Is Email Marketing Worth Your Time?

The answer: Yes, it is.

You have in your possession thousands of contacts, possibly obtained through sign-up forms provided by Aweber or even your own acquaintances. There is definitely someone among those thousands who would be interested in what you have to offer them. ‘Someone’ is just a humble figure; you are going to get tonnes more if your email marketing list consists of those who willingly signed up to receive more information from you.

So why is email marketing worth your time?

  1. Building relationships

    There are so many businesses out there that it is quite likely your targeted customers have not heard of you, unless you are Honda, McDonalds or Seiko, of course. Email marketing serves not only to promote a product or service but also to create brand awareness.

    Those who did not know you previously will now do after receiving your emails. Take the opportunity to introduce your business in a light and informal way. Use interesting contents in your email capture the attention of the recipient and give an overview of what your business is about.

  2. Share latest news and happenings

    After building relationships, it is time to nurture them. It is really pointless if you stop being in touch with your potential customers after gaining their interest and attention. Stay in touch with them regularly by sending updates of your business, calendar of events related to your industry or a newsletter with promotions or freebies.

    After all, your database of addresses would consist of those who are interested to know about your business or else they would have opted out of the mailing list.

  3. Keep you in customers’ minds

    “Out of sight, out of mind” – this saying has been proven true in business.

    It is easy to forget about a brand if there isn’t any marketing or promotion. That is why businesses spend on various advertising methods to constantly remind potential customers of their presence. So use email marketing, one of the lowest cost marketing methods, to subtly remind your customers of your business or remind your readers of your awesome blog!

  4. Makes it easy for people to purchase

    How does sending an email make it easy for my customers to purchase (or to action on something you want them to), you may ask? Insert “Buy now” buttons (the call to action) in your emails which customers can click on to be directed to a page finalizing the deal.

    Common examples of such emails are from Groupon, that fastest growing company. They send newsletters to subscribers each day notifying them of the daily deals, which customers can click on the image in the email to be directed to a payment page immediately. Very clever, eh?

  5. Get feedback

    Email marketing isn’t just for promoting your products or website all the time. If your email database is built of potential and existing customers, get to know what they think of your business or website. There is always room for improvement and it would certainly be helpful to know the opinions of the core of your business!

There are so many perks to gain from email marketing. Never be afraid to communicate with your subscribers; after all they have opted to receive communication from you and would have removed themselves from the mailing list had they found your emails useless.

But remember not to overdo the frequency of the emails and also, always make it easy for subscribers to opt out as well as to indicate their preferred types of alerts and frequency. Good luck with your email marketing, it’s definitely worth your time!


  1. James Leasing says

    Feedback is the lifeblood of the business. It will surely dry up once it ignores comments and suggestions from the clients. Hence, email marketing is a good strategy to personally connect with each and every potential customer.

  2. Christa Herzog says

    .Great post, Jasmine, building relationship and keep your readers in mind and get feedback. all the points are nice…Thank you for sharing. It is very helpful

  3. Tanik says

    Email marketing is still going strong. It not only lets you build relationships with your customers but it helps bring in the revenue. It gives you the opportunity to send people interesting news, photos, videos, music ect. You have a great post here Jasmine. With good and quality tips. THanx for Sharing with us.
    Tanik recently posted..Earn money from Facebook and Twitter

  4. Michelle says

    Lovely post Jasmine. I totally agree with you. I think that contacts are important and are life long assets.

  5. kevin redman says

    I agree list building is all importent but building a list is the all importent question. Now that everybody is giving away freebies and writing great comment should be the norm. I have just installed comment luv on my site so I hope this helps could someone advise me weather to go straight to the paid version or is the free one enough
    kevin redman recently posted..Welcome to Muscle building over 40

  6. Steven Papas says

    Mailing lists are incredibly useful for getting word out of what’s new. Anything that can get your message across a large amount of potential consumers is a very good thing for a blogger. I agree strongly with what Alex said about reminding your previous customers that you still exist and that you have new things to tell them about. “Out of sight, out of mind” is especially true for past consumers who may have forgotten about your service.
    Steven Papas recently posted..Webhosting Plans

  7. says

    Hi Mitz,
    These days I am working on email marketing and exploring it’s information therefore thankyou soo much to write on this topic. I also read an article by Brian on email marketing strategies where he covered the point how a reader could click on our emails. Mitz could you write a post covering such points because I am really interested to findout about email opening strategies.
    Syeda Mehwish recently posted..Moosejaw Coupon Code and Review

  8. MerryPrince says

    Subscribers who subscribe to your email list are those interested to know more about your products and services. So, if you have something good to offer, the conversions will be extremely high!

  9. rai says

    Yes, I can see the advantages of email marketing. However, I think the real challenge is for us, business owners, to convince recipients to give some time to check our emails. Only then can we get benefits like brand awareness, building relationships, and the like. Sometimes, it works to organize contests or giveaways. But I’m not sure if there are any other means.

  10. Sharjah Guide says

    Email Marketing is the best way to commuinacate with the people around the world and to stay in contact with them and to find more and more information about business and solve the problem which you are facing ..!!
    Sharjah Guide recently posted..Crystal Plaza Hotel Review

  11. Blair Orlens says

    I will try building up.I don’t know what to sell as yet. The article is unique because of its contents, style and presentation with available information and I think it is the most appreciated article I have ever read that contains all the information which has a great value in our life and really necessary to know about that. Thanks a lot for sharing this information with us and I hope I will get more posts from you like this.

  12. Mac says

    As per my personal opinion, email marketing is a really great way to generate easy traffic and conversions. However, due to bulk emailing this technique is mostly considered as a spamming activity. Success of email marketing campaign depends upon the quality of the content you share with your subscribers.

  13. jimmy says

    One of the main problems with Email Marketing, is that the sites that wants to brand them self tend you send out to high a number of mails thereby hurting them self.
    But if you can walk that fine line then it’s a must, otherwise I wouldn’t do it.

  14. Michael Di Carlo says

    I think that if you are starting out with email marketing you can decide not to send emails everyday and just once in a while so you can rather focus on expanding your list.
    But when your list starts getting bigger that’s when you need to start sending some good content so they keep reading and once in a while when you’ll send an offer it will convert for sure into sales
    Michael Di Carlo recently posted..Mobile Fast Commissions Review & Mobile Fast Commissions Bonus

  15. roberta says

    Email marketing is effective and give impressive. But how to arrange that huge database to send the emails. Sometimes people take all those emails as spammy. But got a huge information from this post. Thanks

  16. says

    Of Course, Email marketing will be very useful in various ways of marketing. It’s create a Brand awareness and also it’s helping out to generate leads out of it. As per my opinion Email marketing is the best way to get in touch with our prospects, it makes us alive in their mind.
    Brain recently posted..Web Templates3

  17. says

    I can say yes if such idea will be put in the right way. Email marketing can be as good as you’re building relationship to all your customers and to feel their comfy while at your site. This post really hits!

  18. says

    Email marketing is a good tool to have in your IM arsenal. Especially if done the right way. The hard part is list-building and taking steps to ensure your email doesnt end up being spam. Fortunately, there are guides and tools out there which help you with this (I’ve even reviewed some). However I’d be careful with how much time I’d spend on my email marketing efforts, since there’s better alternatives present out there.

  19. says

    Active Campaign combines all aspects of email marketing into a single & easy to use platform. Seamlessly create beautiful & engaging emails, send them to your segmented subscribers, and see what interactions & reactions occur in real time! Email marketing remains one of the best marketing options for positive returns on your investment.
    Smith recently posted..The Bourne Legacy

  20. Maja says

    Email marketing is one of the best way to promote the product but most of the emails are deleted. Question arises how can we make each recipient our reader.
    Maja recently posted..Modern Hair Salons

  21. Margaret says

    Great Stuff…very informative tips. I definitely agree with your points. Email marketing permits you to target each and and every person in your business personally. This in turn will raise your sales conversion as well. Thanks for the post.
    Margaret recently posted..Skoda Rapid Review

  22. Josh says

    Which marketing software would you suggest personally ?
    I have been using aWeber and since i run a free hosting site i use the built in mailing list from iPanel.


  23. Ken Willman says

    Aside from creating brand awareness and building relationships, email marketing is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your site by putting strategically placed links to your website in every email marketing you sent.

  24. says

    You may be thinking that you have nothing to share, but an email marketing campaign doesn’t have to be complex. It doesn’t even have to be a formal newsletter; short and to the point can be effective, too.

  25. Peter Lawlor says

    I build lists, or subscriberships as I like to refer to it.

    I’ve purchased traffic for subscribing purposes and obtained subscribers via opt in forms on my website. I can tell you hands-down that the subscribers who opt in after reading my website content are by far more responsive and interested in my messages than purchased traffic to a squeeze page. I’m not saying buying traffic is not worth it, but the organic blog method works best for me. I just focus on writing the best stuff I can and let the content act as an incentive to opt in.
    Peter Lawlor recently posted..How to Start an SEO Business PLUS 4 Fee Models

  26. says

    I have an email list, yet I have not started using it yet. I have been told its important to have one just have never had the need to implement the use of it.
    Hillary recently posted..Spring Flowers!

  27. vishvast says

    e-mail marketing is one of the most important thing to bulid the realtionship with clients ….i have nt usually done but after reading ur article it helps me a lot in future to work better ….thnx for the share

  28. Danica Green says

    For me email marketing is still a worthwhile strategy to implement. Through email marketing we sell our products or services in a more personal approach. It is like we are sending the message directly to our potential customers which make us closer to our customers.

  29. says

    Email marketing is still going strong. It not only lets you build relationships with your customers but it helps bring in the revenue. It gives you the opportunity to send people interesting news, photos, videos, music ect.

  30. Michael Kapoustin says

    I know e-mail marketing is worthy for your business. Even I do email marketing but I am not getting what I want form this strategies. I don’t know where my plan fails at. However, I am doing my best to deal with problems related to e-mail marketing.

  31. says

    If done in a right way, I must say yes. There are still many people who actually trust messages sent to their emails. However, for email marketers, they need to be extra careful not to annoy their recipients, otherwise all their messages will simply go to spam folder.
    Claire recently posted..Mold Removers 101

  32. says

    Indeed yes! email marketing is also a good way to market a product or service! I think email marketing is more personal, and I believe that when we show personal interest to our customer they’ll use and buy what we offer! We just have to make sure we create emails not for the purpose of spamming.

  33. says

    Great Post,

    We are currently using email marketing on our website, we are using it to build up a targeted list, we recently used it on one of our clients websites and the results was great around 370 sign ups within 2 months.

    I would recommend email marketing, but would stay focused on what you would like to achive from it.

  34. says

    Email marketing is a great way to build relationships and brand awareness but I do think it depends on what type of business you are trying to promote and what you want to achieve. Also, you do have to keep on top of email marketing as you can end up having a poor open rate, if you don’t manage inactive users.

  35. says

    Hi Jasmine
    nice article and I agree with you that Email Marketing IS worth the time and effort. The important thing to remember is you need that relationship with your list, if you build up their trust in you and see that you are not just sending out emails to sell something to them they will stay loyal to you and WILL buy, but you need to give them lots of information/tips/free stuff as well as selling to them.
    I have not started a newsletter yet and I know I need to do this so that will be on my “to do” list for next week.
    Pauline recently posted..Tips on Emailing Your List

  36. says

    Great points, But before starting your email marketing you must focus on to build relevant list of users who actually are interested in your product or services, only then you can generate leads or else your effort would go in vain.
    Ravi recently posted..Importance and Benefits of E-Learning

  37. Brankica says

    I wish more people were building a list. I am one of those that think “I wish I started building my list sooner” so now, as soon as i start a new site, for me or a client, I make sure list building is on from day one. Most times I will hear people say “But I don’t have time to write newsletter” or “I don’t know what to write” but even setting up a blog broadcast to only keep people updated about new content is better than nothing.

  38. Becca says

    Although we know email marketing not always working the way we want it but if the right knowledge and strategies it become effective.
    You offered us so many interesting ideas and thoughts, that I have to think a little bit about this stuff.

  39. says

    I am subscribed to a number of newsletters but unsubscribed to some of them, especially those that only contain sales links. I go for value – latest happenings and events, tips and tricks and the like.

  40. says

    Email is a great way I have found to stay connected with my customers during the off-season. It is true out of sight out of mind, you will be forgotten. My early years in business I lost potential clients from signing on again for the next season, due to no contact. I have found once a month is perfect, for others it may be more or even less than that.
    Offering discounts and other services has made email such a blessing for up-selling.
    Thanks again Jasmine for your take and tips!
    Bryan Ring recently posted..Guest Posting On Blog Platforms Relating To Your Niche

  41. Alex says

    Here’s a nice tip – many people forget to create a list from past customers, but it’s said that the list of people who have already bought from you is the best converting list of all. Alex.

  42. Seniorinnen says

    Thanks for the info! The massive email marketing is legal? Thanks a lot! This is so important for my job! Regards from Guatemala

  43. Ioana Radu says

    E-mail marketing doesn’t work all the time. It depends very much on the circumstances and the type of business that you want to promote.

    • Jasmine says

      Hi Justin,
      Well, you do not have to promote anything directly in your newsletter. But of course, this depends on your blog and also what you want to do. Just like what you have said, your newsletters have successfully brought more traffic to your website, looks like you have achieved what you want… more traffic to the site!
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