Link Building Tutorial – What Is Link Building

We all talk about link building, but what is it? Oh no! That is a big question, but as you know I like to analyse the why, what, when and how of everything!  Unfortunately the details of link building are often ignored and there are no hard and fast rules to go by. Certain link building techniques can work for some webmasters and not others. This is because there are so many factors to take into account.

If you are a webmaster, link building will most probably become an important part of your life. I know I did not realize this when I first started building websites.

Another funny thing is that most spammers are simply link building the wrong way and are just not educated yet. Hopefully this tutorial will save you from going down that road.

What is Link building?

Link building is part of search engine optimization which is a process that helps your website get found by the search engines. Link building is a large part of search engine optimization and is a very important part. The links that you build to your website tell the search engines what the page is going to be about. Each link can also be counted as a vote in favor of your website.

Links allow search engine bots to travel from one page to the other examining the Internet and recording what they find. If you don’t have any links going to your page then this will make it difficult for the search engine bots to crawl your webpages. If you have a good amount of links leading to your page then you have more chance of being crawled.

Lets Start Building Backlinks

Let us presume that you have a brand-new website and want to start building back links. Even if you have a website that is relatively old and haven’t started back linking yet, these methods will work for you as well.

When I first start back linking for a new website the first thing I do is build a plan.

Build Your Backlinking Plan

When you are building your back linking plan, this process also helps you plan your website. All of these tasks will ensure that you build a better website that has an accessible navigation and the right content.

  • Keywords to target for your niche and each page you plan to create.
  • Identify who your target visitors will be.
  • Identify where your target visitors are hanging out and make a list.
  • Make a list of your 10 closest competitors and research where they get their back links from.
  • Priority of Pages to link to, main landing pages
  • Creating an internal linking structure. Where, when, how.
  • A list of site suitable websites for guest posting.
  • A list of sites suitable for dofollow blog commenting. Not just for SEO link building but building a community.

The first Step – Keywords

Link building without knowing your keywords is like driving through a strange city without a SatNav. You will get lost and you will get nowhere!

It is a fine line between a useful keyword that people are searching for and one that never gets typed in at all. Sometimes I have found that even a simple S on the end of a word can make or break your success. Yes that’s how detailed this is and this is why we need to research our keywords.

I have written so many articles about keyword research so I am not going to repeat myself. Below I will list a few of my favorite articles. Please note that everyone has their own method of finding keywords. I have developed my methods over many years of testing and tweaking. Again there is no right or wrong method here, only the method that works for you.

SEO tips to dominate Google

Tips for choosing effective keywords

Choosing keywords for post categories

Successful WordPress website checklist (points 5 &6 from this article)

I am now using Keyword Elite because it saves me a lot of time and Keyword Elite has 50+ video tutorials showing you exactly how to do everything. I personally hate maths and would prefer software to give me the results. But as you know I also love the Google keyword tool. Of course other keyword research software can give you more details in less time.

The key is to find keywords that people are searching for, and even better if it is a problem keyword that you can solve.

Elements of natural link building

A combination of all of these factors listed below is needed to emulate natural link building.

  • Variety of anchor text links
  • Variety of locations
  • Links built at a speed that is humanly possible
  • No traces of automation

Every part of search engine optimization is done with a goal to look natural. This is not just for the search engines though, we want everything to look natural for the real human visitor.

To Anchor text or not to Anchor text

Anchor text is when you make your keywords into a link that points to a page or post that is targeting those exact keywords. For example a page about a SEO checklist would use SEO checklist as the anchor text link that leads to the page.

Some people argue that the full URL is ok too. I agree in some circumstances but in others I don’t.  For example I think it is OK to leave the full URL of a root domain like as it is short and sweet. However if I was to leave a link like this, . If everyone left links as long as this the internet would not be a pretty place. Web design would be down the drain instantly.

Another thing I must mention is to use a variety of anchor text that means the same thing. For example if I wanted to link to a page about computer maintenance, I would very the anchor text like this:

  • computer maintenance
  • computer maintenance tips
  • computer maintenance information
  • maintain your computer
  • PC maintenance
  • care for your computer

I guess you get the moral of the story here. It is not good to just go out and build links using the same anchor text. For one page on computer maintenance I would only use the same keyword about four times. using the word computer maintenance 10 or more times would set off alarm bells and we want to stay under the radar. I wouldn’t go overboard with the links either.

Relevant Backlinks

I am a firm believer that everything you do when it comes to back linking must be relevant to the content that you are providing. For example you’re anchor text that you use must tell a story of what content it leads to. There is no point leaving links with the anchor text “click here” or “see this” etc because you are not endorsing what the content is about on the other side of the link. It could be a scam and lead to anything. Of course the occasional “click here” link is fine to make your link building look natural, but doing it too often is bad for search engine optimization. In fact this is not search engine optimization at all and leaving links with the anchor text of “click here” is only fishing for traffic. Therefore you are cutting your SEO opportunities out.

So now you are using varied anchor text that means the same thing, to link to your particular page. The next thing to make sure these back links are relevant is to optimize your content to match what you are claiming. So if you are claiming that there are computer maintenance tips on a page then you better make sure there are in fact computer maintenance tips on the page. This is not rocket science, it is simply common sense.

Quality of Backlinks

There is not clear way to tell if a website will give you a quality backlink or not. Therefore I have a few ideas on how to gauge quality.

  • Google page rank – This is a difficult one. An old blog with PR 1 is not as good as a new blog with PR 1. The old blog should have worked its way up, but didn’t.  To say that Google PR does not matter probably means you have something similar to the “small man syndrome”.
  • Alexa ranking – Any website that has less than 500,000 Alexa ranking must be doing some promotion to get there. Blogs without promotion usually hang around the 1.4 million mark.  Blogs under 100,000 are definitely preferred.
  • Moz rank – I do not really think more ranks are necessary but if you prefer this then go for it!

Quantity and Speed of backlinks

If you build 100 backlinks this week, can you do this every week? Consistency is the key here. If you usually build 10 backlinks a week and then start building 200, alarm bells are going to ring. Bigger websites can get away with more link building because you would presume that would happen naturally anyway. However new websites would not.

Everything in moderation is the key here when building links. If you go out and build 100 links

Variety of Links Built

Creating 20 backlinks on various different websites is far better than creating 20 back links on the same website. Also getting 20 back links from only one website that is definitely not look natural and this is what we are trying to do.

The variety can also mean of the variety of anchor text you use. This is mentioned in detail above.

Link Building Tutorial For Blog Posts

We build links on our own website for different reasons. Here is my list of how I define a link type on my blog.

  • Navigational (SEO and NAV) – Leads to main landing pages on site.
  • Internal (SEO and NAV) – Leads to other related content on your site within content.
  • Informational or definition (EDUCATION) – Defines or explains something further.
  • Promotional (GOALS) – Affiliate links and links to other goals.
  • Reference (INFO BACKUP) – Source of information, backup of facts.

Please note: I am not following any guidelines here so please do not feel the need to correct these terms I have used. The problem is, I made them up. I often make things up. :)

These internal links can be counted as backlinks to your pages as it is shown in Google webmaster tools as such.

Some backlinks provide different benefits

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Page Rank Juice
  • Targeted traffic
  • Un-targeted Traffic
  • Back links to get indexed
  • Reputation

The best backlinks depend on what benefit you would like to see

Search Engine Optimization

  • Links from related websites and content (eg.guest posting)
  • Links from authority sites with good reputations
  • a mixture of links from various sources therefore looking natural
  • links built at a speed that equals your blogs page and authority

Page Rank Juice

  • Links from high page rank sites or pages
  • Preferably “dofollow”
  • A high quantity of smaller page rank site links or
  • Less links but on high PR sites

Targeted traffic

  • Links from highly related content
  • Links from forums talking about a problem you can solve
  • Endorsements from authority sites in your niche

Un-targeted Traffic

  • Getting links from unrelated content
  • Getting links from sites that have junk traffic
  • Mass link building


  • Getting links on famous blogs
  • Getting talked about by famous bloggers

A back link is better if it is harder to get

Links Easy to Get

  • Social Bookmarking
  • Blog commenting on any website (unmoderated)
  • Directory submission
  • Profile backlinks
  • Web2.0 backlinks
  • Article submission in mass

Links That are MEDIUM EASY to Get

  • Paid directory submission
  • Forum posting (moderated and high quality)
  • Article submission on authority sites
  • Blog comments on high reputation sites
  • Yahoo answers
  • Guest Posting

Links That are HARD to Get

  • Links on high page rank sites, especially the homepage,preferably aged.
  • Forum posting (certain authority forums)
  • Guest Posting on massive authority websites (Problogger)
  • Editorial links where authority website suggest your link as a resource. Imagine getting a mention on SEOMoz for your SEO tips. That would be a great link!

If it is almost impossible to get back link on a website, this becomes valuable property. Anyone can go out and comment on a blog and leave a link, anyone can suggest resources tactfully in a forum, anyone submit their links to free directories. What do you think about what I am saying here? “That the harder the link is to get, the more valuable it is.”

How many back links should I build to my website?

For a new website I like to build the basic starter pack links which include some directory links, profile links, and so on. Not too many though, just about 5 a day for the first few weeks.

I also like to do some article marketing or guest posting to kick off your site. Of course to do this you will need to have some content on your site to link to. You will also need to guide your website visitor through your site to your goals. This could be to sign up for a newsletter or buy a product.

I would submit about 10 articles pointing to my site and also internal pages. After this I would continue and post one article a week, more if you want to get more traffic. I would also continue to build other links such as links in Yahoo answers, forum posting, and blog commenting. I would do this on a regular basis to actually bring real traffic in. If you are performing all of this yourself then it will never be seen as spam.

I also like to create free blogs and pages to use to build links back to my main site. Lets make something clear now though, now days the difference between blogs and websites is blurred. So when I say blogs it also means websites and vice-versa. When I say free blogs it means you are not paying for web hosting. You will see this in the last video on this page.

Later when your site is more established I would use UAW (Unique Article Wizard) to generate backlinks to your articles and guest posts to make them popular. I would also use UAW to build links to internal pages, but at a slow rate. I never blast any links out there. Also with UAW it can take me hours to produce one article that is going to be good enough to point to my site.. The more time you spend on this, the better the quality of article, the more it will count.

Where do I build links to?

A common misconception is that you just build back links to your main home page using your main keyword. This cannot be further from the truth. Each page has its own personality and its own keyword. Each individual page also benefits from having its own back links pointing to it.

Here is a cool video showing where to build back links, how to build back links, and how many back links to build

What about Facebook, Google plus and Twitter?

Good question! First we have to agree that it is easy to get these links. We can even buy followers on all networks, we can even buy shares. There is even software to automate the finding friend process..The list goes on.

The good backlinks you get from these networks is when random people with influence retweet, share, or plus your content. Real people sharing great content gives great benefits. Lets be clear on the difference here.

Link building maintenance

Oh no! Yes there is link building maintenance involved and it depends on how much competition you have and how many links they have. Your link building efforts may secure your position for many years as long as your content is relevant and up to date with fresh information. However if someone else comes along with better content and more backlinks they can out rank you. This is when you start to to link building maintenance. To get back up to the top of the rankings, you will need to repeat your link building efforts for that particular page that you want to rank for. You can also build new links on old pages.

In the video below I show how I rank on page one for a certain keyword. Because I did not maintain or keep up with my link building tactics, the page dropped out from a page one ranking.

Link building is an ongoing process and the methods and tactics will change.
This is absolutely nothing new in the business world though as all successful businesses adapt and change with the times.

How to view your incoming links

Ileane from Basic Blog Tips has a great video tutorial showing you three ways to view your incoming links. That way you can keep track of the incoming links that are pointing to your website. You will notice that people might mention your fantastic content and link to it, all your post might be mentioned as a solution in a forum. Either way it is great to keep an eye on your incoming links to see if your link building is moving forward.


Well what can I say? Link building is extremely important for your WordPress websites success!

What do you think about this back linking tutorial and have you got any extra information that you think I am missing?


  1. Arthur says

    A really good post this, and it sums up everything you need to know for SEO linkbuilding.

    Mitz, I’d be interested to hear your take on Mr Cutts coming out and saying that guest blogging may be targeted in the future by Google?

    May be another good article for you to write!

  2. says

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    • mitz says

      Nothing is set in stone when it comes to link building as it is an ever changing force. I do not really go for the too easy ones at all as they seem to come along naturally anyway. Like commenting, I do this when I feel like saying something. I do a lot of guest posting though as you can grab the other sites audience very quickly. So then it is not just about link building… I like the methods that suit me. When creating links you can feel an improvement in your traffic and see results. You need to find out which way get results for you.

  3. says

    Good one Mitz. It’s illustrative and you have mentioned the importance of Anchor text. But how do you rate anchor text in Blog commenting? Because most of the time we need to use our name as anchor text while blog commenting, where in very rare case we can use keywords in the “name” field. Do you think that we are getting any benefit of having own name as anchor text during commenting? Would be glad if you kindly clear my confusion
    Taswir haider recently posted..15 Ways to get Penalized by Google

    • mitz says

      I am not too keen on the name linking to the blog but it does work in some ways..Google is looking at patterns and seeing these links. If you use 10 different names this is not too good. If you use your name, they know you are straight up.

      I have nofollowed the names here for SEO purposes for my readers. The dofollow comes in on the commentluv link when you have 3 approved comments here.

      I think they are valuable links as they are becoming rare. Most people using commentluv are nofollowing these links and I think the harder the link to get, the better it is.

  4. Syazrin Rayhan says

    Link building might seem to be an easy task but every definite task has its complexities. You might feel that its a waste of money hiring a SEO to do the job for you but only an expert can go into the details of link building and work out a good strategy for you so as to ensure that your site gets maximum notice and develops a good spot on the first page of search engines.
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  6. Lee says

    Hi mitz
    Another really informative article. I am building links slowly as you say so not to look out of place with how my site is ranking. But the area I have been confused about is social media. I have just set up a Facebook page linked to my site. I thought I would start with a comp to help get likes and shares is this a good strategy on Facebook as some people have told me facebook don’t really like this but looking around it seems to be everywhere.

    Thanks lee
    Lee recently posted..Summer Bucket List

    • mitz says

      Facebook pages are good for seo as a profile page showing in the search engines. the links you post there are in the hope of getting traffic and possibly getting shared and going viral. You should not post links on pages that are not yours as you can easily be marked as spam by the page owner. :)

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    Thanks for posting.. great article though 😀

  9. says

    Hey Mitz,
    excellent article. Very well put together and laid out nicely. I will use this as a reference for my link building. I have a site that is about six months old and I have only done manual links on occasion, but it is working. Slowly. Your comments on having a backlinking plan confirmed that I am on the right track. I am building another website for someone else and have researched the keywords and I am thinking through in my mind how those keywords will work on individual pages. Good to know I am on the right track, even if it is unintentional. I guess even a broken clock is right twice a day. :) Thanks for the good info.

    • Mitz says

      Sounds great Mark! The key here is that you are taking action and doing jobs that will create a successful blog or website. I think even a broken clock (LOL) can do this if they focus. Sounds like you are! :)

  10. Richard says

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    • mitz says

      A webmaster has the option to remove the luv in the dashboard but still show the comment.

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    • mitz says

      I agree that article marketing still works..It is just those people that do it wrong or use junk articles that say it doesn’t work. :)

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    • mitz says

      Yes this can happen but the authors bio should state that you are a guest, therefore the owner is responsible for the links they put in. Unfortunately that is how bloggers make money and it is only fare to monetize the content on their site. I ignore that aspect and think about the benefits to me. :)

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    I just created mt first Squidoo “lens” in an effort for active back-linking. I can see the links are dofollow for sure, but I had to write the mini-post in HTML and I was fighting a bit with the video embedding – so I did that “raw” with an HTML link. Could you possibly have a look if you get a minute? Anything major I may have overlooked? Have 4 dofollow finks in here – 2 of which go to a completely optimized article now, and are tied with my one specific keyword phrase.

    Squidoo Attempt Here:
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    Hi Mitz – I went though your video and Ileane’s as well… I really see it now. I haven’t done much of this yet, and it appears an entire time-allocation endeavor of its own: Blogger,, Tumblr, Squidoo, small Ezine articles with my keyword anchor-text pointing right back to specific/relevant monetized pages on my site.

    Question: If I were to choose, say, two articles from my site – could I hire someone to coordinate this type of initial set-up & prove-in the overall “viability” in essence? Is there someone you trust, perhaps, that you could recommend to get some immediate, very focused & highest-impact traction for me at a reasonable cost? Working full-time really has me stretched crazy-thin at the moment time-wise. But I don’t want to even consider hiring someone without a really solid referral! Does anyone perhaps come immediately to mind that could help me jump-start this?
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    I have to admit, I am one of those people who have put more time in getting links for my main page more than anything else. I guess I must be lucky that any of the other pages are actually ranking. Thanks a bunch for all the ideas. Now, I need to go put them to work. Thanks again, Ricky

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    Article submissions used to be a more productive form of link-building before the Panda update came along, but submitting original articles with worthwhile content can still be a helpful part of a diversified link-building plan–especially if those articles are picked up and published by other webmasters and bloggers.

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    I am really sorry and I realize that you are obviously Indian or something but I have no IDEA what you just tried to say. I do not mean to offend you but I don’t understand. Please can you try to make more sense of your last post?



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  33. Owen says

    This is a great post. I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Questions you answered that I found extremely helpful were “How many backlinks should I build” and some great tips on where to get backlinks. I heard that you get penalized if you link to posts out of the scope of your site. Is this true?

    No offence to Google but I believe that they are placing too much weight on the backlinks. This is destroying the www as they opened a door for all these link farms and backlink selling companies which I think defeats the purpose because you should earn your “vote” not pay for it. I understand why they do it and the concept sounds great on paper but life is not lived on paper. Let me know what you think

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    At the last of the post you asked a question. My answer for that is there are no any missing things. I grabbed new information about link building. This is a really good article. I can say COMPLETE article. Because you done it greatly.

    I’m currently making backlinks for my blog by commenting on blogs. But sometimes I can’t use my blog name then it’s going to catch in spam box. But If I put my name there, then that backlink is added to my name as a keyword. I have no idea about making backlinks without commenting.

    I’d like to know from you How do I build backlinks without blog commenting with my keywords to link. Will you give me list of sites you are using for this purpose?

    When looking about quality of links I always looking about Traffic Level, Google PR, Alexa rank. There’s one mistake I did, I always used only one anchor text and only used few blogs I read always. Thanks to this article I learned a lot. And your advice on making a plan for backlinking part too is good. I’m gonna try your advices straightly.


    • mitz says

      You can comment on blogs that use commentluv premium with keywordluv included. This way you get to leave your this blog does.
      Also to get good backlinks you can get the commentluv link ..try to get dofollow blogs.

      If you have to leave your name…this is ok too as it just looks natural to vary your text. Links do not always have to be perfect anchor text and dofollow.

  35. Sudarto says

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  36. says

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    Rob recently posted..Paleo Diet Recipes to Lose Weight

  37. zamahsari says

    Comprehensive link building tips. However, I have to choose some of those methods that I can do daily and analyze which ones work well on my blogs. I also think that consistency is the key to get our blogs more visible in the eye of Search Engine (Google).
    zamahsari recently posted..Acer CloudMobile Preview

  38. Dwight says

    In all honesty, this is one of the most extensive and accurate link building articles I have read in a long time. Comparable to that of SeoMoz Chapter 7, on Link building. Also, discovered some good information at SEO Book. I like the fact that the content contained within this article is direct information that is not sugar coated. Good show!
    Dwight recently posted..Great Content Means Great Ranks

  39. Toms says

    I don’t really like link building it takes a lot of time and for me It’s hard to do. Your article showed me some insight for link building.

  40. says

    Really enjoy your posts when you walk me though your thought process. I get so much value out of how you think about the various options. I started by building fans on facebook and now I’m moving to a blog. So my thinking is a bit in reverse, but still the same elements for consideration. Since my fans are very used to condensed tips in the form of status updates, they seem to really like the blog content because I can expand on the information and I’m still doing video demos, something they really like to see.

  41. Adeline says

    Great article, a very detailed explanation about link building! Link building is a continuous work as Google algorithm changes from time to time; As for me the fastest way of building backlinks is through blog commenting that’s why some people who were eager to rank fast they usually resulting to spam.

  42. liz says

    Link building isn’t fun, but it is vital to keeping your website above water. I find that keeping things simple seems to do the trick. Depending on the niche and what kind of site you have, you can get decent traffic as well as SEO from forum and blog comments. More competitive search terms and keywords will require more work and therefore guest blogging and creating more of a link network. It just depends.
    liz recently posted..Your Questions Our Answers

  43. Marshall Miller says

    Link building is a very important as well as a very tedious task to perform. I used to do backling, blog commenting, social bookmarking and directory submissions for my blog. But soon I realized it takes a lot more than just working for a month or two. Your really need to keep working for a lot of time or maybe even a year at least if you want your site to be feature on the first page of Google search. Hiring an SEO was the solution I used and it is proving very helpful till now.

  44. says

    Blog comments are a proven way of creating links to your site. These are one thing that has caused a bit of debate recently, but, to get comments approved on a half decent wordpress site is very expensive. You have to read the article and post something meaningful. You may have to solve a captcha, like you do on this site. Too many failures and you are Akismetted. Sites like this one are not easily spammed, so, why do people assume the links are worthless? They are not worthless at all.

  45. Thomas says

    One important part of the article that I didn’t immediately read was building content of value for people to link back to your information. Unless I missed that part with the article, it is important to create link worthy content in the first place. The second note is building quality links for example with government organizations, local associations provide a great resource to build credibility.

  46. zina says

    i really don’t know because i am new in this field so i am just searching and looking for more and more effective tips.i guess this is would be one of the best tips.thanks
    zina recently posted..Birds

  47. says

    I have been thinking about the mix of low and high quality links and also what you said about mixing up the anchor text. I think that the higher quality links will usually carry more weight so would it be a good idea to always try to get the high quality links to use the exact match anchor text and mix this up with some low quality links that have more general anchors?
    Lexi recently posted..Best Internet TV Software

  48. rene says

    What a valuable post.
    My partner and I have just stumbled upon the world of internet marketing and we have so much to learn. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
    You definitely are adding value to other peoples lives.
    Just reading this post makes me realise how much more there is for us to learn.
    rene recently posted..Get Help With Personal Finance Through These Tips

  49. Joseph says

    Building great content aids interest the guests and keeps them on the internet site. By becoming an power on the topic, you will entice more guests. Once yet another internet site in essence “votes” for the top quality of the internet site by placing a connection pointing back to it, you are acquiring normal linking. The more you can develop upon useful articles, FAQs and white papers, etc., the better main reason for guests to connection back to the internet site because of the top quality content.

  50. Azhar says

    Relevant links are considered as natural links. These are considered by the search engines for ranking.

  51. says

    Nice. This are good advice on building back links or a site. Commenting is one of the most effective way of building back links. But of course the site or blog that you would comment to should be do follow.

    Submitting to directories is also an effective technique. I have tried this and now I’m earning the fruits of submitting your blog to directories.
    Kee G. recently posted..How To Add Facebook Social Buttons For Blogger

  52. devesh says

    Now that is called an in-depth article. Thanks for sharing your knowledge about backlink Mitz.I definitely learned a lot from it. Backinks are really very very necessary for your blog to be successful.
    devesh recently posted..Best Computer Science Careers

  53. says

    Page rank is very important and I am not a “small man” Mitz. O~M~G~ My wife thought I went crazy when she heard me just bust out laughing after reading that! There is no doubt in my mind you have made me better! I keep hearing you say, and we’ve never spoke “Don’t quit” ..Thank you
    Bryan Ring recently posted..Best WordPress Website

  54. vishvast says

    hiiiii mitzzz
    link building is one of the most important thing ….i have been doing blogging frm last 6 months but i dnt knw abut so many things …every time i get confused but after reading ur article on link building i totally understand this what is this thnx for this nice share once again a best article for me to help a lottt :)
    vishvast recently posted..How To Install WordPress Locally [complete guide]

  55. Nancy says

    The latest thing to think about when link building is the value of the link itself, is it a dofollow link or a nofollow link? A dofollow link will be followed by the google (search engine) spiders and see those as an indication of the popularity of the site where a nofollow link will be ignored by the spiders.
    Nancy recently posted..How to Surf

  56. says

    I agree with you, that backlink is better if it is harder to get. The list which you have posted of links which are hard to get, I think Guest posting on massive authority websites is the toughest one. It is very difficult to get an opportunity to guest blog on such sites. To get backlinks from such tips is a tough job, but the quality and quantity of backlinks yielded from this is impressive.

  57. Steve says

    Mitz,you just made my day. I had built some niche sites for the past 3 weeks and they are based on low competitive keyword . This is based on the information i read in blog that low competitive keyword don’t need back links to rank in Google. But from you post, i discovered that there is no keyword one wants to rank for that would not need a back link.
    Once again thanks for this insight.
    Steve recently posted..The 3 Day Diet Plan-Fat loss Effectitve Plan

  58. Catwoman says

    Such a great article! Thanks for sharing these useful informations! I would mention the commentluv and keywordluv plugin, as a booster to the link-building process. With these plugins, you can have 3 backlinks with just one comment. The commentluv plugin allows you to place a link to you latest blog post (with the commentluv + you can choose several posts). And the keywordluv lets you to have another deep-link to the root. I think they could be very useful.
    Catwoman recently posted..fogszabályozás

  59. Gary Knight says

    Wow. Great post. I am just starting to get my head around the links game. I have been a web designer for 7 years now but am increasingly getting enquiries regarding Seo. This blog will give a good platform to start from.

  60. says

    Wow! This is very informative Mitz! My gosh! there is certainly a lot of information to take in here. I especially like the video you posted on back-links. I wasn’t aware of the importance of article directories until now. I am definitely going to take a look at e zine articles. Thank you very much for your help.
    Jordan recently posted..Cool Eye Facts

  61. Jack says

    Link building might seem to be an easy task but every definite task has its complexities. You might feel that its a waste of money hiring a SEO to do the job for you but only an expert can go into the details of link building and work out a good strategy for you so as to ensure that your site gets maximum notice and develops a good spot on the first page of search engines.

  62. Dr. Christa Herzog says

    It’s actually a great and helpful piece of information. I am happy that you shared this helpful information with us. Please stay us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.
    Dr. Christa Herzog recently posted..Ways to get new Sales Now part 1

  63. Ramazan says

    Thanks for the nice tutorial on link building..Link building is very important for website SEO and to rank for a given keyword ..Thanks

  64. Hail says

    Nice post, I find that a balance of the types of quality links you describe here are essential, I think too many low quality ones can actually damage your site!
    Hail recently posted..New driver insurance

  65. Adinda says

    Great article, and great website. I just stumbled upon it today. I like the way you frame the positive as ’superpowers’ because it’s…very empowering! And people who want to change the world really need this.

    Thanks for posting!
    Adinda recently posted..Hayley Williams

  66. Martin says

    Useful information about link building and how/where to place links for best effect but I feel the most important part of this article is about building a complete SEO strategy. Hopefully this article will really help readers to improve their web rankings quickly and effectively. Thanks for the valuable information mitz.

  67. says

    Link building for every individual page on the website is a must for getting large count of backlinks. Even I apply the same rule for my website. This helps in getting the backlink for my website. But the tips which you have posted for maintaining the backlinks are very good. I never thought about it before. I think it is a very good idea to build links on the old popular posts. This will help in getting some more backlinks for the site as these posts never run out of visitors. Thanks!

  68. Donald McGhee says

    My main priority in link building is the anchor text – a good mixture here and varied links to both the main hompage and inner pages seems to do the trick for me.
    Donald McGhee recently posted..Decking Boards

  69. Jonathan says

    Wish I’d read this post before I wasted money on an ebook that taught me less than this. My biggest problem is that I didn’t have a plan. (I thought I did but now I realise how unfocussed it was). I’d like to think that I am more organised with my link building efforts and I have definitely made some progress. I’ve shifted my focus from quantity to quality but I’m still battling to get relevant links with the right anchor text. I like what you said about links that are more difficult to get being more valuable because it makes sense to me. I it’s easy to get a link or even to automate the process, while it could still be worthwhile, the search engines would certainly be aware of the techniques and weight them accordingly. So much for me to learn and not enough time in the day.
    Jonathan recently posted..In your MMA training, get the basics of striking right.

    • mitz says

      Don’t worry too much about learning…People study for years to sometimes never earn what Internet marketers can. You must give yourself time to absorb this and one day it will hit you in the face!

      Funny you should mention Ebook… I was thinking about writing one.. But more like a manual to blogging..with this detail..Not lite reading, but all you would ever need.

      • Jonathan says

        I think you should write one for sure. There are thousands of ebooks out there but most are just garbage. If your normal posts are like this one. I’m sure you would do well with a blogging manual. Thanks for the reply, I’m glad you brought up studying. I never thought of it like that. It makes sense and puts in perspective what’s involved and how long it can take. If I’m going to study something, I’m glad it’s this.
        Jonathan recently posted..In your MMA training, get the basics of striking right.

  70. Groshan Fabiola says

    I think you have perfectly sorted out the steps for link buildings. I agree with you that, keywords are very important in this link building process. I think everyone should start with the link building with a right purpose. They should think why they want link building and accordingly start building links. The other tips which you have posted here are useful and vital too! Thanks for posting them!

  71. Feye says

    Thanks for refreshing my knowledge of this link building thingy. I remember I took an online lesson about this 3 years ago. This is a long post and It took me hours to read and redigest. But the information that I got was priceless. Thanks for this.

    • mitz says

      Ha ha..yeah it is over 3,000 words but I needed this for reference purposes.. This will save me answering a lot of questions over and over again.. There is no way I could explain all of this each time.. :)

      • Feye says

        Yeah, that saves a huge amount of time. I envy your patience in doing things like this haha. I could have killed myself writing if it was me LOL.

  72. William says

    Okay, this sure was the most all-encompassing article about link building I’ve read so far (and second stand-alone article that I’ve bookmarked about blogging in general). Anyway, sounds like a lot of work. I’ve, of course, been trying to do this on a lets-see-what-happens basis but it seems I need to stop poking around and get more organized in this. Also, the first time I’m getting second thoughts about diving into blogging :) Well, maybe I don’t have to do everything mentioned here right away (modifying my anchor texts, and heading to Yahoo answers as we speak, though). You, Mitz, really put some serious effort on things: articles = great and relevant as they can be; tactics you use = well-thought and decisive.
    William recently posted..Secure password policy

    • mitz says

      Thanks William. I am trying to cover the subject here in one reference post and I am sure this is not finished yet.

      As for link building, you can ignore it if you are a hobby blogger. However if you would like to build a business you need to incorporate this into your routine.. Just count it as part of the business tasks and one of the best free ways to get customers.

      Don’t let the link building scare you off because when you make money you can get someone else to do it for you. :)

  73. says

    Keywords are indeed very important. I believe that without knowing your keywords, you won’t be able to start your strategy with your business on how to put it to the top spot. :)

  74. Bob says

    This is a very interesting subject to me and I am considering using these techniques I don’t think I am able to say no to quality traffic! Great post thanks for the info also it is very true people in general are completely unaware of how much has to go into promoting your site in order to see measurable results – have you ever tried explaining SEO To someone who does not have a clue about web design or marketing … What a nightmare! – thanks again

    • mitz says

      Yes it is much easier to explain SEO in person.. I seem to get the message across quicker.. But writing needs more details and I will use this post as a resource for that! Saving myself a million other words.. :)

  75. says

    Honestly I have been link building a website for a couple of months already. If I’m not mistaken it’s about 6 months since I started. at first I really do not know how to start. I did spam type link building which was a lesson for me! Now, I can say that I’m on track. Rankings and traffic improved! The only problem is that I already ranked no. 2 on a certain keyword then due to high competition, if fell off to no. 5 though I’m still at the first page. I guess that’s because I was not able to maintain the number of links I create every week. Been busy on on-page on other site.

  76. Aline says

    Link building is a process that keys into the ranking algorithms of major search engines. a page can be constructed to enhance back-linking to increase that webpage’s clicks. This process assists in increasing the reported traffic and usage.
    Aline recently posted..Fat Melting Shoes

  77. Aaron Turner says

    Hello Mitz, there was a good detailed post about the link building.

    I agree with you totally but I would give yet one extra information to your tutorial: PATIENCE.

    By my mind to be patience is very important if someone would like to build links to get high SERP. At least for me this is really big problem.

    To get in-content links I am using ALN and ArticleRanks and BMR to get high PR links. I did not hear good things about UAW, what is your experience with this?
    Aaron Turner recently posted..Jealousy a harmful emotion

    • mitz says

      Well I have to tell you that they all probably work but it depends how you use them… People do not do things right and then say it doesn’t work.. I wouldn’t say that until I have given it a thorough try myself.

      UAW has worked for me because I am giving it a fair chance.. I am shocked at what it is doing and I will give a review but I would like to use it for another month first. At this stage I have pulled a page from death using UAW only and I have recorded screenshots along the way.

      I would say it has increased my sales over a month by a clear $1000 and it costs $67 a month and some time from me. I made sure I only promoted with UAW and waited for the results. My next task is to get my case study website ranked in the search engines.. We will see how UAW does then..
      mitz recently posted..My Daily Blogging Routine Exposed!

  78. Groshan Fabiola says

    Link building is the most important step if you want to increase your page rank. May it be Google or Yahoo, if you need your site to feature on the top of the search list, you really need to work a lot by building links to your pages. I really like the points you have mentioned about the easy ways to get links. I have been using blog commenting and profile backlinks to improve my page rank and have already found some success in it.

  79. doug_eike says

    These are great suggestions! I’m convinced that content creation and linking are the two most important things I need to do. I’ve done rather poorly at getting sites with higher PR than mine to communicate with me, but hopefully, that will change over time. Your suggestion of slowly building links manually seems like a sound one. Thanks for your insights!
    doug_eike recently posted..Eight Writings Everyone Should Read Before The Age Of Twenty

  80. says

    I am a little confused regarding this whole link building thing. I don’t understand how placing links on other people’s sites can help you improve your page rank? If you comment on their blogs, and you leave a backlink in your name to your site, then how is it going to help to get traffic to your site? I am new to the whole idea of SEO and would need a lot of detailed explanations before I start working these things for my site.

    • mitz says

      As you can see, on this site your name is not a link and only your keywords are.. That is a great link to get.. Then when the pages get some PR you benefit too! That’s how it works.
      The PR is passed from page to page.. For example any link on my homepage gets PR juice from the PR 4 homepage and becomes PR3.. IT is not that simple for getting juice from other places but the basis is there.
      mitz recently posted..The 5 Best SEO Tools For WordPress Website Builders

  81. says

    This post is like an encyclopedia of link building! I liked your suggestions. Those are really good and easy to achieve. For my blogs I do link building by commenting on Dofollow sites which are KeywordLuv and CommentLuv enabled.The tips which you have posted here for the count of backlinks for a website are useful for me as I was not aware of them. Thanks for posting such useful tips!

  82. says

    I agree with doing a Google search on relevant keyword terms and finding relevant websites to get backlinks on. But I don’t pay a lot of attention to competitive analysis. Sometimes I can get ranked for the craziest competitive words, and other times I can’t even get ranked for the dumbest least competitive word without doing a ton of work. So go figure on that one. There is a lot more to backlink building such as use of social media networks to get backlinks, building buzz that is having a lot more of an effect then it used to. That’s evidenced by the prevalence of twitter, Facebook, and Youtube listings turning up in search results.

    • mitz says

      Yes building the buzz is great as long as that is what you are doing, otherwise it is a time waster.. I love it when something goes viral on the social sites.. I probably see the best results from StumbleUpon. (and I don’t even have connections there)
      mitz recently posted..20 Often Forgotten Website Traffic Tips

  83. Andrew Yanko says

    Hey! Thanks for sharing once once more. I love visiting your blog for the rationale that you always publish great posts. Well written article…I set up to bookmark your web site. I believe I shall subscribe to the current feed further. BUT it is not full information regarding backlinks strategies. I mean there are a lot more to say, example: web 2.0
    Andrew Yanko recently posted..Garden Maintenance in Algarve

  84. Richard says

    Awesome in depth article on backinks. I suggest taking your time and use a variety of sources from writing articles to blog commenting. Set a goal to comment on 5 blogs and/or forums a day and write 1-2 articles for article directories. I suggest using anchor text as it’s easier to read.
    Richard recently posted..Learn to Trade Forex with The Best

  85. Anne says

    This is indeed a definitive list about building back links. I’m going to share it because it’s helpful to people just starting out. I do most of them. I haven’t started to look at the competition to see where they’re getting their links from, though. For the moment I don’t have to think about that while I work at building up my sites. I know I need to write more in order to do more guest posting. However, I’d rather write good articles – and fewer of them.

    I was wondering what your opinion on Dmoz is where submitting sites are concerned. I submitted my sites about a year ago, but they still haven’t got back to me or listed them. Do you have any advice on this? How do I get them to take notice?
    Anne recently posted..Diy Tutorials

    • mitz says

      Well I mention directories but not DMOZ specifically because I do not agree that it should have authority. It is an absolute mess and they are linking to a lot of trash. Half the links are dead and the websites do not exist. But It does hold some authority but it definitely shouldn’t!
      mitz recently posted..Successful WordPress Website Checklist

  86. says

    Great post – very informative, clear writing. I love how you’ve put things in lists as well, that means your readers can get the info in bite sized chunks, its so much easier than reading though loads and loads of prose,
    Harriet recently posted..Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

  87. Peter Lee says

    I agree that link building is very important but I don’t have a specific plan for that. Majority of my backlinks are from blog commenting and I heard that this type of backlinks are not so quality compare to guest postings. Maybe I should re-strategize and follow your advice here in this article Mitz. Thanks for sharing this.
    Peter Lee recently posted..How to Properly Clean Your Gadgets

  88. Joe says

    Great article, I suggest to focus the most on medium links. Twitter and Facebook can be used for link building too by the way :) Idea for another article here! :)

  89. Jeanne R. Weiss says

    Hi Mitz,

    Thanks for sharing this. I have learned many things here. Back linking really needs many strategy thanks for sharing this.
    Jeanne R. Weiss recently posted..SEO Agency

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