How to Make Money Online With

Lets face it, I do not make may full time income from but I do know how to make money online in general. I have to be honest here and say I am a newbie at promoting Amazon goods and seriously did not think the system they offered would even work. The thing is the Amazon cookie ends when the person leaves the Amazon website. This means that if a person clicks on your link, browses the site and leaves, then goes back a few seconds later to buy, your referral does not count. You have to send the person there to buy now.

I guess a lot of people say that Google AdSense is impossible to make money with too, but we all know they can all be great if you put your time and effort into them.

All of these small clicks or small sales add up and become a mighty big income. Do not doubt this, because the doubters are the ones that quit first and are left wondering why their WordPress website is not making money.

When you actually make money online you start to realize that whatever you are selling, it is the same steps needed to succeed. You need a profitable niche, keywords, content, and then promotion. Of course we all know it is a lot more detailed than that but that will do for now.

Quick tips on how to make money on

  1. Make websites about top selling products.
  2. Choose a particular product and specialize in it. In other words do not be too broad.
  3. Write reviews using only original content.
  4. Perform on page and off page SEO so the search engines can find your content.
  5. Add pictures into your content of the product you are selling, linking to Amazon..
  6. Contact companies to see if you can personally test the product.

As I stated above, I am not and expert at selling Amazon products, however this is pretty much the same steps I use to sell anything. You can add your extra tips and tricks to share with us below in the comment section.

Shortcuts on how to make money on

Instead of researching what products sell on Amazon and manually inserting the links into your own blog, of course there are little shortcuts you can use to make your life easy. One of these shortcuts is Chris Guthries’ EasyAzon Amazon plug-in.


This amazing piece of software got me more interested in Amazon as I was focusing on Adsense and certain affiliate promotions. I do very well with what I promote but I could not help myself, I had to try this WordPress plugin for myself. I basically started from zero sales at Amazon and just by placing a few links on some pages, I am now up to around $50 for the month.. You might not think this is much but I have only literally placed about 10 links into my website. Of course I picked a few good pages but I am very impressed with this outcome.

This is great because I really haven’t done anything special here.

Before having Chris Guthrie’s plug-in, I always had trouble adding Amazon links to my blogs. Part of the nightmare was that I had to go and find a link, customize it, copy the code, and then bring it back to my blog and insert it. Seriously this was more work than I preferred.

So would I recommend this EasyAzon plugin? Hell yeah! I would not even bother going to amazon and creating links when it is just so easy to do it inside your post. I actually avoided promoting Amazon stuff as it was just too much of a chore to get the links or deal with weird bandwidth hogging plugins..

Go and check out the EasyAzon WordPress plugin for yourself.

I guarantee it will make you money. I seriously cannot believe how easy it is…

Make Money on With AzonSpy

Ok this is the next groovy shortcut to making money with Amazon. This WSO (Warrior Special Offer) has gone nuts! It is selling like crazy and of course it does not cost the earth.

This would go well with the EasyAzon plugin as AzonSpy gives you information on what products are best to promote and also provides full training to go with it.. Not just training for the software though…Training for each step of building a website to sell Amazon products. It even starts out at the “finding a niche” step.

See a video showing what the software does

There is more though. There is also a membership area with full training. Of course these guys from the warrior forum, along with Chris Guthrie, can all prove that they’ve made massive amounts of money from Amazon. Who better to buy a product from, than people that have actually done the hard yards and made money online from scratch. These people did not start out experienced in Internet marketing or selling products for Amazon, they worked their way up and became successful.

If I had to choose one plugin though, I would choose the EazyAzon plugin because it does Geo targeting. This alone increases your sales.

What is your opinion about making money online with Have you got any tips and tricks to share?


  1. says

    Thank you for very useful post! Amazon and LinkShare are most popular ones in Affiliate marketing, I am using LinkShare at preset, but now moving also into Amazon after reading this article. The most important thing to succeed in Affiliate Marketing is not how much traffic we are getting, the key to success is getting the right traffic.
    Chitra Lekha recently posted..How to avoid Money Transfer Scams

  2. says

    I know how Amazon performs and what are the advantages that we can get from it. I also understand that this publish of yours is very useful because working from home is not simple and I think what you have displayed and talk about here will be very employed to all web promoters out there.

  3. teejaye says

    This is a goldmine of a post! Thanks sharing these gems with us. Just wondering if you’ve heard of associate-o-matic and what you think of it.

  4. Clem says

    Am reading everything on amazon and hope soon i will be making a killing with it.
    Thanks for this article. Am looking for ezon reviews.

  5. Scott says

    I can say for certain…Easy Anon ROCKS!!

    It is so easy to use and it works! Grab a copy if you want to make Amazon selling much easier.

    Thanks for telling me about it Mitz!


  6. kevin says

    Good advice and tips, I’ve never heard someone break down how to use, at least not as well as you have here. Also thanks for pointing out the plugin, that is a great help for a lot of us, keep up the good work.

  7. says

    Yes, you can make money off of as long as you don’t live in the state of California. The income that I received from in 2001 – 2005 helped me through college. I stopped in 2005, because I met my husband and spent a lot less time by the computer. I believe it was last year I received a letter from stating that my merchant account would be closed because I resided in California.

    California past a law stating that, Ebay, and other large internet merchants needed to impose a tax to their customers. This law was to help businesses in California that were losing to the internet stores. However this backfired! Amazon cut all their merchants that live in California instead of taxing. W

    So you can make money off of Amazon, as long as you don’t reside in California.

  8. David Lopez says

    Wow,those are amazing numbers.I’ve been trying with Google Adsense,but sometimes I feel like is not stable,I make really good money a month and then the CPC goes down in the next one,It’s something you can’t control.Thanks for share this information Mitz,is really helpfull,with those number I gotta try for sure,the business looks great.:)

    • Mitz says

      I totally believe you can control what you earn by bringing in quality traffic. I have experimented and every time I bring in this good traffic my earnings go up. So go and get the right traffic. :)

  9. Carina says

    Awesome post! I just started using Amazon–it makes since because I shop from there often! I have learned how to bring in traffic to my blog with amazon products thanks to pinterest–but I can’t seem to “close the deal” if you will. Now it’s time for me to get serious and start making money with amazon!!!
    Thank you for this post
    Carina recently posted..Save the rose

  10. Farabi says

    Thanks Mitz, i was thought that it is so hard to earn from any Affiliate Program. But after reading this article i think it is not so hard. I’ll try those tips to earn a good money. Hope this will help me. Again thanks for sharing the nice post.

  11. Soulpower says

    I have been looking to make money through Amazon Affiliate Program from some time. Internet has got so much potential bloggers like us. BTW I am new in this field and it probably take a bit time to understand and take in action. Thanks for sharing EasyAzon plugin’s info.
    Soulpower recently posted..No Posts Were Found!

  12. Andy says

    Hi Mitz.

    I have tried Amazon with a review theme I got for WordPress. But I only ever made 1 sale. I think I just did not have enough traffic. I will definitely try this plugin when my other sites get big enough in terms of traffic though.
    Andy recently posted..Money Saving Smartphone Apps

  13. Prashant says

    Thanks for sharing such an awesome plugin with us,
    I already own 4- sites based on amazon, but i used to manually update the price list and other procuts etc etc,
    But i think that this would solvemy prblms :)
    BTW can i use your aff link to buy the plugin?|
    Prashant recently posted..17 ‘Super Utility’ Android Apps…Just WOW !

    • Mitz says

      Sure. Definitely buy this plugin because it saves time and works well.. After using it you will not turn back!

  14. says

    Hi Mitz, Thanks for recommending EasyAzon plugin and sharing your tips about Amazon with us. Actually I have already purchased this plugin with Chris personal blog ( This is really a wonderful plugin and it also helped me to increase my earnings.
    Thanks anyway.
    Ehsan recently posted..How To Choose a Perfect WordPress Theme

  15. julidarmaputra says

    Nice tips mitz. I am also not expert in marketing, but do market research is important to begin sale any product. Market research can help us to make quality website and find good product to sell.
    julidarmaputra recently posted..How To Cure A Sore Jaw

  16. Jenifar says

    Wow, This is a great tips to earn from Amazon. I was use the service in my site, but i did not got any revenue from this. Hope the Quick tips will help me to earn from Amazon. Thanks for sharing the good post.

  17. says

    Great Amazon tips. Like you I don’t generate the lion’s share of my income from Amazon, but have some decent months.

    I find generally producing tutorials for products works well whether physical or digital products. The buying guide is a golden tip. Generally I’m not too concerned about the 24 hour cookie because I suspect if people don’t buy within 24 hours, they aren’t going to or they’ll click another aff link in the interim.

    One final tip is promoting cheaper products of which people buy multiples of. A single purchase may cost little, but when purchased in bulk, works its way up to a decent commission.

    There’s also the adding other items to the cart opportunity where people buy more than intended on Amazon which helps commissions. I haven’t gone too big with Amazon, but with a concerted effort I can see it could be good revenue (in fact it can be … there are people doing very well with Amazon).
    Jon D. recently posted..Associate Child Theme Review Reveals Why It’s One of StudioPress’ Best Business Themes

    • Mitz says

      Yes Jon it is a good money earner no doubt. And look at the conversion I am getting??? 2.99% not bad for a beginner Amazon reseller. This is making me think, just scale that up and bang.

      Funny thing was, before Chris Guthrie showed me this plugin I did not sell Amazon stuff.. I did this as an experiment and really enjoyed it.. (probably because the experiment worked)
      Mitz recently posted..10 Tips to Sell Affiliate Products the Right Way

  18. iphone apps says

    great idea for earning money on amazon .com good news for those whose trying to earn money online nice tips i hope it will helpful to every one thanks for sharing this article with us.

  19. Lee McCollum says

    I haven’t tried using Amazon to make money from. I use YouTube and other stuff, but not Amazon yet. I’ll give it a shot!

  20. Will Smith says

    You have post a very informative and useful blog for your users and afcource for your readers. This is the best way to earn money in your free time. I will surely try for this. If everybody can spend there few hours in this than they can also earn money from this.
    Will Smith recently posted..Red Dawn

  21. Gigi Pisano says

    Excellent information! Although I’ve been plugging away with Amazon, I have yet to make a substantial profit. I also try to incorporate a mix of different priced products to what I promote, but the orders only trickle in. I know it takes work, and I’m determined to incorporate some of your suggestions into my Amazon endeavors. Thank you for the informative post! I recently found out that Craigslist does not allow affiliate links on their website. Is this true? I think allows it, however.

  22. Dan says

    Thanks Mitz, I actually have this plugin but haven’t yet got around to using it yet… so many projects, so little time! :) Amazon is good because people trust it. However other merchants with systems like shareasale, pay much higher commissions.
    Dan recently posted..If You’re Hardcore It’s The Rat 7

    • Mitz says

      I agree but i use both Amazon and Adsense as a placeholder until I find the perfect product to sell.. They are very easy to start with and make money with when you have no time to go further.

  23. Conferencing says

    There is no doubt that Amazon is good. I agree completely with everything you have said. Thanks for sharing this nice post.

  24. DUIFortWorth says

    Amazon is one of the best site for making online money. Thanks for sharing awesome information.

    • Mitz says

      Yes follow the tips above too! Drive traffic to your page and if you get the right people you will get sales.

  25. Estefan says

    I applied at Amazon 3 years ago as an affiliate but never made a cent. Well that was before I learned about SEO and IM stuff. Someone taught me that to be able to become successful in Amazon, one has to have a specific niche. Then I thought about writing content and ….stopped. I’m not good at it.
    Estefan recently posted..New Jersey hospitals rank 12th in the nation for safety

  26. Maja says

    Off course links in SEO based contents are very rewarding and very useful to divert traffic. I am also struggling for amazon income and this post is milestone for me.
    Maja recently posted..News about Fantastic Sams

  27. says

    There is no doubt that Amazon is good for making affiliate, its trusted and many people around the world use it. Till date, I personally have not been able to utilise it to its full extent. I have made some sales but not enough for a payout.
    Shalu Sharma recently posted..Travelling India Alone

  28. Anne says

    I make very little money on Amazon. I’ve been with them for nearly 2 years and haven’t earned enough to be paid as yet. (I think the limit of payment is $100.00).

    I’ll check this plugin out.
    Anne recently posted..Design Ideas For Small Gardens

    • Mitz says

      Do you hang out in forums about DIY projects?? And what about Yahoo answers? You need to see where your audience is.

      I have a WP theme for you that might look amazing but I need to find time to put it in for you… a theme is everything too and that free one is not doing you justice..

      Also I checked out your latest post and you do not have a goal for that post? What about adding an Amazon book about decluttering or some storage options on the page…

      Add some cool boxes and then say how they will help with the de cluttering..
      Mitz recently posted..10 Point SEO Checklist for New WordPress Webmasters

  29. Liane Markus says

    I know how Amazon works and what are the benefits that we can get from it. I also realize that this post of yours is very informative because making money online is not easy and I think what you have shown and discuss here will be very helpful to all internet marketers out there.
    Liane Markus recently posted..לקויות למידה

  30. says

    Have heard consistently great things about this plug-in for a while now – and it’s surely on my list! One thing I’ve noticed about Amazon (even while inserting links manually thus far): I get a very broad range of purchases… not-at-all strictly on the items I promote, so I, for one, think having a few Amazon entry points on each page surely makes great sense.

    And as for your Step 7, above, Mitz: Creating Backlinks…

    I just want to tell you that over the past ~2 weeks, I’ve created a presence on, Squidoo, Tumblr and Blogger – each with dofollow links pointing back to my primary site. Here’s one I just updated minutes ago: You continue to inspire me! :-)
    Mark recently posted..The Bradford Pear – A Gorgeous Landscaping Tree

    • Mitz says

      Great.. Go and answer some questions on Yahoo answers too and build an account up so you can leave links to posts…

      Also go to other forums and starting joining in.. Don’t leave links just yet…You need to get to know the people first.. runs on the Genesis Framework

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