HTML5 Made Website Design Fun Again

HTML has long been one of the most commonly used programming languages for website designers and developers. While HTML has been good for creating the framework of a website, it began showing its age because designers and developers had to start using other programs and programming languages to create modern website designs. That changed with HTML5. HTML5 has many new features and benefits that website designers are happy about. HTML5 has truly made website design fun again.

Media Integration

Media integration was becoming a major issue with the former version of HTML. It was cumbersome to add movies and games into websites for various reasons. Not only that, but the media was difficult for mobile browsers to use. This is because many websites use Flash for videos, but there aren’t that many smartphones that support Flash.

HTML5 has made it much easier to add videos into websites, and it also has many of the features that were once exclusive to Flash. You can create animations and games with HTML5, and many developers are saying that it’s much easier to create these with HTML5. Mobile browsers can also run HTML5 without any issues, and it requires less memory than a Flash file.

Rendering Graphics

The previous version of HTML hardly had any features for handling graphics. You could add an image to a website, but that’s about it. HTML5 now allows developers to create and render graphics in real time. You don’t need to use any third-party software for this like you would have to in the past. This makes it much easier for designers to get really creative when making a website.

Location Features

Mobile devices use location features all the time. There are many apps that need to know where you are, or you might be able to access new features if the device knows your location. While developers could use this feature before, it required lengthy and awkward coding.

HTML5 enables developers to use the same location features, but it’s much easier to create. Not only that, but HTML5 requires less memory. This means that a smartphone can easily use location features without slowing down.

Editable Content

This is great for educational and entertainment websites. Making editable text was a real pain in the past. You had to use an awkward combination of Flash and JavaScript to make the website’s text editable, and this feature would often stall or not work correctly.

HTML5 allows developers to make editable text with just a few simple lines of code. It’s much easier to implement, and it definitely works better.

Advanced Forms

Forms are becoming increasingly important for websites. While developers still need to use some PHP to add the form’s information to a database, HTML5 is allowing developers to create more advanced forms. Developers can now add placeholders and titles without the use of JavaScript.

Placeholders look professional, but they were a little difficult to use. This is no longer a problem, and designers can make great forms that will make any website look great.


HTML5 has some exciting features, and it has changed the way that developers and designers create websites. Instead of relying on JavaScript, Flash and other third-party sources, websites can now have professional designs with just HTML5. This is much easier for developers to use, and it also allows developers to have fun and be creative.

This article was contributed by 360 Online Marketing, a Boulder Web Design company offering web development and marketing services in Colorado.


  1. bela says

    Great examples here.HTML5 specs are direct responses to how we use the web in the real world,which is what makes them so effective. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Nadia Barbara says

    HTML 5 gives developers and website designers more flexibility while also enabling websites to be more interactive, powerful and efficient. One good thing about HTML5 is that it is simpler than previous HTML standards, hence giving rise to a cleaner code.
    Nadia Barbara recently posted..SEO Tip: Google Analytics

  3. Brian says

    Great examples here. I think Mitz has really captured the mood here. Surely I will be using overall HTML5 programming for my new website. Thanks for sharing :-)

  4. says

    HTML5 is the future, buy my words!! Zuckerberg realised it early but somehow ended up all messy during the implementation. Well, these hiccups happen when moving forward from one technology to another newer one, nothing to worry about really.

  5. Stacey says

    Being in the web-design industry for so long, I’m thank for HTML 5. Sure made things a lot easier for me.

  6. Joe Preston says

    Thanks for sharing such a great Post Mitz. I recently bought Mark Pilgrim’s book HTML5 that really helped me to understand the new goodies that HTML5 introduced for web forms. Of course, HTML5 keeps you away from a lot of java scripting and hacking time. It is really good and easy programming language for web development.

  7. Daniel says

    I have read this and am rereading it again. The arguments Luke makes about the new tags are solid and I like his suggestions for an existing alternative – Aria – and am going to give it a go on the next few projects to see what it throws up.

  8. says

    I love HTML 5, with all the torture I\’ve been through with all the other web-designing tools you\’ll definitely know what I\’m taking about.

  9. joy says

    HTML 5 is definitely better than Java, HTML and Flash put together! It’sdefinitely step-up from old fashion way.

  10. says

    Hey Mitz,
    HTML5 has truly revolutionized the very concept of HTML. It has given a new dimension to the process of web designing. I found quite a useful information in this post. Thanks for sharing this valuable insight.

  11. says

    HTML5 can really add much fun and more opportunities to every website or blog) I found some new information in this article, so thanks a lot for it)

    Julia Spencer’s recent post.. Sales Pages: How to Write One to Win

  12. Harry says

    Clearly, HTML 5 will make a big revolution in web-design industry. and It will develop even fastly if Web Browsers start to support HTML5 completely. Thanks for great post!

  13. Loser says

    HTML my first language of coding, love it). How many years ago…dont remember, like 7 or 8. Thanks for article.

  14. Sanjay says

    HTML5 was actually being used by several websites since 2009, and began it\’s popularity last year. I think the biggest benefit of it was the changes of tags, and cleaner coding style. Also the forms, and video are nice too! Thanks for the post!

  15. pooja vora says

    HTML 5 is really a good language for website designing….We can make a website even using the HTML language

  16. S. Garland says

    I recently built a website for a local hunting guided service and one of the problems that I encountered was that it was loading slowly due to the flash video on the home page. Once I switched to html5 video it loaded about 1/3 faster and seemed to help me appear higher in the SERP. Also, it allowed ipads and other apple devices be able to view the video. I do not see any downsides for integrating html5 more.

  17. says

    This new improvement means we have to adapt and learn the new programming langue, if we want to keep up with the latest developments in the field. I have read nice things about HTML5 so I hope it will bring significant advantages.
    Julian recently posted..Tool shed plans free

  18. Anderson says

    HTML5 will be the very long anticipated up grade inside the HTML software. The press integration is also an increased place associated with HTML 5 considering display will get very easily damaged like a press software. As such, HTML 5 is basically planning to help to make rich press on the net more firm.

  19. ssb interview says

    HTML 5 is really a good language for website designing….We can make a website even using the HTML language

  20. says

    It’ll be a great day when more educational websites transition from old platforms like Flash to using more widely compatible platforms like HTML5. Between HTML5 and CSS3, you can do some pretty cool stuff in a browser these days. With the many different platforms in use in schools – Windows, Mac, iOS, Android – it’s important that tools are cross-platform. Too bad many edtech tools are created by traditional textbook companies (i.e. Pearson), and they aren’t exactly early adopters of new technology.
    Brian recently posted..Why Can’t More EdTech Solutions Be Open Source and Cross Platform?

  21. Bina Besiege says

    I started with HTML in the year 2000, I used it for few years after that when I was introduced to wordpress, I have never really used it afterwards in totality, a little bit of here and there, but thats it. I have heard that pure HTML designers are very highly paid. Is that correct?
    Bina Besiege recently posted..Acceptable and profitable business models

    • Jasmine says

      I don’t think pure HTML designers are very highly paid, at least it doesn’t happen here. I am not well paid… well, anyone wants to pay me well to code in HTML?

      These days, no one codes in HTML alone. You need to use CSS and all the other helpers, such as JavaScript… and perhaps even HTML5.
      Jasmine recently posted..Tips to help you choose the right web hosting company

  22. TracyAnn0312 says

    Html are very popular nowadays and I think that people love to know all of these. Thanks for the tips you have shared above.
    TracyAnn0312 recently posted..Glock

  23. Ranjan says

    Hi Mitz nice post
    Few months before I created my another new website and I found that their is an improvement in bounce rate while I used my content with flash or table. Actually you must present your page as simple as possible with proper ratio of scripting language and text.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Ranjan recently posted..Top 10 Advantages of Government Jobs

  24. Aasma says

    Really heard a lot about HTML5, specially it’s compatibility with flash and videos. Now we’re seeing huge updates in all programs while giving main focus to mobile users, after all it’s the future.
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