Mitz! Thanks for sharing such great information! Immediately after I read your post I went back to my blog and installed commentluv. I hope it helps me rank with google. Once again thank you very much and the best of wishes this year =)

  10. says

    Hi Mitz,
    I commented on your post at comluv, I am sure you saw it because it was approved. This is a great breakdown of steps to find dofollow pages with high PR. Personally, I have not applied this yet, but will do very soon. Right now I just use the SEOBOOK plugin for Firefox, which tells you the PageRank and will highlight the nofollow links. It also lets you export in csv format all the links on the page, and you can sort by internal / external links and follow / nofollow links. Your method of finding the highest PR page per site is great though. Nice work Mitz.
    Please feel free to visit my blog, I just cleaned up all the garbage comments.
    Justin Musiker recently posted..Google Updates – Penalties, Penalties, & More Penalties…

    • mitz says

      Hi Justin…Welcome to my website! I do use the SEOBOOK plugin on some of my computers..I like to check use everything so I know which is the best. (computer geek!) I checked out your blog and it looks great! :)

      • says

        Hi Mitz,
        Thanks for the welcome. You have some great posts here and I plan on taking a good look after the holidays. Thanks for visiting my site, hope to see you again soon and you contribute. My site has only been for reference purposes for a long time, but now we are starting to post regularly and invite good informative comments. Have a wonderful holiday and happy new year.

        Justin Musiker recently posted..Free SEO For A Lucky Few To Start Off The New Year

  11. says

    dofollow commentluv is a great way to building backlink. I’m very delighted to know this tips. Know i’m ready to hunt commentluv blogs and make quality backlink from dofollow commentluv blogs. Thanks mitz for great tips
    Werry Adnan recently posted..Pengantaran Furniture

  12. says

    Hello there, a great post you have delivered :)
    You will be surprised to know that I found out about your blog in my desperate attempt to find dofollow blogs 😀 Must say I went lucky and I may no longer need to search as hopelessly anymore, thanks a bunch to you :) Will checkout these links you have shared and let you know how it goes.
    Keep writing|
    Justin recently posted..Get ready to party with the top club songs 2013

  13. CBhushna says

    Good job friend and DoFollow doesn’t technically exist, instead, it is the absense of the “nofollow” tag in a link. Links with “nofollow” do not count as backlinks to Google and other search engines, so you don’t get the search engine ranking benefit for a link with “nofollow.”

  14. says

    Nice tips sir in how to find do follow sites, my problem sir is the SEO quake. When I installed it in my browser, it does function well at first (it shows the correct PR rank for sites and post) but after several searches (maybe after 5-10 searches) the PR rank will appear N/A) i tried searching my sites that have pr rank, and still it shows N/A. I tried installing SEO quake on a different browser, I used firefox first, then I tried chrome but the same problem occurs. Its only good for several searches.. Any advice on this Sir? I really like what SEO quake can offer, but that certain problem really bugs me.
    Raynan recently posted..Taylor Swift Touching Song "Ronan"

    • mitz says

      I see this sometimes too! But overall it is the best add on to use. I think it brings this N/a when the page is diificult to find the PR of… It still works well on home pages etc..

  15. mithun says

    CommentLuv is a really good tool for bloggers. Every blogger should make use of it. It not only increases the visibility of the blog, but it also facilitates communication between the commentators. All the people who have commented on CommentLuv will be able to see each other and share in formation. so, you can end up making good social contacts. Having an anti spam box or code is necessary to prevent irrelevant comments.
    mithun recently posted..Get Some Tips How to Start Learning Chemistry Online

  16. Laura says

    I thought Andy created some sort of search engine for CommentLuv users. On KeywordLuv official site is another useful list 😉
    Laura recently posted..TweetGlide

  17. Italia Asea says

    I can’t believe I have had SEO quake disabled in my chrome this whole time. I remember downloading it for SEO purposes but couldn’t ever remember why! I have just gone through the tedious process of poking around in a website looking for a good PR page manually. Takes forever!

    I just went into my chrome extensions and turned it back on! You are awesome! And truly, your blog is so amazing! I see so many great pages here – especially your 18 ways to turn your blog into a million dollar business. Wouldn’t that be amazing!
    Italia Asea recently posted..L’ASEA una truffa? Provala in persona!

  18. Salman says

    Thanks for the tute … I usually find using the “site” operator as said by you but will include some extensions suggested in this.

    I’d also like to thank you for your list of best commentluv dofollow blogs
    Salman recently posted..Using a Bridal Warehouse

  19. sumon says

    I think Comment Luv has been one of the most important aspects of my link-building strategy. Commentluv is valuable for so many reasons. While it encourages commenters, I think it actually REDUCES spam comments because the link needs to be referring to a blog with real content for it to be effective. here i put a question how can i set up commentluv to blogger blog?

  20. mitz says

    Yeah I don’t know how they can use comment luv and keyword luv and make it nofollow?? that was why we use the plugin in the first share the link luv. ?

  21. Matt Alhaarth says

    Having found this blog through the method described by the article, I can now enhance my practices with the addition of SEO Quake, thank you.

    Having found these little gem sites it makes no sense to waste the effort by leaving inane comments. This was my first visit here today and immediately 3 or 4 articles grabbed my attention. Take the time to read and contribute and you are often rewarded with much more than just links.
    Matt Alhaarth recently posted..Man To Make Most Of The Mud

  22. says

    Soooooo…. I had NO idea that this was even any sort of method. You have totally blown my mind with your articles on Commentluv. I’m constantly struggling to figure out how my competitors page ranks are always so high with all these back links. Who would of thought the gift of gab would help my SEO!? Taking time to read articles and comment… yeah… i can do that. :)

    Now Im digging through the rest of your articles to see what other secrets of the internet you are hiding from me! :)

    Thanks again @mitz!!!!
    Jake recently posted..Interactive & Sophisticated Children’s Garden – Travis Heights, Austin, TX

  23. Terry Burns says

    Have you noticed any sort of trend or anything lately that would lead you to believe that more people are opening up their blogs to dofollow now that google seems to be putting a premium on quality backlinks?

    • Hengge says

      Hmm…that’s interesting. I didn’t notice it so far, maybe because a lot of blog owners don’t even know the difference between do-follow and no-follow links 😉 But that’s something I need to look out for. Things have truly changed since G Penguin.
      Hengge recently posted..Willkommen

  24. Dave says

    Even though this is an older post, I still found it helpful. I truly appreciate it when bloggers use pictures to help the rest of us figure out how to do things on the internet. Step by step screenshots help alot! I recently read an article about CommentLuv premium, and we’ve been considering using it on our blog. I’ll have to check out this SEO Quake as well, as it seems many of you find it helpful.

  25. says

    Thanks for suggesting this. generally while searching for do follow high pr blogs i use Google search for my niche , but after reading your article i discovered really great and useful one of seo tech i always appreciate and in search of this kind of seo knowledgeable stuff which could help us in learning something new strategies..

    mamta recently posted..Is this animal cruelty?

  26. Mimi says

    You’ve definitely done your research when it comes to online marketing. Did you ever go to school for it? Or was it all ‘on the job’ so to speak? By the way, you might find my personal story of heat damaged hair interesting. It was quite an adventure and I’m blogging about it now.
    Mimi recently posted..Fix Your Heat Damaged Hair

    • mitz says

      Hi Tanik
      The premium version only supports WordPress self hosted…but the free used to support blogger too.. Not sure about it now.

  27. Martin O. Hamann says

    Aloha @mitz

    wunderfully blog style on!

    i really love your authors bio…..i was looking for a link to your facebook profile. Maybe you can send it to me via email? Then i will add you for sure Darling :)

    best wishes


    Martin O. Hamann recently posted..Pinterest Nofollow

  28. Randy says

    Thanks for the helpful information. Comment Luv is a great tool for bloggers and it’s a generous offer by the webmasters that use it. I live by SEOQuake, but since Firefox has been coming out with these frequent updates lately, it’s been freezing up my computer. Are their any other tools you recommend? Thanks for the post.

  29. mitz says

    There are so many benefits to using Commentluv though. One is the control over spam and your whole commenting system. Another is that other bloggers love it and want appreciate the link you give them.

  30. says

    The CommentLuv plugin has been a great linker for blogs old and new. It is also very interesting to get different points of views on various subjects. Allowing not only the blog host, but a new reader to check out other blogs has proven to be educational for me personally.
    SEO Quake is fascinating also and every owner should install for their own SEO efforts. Thank you Mitz!
    Bryan Ring recently posted..Traffic To Your Website Requires Savvy Business Blogging

  31. Pete says

    I’ve just started to undertake my own link building after getting fed up with SEO companies so finding out about CommentLuv was awesome. Also I’ve been using SearchStatus and now moved over to SEOQuake, which walk all over it. Thanks :)

  32. Earl Dickerson says

    I would like to thank you for the efforts you have put in writing this website. I am hoping the same high-grade web site post from you in the upcoming also. In fact your creative writing abilities has encouraged me to get my own site now. Actually the blogging is spreading its wings fast. Your write up is a good example of it.
    Earl Dickerson recently posted..Crashing a Project Schedule – Typical Approaches

  33. Michael Antony says

    I figured since everything i have learned about comment luv in the last hour is from your very detailed blogs and youtube video! (luv’ing the Aussie accent 😉 ) i thought i might as well come and say how much i appreciate all your work ! THANKS MITZ
    Michael Antony recently posted..Children & Baby Portrait Photography.

    • mitz says

      Thanks Micheal! I would not be blogging without commentluv because building websites is about sharing with your community. :)

  34. Queenie says

    You can simply look at it on some searching sites and won’t take you long for having one. It could be very easy and it’s for you to see if those list truly have high page rank. It’s truly a great one to have that will try to optimize your link.
    Queenie recently posted..stress hair loss

  35. Walter says

    Thank you for this helpful information. I have tried using SEO Quake but I guess it doesn’t show PR results now. Any good substitute for SEO quake guys?

  36. Marlo says

    Thanks for the tips, indeed keywordluv and commentluv enabled blogsites mostly offers DF links, mine, google blogsearch helps a lot. I’m also trying to explore a blog finder site which is dropmylink, quite good in providing good search results but it will take time to find a good one.

  37. Darshan says

    The websitebuilder is truly the most helpful source for effective blogging through wordpress.

    I just taken the decision to make my blog a do-follow blog and then I found this post via a Google search.

    I was against to making a blog do-follow and gaining high visitor rank. But after reading this post, I made my blog accepting dofollow links.

    Thanks for the plugin, mitz.
    Darshan recently posted..25 year old boy dies due to fire in laptop

  38. michael says

    Thankyou for the instructions. I am using SEOquake at the moment, not to sure it really hangs on to googl’s TOS though. Your not suposed to scrape google for rankings. I think comment luv is a great feature for seo guys but can be bad for a domain with comment luv installed, as I beleive to many outbound links can affect rankings.
    michael recently posted..J Michael b Flat Clarinet CL-750

  39. Lily Rose says

    Thank you, Mitz for compiling all this into one post. It’s a great thing for a blog traffic to leave comments on other people’s blogs, and if you’re going to do it, why not get a backlink for yourself while you’re at it.

  40. says

    I totally agree with you James. Great post and very very useful. It will save you a tons of time with your backlinking. Rather than have 1000s of rubbish links you can have dozen of really, really quality one. Awesome.

    Jez from South America Travel website

  41. John says

    I use SEO quake to determine pagerank prior to posting any backlinks. It’s great because you can actually sort pages via PR. Firefox does not sort as well as chrome though.

  42. Kristen B. says

    I agree that it is much easier to track the dofollow commentluv sites using SEO quake. But I wish I could be able to access the search box of commentluv since it also gives results on commentluv sites. I haven’t tried the search status plug-in so I wouldn’t know its full potential but I am going to check it out if it works for me just like the SEO quake.
    Kristen B. recently posted..Magnavox MDR515H HDD and DVD-R with Digital Tuner Review

  43. Anuj says

    “Commentluv” is a very important arsenal in link building strategy, specially for finding Do-Follow blogs/websites. It really makes the task super simple and very targeted at the same time. Your tutorial on commentluv is easy to understand. Keep coming with such great information.

  44. Lowela says

    Commentluv is the most outrageous tool that was ever made to boost SEO marketing however just don’t like the thing in it that it causes blog traffic. I haven’t look for it’s newest version the commentluv premium which I think comes with a lot of benefits on SEO field.
    Lowela recently posted..provillus reviews

  45. Mark Choo says

    This is a really good post with GREAT info, exaclty what I was looking for, thank you for taking the time to put this together. Next Steps I have to try the Firefox plugins and the steps below, but based in the comments here I am guessing its working. Thank again. ~ Mark
    Mark Choo recently posted..5Linx Success Secrets

  46. Janise says

    Honestly Mitz, this site is like a flipping gold mine of SEO information. I just love it. Only found it a few days ago and the amount of fab information here is astounding. Google #1 here I come (in UK at least lol). Just installing SEO Quake was worth it – saves hours of messing around :) Thanks xx
    Janise recently posted..Christmas & New Year Sale On Now

  47. says

    So I would say you have explained the whole process well.Definitely This tutorial will help people to find those high page rank blogs and get more traffic and backlinks to their blogs and sites.

  48. bubble games says

    i have a blog myself and certainly, i have to build link for it, so i know the feeling when i have to read each comment and find most of them are rubbish, it feels like my works are not respected.
    hope that all the “link-builders” can read this post and care more about their works and others’ feeling.
    by the way, there’s no need for us to download and install plugins other than SeoQuake, for you can use it to check nofollow links, too. (click the seoquake icon, choose “highlight nofollow)

  49. says

    I love the article and the comments have shed a new light for me on commentluv. I actually am learning how to backlinks and found your post. Great spot to land on. By the way SEOQuake is a must for any website or blog builder. mitz … in your opinion does it benefit as much to comment on a site that has a ton of other comments as compared to a site that has few comments. Assuming the same PR. thanx in advance.

  50. Leigh says

    Great write up although I have read somewhere else that you should have a mix of no follow and do follow. Also Livefyre are all dofollow so I have been told is there a search string for that you can do too. Many thanks for your help
    Leigh recently posted..Anxiety Attack Relief

  51. Tobi says

    Very Interesting.
    I to am in the process of testing commentluv vs keywordluv on a few of my sites.
    There is no doubt these plugins increase comments and site activity which are getting more important since the last Panda update.
    The main issue here as mentioned earlier are sieving the spam messages.

  52. Bruno says

    I think keywordluv is great for blogs and for website owners. It’s much better looking for the comment to list the name of the commenter and then the anchor keywords, rather than blogs that don’t use keyword luv, and commenters try to sneak in the keyword in their name. Thanks for using keyword luv!

  53. Wonu says

    Very Usefull Information, I am a new bie to SEO and you just saved me a lot time with all this information on your blog. I will be installing the “Search Status” plugin right away. Can you use the comment luv plug-in on a blogger blog or is it just WordPress
    Wonu recently posted..Vauxhall INSIGNIA HATCHBACK

  54. Iphone 5 accessories says

    Hi there

    Thanks for the tips. I’m using SEOQuake at the moment and its a really great tool. May i know that PR gets diluted if a blog post has many comments?


  55. James says

    Great Tips! This is a Very Useful Article! Thanks for sharing with us! The other way to check if the website is a dofollow or no follow is to right click the website and hit check sources and ctrl + f (find) and type nofollow, if it dosent apper chances are its a dofollow :)

    Content is Crucial for any Website

    James from

  56. Dave Jensen says

    Top notch post and information and was super easy to follow. We’re in the process of developing our site and I’m somewhat new to all of this so very very helpful. Installed the Firefox plugins and all works as you suggested. Thanks for your work and research.

  57. says

    Thanks for sharing this. It had been very disappointing for me in finding dofollow blogs. I didn’t know you can include plugins when searching for dofollow blogs. Also, is there any way in which you can go to google search and type in commentluv or any keyword that would return a list of blogs with commentluv plugin installed?
    Carol Gene recently posted..Retractable Reels – INDENT

  58. Greg says

    This is interesting as the scope of this article actually talks about the internal pages and how they need to have the high PR. There are many I talk to today that believe that are getting a PR 5 link when the home page is PR 5 and the blog comment or link is PR 0. The norm for the sites that have high PR on their internal pages have either been around for quite some time or they either have good internal link structure.
    Greg recently posted..Gaining Visibility And Building Quality Links: On-Page Optimization (Part 2)

  59. talmuri says

    I was trying a lot to find out do follow commentLuv blogs. Fortunately, I got your post and gathered some basic idea and tools to find out so. I also tried comment kahuna but became a bit disappointed. Your given blog list will be so much helpful for us.
    talmuri recently posted..Yahoo Site Explorer – wie lange noch?

  60. says

    Thanks for posting so much useful SEO information. I was actually searching for good PR CommnetLuv sites when I found yours and I expect it will be very helpful as I try to improve the page rank of my new site Kindles on Sale. Thanks again.

  61. says

    Hi again Mitz
    Really great stuff, I have just instructed to use commentluv in our wordpress blogs and will start to search for related blogs with commentluv so as to work link building with natural resource links.
    Thanks again.


  62. kakon says

    We are found very fantastic site so ,i am comment that commentluv before now. This seems like an excellent tool to use, and something I’ve been looking for without knowing it.

  63. says

    Thank you for the clarification. I had a fellow blogger tell me about Keywordluv, but I still didn’t completely grasp it. Seeing the various ways to comment…including the best way detailed in your post was a big help.

  64. says

    Excellent info here. It is getting harder to find Dofollow blogs to comment upon and the tips and tools you mention go a long way in helping. Commentluv is superb provided it is used correctly. If too many people just start posting spam comments then this forces the webmaster to remove the dofollow element as they cannot be bothered with the time consuming tasks of regulating spam and differentiating those comments that are genuine. Thanks again!!
    craig recently posted..ACBet Bonus: £150 Sign Up Bonus

  65. Chris Gregory says

    This is the second time I have heard mention of commentluv so I’ll have to look into it. I’m not apposed to having natural comments with links on my blog but as stated most tend to be spam. As a SEO and Google Places Optimizer we have to build links for our small business clients and quite honestly an interactive engaging comment is a great way to do that, however all the autocommenters out there water down the effort of those of us that do it manually and contribute albeit in a small way with comments.

    Cheers to all you live human beings reading this and thanks for the post. I’ll check out the related links.
    Chris Gregory recently posted..Goodbye Red Pins, Hello Yellow Reviews

  66. alex says

    thanks for the tips, i already use SEO Quake and it’s showing me all the noffolow links..
    i recommend it to everyone


  67. Ollie says

    Thanks for the tips. I’m using SEOQuake at the moment and its a really nifty tool. Is it true that PR gets diluted if a blog post has many comments?

  68. zeeshan shah says

    atlast i get this article on internet there are many articles but it is dufficult to search cool one thanks bro it really helps me

  69. Christianne says

    SEOquake is a great tool for working out what the best tactics are for SEO, its amazing and worth the time spending to get your head around it and how it works. Great post by the way, will be coming back for sure.

  70. Mani Viswanathan says

    That’s a nice tutorial mitz. I normally use DropMyLink to find out DoFollow CommentLuv blogs. 2-3 clicks and you get the result desired. But again the plugins you mentioned like SEO Quake and Search Status are imp. here. Here again I prefer inspecting the source rather than using extra extensions. Saves a lot of resources which does matter.
    Mani Viswanathan recently posted..How to create a Google+ Page for your Blog

  71. says

    I have never heard of Search Status. I was wondering how you would be able to check all the links that come up in Google search as to whether or not they are dofollow are not. Oh and do you take the time to comment on nofollow sites as well?
    Robert recently posted..P90x Back In Action

  72. Brian says

    I’m also still learning about SEO. CommentLuv seems like a dream come true though. I have a moral aversion to spamming and it seems on most blogs if you want to target keywords you have to use a fake name using your keywords which just looks bad in my opinion.

    I’d rather have a decent comment that builds on the discussion or helps, and get the backlink as a reward which is what CommentLuv promotes. It’s in none of our interests for comments to be worthless and spammed.
    Brian recently posted..Choosing grass seed

  73. Cris says


    You’re post is really awesome. It’s been a year but the CommentLuv blogs is really hot until now. Btw, thanks for the trafficgeneratorcafe and netchunks tip. I’m been looking for a great number of blogs like this. Thank you so much. It’s really worth visiting your site. Cris
    Cris recently posted..Dreh die Angst herum – Tipp19

  74. ian says

    Hi thanks for the great information as i am hearing more and more about comment luv and its great benefits i think it’s high time i get it installed on my sites
    Thanks again
    ian recently posted..Feed In Tariff Uk

  75. Tim says

    Thanks for the tips! It seems that most blogs are “nofollow” and those links are useless when it comes to SEO.Still, guys at Google say that “nofollow” is only a tiny percentage of all links out there.It seems to me that the majority of links are “nofollow”, not the other way around.When it comes to spammers, I use the “WP spam free” plugin and it works really well.
    Tim recently posted..Green Landscaping Ideas – Save Money While Adding More Value To Your Property

    • mitz says

      If you get the Commentluv Premium you get spam protection and a whole lot more!! Best value plugin I have to date.

  76. says

    Great way to find some powerful websites that are dofollow. This is especially important information for those that do not have any SEO tools. You really can do it yourself with this info. Thanks Mitz.

    – Robert
    Robert recently posted..Day 28 P90x Workout

  77. Dr. Arpan Kar says

    Wow, this was really a helpful post. every blogger eventually searches for do follow commentluv websites to boost web search traffic…Thanks for the tips… sure will help me a lot..
    Dr. Arpan Kar recently posted..Services Process Mapping

  78. says

    with the different syntax use don google search engine, sometimes it gets confusing what to use. i just find this more search friendly rather than the others.

  79. Rajnish Anand says

    Great tips and resources . Thanks I am a dentist by profession but SEO at heart. I love this field and like the fact so many people like Mitz sharing info with others without any malice. I am learning fast and have been able to rank my blog on top page for many long tail keywords though have a long way to go.
    Rajnish Anand recently posted..Samir Dental Care Jalandhar

  80. Astro says

    Since I was only recently convinced of the critical importance of backlinks, I started commenting and have seen much more traffic. I run a DoFollow blog with CommentLuv and, at least for now, looking to engage with serious (or funny) bloggers. If you would like some link juice from a lowly rank 1 site, well I’m happy to see humans. I get a few human spammers but also getting a lot more real folks to come by and comment. Mitz, I keep finding good articles as I look for one you wrote recently!
    Astro recently posted..9 Largely Ignored Superheros

  81. Jean says

    If done right by both sides, it is a really good practice to enable dofollow on a website and encourage the visitors to post meaningful comments and engage in spirited discussions with the blogger. As you said, the spammers that post meaningless gibberish just to get backlinks are the ones who usually ruin it but thankfully, there are so many spam protection features available today to combat that also.

    Jean recently posted..The risks of driving on worn tires

  82. Ahmed Hosain says

    What a brilliant post. You should do a series! :)I did a sort of blogging for dummies over on one of the craft forums and I thought it was too simple for them, but the amount of emails I got asking questions just like what you addressed was unbelievable. As young people today we have grown up with computers, but it’s easy to forget that even people just a few years older have not! Really good post! :)

  83. Thomas says

    Hi Mitz. Even with the useful tips you provide finding dofollow sites is a chore — at least in my opinion. Do you focus exclusively on dofollow backlinks? Also a commenter mentioned that his site was able to rank off mostly nofollow backlinks. Do you have any insights on ranking with nofollow links?
    Thomas recently posted..Black Hat SEO Techniques – What Is Black Hat?

    • mitz says

      I do not say that nofollow is worthless but I would say that a dofollow would be better. If you could get a dofollow link on yahoo answers that would be better than the nofollow we currently get.

      • James Baily says

        I agree that DoFollow is definatly better than Nofollow, I’ve run lots of tests between the two and DoFollow has a much bigger impact 99% of the time… However, I have tested using nothing but NoFollow backlinks to a couple of my new blogs and it definatly has an impact on ranking. So the best thing is too do in my opinion is to have a good variety of both as it would appear much more natural to the search engines.

        P.S It’s good to see your got Comluv premium, fantastic plugin… More blogowners need to use this 😛
        James Baily recently posted..Aladdin Costumes

    • Nancy Smith says

      Just when I think I know it all another gem turns up. Thank you. However to put the cat among the pigeons I know “no follow” links are good, as my last site ranked No1 for multiple keywords (admittedly not high search ones) and I only had one link that wasn’t “no follow” (lol it was yours) so unless your site gives massive link juice, “no follow” links count!
      On previous posts you have mentioned that your site is no follow except commentLuv..How do you do that?… Is there a plugin?

  84. PhillH says

    Just when I think I know it all another gem turns up. Thank you. However to put the cat among the pigeons I know “no follow” links are good, as my last site ranked No1 for multiple keywords (admittedly not high search ones) and I only had one link that wasn’t “no follow” (lol it was yours) so unless your site gives massive link juice, “no follow” links count!
    On previous posts you have mentioned that your site is no follow except commentLuv..How do you do that?… Is there a plugin?
    PhillH recently posted..Mouse mites | Mice mites

    • Thomas says

      Hi PhilH – Are you sure that’s so about your site ranking off nofollow links alone? It is my experience as well that nofollow DOES help with search engine rank but it’s rare to have this validated. Thanks for any additional feedback you can offer.
      Thomas recently posted..Traffic To Your Website – Visitors Required

      • PhillH says

        I found sites to link to with SEO spyglass, they were all “do follow”, after about 200 blog commenting I checked my own site and was shocked to find that my links were all “nofollow” except for Mitz.
        On A sad note I’ve just checked my site to see how it’s doing only to find it’s been Panda slapped. Its keyword is now ranked out of the top 100, which is odd as I don’t think that there were more than 50 sites with my keyword in!
        PhillH recently posted..Rat Mites | Rodent Mites | Tropical Rat Mite

  85. mitz says

    Hi Tiara
    It is true that dofolow links give you more value as in link juice but nofollow can give you a backlink that might provide traffic or exposure.

    • Bob Lipply says

      I agree with you Mitz. i really don’t mind if it’s dofollow or nofollow blog. As long as it gives my blog exposure, i’m OK with that. Having a nofollow back link is also important since this would make your link building strategy natural.

  86. Wayne Lambert says

    Hi Mitz,

    Using SEO Quake with Firefox to find CommentLuv blogs is definitely a great way to find blogs to help you with your link building campaign and get a great Internet Marketing education with.

    Thanks for sharing some great tools and a strategy to help people with their link building. Let’s hope people put it to good use because in my experience, creating new content is a much bigger focus for people than creating a link building campaign around their existing content.
    Wayne Lambert recently posted..Ten Top Headlines That Get Good Traffic

  87. Aaron says

    Hi Mitz,
    I may be sending a duplicate post, not sure if my first one went through for some reason? So I apologize in advance if that is the case! I have to say your blog is a goldmine for good info. I was not aware the you could set search paramters to not include no follow blogs. I thought the only option was the plugin. Good to know you can use both. Thanks for the info, I just found your blog yesterday and you have already opened a new door to things I did not know!

  88. Janice says

    Hi Mitz!
    I have been on your article about the great advantages of using commentluv plug in. After reading it I browsed some posts you have here and I am truly interested on knowing how to get such sites. I have trouble getting the said ones via searching it on google. It brings me to the same domains. I see you have illustrated here what to do. And yeah, the SEOquake is a must for identifying the PRs of those sites and the do follow attribute but still I cannot get various sites. It would be very helpful if I can get some sites pertaining to similarity of my keyword. How do I search such one? Like on health sites with commentluv. This is my problem, getting the needed sites for me to post on.
    Would love to hear from you,
    Janice recently posted..lifecell

    • mitz says

      Hi Janice
      All you need to do is find a few sites and comment on them…Commenting is not the only form of promotion for your site so you need to do a bit of everything. Write a few guest posts, comment, article marketing, free blogging, and so on all gets links…

      I do not go crazy on blog commenting but I do use it as part of my strategy.

  89. Rev Jain from Tiki Torch says

    SEOquake is best t tools for analysis website it help to analyis website in better way. comments main part of seo beacuse it provide better benifts to pages of website but other way we think we also know that webmaster is best tools in google becasuse spam related pages automatically deteted on webmaster tools .tahnks for sharing this beautifull post i really appriciate with your post.

    Rev Jain from Tiki Torch Related Advise… Decorative Pillows

  90. vhein says

    I’ve been using SEOQuake and it is a big help in determining dofollow blogs. For me, CommentLuv and KeywordLuv are great in providing dofollow list of blogs.

  91. Marvin says

    Hi mitz,

    Thanks for showing us how to find “dofollow” blogs. Before I read this I always use “dofollow blogs” for search and there it is! dofollow blogs pop out but full of spammers. It’s hard to comment when the interaction between the moderator and the visitors were all non-sense spam. For me, CommentLuv is the best plug in to help those people who do SEO (like me) and for the site’s owner to do more quality interaction with commenter.

  92. Ryan says

    Seoquake is by far the best browser extension I’ve found when analyzing sites.

    I’m a bit surprised by how many webmasters that use the commentluv plugin actually turn it to dofollow. I tried it both ways (nofollow and dofollow) on two of my similar small blogs and got about the same amount of spam, so I’m not sure if changing to nofollow has much affect is stopping spammers. Have you had any experience with that?
    Ryan recently posted..How to Get in Front of Four Times as Many Customers

    • mitz says

      Yes it does not make any difference so I use dofollow… The spam will die out soon as webmasters are fighting back..If you want to build websites you are just going to have to learn how to comment the right way! Also the new Comment luv premium getting released is said to cover spam. Andy Bailey is an amazing coder so I know he will knock us dead.

  93. Gazo Games says

    Thanks for the post. I appreciate the info on blog comments and will surely start looking out for people who are using automated programmes for making blog comment posts.

  94. Jess says

    I actually manually check sites rather than using the SEOquake tool – it makes my browser lag.

    I’ve had a hard time looking for dofollow blogs before. Even if I use commentkahuna or blogcommentdemon (which are both tools in finding blogs) I still don’t get to find such blogs -,- am I too lazy? LOL

    Well, at least with these tips I finally had some improvements in finding some dofollow blogs. Thanks! *thumbs up*
    Jess recently posted..Save Your Relationship – Fighting The Right Way

  95. Liz says

    Thanks so much for the post – so glad to find a clear and concise explanation of do-follow links and how to take advantage of them. With Firefox, it’s possible to access a number of valuable SEO tools – what’s the deal that IE and Chrome don’t allow for these tools?? I have had SEOQuake but didn’t know how to fully take advantage … until now.

    • Lee says

      I have been making a list my self of comment luv blogs looks like the way to go I also think I will put comment luv on my blog now that I am starting to get it ranked.

      Thanks for the info lee
      Lee recently posted..Bucket List Ideas

  96. Graham says

    Great article about finding dofollow links with commentluv. You can use similar methods to search for blogger, blogspot and more.

    I like the blog post, but I don’t worry too much about nofollow and dofollow. I just find blogs that I like and leave comments. I prefer to comment on something that I’ve been searching for rather than searching for something to comment on. But that is just me.
    Graham recently posted..Toppers Pizza (USA) Coupons and Deals

    • mitz says

      I agree Graham..It is much more fun to comment on something you are actually interested in..Commenting is not a big part of my SEO as I am too busy mostly responding to comments on my blogs or on places I guest post. With the guest posting i get to smother my links on one post when I respond to the comments..

  97. Matthew says

    yeh it’s a tough problem

    Good to know that I fell on the “non-spam” side of the fence. Im always worried about that. But I guess anyone who is worried if their comment is adding value is probably ok.

  98. Matthew says

    Fully agree about not wasting it on spam.

    It’s such a shame that people can be so giving and many people just blow it by putting rubbish. Thanks from the heart for leaving dofollow links.

    Just a quick note, with Quake you can set the option to mark no-follow links.. so all you really need is the one plugin.

    • mitz says

      Totally true Matthew
      I am ready to set some more rules soon…I really want people to put their real name and then their keyword like you have… The ones that just have a keyword are usually associated with junk so I am getting so busy that I just might have to presume that…Also the simple comments are driving me crazy…I don’t mind if people say “great post bla bla bla” but they need to add some value to the conversation, like you have.. Sorry to use you as an “example” on your first comment! :)

  99. John says

    Great tips my friend. I have 2 question though. I need to find relevant blogs that are related to my blog. How can i add a keyword to the string you gave us?
    Another question: I see in many comments a link with anchortext at the end of the comment. Can this only be done if you have commentluv enabled?Also what is difference between commentluv and keywordluv?
    thank you

  100. Harleena Singh says

    Hi Mitz,

    Informative and educative post!

    I have always wondered as to where I go wrong while leaving my comments, and it was only a few days back that I found out about the ‘dofollow’ blogs, where ideally you should leave your comments and links. However, things were still not very clear, till I read your article about it, which illustrates and explains it so well!

    Thanks for clarifying things and sharing a great post :)
    Harleena Singh recently posted..How Freelance Writers can Use Google+

  101. Gary says

    Just stumbled upon your site and guessing that what I’m about to say has been said a million times!

    Iv’e spent ages trying to get back links with little success, the knowledge and advice in this article has already made a difference to my backlinks.


  102. Bob says

    It’s a shame that so many sites do get spammed.
    I tend to let ppl post what they want and leave Akismet to do it’s job as it tends to work quite well. Then I’ll filter the comments and any that are relevant or useful get posted and the rest get binned. Can be quite labour intensive but it does mean you only have quality comments
    Bob recently posted..Xerox Phaser 8560 Solid Ink Printer

    • mitz says

      I have tried many plugins hoping to stop spam but you still get the real human spammer that tries to pull the wool over your eyes. They get through sometimes as sometimes I only skim through comments looking for questions to answer. Labour intensive is an understatement! :)
      mitz recently posted..10 Excuses you Can Use When you Fail at Blogging

  103. Luis Posselt says

    I learned this technique from here a while ago and it definitely has change my way of finding High Page Rank inside other websites.

    If you are serious about getting links from High PR Sites for FREE, this is a must technique to have under your weapons.

    I use the SEOQuake for finding the PR and then when I am inside the link I use the SEO Plugin from SEO Book to check if it is a Dofollow or Nofollow link. Peace of cake…
    Luis Posselt recently posted..How to create a Chat Room in Joomla 1.7

  104. Lorraine says

    Thanks Mitz,
    I agree with you about building relationships with those precious few blogs that allow comments–although I see that commentluv and keywordluv have not prevented a number of jerks from posting more links in their comments on this blog!
    I’m fairly new to IM and SEO and although I never spam blogs, sometimes I’m aware that I could have spent a bit more time putting quality into my comment. I have a tendency to think that more links are better, but I’m quickly realizing that fewer, higher-quality links are the way to go. I want links that will be permanent and good quality, and it’s thanks to wretched spammers that webmasters are forced to close comments or make blogs no-follow–and I certainly don’t want to contribute to that!
    Note–for anyone using a Firefox version about 6.0, don’t despair–you can use Quirk SearchStatus plugin to check for no-follow!

    • mitz says

      Hi Lorraine
      I think we are always going to have a problem with spam on the internet regardless of what comment plugin you use.
      Although I have written this article, commenting is not a purposeful SEO task for me…I definitely do not have time to comment on blogs for the sake of getting a link. I do know that there is some SEO value but quality in everything rules. Therefore a few good comments will do better than 100 bad ones.

      I would recommend commenting to get involved in a community, but you might as well get a good link while you are there.
      mitz recently posted..7 Reasons Why your WordPress Website is not Making Money

  105. James St. John says

    Great article!
    I use SEOQuake for a variety of things, including taking a look at PR, Alexa, etc. A comment above mentioned the Google toolbar, which I am sure they prefer us to use, but Google cannot seem to keep the toolbar updated to work with Firefox each time it updates. SEOQuake, on the other hand, keeps it working.
    Of course, everyone knows that WordPress rocks! I recommend it to every client.
    James St. John recently posted..Conversion Fest Week Three

  106. Fran says

    Thanks for the article Mitz. I have never used SEOQuake before though I have heard of it. The sort function is brilliant and as a firefox user I couldn’t be happier with the tool.
    Like others have mentioned I tend to use the google toolbar for identifying internal page pr but each to their own.
    Fran recently posted..Gangster Costume Fancy Dress Outfit 1 – £13.99

  107. Juicing With Rika Susan says

    Good post, Mitz. Is it okay to use SEOQuake? I have seen that some folks say Google doesn’t like us to use it. Have you ever experienced any problem with using it? You are so right about building a long term relationship with blogs via comments. I think it also helps if the author of the post responds to comments, as you do. I think it sends a message that spam won’t get through. At the same time it shows that you value the opinions of folks who comment.

    • mitz says

      I only use it a few times and then the job is done…When I have my list of possible places to comment or guest post on for a particular website thats it for me…I go and use the information then..

  108. Peter Song says

    Hey Mitz,

    I am not one to promote products, but fast blog finder makes the second stage of the google search easy. I use your footprint and put it in the settings. The software then goes to the page and lets you know if it is do follow – I think it checks 10 pages.

    If your readers want other solutions there it is. I use a firefox plug in NoDoFollow all the time to look for blogs and sites that are do follow. Really good post!
    Peter Song recently posted..RSA Certificate Online

  109. Freddy says

    Hello, those are very precious tips, and I want to add that also the google toolbar allows to view the pagerank of the website pages

  110. donna young says

    Thanks for enlightening your readers about the dofollow plug ins, I used to think what relevance it was to the blog itself. But I do have a comment on the spamming part, yes some people do place generic comments but some blog owners are just plain downright snooty or clueless. I mean even if it enhances your blog whatsoever, your page rank still benefits from the spam instead of having 3 measly good comments because let’s face it, people won’t be impressed with blogs with a few comments (regardless of being good or bad).
    And hope you can clarify this because I noticed this with the commentluv sites, there are sites directly connected to comluv and others just have the commentluv plug in on the comments section, sorry I’m new to this, are they 2 different things? Do I get the same benefit even if I used either one? I know that with commentluv, I’ll have the opportunity to generate traffic and make money as long as people comment or click on the links, do I get the same thing with comluv? Thanks for posting this article.
    donna young recently posted..Chase Freedom Review: Rewards with No Annual Fee

  111. Lester L. Lair says

    Why is it some comment love enabled sites does not recognize my blog link instead they confirm it as invalid…but when i skip and move to other sites with comment luv enabled it works. Does my site feed URL has problem???

  112. Paul says

    Very useful Mitz! The seoquake also list down other valuable stats aside from internal page PR right? Building a do follow list of blogs to comment on is my goal this month. Thanks for posting this up :)

  113. Mike says

    Hey Mitz – thanks for the reply and while my tips may be helpful they’re certainly not going to be the difference between ranking success or failure for anyone. I think the most important aspect of SEO success is to “Make sure you do a bit of everything!,” and make sure you do it consistently, for long enough. Even if you didn’t know anything about dofollow or PR, if you were simply to start building links to your sites in a clearly outlined, one link at a time plan you’d get to where you want to go.

    Most people seem to throw up a few links, not see any results and quit. If they were to check their rankings each week (I use Traffic Travis) they would probably see that they are moving up (unless they targeted a ridiculously competitive keyword like “diet” or something). In a few months, if they’ve got several pages ranked somewhere in Google, they can simply add more links and push themselves further ahead and repeat this until they get there.

    Here are a couple more tidbits about blog commenting for SEO that I’ve found useful:

    1. Instead of simply choosing high PR pages to comment on, choose the ones with high PR and relatively low outgoing links. For example, if you do your SEO Quake sorting of 100 posts of a blog and you find that there is a PR 4 with over 175 comments, each with outgoing links, and a PR 3 with 5 such comments, you’re probably going to get more PR passed to your site from the latter. This applies to forum commenting as well.

    If Google sees a page has dozens of comments or replies with links to all kinds of non-related sites, they may give the page less weight because of the possibility that it is being spammed due to a lack of, or careless, moderation. The other side of this equation though is incoming links, so if Google sees hundreds of outgoing links but there are also hundreds of incoming links, then they’ll be more likely to think that everything is copacetic.

    2. Don’t just consider the PR of a page. Often I’ll leave a comment on a PR NA or PR 0 page and in a few months I’ll have a PR 2 or 3 backlink. This is because these sites had a PR 4 or 5 for their homepage at the time I commented and the posts I commented on were fairly new and still likely to gain some backlinks, comments and PR.

    2. Also go for .edu and .gov blogs. A PR 0 link from a site on one of these TLDs seems to pass more link juice than a PR 2 from a blog. Even a non-relevant PR 0 link like this. Here is a search string: inurl:blog “comment” -”you must be logged in” -”posting closed” -”comment closed” “niche keyword”

    About my question:

    “I am using both because Search status gives the PR and SEO Quake shows the “nofollow”.”

    Now I’M confused, haha.

    In your post you said:

    “Then you will need to install a free Firefox plugin called Search Status, and see if the links are “ dofollow”.”

    And then my question was why you use Search Status for this instead of SEO Quake, which crosses-out nofollow links and which you already need to download anyway?

    I’m probably missing something.

    Mike recently posted..DUBturbo Review – Hella Hard Beats Made Easy?

  114. Leila says

    There are actually some do follow search engines that can give you a small list of targeted do follow sites. Opensite explorer also helps you research do dollow competitor back links in an instant. Thanks for the search status plugin for firefox, it’s really useful to detect whether a site/blog is do follow or not.

  115. mitz says

    Sure Hayley
    This is just one of the ways of promoting your website. Make sure you do a bit of everything! :)

  116. Mike says


    I really sense a great affinity for contributing to the value of the web in this post. You got to give to get in this business and you seem to be one of the few that gets this. (If you do actually have 20 sites, then I’m quite certain you do.)

    As far as finding high PR dofollow blogs you’re right on the money but I’d like to add a couple of quick and painless techniques or ideas that might make things more effective for you and your readers:

    1. Instead of just searching for commentluv blogs with a keyword related to your site or the page you’re trying to get links to in your string, why not just search for the phrase (i.e. “outlook express”) as well? You’ll come up with a lot more results and as far as I (and all the people I know who make full-time money from their websites in Google) it doesn’t usually make a significant difference whether the keyword is in the title or not.

    2. When you find a blog that is dofollow and you want to find a high PR page to give some tokens of wisdom to, if you go to Google advanced search you can specify that you want to receive 100 results per page.

    If a blog has more than 10 posts, this makes sure you’re not missing out on any (or at least not too many) high PR pages. If a blog has more than 100 posts you can search specific categories in advanced if they file their posts within them. There is a limit to how many times you do this before google will stop giving you PR results for 24 hours, so you may want to keep your searches down to 50 posts per page.

    As an aside: when it comes to relevance my experience is that a PR 2 link from a completely unrelated site is far more valuable than a PR 0 link from a relevant one.

    You may also be interested to know that when it comes to dofollow VS nofollow, I’ve actually found both kinds to be valuable (though dofollow has definitely proven to be more valuable, all other things being equal).

    Oh, almost forgot my question: why install Search Status and SEO Quake when the latter identifies dofollow and nofollow links?


    • mitz says

      Great tips Mike
      Thanks for sharing these!

      I am using both because Search status gives the PR and SEO Quake shows the “nofollow”

      I am confused with your last question though..? Maybe the plugins have been updated to do something else?

  117. jelbee says

    For me:
    Dofollow links is usable for search engine ranking/ pagerank/inboundlinks while Nofollow links gives you inbound links but i don’t know if it also affects your Page Ranking.
    Although Dofollow blogs attract visitors it also drives spammer on your site while Nofollow blogs (No wants to comment your blog beacause of this link attribute “nofollow”) 98% of the commentators are blogger also knows how it goes.
    we <3 Commentluv 😀
    jelbee recently posted..My Moment – Official Music Video

  118. nifty future says

    Very nice tips!
    I needed it for my SEO campaign for my site.
    I have found so many interesting blogs while searching for comment luv.thanks for the tips and tricks.
    Jone Parker

  119. Rachel Lavern says

    I am so happy that I found your site. I see how I have been futilely commenting one blogs that are not giving me any love. Would you believe that I attended a class on increasing traffic to your blog and this topic was not mentioned. We were simply advised to have a blog commenting strategy–details were simply to “find and comment on other bloggers’ posts. Thanks for educating me.
    Rachel Lavern recently posted..Why Pursuit of Happiness Sucks: Myth vs. Reality

  120. Larry Puckett says

    Thanks so much for the great tip! I just downloaded “searchstatus” on Foxfire and WOW! Not only can I see pagerank and Alexa rank but I can have ALL “nofollow” links highlighted so I can stay away from them. Unbelievable tool and wonderful advice! Thanks again.
    Larry Puckett recently posted..“Best” Window Cleaning, Roanoke VA

  121. mitz says

    I really am not one for too much commenting. I would rather guest post on one website that will give you 20x the traffic and SEO benefits. Even article directories and blogs are ok.. Also you have to answer the comments on the post and your comment luv links will be all over that page…so you are getting 20-30 links on the page..which gives you a better chance to get the traffic.

  122. Greg says

    Also one should mention that not all blogs that carry the Comment Luv plugin set it to be dofollow. This is a setting one must turn on as dofollow in the wp admin area under settings.

    Not a super big deal, but just wanted to let everyone one that just because you’re on a CL blog doesn’t automatically mean your latest post will be dofollow.
    Greg recently posted..Are Seniors Into eBook Readers?

  123. Neil says

    Anyone that has commentluv installed – how’s the spam? I see most have a simple checkbox that says “confirm you are NOT a spammer”, but does that really help a lot?

    • mitz says

      i have no spam…Only the spam that humans are writing!!! The “confirm you are not a spammer” checkbox is simple but works! It is called growmap anti spam. FREE

  124. mitz says

    I do not use software posted comments as I do not want to risk what I have. I am opposed to auto comments and if something looks like it is automatically done I delete it.
    However i would test this on a new website because I am always curious.

    • mitz says

      I have noticed that the recent updates for comluv need you to re-enable them. When you do though, the links all come back, even the old ones…

      I do not like webmasters removing Comluv after a while..It is not a good idea.

  125. Mary Martinez says

    With the invention of commentluv, my site became much more lively and interactive. If it might add, one of the most brilliant and innovative plugins ever made!

  126. Greene says

    I am now using SEO firefox extensions just to determine if the blog has dofollow or do not follow commenluv links. I really consider to add comments to those blog post which has a do follow links.
    Greene recently posted..Does Big Butt Prolongs Life

  127. Alex says

    This are great tips and really helpful. I personally think that the best thing to look in a blog is to see if it is alive and if the author of the blog writes with passion or just for the profit. The passionate bloggers will grow in the long run so you cannot miss with that.

    Keep up the good work

    Alex recently posted..Why is my blog a DoFollow blog

  128. mitz says

    I am using Digg Digg but it really slows the website down…
    I have never been banned for searching for anything…. Make a list of urls when you do it and comment join in on their conversations regularly. Each time you make a new post, you can do a commenting session.

  129. Kimberley says

    Hi Mitz,
    Thanks for these SEO tips. I recently setup my first ever website using wordpress and have learned a lot in the past few months!

  130. bryan says

    Using some applications that can make your blog easy to find is a great help. It will help in driving traffics to your blogs. But of course, your blogs must be unique and with content. If the content is okay, then it will be alright. People will eventually go there. They will comment on your blogs. Giving you the chance to have friends as well. Making your blog attractive and eye catchy will also attract readers. So using applications can aid you in that goal. Just write and write. Go bloggers!!!

  131. Debra says

    Thanks for this post. I’ve been using the search status addon for a long time because it quickly shows PR & Alexa but I didn’t realize till now that it can also quickly highly highlight dofollow and nofollow links. Also heard that nofollow links have still some SEO value and must not be totally discounted. I’m no SEO expert though.
    Debra recently posted..Famous Stars and Their Celebrity Weight Loss Secrets

  132. Harry Grace says

    That’s an excellent list of quality plugins. I found so many interesting stuff in your pages especially its discussion. From the tons of comments on your writing, I presume I am not the only one having all the enjoyment here! Like all the plug-ins, love it.! I m gonna apply this to my blog.

    harry last blog Recovery of Corrupted QuickBooks Files
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  133. mitz says

    Hi there
    I see your comment love link so you must be doing it right!

    You need to put the url of your website in the comment section details. Not the post url. Also if you register at the commentluv website you will get to choose from the last 10 posts instead of just the latest post.

  134. mitz says

    Hi Wayne,
    I just went and had a look for myself because I did not realize I was on page 1 the term do follow blogs with commentluv. That’s pretty funny considering that everyone is talking about it!

    It’s amazing what you can do with a little bit of SEO.
    mitz recently posted..Do You Need Software to Research a Niche

  135. liseogirl says

    Just implemented the comment luv plugin to my other site and I have been finding more sites online with do follow and comment luv. I have already gotten more quality comments. Just the other day I was spending countless hours of deleting funny spam comments. I am guessing people that really want a link back realize they won’t get Luv back if they spam.
    liseogirl recently posted..Strong Island SEO is Long Island SEO

  136. Jennifer says

    I was looking for a blog or forum that would allow me to write comments and still get a do follow back-link….not many of them out there! I understand why because spammers take over! Thanks for lesson in how it all works.
    Jennifer recently posted..Tree Service Jobs in Des Moines

  137. anna says

    Only recently heard of do follows and no follows and now finding that there seems to be an ever increasing movement that are going for do follows on their blogs. Be interesting to see if it does bring in relevant traffic. Certainly by looking myself I’ve found blogs that I will want to visit now just for personal interest. So great news for everyone!

  138. Jeff Turner says

    I would disagree with Ed as nofollows have not helped our seo at all. As the blog here said dofollows are the way to go. I like the plugsin for firefox. Thanks for the information.

    • mitz says

      There is no doubt that dofollow helps SEO…But nofollow can give you traffic so do not forget that.A link is a link and it leads to your website. really all we want is for someone to click it and come and visit us…

      For SEO purposes, dofollow links win hands down.
      mitz recently posted..Top 10 Onpage SEO Techniques You Need To Know

  139. Joshua from Cedar Valley Homes says

    I think that CommentLuv is nice tool to find blogs that allow do-follow links in order to help you site gain some back-links. I think that you can stay on topic and still get a back -link that could help you get some link juice without spamming the site. I think that a nice way to do this is by using your name and adding you keywords behind it even if the blog doesn’t have keywordLuv. In my mind as long as you can blog about the topic you should be able to get a back-link approved even if your site doesn’t relate to the blog. I guess you just have to go about blogging from the prospective of the blog owner and see how things play out. If you use the Firefox plugin called Search Status that Mitz talks about in this blog you can see if comments that use some Anchor text in their name are being allowed to be dofollow even if they are a none related site this goes for blogs that are CommentLuv and Non-CommentLuv.

  140. john marry says

    Thanks mitz!
    I am learning internet marketing and use to read posts for learning more by professionals like you and searching for some backlinks as well.
    Blogs with CommentLuv are great providing opportunity of getting backlinks but….
    exponentially increasing rate of spamming has made it difficult for people like me working hard marketing efforts and utilizing proper ways of getting backlinks.Now blogger gets suspicious with the keywords in post and the comment is deleted assuming it to be spam.
    I request please don’t spam.At least add some useful information that makes blogger happy.And i also request through your channel to all blog owners not to treat spammer and reader in the same way..

    • mitz says

      I agree totally…Do not spam!!!

      I hate spam and the only reason this method works for me is because I write a great comment that is worth reading and publishing.

      There is absolutely no doubt that commenting on other blogs works…You just have to do it the right way.

  141. Gina Jennings says

    Wow. That’s a great tip. I didn’t know there was such a plugin as StatusSearch.

    I use Firefox’s NoDoFollow plugin to see if any links are nofollow (pink) or dofollow (purple). Then I check the SEO For FireFox bar to see what the page rank of that particular page is.

    As far as commenting on pages that have internal PR on them already, what page rank should you go for? Anything above a PR 0?
    Gina Jennings recently posted..How To Leave Blog Comments To Get The Most Link Juice

    • mitz says

      Well lets just say if you went for all the high ranking sites you would not be doing too much commenting. Also if you comment on a variety of websites it looks good in Googles eyes.

      I simply do not comment on absolute new websites with no rankings…the ones that look like they have slapped all the content on and started a website. I like the websites that show promise and look like it is made by a real person. That’s all I do…If it inspires you then comment. If you appreciate the content and think it is good quality then comment.

  142. mitz says


    I haven’t thought about how to find auto approved blogs. I am not really worried about that because your comment should get approved with no problem if it is useful and genuine.


    Commentluv will not stop spam. It does bring you a better quality of comment though, as the webmaster wants to be approved to get the link luv.

    Does it matter how people find your blog??? You might get a great fan out of a person that intended to only comment on your blog. Commentluv only ads another way to attract more visitors and that’s what we want!
    mitz recently posted..What results did I get from using Subscribers Magnet by Maxbloggpress

  143. Dan says


    Thanks – very clear instructions. I have to say as a blog owner I am on the fence about CommentLuv. I currently use Disqus and have been thinking about Commentluv, but I worry people will be finding my blog (using methods you describe:) just to drop a comment to get the link. If it is a meaningful comment, that is great. But I do worry about the spam.

    What have you found? If you use CommentLuv with something like Alkemist can you avoid people spamming your comments?

    Dan recently posted..VTech VReader Dad Product Review- Should the VReader Be On Your Holiday List

    • mitz says

      I wouldn’t worry how they find your blog because you never know if they really love it or not until they get there…

      Who cares how you get them there, just let them see what you have. These people can still be convinced to buy or click on an add, they are only human..
      mitz recently posted..Top 10 Onpage SEO Techniques You Need To Know runs on the Genesis Framework

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