Is it Easy to Upgrade Your Web Hosting With Hostgator?

I have been recommending Hostgator web hosting services until I am blue in the face, as they have provided me with an amazing product, but I still wanted to know if it was easy to upgrade your Web hosting the Hostgator? Well now I know, first hand.

When I first started my first real website, I purchased go daddy hosting. This was a big mistake for me because I had purchased a Windows based hosting which made things difficult for me. No one mentioned that I needed a Linux-based hosting to do what I wanted to do. So I struggled for a few years until I had finally had enough. This is when I bought Hostgator web hosting. Mind you, the package was the smallest you could buy and only allowed for one website to be put up. Later on I upgraded my accounts to host unlimited domains and never looked back after that.

A few years later, I found myself with a few authority websites that were becoming too big for this shared hosting account. Not that Hostgator ever bothered me, but I felt that I should prepare for better premises for these big businesses. So I moved my authority sites to a bigger reseller account. In the back of my mind, I was hoping to also start to sell my own Web hosting. (I never got around to that)

So after buying my first package with this company, I now knew that it was easy to upgrade your Web hosting with Hostgator. It was the easiest thing I have ever done. But then, I upgraded again.

This time my authority sites had grown beyond anything I could ever imagined and again, I needed to prepare for the future. This time I had some very valuable websites hosted on my reseller account so I was very wary of moving them and losing traffic or income.

Is it easy to upgrade your Web hosting with Hostgator?

On the Hostgator website, they promise to move all of your websites for you. This promise seemed to be a huge gift for me as I wanted to move four massive websites. I was cautious about everything, so I contacted the instant chat support that Hostgator offers and spoke to the staff. I just wanted to doublecheck on how easy it was to upgrade your Web hosting Hostgator.

The staff at Hostgator guaranteed that they could move all my websites over to a larger server without any noticeable changes to your website at all. This meant no down time and it also meant that an exact clone would be up and running as soon as I changed my name servers over.

So I purchased dedicated hosting, which is costs me about $200 a month. Yes this is a lot of money compared to the first outlay I made of $4.95 a month. I had no idea at the time that my businesses would grow so much and be able to afford this expense, but they did.

How easy was the upgrade to a larger server with Hostgator?

Well it went exactly like they said it would. They moved all of my websites without any problems at all, no down time, and no loss of income. I simply logged in to my website and didn’t even notice a change. The only difference was, that it was on a different server. I was amazed and very happy with the result.

Years ago I had created a website using HTML code and decided to convert this into a WordPress website. This transfer took me weeks of work, non-stop. This is why the upgrade to a larger server and its process, shocked me to the core. I’m so happy that my website is safe and running nicely on its brand-new server.


  1. says

    Before, I had never heard about HostGator, but after know it, my webhosting worth to upgraded with hostgator. I think this is the right choice.
    Thank you so much for information.
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  2. Cris says

    First off these big companies is overselling and making millions out of your own pockets. Aside from their servers that they never upgrade getting a dedicated server for $200 from them is a complete waste of money using it for a blog(its Linsane!!!). You can get $50 server from Hetzner which runs as fast and stores 4TB of data which you wouldnt need not unless you are a movie company. These are htmls that are 4-30kb at most which you use for blogging. Even if you upgrade if several hundreds of people have website inside that server it wont matter. Or even if you have a dedicated server if millions of people is hitting that network it wont matter. Get it?
    Cris recently posted..Social Media and Business: Boom or Bust?

    • Mitz says

      I am paying for peace of mind thanks Cris. I get a load more features than anywhere and the hostgator support could not be matched for me… They are too amazing! Just because something is cheaper does not mean it is better for me… All the size, price and all that mean nothing without the amazing uptime and support… And that is support for errors that most of the time have nothing to do with them. Trust me I get my moneys worth. :)

  3. selena says

    I think HostGator is a solid choice and works well with WordPress.As one of the largest blogging platforms and content management systems out there, you can almost be sure that you will need support for WordPress on your web host. HostGator hosting is optimized to meet your needs if you are planning on running WordPress.

  4. John Will says

    Hi Mitz!
    Thanks for the post.I have a streaming site and for such a site i need a much good hosting.
    I have found really some good explanation of hostgator hosting and i am really looking for converting my site to hostgator hosting.
    John Will recently posted..Live Cricket Streaming

  5. says

    Nice and very Important Article. An old WordPress installed on one of my sites got exploited and over-wrote my .htacess and caused google to report my sites as ‘this site can harm your computer’. HG went out of their way and did lot of work to fix all the problems. I have experiences with other webhosts before HG, who I know will not do this.
    Santosh recently posted..Most Loved Destinations Around The World During Christmas

  6. says

    I had the exact same experience. Late in 2011 I had to upgrade to VPS. I was with Bluehost, which I liked, but they didn’t offer VPS. HostGator did. I too was attracted to their service where they migrate your sites. They did this flawlessly over a weekend.

    I’m still with HostGator and like the service just fine. I opted for the CPanel because that’s what I’m familiar with. I can’t remember if it costs a little more, but it’s worth it because CPanel is familiar to me.

    You can also easily change VPS levels easily with HostGator. I think I have level 3, which is pretty low (and costs less). On the one hand nobody ever likes paying more for hosting, but if it’s necessary, it’s a good thing because that means generally more traffic.
    Jon recently posted..Should Your Website be Perfect or Is Good Enough, Good Enough?

    • Mitz says

      Hi John,
      Glad to hear you had a great experience when moving your website to Hostgator.
      And you’re right; upgrades are a way of life. I am not complaining that I have upgraded to a dedicated server as it was necessary. This just means that my sites have grown and that was my plan all along.
      Mitz recently posted..4 Reasons To Use Minimalist WordPress Themes

  7. Clarkmartin says

    Excellent post. I am addicted to internet marketing and making money online. Who wouldn’t want to live that life? I started out with one website as a hobby and now have over 20. Building websites and making money online is not that hard. You have to actually take action to make money…that is the biggest hurdle.

  8. says

    I tried to upgrade a reseller account to a VPS hosting option and it was a nightmare. The servers are so weak compared to those that run the shared hosting. But the baby shared account to the reseller shared account was really good as when one site has trouble hostgator won’t shut down all your sites.
    Steve recently posted..Taxes Can Be Simple With TurboTax 2011

  9. says

    On the Hostgator website, they promise to move all of your websites for you. This promise seemed to be a huge gift for me as I wanted to move four massive websites. I was cautious about everything, so I contacted the instant chat support that Hostgator offers and spoke to the staff. I just wanted to doublecheck on how easy it was to upgrade your Web hosting Hostgator.
    androidku recently posted..BusyBox Pro

  10. Javi says

    HostGator continues to impress me, and its hardly surprising why everyone out there continues to recommend HostGator. I know for a fact that a few of my clients tried to move to better packages on their hosting services (wont name names) and the experience was anything but great, frustrating in fact. It’s pretty good that HostGator offers such a seamless upgrade. Thanks for this Mitz!
    Javi recently posted..A Breakdown of the Costs of Starting a Blog

  11. Jasmine says

    HostGator is definitely a great web host. This is evident as they are constantly occupying one of the top 3 spots on my top 10 web hosting companies list which you can see on my website In fact, currently they are sitting comfortably at the 2nd position!

    Yes, you are right, upgrading to a higher package is always easy with HostGator. Anyway, your guide is surely useful to most of us, especially new users. Please provide more such guides, they are really useful.
    Jasmine recently posted..Why you need a Good Web Host for your Blog

    • mitz says

      Hi jasmine
      I just had a great experience when moving a huge money making site.. So I was worried to make the move but they made it so easy for me… I am so happy there were no problems… I am wondering when Hostgator might make it to number one.. But they don’t spend much on advertising like other hosting companies do. It is mostly word of mouth!

  12. Ray says

    Glad the move worked out well for you, and if they will move it all for you even better. I was wondering that when you changed to a more powerful server if you noticed any difference in traffic or loss in search rankings? Some people have said that you can expect some loss, and others have said they didn’t notice any. I have a few accounts I have been thinking about moving around, but haven’t done so yet because I don’t really want to lose any traffic or rankings.
    Ray recently posted..How to Optimize a WordPress Database

    • mitz says

      No I did not lose any traffic as the site was there ready when I changed the name servers! Bang that was it… there was no down time. This was a WordPress to WordPress move so urls stayed the same. years ago I moved a html site into WordPress..At that time I lost some traffic by changing some urls but gained new traffic by using WordPress.

  13. Aasma says

    HostGator certainly one of the best web hosting provider, plus offers variety of hosting plans as per your requirements. So one should never miss an opportunity to try out world class hosting service.
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