How to Make Anchor Text Links

First lets answer a common question about Anchor text links. What are anchor text links? Yes that is a frequently asked question that new WordPress Website Builders ask.

The best answer to this is that anchor text links are keywords that link to your website. For example instead of putting just you can put something like this WordPress Website Host.

You use the keywords that relate to your website so when people press on the link they get an idea of where they are going. This is also very important for both Search Engine Optimization and for your real human visitors!

Anchor Text can also be called Title text or Hyperlink text.

Where Do You Use Anchor Text Links?

Sometimes you cannot use anchor text link and have to put any ugly original link to your website. Here are some places you can use anchor text:

  • In your own website as internal linking.
  • In guest posts or authors profiles on other sites.
  • In link directories. They usually ask for the title of your website (which is the anchor text) and the URL in a separate box. Then they will make the anchor text the link to your website.
  • In blog commenting..most blogs ask for your url and then a name or title which will be made into the anchor text. If you are not using Commentluv you should be. See the advantages to using the Commentluv Plugin.
  • When exchanging links with other website owners you include the Title, the URL, and the description. The Title will be made into the anchor text that will point to your website url. Old school but people still do this.
  • On forums you can use BBC (bulletin board code) to leave links using anchor text. This could be in a forum signature or in a forum post. What is BBC code and how do you write BBC code in a forum post?

There are strict rules about leaving links on websites..If you are seen to be spamming or over selling you will be banned from that website. All websites have their own rules. Please also see our 18 link building ideas.

Webmasters like to do link building to get traffic to their websites and for SEO. Normal internet users make links to share with other people.

Where Can’t You Use Anchor Text Links?

One example of where you cannot use anchor text links is yahoo answers. You can only post the original link as there is no provision to write in HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). Another example might be a profile link like the one you get on

How Do You Make Anchor Text Links?

It is easy when you get asked for a title or an anchor for your link; however when you have to enter HTML link code yourself it might be a bit more difficult. Here are some examples of simple text links with anchor or title text.

HTML anchor text link:

<a href=>WordPress Website Host</a>

Green = the anchor text

Yellow = the link code going to my website

If you want to link to another website simply change the website URL and the ANCHOR text.

To test this anchor you can paste this code into the html section of your website page you are editing and then save and preview. You will notice that the link works and when clicked, will take you to the intended destination.

You can also use an Anchor text generator if you are having problems. For example you can go to and generate your HTML code and paste it into your sites HTML or text section. See the screenshot below.


BBC anchor text link:

This code can vary from forum to forum as there are many variations of this code.

[url=]WordPress Website Host[/url]

Green = the anchor text

Yellow = the link code going to my website

Here is a forum post about “What is BBC and how do I use it?” Also please join my forum to chat more about building websites and SEO.

How to Make an Anchor Text Link in a WordPress Post?

You can turn any word, or a group of words into anchor text in WordPress.

1.  When you are making a WordPress post in the dashboard of your website simply select the text you want to make into anchor text.

2.  Then click on the link icon in the above menu.

3.  Enter in the URL you want to link to. This can be any URL.

4.  Press on add link button to finish. Now your text you chose will be a link.

5.  If you want o browse for another page on your site to link to simply press “Or link to existing content” to see more options.

See this screenshot for more details.

You can also choose a target which will make the link open in the same window, a new window, and so on. All you have to do is check the box that says “Open link in a new window/tab”.

Making an Anchor text link is very important as it will tell Search Engines and your website visitors what your page is about.

What is the Future of Anchor Text?

I cannot predict the future of anchor text but I know it makes the internet function more efficiently and makes links look neater.

As for SEO, Rand from SEOMoz has a few ideas about the future of anchor text.

Making Your Anchor Text Relevant

This is the most important aspect of creating anchor text. If your anchor says Computer Tips then when the person clicks on that link and reaches the page it better have computer tips there. Even if your anchor is Click Here, make sure the text surrounding that link explains what the user might expect if they click the link.  If you do not match the anchor text with the content on the destination you are not being truthful and will ruin your reputation and your website bounce rate. This counts for links coming into your website and internal links within your website content.


  1. Cristian Gologan says

    I’d like to add and ask about the future of link building, especially in what concerns blogs.

    I read a lot of recent information emphasizing on “guest posting”. As this is certainly a good thing to consider when building quality backlinks , I wouldn’t rush into saying it is all link building will be about.

    Of course, in what concerns my website, I’m just starting to learn about quality link building (I hope I’ll be able to learn fast to improve page ranking)

    As I’m just a beginner, what do you think about the future of link building?
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    • mitz says

      Guest posting is not the only way to get great links.. there are forums, answer sites, and more. It is anywhere that your target audience hangs out. :)

  2. Himanshu Rawat says

    Hi Mitz
    I downloaded your SEO guide eBook
    and that link in text tele-ported me here i have a confusion please help me i bought domain without doing keyword research now i am not getting benefit from google and other search engines is there any solution for that please help me i am a poor guy in SEO and waiting for your reply or deletion of my comment
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    Thanks for the article on anchor text. It is hard to find an informative source, and I think this is of great value. I look forward to more post to help bloggers out.

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  4. suraj says

    Hey thanks for the info!!!!!!!! i m really confused coz my editor has two option one similer as explained by you link and other is ancher text….which one is better and why???

  5. says

    we need to stop focusing on numbers that don’t mean anything. We need to stop worrying about making Google happy and start focusing on making our customers happy.

    • mitz says

      Having the right anchor text also makes the real human happy because then they have an idea of what is on the page when they visit. You cannot leave a link saying “click here” without explaining what it is they are clicking on..Therefore anchor text helps. :)

  6. Foisal says

    Hi Mitz,
    Thanks for your valuable suggestions. However, I think this post would be perfectly completed if you added some information about the use of Forum BB code for anchor texts. Also, can you write a post about how can anyone select the best anchor texts for his website?
    Have a nice day……. Hope more informative posts from you like this one!

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    Hello, thank you, it is very interesting and helpfull. I would like to know if I leave the address of my blog which, does it count as a link and anchor text or is better to leave the address of my blog in the website line just above, and does it count as a link ? Also, does comnentluv is still available ? Since a lot of plugins do not work anymore on Firefox ? Keep up the good job.

  8. josh bolstad says

    Finally you helped me understand anchor texts.. Can’t tell you how many sites I went to before this before you finally laid it out easy and clear. Thanks for the read, bookmarked your blog, I’ll be back another time!
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  9. Simon Fusco From Minisite Design says

    Very good information, thank you for taking the time to visit my facebook fan page.

    • mitz says

      Hi there…all forums use BBC but there are a few variations. Thankfully there is usually a small icon to help you insert a link into a post forum thread or your forum signature.
      In article writing (most websites) and in your website html is used…

  10. Wheeler says

    I am trying to find out how to add the title tag to BBC code, is it possible? Thanks

    • mitz says

      Do you mean how to make link in forum bulletin board code?
      They are all a bit different but I use:

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